The Poor Peach

by TonyG

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man, a woman, a piece of fruit, and a planned romantic evening. Told from two different points of view. I did truly try and think like a peach when I wrote this.

(Or: An Erotic Adventure)

I guess you could view this part of the story as my 'disclaimer'. For you see, I didn't know The Peach when it was still an innocent. By the time I had come in contact with The Peach it had already been sorted and shipped. It was already taken from the only home it had ever known. Plucked from the very branch which had given it life and nurtured it, by a heartless orchard owner. His only concern was making a profit.

After being ripped away from the life-giving sap, the poor Peach was sorted from its brethren. Peaches very much like it, with whom it had spent its entire existence, were sent to different destinations. Yet, suddenly, it found itself separated. It was labeled as 'better than the others'. For the first time in its brief life, The Peach had the knowledge of 'status' forced upon it. It was simply because The Peach had better sun exposure than the others of his 'family tree'.

Chosen as one of the best, the poor Peach discovered the sin of vanity, as it beams with pride at being picked as 'one of the best'. Still, you must understand, that all of this occurred before I meet The Peach. I don't know its whole story, only bits and pieces. I know no more than anyone else knows about the items in the produce isle. I wasn't there when it was still living on the tree so my knowledge of The Peach is limited. I didn't meet up with The Peach until after it had already been plucked from its happy home.

I met The Peach, as it was basking in the ultraviolet light of a local market. The Peach was almost smug at the fact that it was one of the chosen. It wasn't sent to be 'canned', or made into jellies or preserves, as were many of the lesser peaches. Nay, it was deemed to be 'the cream of the crop', and was to be sold as a 'fresh peach'. Displayed for all the world to see, its only comfort, was the eternal light that shone upon it.

It was here at the market, as I sorted through the peaches (looking for just the right one), that I first met the poor Peach. I was busy discarding the peaches that didn't meet my standards. This one for poor coloring, that one because it had a soft area, etc. I was in search of just the right peach to serve my purpose, a very special purpose indeed. I was looking for a peach that was ripe and firm, but just slightly yielding to pressure. I swear that The Peach suddenly found its way into my hand, that day.

The Peach suddenly felt a warmth surround its skin. A warmth that the eternal light failed to provide. Something unfamiliar came in contact with its tender surface, and moved it from the spot where it had been resting. The warm feeling touched it tenderly, coming into contact with every inch of its surface. Whatever it was, closed out the light. But the warmth it felt, was better than anything it had ever experienced. Suddenly, it was reminded of the days spent in the warm sun, long before its life was changed so drastically. It felt the pressure, as the thing surrounding it gently squeezed it. Immense pride swelled inside of it, as it is was not being placed back among the others. Once more, it has been 'chosen'.

I placed my perfect find into one of the plastic bags, knowing nothing of it's private thoughts. I noted it's appearance, for later reference. Then, quickly grabbing several of the other peaches (one or two that I had discarded earlier for their lack of perfection). I finished my shopping, and headed for home.

The Peach, though being proud that once again it was picked, was a little apprehensive. The wonderful warmth it had felt was gone, and it had been put in a holder of some kind, with peaches it had never met. It wasn't even sure if they were from the same orchard.

It was a quick drive back to my house. I still wanted to put away my purchases, so I set things up, before I took a shower. I got a large brandy snifter, and put the 'Perfect Peach' into it. I dumped the other peaches into the bowl with the rest of the fruit. They would add a little contrast to the apples, oranges, and banana's. I carried the brandy snifter, and a small bottle of peach brandy, into the bedroom. I set them on the nightstand. I returned to the kitchen, to retrieve a spoon, a paring knife, and the butane lighter I use for the grill.

When I returned to the bedroom, I set the new items around the brandy snifter. I turned on a couple of small lamps that I had draped with red cloth, and nodded. They give off enough light to see, but it was muted enough to make it romantic.

The peach was now alone. Even the other peaches were gone. They had been put in a place occupied by, of all things, APPLES and BANANA's. Although it was lonely, it was glad be where it was. Even if there was not much light any longer, perhaps night was finally coming.

I stepped out of the shower and toweled off, wrapping another towel around my hair. I twisted it, and tucked it in, so that it stayed on my head. Then I shaved and did a little primping. With that out of the way, I took the towel off mu head, and finished blotting my hair deciding to let it air-dry. I grabbed and applied deodorant and cologne before I got dressed, then I headed towards the kitchen.

After a brief dilemma as to what to do with my hair, I tied a 'do-rag' on, and finished the meal. Roasted boneless chicken breasts (seasoned to perfection), rice pilaf that fluffed easily with a fork, and fresh green beans (steamed, not boiled, to keep in the flavor). I was pleased with myself for deciding against any other side dishes; especially the ones that would make the meal heavy. Considering my plans for later, I didn't want a meal that would set heavily in the stomach.

Checking the fresh green beans, I found them nearly finished steaming. I turn things down to 'warm', and looked at the clock.

I was doing well. I still had time to finish my preparations. I was not too early, nor too late. With a small piece of plastic-wrap, I went to the bedroom once again. Taking the do-rag off on the way, I was hoping my hair will be mostly dry before 'she' got here. I dropped the do-rag in the laundry, and went to the nightstand.

After carefully laying the plastic wrap down, so it could still be used; I turned on the overhead light. I remove The Peach from the brandy snifter. Carefully, I halved The Peach with a paring knife, then I removed the pit. With the spoon, I carefully removed any rough areas that might remain in the pit bed, of both sides of The Peach. Dropping both halves back into the snifter, I opened the peach brandy, pouring some of it into the glass. I wanted just enough in the glass, so that The Peach halves were covered. I put the plastic wrap over the top of the glass, and removed everything I no longer needed. The knife, the spoon, the partial bottle of brandy, and the peach pit I took with me, as I walked back to the kitchen to put everything away.

The Peach had been lying in the glass, almost dozing in the twilight, then suddenly it became bright again. In it's dozing state, it stretched inwardly and thought, "Morning already!" Then, it once again felt the warmth as the hand picked it up. It did not feel pain as the blade sliced through it. It did not have the ability to feel pain. Yet, as it felt itself parted, the apprehension returned. Then without warning it's only reason for being, was plucked from it. It did not care when the metal object scraped against its insides, for what purpose did it have, now. It had been relieved of its only treasure: the promise of new life. The Peach found itself back in the container. It felt totally exposed. It had never felt so vulnerable in its entire brief life. Suddenly it felt moisture covering and surrounding it. This felt different from spring or summer rains it had felt in the past. There was a warmth to the liquid that sank right into itself. The warmth started carrying all of its cares away. As the liquid penetrated The Peach, it relaxed and didn't even notice when it was sealed into the container and the 'sun' set, again.

Before long there was a knock at the door, and I went to answer it. Checking the mirror on the way, to see if my hair was nearly dry, I was pleased to see it was. I opened the door and she stood there on my step looking so radiant and happy. I invited her in with a sweeping gesture of my arm. Once the door was closed, I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her to me. We spent several minutes kissing, each kiss becoming more passionate than the last. I stepped back, and removed her sweater.

I led her to the table which had already been set. I lit the candles and seated her. I headed to the kitchen to get the food, but not before leaving a lingering kiss on the right side of her neck, just below the ear. I made sure to brush my lips along her ear as I stood knowing it would send chills of excitement through her. I was pleased as I watched a tremor run through her.

I walked to the kitchen. A moment or two later, I returned with the plates. They had been carefully arranged, so that they were appealing to the eye. Even the fresh fruit garnish had been especially planned for this meal. Though this would not be the first time we had made love, I wanted to make this a very special night; one we both would remember for many years. Who knew? This could be one of those moments that lasts a lifetime.

The Peach lay blissfully unaware of the events unfolding around it. It was too content as it enjoyed each moment, while every pore absorbed the fermented liquid into itself. Even if it knew that mere yards away, its new purpose for existence was drawing closer, one could never be sure whether it would have cared.

Dinner proceeded beautifully. Conventional thinking would have been to serve a white or rosé wine with the meal. I have never been one to follow traditional thinking. I chose a wonderful blackberry wine I had discovered, accidentally. I had simply picked up the wrong bottle of wine, and found it to be delightful. It was sweet with very little after taste. After a couple of hesitant sips, my date began drinking the wine with the meal, with gusto. In fact before the meal was finished, the bottle was empty, each of us having had three glasses.

The music I had chosen for the evening was soft and sensual. Although the plans were to retreat to the couch for some heavy petting,... well, plans are made to be changed. Perhaps we were both feeling the wine, the attraction for each other, or we merely let the music move us. We found ourselves slow dancing in the livingroom, as the music played in the background. My hands rubbed her back and sides as we moved together. Eventually my hands worked their way down to cup and tease her ass, as she ground her middle against me. When our lips met, it felt like electric current flowing through us.

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