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Incest Sex Story: I stared straight out of the front windscreen but I could see her hand move over her hair in a nervous way. Inside, I smiled for I've been having that effect on women since I turned fourteen.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Chapter 1

I stood by the side of the road, not looking left or right, but I knew before long a car would stop for me. It had been ten years since I'd been home and now I was just a few hours away. A car stopped right in front of me and I looked up.

"Want a ride?" she said.

She wasn't that pretty, about thirty and a bit mumsie, I saw a good size pair of tits pushed her dress out, so not all that bad.

"Sure," I replied and threw my small case on to the back seat and climbed in.

I stared straight out of the front windscreen but I could see her hand move over her hair in a nervous way. Inside, I smiled for I've been having that effect on women since I turned fourteen. The car moved off and her hand unconsciously moved off the gear stick and pulled her skirt up to show me a little more of what seemed like a nice pair if legs.

"Where you heading?" she asked and then she licked her lips.

"Broughton," I said.

"I think I go through there," she said.

"That's nice," I comments.

The miles flash by and now and again I recognize a few places, then as we got nearer, I see a small wooded area coming up on our left.

"Pull in there," I pointed.

She didn't argue or even comment, she just pulled into to a place I knew so well. When I first had a car I used to take my girlfriend here to make out.

"I want to thank you for my lift," I said turning towards her.

On closer inspection she wasn't half bad. Having her kids had filled her body out some but all on the good side.

"No, I mustn't," she gasped as I reached over and kissed the side of her neck.

Almost immediately, I could smell her arousal. My hand found her plump tits and I squeezed them. I manoeuvred her onto my lap and in doing so, her skirt ended up around her waist. With a bit of effort, I released my hard cock from my pants and it slipped straight into her.

"Oh," she gasped.

While she ground her hips against me, I unbuttoned the front of her dress to get to her tits. Just as I got her bra exposed, she grunted and came.

"Oh, my," she sighed as she flopped back into her driving seat.

I hadn't come yet and I wanted to see if she would suck me. I worked on her bra and managed to pull it up and off her two plump tits. Not bad, but a little bit more sag than I like, but not bad.

"Suck me," I instructed and pulled her willing head into my lap.

While mauling her tits I pumped her head up and down on me and then I let go and spunked deep inside her mouth.

She was quiet the rest of the drive to Broughton with only a few sidewards glances at me. I'm not sure she really believed she had let herself go like that.

"You can let me out here," I said reaching over the back to retrieve my case.

"You alright for money?" she asked while rooting in her handbag.

"I'm fine," I said, but still she offered a couple of notes.

"Here, take this," she said pushing the notes in my face.

I took them and she drove off at high speed.

"Take care," I called after her but she couldn't have heard me.

It was only a few minute's walk to Carol's, my sister, house.

"Oh, it's you," she squealed as she saw me standing in her doorway.

I was wrapped in her arms and hugged tight so it hurt.

"What's going on?" snapped a man's voice.

"Oh, Billy, this is my brother, King," she said.

"Brother, yeah I heard about you," he said not in a friendly manner.

"Come in, come in," she said and took my arm and pulled me inside. "We'll go to the kitchen and talk so we don't disturb Billy. God, how long has it been, you ok, how long can you stay?"

Her words and questions gushed out of her mouth like water from a fountain.

"Not long, sis," I said, "I want to call on my broker and see how my trust fund is getting on."

When our parents died, their money was split evenly between my sister and me. She bought a house while I put all mine in a trust fund that I've never touched and I hoped had grown considerably over the last ten years or so.

"Never mind that, let me look at you," she said.

We both gave the other a long lingering look. My sister Carol is two years older than me and the years hadn't been all that kind. She used to be so slender with small gentle curves but she seemed to have added a few pounds.

"You look great," she said, "still stealing the girls hearts?"

"You know me," I chuckled.

"That I do," she joined in my laughter.

In fact, my sister had taught me everything I need to know about women, and I even practised between her long slender legs.

"Don't look at me," she said, her hand running through her short hair. "Been meaning to lose some weight for a long time."

"You don't look that bad," I lied.

"Yeah, right," she scoffed. "My tits are big and floppy, I've got a layer of lard around my middle, and I've lost that gap between my thighs."

"What about him?" I nodded towards the lounge.

"Billy is ok," she said but she didn't look happy. "He pays the bills and doesn't hit me when he's get drunk."

"Well, that's something," I said.

"I'm off," said a male voice.

"One moment, darling," she said and she went to see him out. "He's off down the club."

"Oh," I said.

"Friday night is his Darts night," she explained. "Anyway, give us time to have a chat and thing."

"Can I have a shower first?" I asked.

"Sure, give me your things and I'll wash them," she offered.

Together, we went upstairs to the bathroom. While she watched, I stripped off naked and handed her my stuff.

"Mmm, you still look good," she sighed licking her lips.

I reached for her and I kissed her neck.

"Stop that," she giggled like a schoolgirl.

My hands found her plump tits and she sagged against me.

"No, we mustn't," she whispered, "we're not kids anymore."

I took no notice and slowly stripped her clothes off.

"No, no don't look," she snapped as I held her naked body at arms length.

"You don't look that bad," I mused. "Need to lose a few pounds, that's all."

"Stop it, please," she said and she pulled me down to the carpeted floor.

I slipped between her legs and pushed my hard cock into her.

"God, that's nice, she groaned. "I forgot how nice your cock feels."

We kissed slowly while my hands mauled her big tits.

Slowly, we moved together as we had done all those years ago, when we found solace from our pain in each other's arms.

"God, this is so nice," she sighed, her hips began to pick up the pace.

She was near now so I started to bang into her hard and soon her hips jerked and then she was still. I pumped my spunk deep inside my sister's womb.

"I must get you to stay awhile," she sighed.

"Sorry, I can't," I whispered.

The pain still lingered here.

"Jennifer is back in town," she said, as if she could read my mind.

Just the sound of her name made my body jerk. I pulled out and stood up but Carol stay spread-eagled on the floor. It's true that I could make any girl fall in love with me, except the one I really wanted. Jennifer had been my childhood sweetheart and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her; but she didn't see it that way and left town to go to college. I would have waited forever for her but she had written to me to say she was getting married to someone else and she wouldn't be coming home. I packed my bags and left the very next day and haven't been back for ten years.

"She's staying with her mum and dad," added Carol.

I let the hot water of the shower calm me, and when I dried myself, Carol had put out some new clothes for me.

"Some of Billy's," she said. "He won't even notice. I think I'm going to have to kick his arse out."

"Sounds like a plan," I chuckled.

"It's not enough you know," she said. "Paying the bills and not being a punch bag is not enough."

"No, sis," I agreed. "Find yourself a new man."

"Trouble is, that after you most men don't even come close," she giggled. "I'll cook you something."

"Hi, Jen," I whispered as she passed me by.

She stopped dead in her tracks and whirled around.

"King!" she screamed and jumped into my arms.

I had borrowed Carol's car and driven over to Jennifer's parent's house and waited. At last, I heard the clip, clip of her shoes and, instantly, I knew it was her without even looking. The years just rolled back, she looked, smelt and felt the same as she always had.

"King, King, what are you doing here?" she asked, as our lips parted.

"Just popped in to see the family," I said off hand. "Didn't know you'd be here, though, until Carol said."

"Yeah," she said with a smile. "Come in and say hello to the folks."

I let myself be dragged into her house and her parents were also very happy to see me.

"Come up to my room, King," she said, "and we'll talk while I'm getting changed."

She hadn't changed at all, true she was ten years older but she looked in fine shape, and as usual, she wasn't shy about stripping off her outer clothes in front of me.

"You going to be around for a while?" she asked.

At first, I didn't answer for I was caught up with the sight of her pulling on her tight jeans.

"Yes, for a bit," I said at last.

Her small tits were encased in a black lacy bra but that too disappeared under a lose t-shirt.

"That's better," she sighed. "We have to dress up where I work but you know me, only happy in jeans. Sit with me and tell me all."

We sat side by side on her bed and talked for hours and then at last her mum knocked on her door and told us that dinner was ready and that I was staying.

Later, we walked hand in hand in the moonless night.

"You know I never stopped loving you," she stated.

I stopped at turned towards her.

"B-but why then?" I said with a stutter.

"Why did I go off and marry some one else?" she said. "Seemed the right thing to do at the time."

She took my hand and we walked on.

"Look, King," she said. "I know what girls are like around you and I thought that you would eventually be tempted. Ironic really, for the guy I married was off fucking some bimbo slut within weeks of marring me."

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Yeah, well it served me right for hurting you," she said. "You married now?"

Her question hang in the air like the autumn mist.

"Me, no, never," I said.

"Why's that, King?" she asked. "Lost your touch with the girls?"

She giggled and again the years rolled back at the sound.

"No, of course you haven't lost it," she said sounding serious again. "I'll bet you've been fucking right across the country."

I said nothing as we walked on, for what she said was true.

"So what now, King," she said once we were back outside her house. "Is it 'nice to see you again and I'm off, ' or are you going to stay for a while?"

I looked up at the starry night in awe as men have always done.

"I don't know, Jen," I said. "I came back just to see Carol and handle a few other personal things, then I was going to be off. Now, I really don't know."

"Ok, let's get things out in the open," she said taking a deep breath. "There's not just me now, I have a little girl."

"What!" I said stunned.

"She's lovely," she said with a big smile. "Something good coming out of a bad marriage. She's with her father just now but he's bring her back next week."

My Jen had a daughter, well why not, that's what married couples do, for god's sake.

"I'm not going anywhere, soon," she said. "So please don't be a stranger, ok?"

"Sure, Jen," I said and we kissed goodnight.

"So, how did it go?" asked Carol, almost as soon I stepped through the door.

"Did you know she had a daughter?" I asked.

"Yeah, I had heard," she admitted.

"So you just forgot to tell me?" I said.

"No, I didn't forget," she snapped. "I wasn't sure you'd want to see her if you knew, that's all. So, how did it go?"

"Fine," I said.

"Fine, is that all you're going to say?" she snapped again.

"Yes," I said. "Now I'm off to bed."

I could hear her muttering as I climbed the stairs, but I had a lot to think about.

Sleep can do things in your mind, so when I awoke, I just knew. I suppose I had always known. If she loved me like she said and I know I've always loved her, nothing else really mattered, did it? Not her marrying someone else, not her having a daughter, nothing.

Chapter 2

"You coming in?" Jen asked.

"Sure," I replied.

We had a nice night out spending some of the income from my 'trust fund'.

"Hello, King," greeted Jen's mother, and I just caught a flash of lust in her eyes before she turned away.

"We're off to bed, now that you're in," commented her dad. "Make yourself at home."

"Thanks," I said and I caught Jen's eyes twinkle.

"I'll make some coffee," she offered.

"I'll help," I said and together we moved into the kitchen.

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