Finding a Soul Mate

by golden girl

Copyright┬ę 2005 by golden girl

Incest Sex Story: A young widow takes her kinky son on holiday

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .


I was drunk, I knew it and I really didn't care, I'd wanted this ever since his father died, no, correction, I'd needed it!

It had affected him quite badly for some time afterwards, he became very touchy feely and clung to me whenever he came home from school.

He wet the bed too and my excitement was hard to contain when I allowed him to share my bed, I told him, "So what? It's no big deal, they're only sheets and they'll wash"

He loved me to sleep facing him with my arms around him so he could bury his head in my breasts, I usually wore tee shirt and panties, but during the hot weather, I took the tee shirt off hoping that his lips might brush my nipple.

It was our second night together when I felt it, his lovely little cock began to dribble, very slowly at first but quickly it became a flood, he was pressed right up against me and I was in absolute heaven as I felt the warm piss gushing over my stomach and breasts.

I wanted to move down the bed and take his prick into my mouth, I wanted to taste it in my throat and on my lips, but I contented myself with lying there luxuriating in the wonderful forbidden feelings.

He was embarrassed when he awoke in the morning, but I laughed it off and told him to shower while I changed the sheets and washed them, school broke up the previous day for summer, so there was no great urgency in making him go to bed that evening, we sat out in the garden, him reading and me drinking whilst listening to music on my walkman, he waited until I got up to go for another drink, then asked me if he could have a can of beer?

"Dad used to let me" he smiled "And I am fifteen nearly"

"All right" I laughed, "Help yourself, I'm going for a shower"

In the shower, I thought about letting him have three or four beers and fingered myself to orgasm as I imagined him emptying a very full bladder all over me, in my mouth, my hair, I wanted to lie in it, wallow in it and wake up with the smell of it all over me.

I wanted him to take his cock in one hand, push my head down with the other and let his piss go into my mouth.

Pulling on my tiniest, laciest panties, I put on a skimpy little robe that barely covered my bottom and went downstairs again, his face was a picture as I handed him another can,

"I might have another accident mum" he said shyly, but I just shrugged and bent over to kiss him,

"Well I'll just have to change the sheets again then won't I?"

"Ok" he grinned and I saw his eyes flicker to where my robe gaped open and most of my breasts were on display,

"You look nice mum"

"Thank you darling" I smiled, "But you've seen my breasts before, I was going to take my robe off but I thought it might embarrass you"

"Oh no mum" he said rather too quickly, "I wouldn't be embarrassed at all"

"Well if you're sure"

"Yeah, I told you mum, they're nice"

"As nice as Sarah's?" Sarah was his girl friend, a pretty little thing of fifteen who made my panties wet by just breathing!

He blushed and grinned at me,

"Hers are a lot smaller mum"

"They're not much smaller than mine and I bet they're a lot firmer"

"Have you told her about your little problem?"


That was all he said, but I sensed there was more he wanted to tell me,

"What did she say about it?"

He looked really uncomfortable,

"She said it was disgusting and that people who do that are just too lazy to get out of bed"

"Oh the silly bitch, that's just too stupid for words"

"I won't be seeing her again so it doesn't matter"

Instinctively, I kissed him and he hugged me tightly, my breasts were completely bare now and pressed against his chest,

"I'm sorry darling" I said and added, "Let's have another drink shall we?"

I could feel his eyes on my bottom as I walked into the kitchen and I wondered if he would smell my arousal, I knew most of my pussy was on show as I returned with our drinks, but he pretended not to look and I pretended not to see the bulge in his shorts.

We were both a little tipsy when we finally went to bed and our goodnight kiss probably lasted a little bit longer than usual, I'd persuaded him to sleep naked telling him with a smile that I'd have enough washing to do in the morning without his shorts and he soon fell asleep in my arms.

When I was sure he was sound asleep, I moved down gradually and very, very slowly until my head was nestling into his stomach, I risked laying a hand on his firm young bottom as he stirred slightly and suddenly I felt a little spurt on my neck,

"Oh yes" I breathed and the spurt was followed by a strong flow, it was now or never, I pulled away slightly and lowered my head, the stream hit me on my lips and I began to orgasm as I opened my mouth, I gulped and swallowed and then I was unable to help myself, I closed my mouth over his gushing penis and drank every last drop of his hot, tangy urine!

Even as I swallowed I kept my mouth on his cock and it took me a second or two to realize that he was moving, his hips were thrusting back at me, I wanted to look up but I daren't, then I heard him.


I ignored him until he said it again, "Mum, I'm going to cum any second"

My only answer was to grip his bottom and suck harder at the beautiful, hard penis that was giving me so much pleasure, he came then with a groan and a heave and flooded my mouth with what seemed like gallons of his thick, creamy spunk.

That moment changed our lives forever, he may have been only fifteen but he fucked me better and harder than anyone had ever fucked me before, he stopped wetting the bed and wetted me instead, we fucked every night and every morning, he was insatiable and together we explored every type of sexual play two people could do together.

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