Step Father on Law

by pinknosedpuppies

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Desc: Sex Story: How on earth did it happen?? Was it worth it..

It was 6-00pm on a warm Friday Evening in June. My husband Rob was away for the weekend fishing again with his mates and wouldn't be back until Sunday Night. I was just thinking about what to do when the front door bell rang. I thought to myself who the heck is that I'm not expecting anyone.

I went to the front door and opened it and there stood Ernie. Ernie is Rob's stepfather. He is a widower 65 years old but still in very good condition as a non smoker and hardly drinks.

My name is Karen I'm 29 about 5" 2" tall weigh in at about 115lbs so a wee bit chubby. But I have been told that I am very attractive to men and have a good figure even though it may be slightly large. 34dd-28 36.

So I said hello Ernie come on in. Once we were in the lounge I asked him what he had come round for. He replied I was bored and wondered if Rob fancied coming out for a couple of pints. I then explained that Rob had gone fishing with his mates, and wouldn't be back until Sunday night. He then said it that case would you like to go out for a meal somewhere. I told him that I was just thinking of cooking for myself, he said don't bother with that well go to the Windmill have a meal a couple of drinks and I'll bring you home. That will give me some company as well as you then.

I said to him well I can't go out like this I'll need to change first if that is ok. He replied that is good. While your getting ready I'll phone for a cab and ask them to pick us up in an hour is that o' k'. I replied that will do nicely, give me time to grab a quick shower as well.

Ernie then said to me is it ok if I make a cup of tea? I replied of course it is I'll have one as well, as I walked of to the bathroom. I then stripped off my clothes and turned the shower on and got myself clean. I then dried myself off fairly well wrapped one of my big bath towels around myself and went into my bedroom. I then started to dry my hair with the dryer. About a minute or so after Ernie knocked on the door and said I have your tea here Karen. I said thanks Ernie bring it in.

He brought my tea over to me at the dressing table and said to me I don't think I have ever seen you with so little on before. I relied go on you old lecher get out and let me get dressed. He went to the door and said make your self look nice. My answer was don't I always look nice? Back came his reply Yea you do. But I meant wear like stockings and suspenders that type of thing, you know! With that he shut the door.

So I thought ok I will just for fun. So I picked out a Mauve dress that had a square, lowish neckline, it buttoned up from the waist. It was about 3 inches above the knee and has a fairly full skirt. Under it I decided that I would wear suspenders and stockings so I picked a set of lilac underwear. That was Bra, Knickers, Suspender Belt, and a half slip all in very flimsy nylon... I also put on a pair of black fine nylon stockings. I than did my make up added a pair of mauve shoes and bag that went with the dress. Then I went out to the lounge.

Ernie looked at me and said my god Karen you look absolutely wonderful. I shall feel like a million with you tonight. A few minutes later the cab arrived and off we went for our meal.

The meal was brilliant, shan't go through it all. When we first arrived we had a drink at the bar, I had a Barcardi and coke that was a double. Then with the meal we had a bottle of wine which I had 3 glasses of. After the meal I had a coffee liqueur. Then I had a calypso coffee. I was feeling quite merry by the time it came to go home. Ernie behaved like a gentleman all the time. We talked all evening about everything but nothing. So it was all very light and fun.

When we got back to my house Ernie paid off the cab and came in with me. He then said well Karen that was a brilliant evening let's just have anther drink for the road. So I said I would have another Barcardi Coke and Ernie said he would join me so he went and poured us both out a drink when he came back I was sitting on the settee. Ernie gave me my drink and sat at the other end being only a 2 seater it was still quite close to me.

He then said to me well Karen that was an excellent night, shame you didn't wear the stockings and suspenders. I replied to him well Ernie your wrong there I did wear them for you. I must admit it felt good getting all dressed up.

The tone changed very slightly then, Ernie said to me well you'll have to prove it to me. Stand up. I laughed and said why I have to stand. He said just stand for me please. So I stood up. He then said right now I want you to lift your dress and show me that you are wearing them. I said to him you want me to show you that I am wearing stockings and suspenders right. He said that's right you have to prove to me that you're telling the truth.

I then said to him if I show you, you have to promise not to tell Rob or to try to touch! He said that's a deal I won't try to touch or to tell Rob. So I lifted my dress to show the suspenders clipped to the top of my stockings. He said come on lift it right up so that I can see the suspender belt round you as well. What the hell I thought, so I lifted it as high as the top of my knickers and let him look for a minute or so then I dropped it back down, and sat back down again.

Ernie then said to me well does the brassiere match as well. I said of course. He stood up walked behind the settee to me and then said I must check that out as well. He then pulled the front of the dress out so that he could see down it. Woww!! He went what a beautiful pair of tits you have; he then came round to the front of the settee and knelt on the floor in front of me. Can I ask you one more big favour please? I said to him go ahead and ask I may say no though.

He said when we were young and girls wore stockings and suspenders, if a guy managed to get there hand up a girls skirt, and got to the bit of flesh between the stockings and her knickers they called that the laughing gap. Why I asked? Because once you got there you always felt as though you were laughing and could then go all the way.

Now just as a reminder of my youth, please be an angel and let me run my hand up your stockings to the laughing gap. I said to him again I have to ask you to promise not to ever tell any one that I have let you if I do. He said Karen I promise you with all my heart that no one except you and me will ever know.

Ok I said, but you must stop when I tell you to, that is your reward for taking me out to dinner tonight. Ernie then got up and sat next to me. And put his left arm round my shoulder. I said what are you doing? He replied just trying to set the right tone. He then put his right hand on my knee and started to slowly slide it up my leg. While he was doing that he started to rain little kisses on my neck.

His hand got higher and higher, then I felt him touch the bare skin of my leg, then his whole hand was on the leg. He then forced my legs open a wee bit and touched my pussy on the outside of my knickers. Then his finger slipped under the elastic and was touching my pussy hairs. At that point I said to him Ernie please that is enough or I won't be able to stop you. His touching was beginning to make me wet. He was as good as gold and took his hand out straight away,

He then said to me Karen you have a really beautiful body, and you're a very sexy woman. How come that you don't trim the hair round your cunt or have it shaved like some women do. I told him that I liked it as it was and so did Rob. He replied to me so do I. I think it is wonderful to have a cunt in all its natural glory.

He then said to me. Do you know we haven't danced all evening because they don't have dancing in the bar, how about you have a couple of dances with me before I go. I said put some music on then. So he went over to the music centre and picked out a couple of CDs and started them off. He then dimmed the lights in the lounge a wee bit, came over to me and pulled me to my feet and said may I have this dance you beautiful sexy woman

We danced a couple of fairly fast rock and roll dances then we had another drink then a couple more fast ones. Then the music changed to a something a bit slower and sexy. He then pulled me closer to him and started to smooch with me. When the next tune came on it was even slower that the previous one Ernie pulled me even closer, and carried on smooching with me. I was really enjoying myself even though I was dancing with a man old enough to be my Dad. He then started to kiss my neck again a little every now and then. I said to him don't go too far or you'll have me melting, he just giggled a little and said I won't hurt you sexy woman.

He then lifted my hands and place them round his neck and one of his hands dropped to my bum. All the time we were still moving very slowly on the floor His hand on my bum pulled me in closer to him and I could feel that he had an erection as it was rubbing right on my pussy mound. I must admit it felt nice.

He was still kissing my neck and running his tongue around my ear, while his hand on my bum held me close to him and his other hand was running up and down my back gently He then somehow twisted my head slightly and planted a gentle kiss on to my lips. Then every now and again he would do the same, all very gentle and very nice. I was started to think to myself this is the way to be seduced, but I don't really want to be seduced do I? But I was beginning to feel really sexy and in a wonderful mood.

After a little while of dancing like this I suddenly realised that his right hand was between us and just under my boobs. But he wasn't making any attempt to touch them just fiddling around there. So I never made any comment about it. Two or three minutes later his hand went back round on my back. All the time he was still either kissing my neck running his tongue round my ear or kissing me on the lips these kisses were getting longer and more incessant.

Another record finished, and I said Ernie can I get another drink, he said of course you can you beautiful sexy woman you then he kissed me once again and this time his tongue went into my mouth and we played tongues for a minute or so. I said come on let me get my drink and then we can dance some more. He let me go and stood once pace back, it was at that moment that I realised that he had undone all the buttons on the front of my dress.

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