Seduced by my Mother-in-Law

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, InLaws, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: John was 38, his MIL 63, but she looked 40. Her husband wasn't taking care of her so she looked to John for a solution.

My Family:

My name is John Riggins. I am 38 years old hospital administrator at Wycole General Hospital in Fanole, California. I stand about 6'4" and weigh-in at around 205 pounds. I have been married for the past three years to Libby Bond-Riggins. Libby is three years my junior at 35. She is a beautiful statuesque woman of 5'9", 131 pounds, with a 34C cup and curly blonde hair and very deep blue eyes. She and I fell in love later in our lives and we dated for almost two years before we tied the knot. It is the first marriage for both of us. I met Libby through my job at Wycole General, you see, both of her parents are physicians at Wycole. Her mother Dianne is a psychiatrist, and her father Frank is a proctologist. The family joke is that mom and dad will go into practice with each other and call that practice "Nuts and Butts." Dianne is quite the mother-in-law. She, like her daughter, is tall, around 5'8" and also a blonde beauty. She is 63 but she could easily pass for a much younger woman. Dianne is also quite the tease. For the five years that I have known the Bond family Dianne has always held an unusual sexual presence whenever we were together. I first noticed this when Libby and I started dating. It seemed that Dianne would find some excuse to touch me. First she would just gently hold my hand or brush by way too close. Then she started brushing her breasts on me as she walked by, finally she started with sexual innuendoes, you know what I mean, insinuating that I must be a great lover because Libby sure looked happy, things like that. At first I thought her games were just for fun, but recently I have been wondering if she was looking for a little something more. I wasn't sure about her sexual relationship with her husband, Frank. Libby had told me that her mom and dad often slept in different bedrooms so I could only guess as to their sexual frequency. And finally there was Frank. Frank the proctologist quite another story. Where Dianne is outgoing and open, Frank is the quiet presence of the family. He is older than Dianne by five years but remains in good physical shape. Frank is always around, it's just that you don't ever notice him. Kind of like the guy standing in the corner at parties, always by himself - just watching everyone else. I love them all dearly. They are my family.

Friday Night and Saturday Morning:

The week had finally come to an end and thankfully so. I finally got out of the hospital around 6:30 p.m. and headed out state route 12 to our house. Libby and I had purchased five acres outside Fanole and had a 3400 square foot home built to our specifications. It was really too much space for just the two of us, but Libby had grown up living in a 7500 square foot mansion and she enjoyed all of the open space. I parked my BMW in the garage, walked in through the mudroom and into the kitchen. Libby was seated at the breakfast bar reading the TV Guide, she looked up and said,

"Hi Honey. How was your day?"

"Good babe. I finally got the census up to where the board wanted it and we even managed to reduce the length of stay below the California norms."

"Oh, that's great," she said. "Oh, by the way, Mother is coming over for the weekend, I hope you don't mind?"

I had started going through the day's mail but when she dropped that bomb I looked up at her, "What's that all about? I mean, its OK and all, but how come she is..."

"Oh honey, I know that you had plans for the weekend but Mom just needs to come over and talk with me, that's all. Girl talk, you know. Besides, you know how shrinks are, they always have to talk to someone about... well... whatever."

I just nodded to her as my answer, but I was thinking, what is Dianne up to? Earlier that morning Dianne had been in the hospital visiting one of her patients and she "dropped by" my office. Eleanor, my secretary, obviously let her in but Dianne didn't have anything particular on her mind, just saying hello that's all. She did manage to brush up next to me when she came in and when she left her "goodbye kiss" was a little too close to a real kiss and she took the opportunity to press her breasts deep into my chest.

It was almost nine o'clock when the doorbell rang. I got up from the TV and walked down the hallway and answered the door. It was, of course, my mother-in-law.

"Hi John." Dianne kissed me and whisked around me and into the living room. She had a small carryall bag and a bottle of "Opus One" cabernet. She walked to the bar and opened the cab, poured herself a glass and asked if either of us would like a glass.

"Mom, I'd love one," Libby said.

Me, I was drinking single malt Scotch, no ice. "No thanks Mom, I've got a drink," I replied.

We all sat around the living room for a while watching some inane reality show. Dianne asked if it was all right for her to change for the evening and without waiting for an answer and she and Libby took off for the guest bedroom.

We had designed our house so the guestroom had maximum privacy. It was built on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom suite and came with a beautifully appointed bathroom. The bathroom itself had a walk-in closet that was the size of most homes second bedrooms. I had also designed a specially built shower room. The shower stall itself was nine feet square, it had a full glass front and had see-through glass brick back wall that looked out into the forest. If you were outside the house you would have to be on the Northeast side and in the woods to actually see into the shower. My thought behind this design was to provide a guest with a view of the forest, a feeling like they were showering in the open and yet have their privacy protected because that side of the house was unused for any reason. There were 14 separate shower heads, each pointing in a different direction and at a different level. All in all it was an exhilarating experience to use this shower. On occasion Libby and I had run naked across the house just to use this shower.

I was sitting there thinking about that shower when "the" idea popped into my head. I thought I'll bet that Dianne takes a shower before going to bed. I'll bet I could sneak around to the back of the house and check her out. OK, first, what was the plan? Well, if Libby wanted to know where I was I would tell her that I stepped out and smoked a cigar. She hated cigar smell and always made me go outside, so there was my excuse. I pocketed a couple of cigars walked out to the hall and grabbed the binoculars off the shelf and went out the patio door. It was real dark outside, the only light coming from the full moon and the lights from within our house. I quietly made my way around to the back of the house and stood near the tree line. I figured if I was near one of the many pine trees chance were that no one could see my outline, at least I hoped so. I had only to wait for a few minutes when the bathroom lights came on and I saw Dianne walk up to the wash basin. I was in a perfect vantage spot to watch her if she took a shower, but had a limited view of the rest of the bathroom. I watched as she washed off her makeup and it appeared she was talking to someone on her left, that would be my wife.

It looked as if she was in a real animated conversation with Libby, her arms doing most of the talking. I could see her point down towards her stomach and around her back towards her butt, and then her arms just seemed to keep flailing in the air. My guess was she was discussing her body and what was wrong with it. Dianne had a thing about gaining weight and always got pouty when she put on a few pounds. I was enjoying myself and I could feel some sexual tension building up inside my body as time passed. I guess it was due to the illicit nature of what I was doing.

Through the glasses I saw her throw her hands up in the air, and then just as suddenly, as if to make a point, she placed then on her hips and stared at my wife. Then she reached up and unbuttoned her blouse and set it one the dressing chair. In just a couple of seconds Dianne had removed her blouse, pants, bra and panties and was standing naked in front of her daughter. My view was a bit obstructed, partially by the inner shower wall and partly by the way she was standing. I could only see her profile, but what a profile it was. Her breasts were large, at least a D cup, and they stood straight out and proud on her chest. I reached down and felt my cock growing hard and I had an urge to pull it out there and then, but I didn't. She placed her hands under her breasts and hefted them up almost like an offering to my wife, then she let them drop. I saw her pull and tug on the skin by her hips, then she turned and headed back towards the bedroom.

Five minutes went by, but it seemed like an hour to me. Finally she walked back into the room, still nude, and stepped into the shower. I saw her put on the jets and I watched her while she showered. It was just a shower but it did give me a perfect view of her body and it was a beautiful body. Here was a 63 year old woman who didn't look a day over 40!

I had my hand inside my cutoffs and was massaging my cock and had just about decided that I should give up on this foray into the night when I noticed that Dianne hand started to rub her pussy and breasts. I just starred. There was my mother-in-law masturbating in the guest shower. It was great to watch, but I had to get back before Libby came searching for me, so I eased back around the house and started to go in when it dawned on me that I had the binoculars in my hand. How was I going to explain these to my wife? The answer was, I wasn't, so I hid them under the BBQ grill cover, straightened my cock so it didn't show, and went inside.

Libby looked at me strangely as I entered the house, "Where have you been?" she asked.

"Oh just stepped outside for a smoke, that's all."

"Humm, you know I don't like you smoking."

"I know. I'm trying to quit. After all this is the first cigar this week. Not bad, down to one a week."

We left it at that and went in to bed. As we were getting undressed I asked her, "Hey honey, what were you and your Mom talking about? I mean I could hear what seemed like an animated conversation, but I wasn't eavesdropping or anything."

"Oh, you know mother. A bit unhappy with her weight. She thinks she should look better than she does, although I certainly hope I look that good at 63."

"Yea, I know what you mean, but I expect a great deal of that "beauty" is the result of Dr. Jackson. After all he is the best plastic man in the area."

"John! For Christ's sake don't let mother hear you talk like that or she'll have your ass. Nobody is suppose to know she has been anywhere near a plastic surgeon."

We hit the hay and I didn't even think about opening an eye until almost nine the next morning. Libby got out of bed at some point in the morning, made herself breakfast then came in and woke me. "John. John." She shook me once more and I rolled over and opened one eye.

"Ahh, what time is it?"

"Almost nine. I am headed over to Alice's house. Remember? I told her I would help her with that floral arrangement for her daughter'' wedding."

"OK honey, what time are you getting back?"

"Uh, should be back around two. Get some more sleep if you want. See you later."

She kissed me on the cheek and was out the door. I rolled over and went back to sleep. At some point in the morning I thought I heard a noise in the room and open my eyes to see what was going on. There, by the side of my bed, stood my mother-in-law.

"Hey there sleepy head. You have a good night's sleep?"

"Mornin Mom. Yes I did, how about you?"

"Well, it was so-so, if you know what I mean."

I didn't have a clue, so I asked her. "Mom, what in the heck does that mean?"

"Well, I was a little horny after having a couple glasses of good wine, and..."

"And what Dianne?"

"Well, you know. I AM a woman. I HAVE needs and Fred isn't, uh, helping out much. And, well, Oh shit John, I had to play with myself for Gods sake."

Here I was, at 38, completely nude, laying in MY bed and discussing my 63 year old mother-in-law's sex life while she stood at the side of my bed dressed in a while silk nightgown and peignoir. Where she was standing, in combination with the light coming in from the window, gave me a great view of her breasts and pubic area. I noted that her nipples were hard and that she wasn't wearing any panties. Didn't those outfits come with panties?

Dianne sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hand on my leg. "You know John, you could help me out with my problem, that is if you wanted too." Her hand started to gently caress my sheet-covered leg and I could feel my cock giving in to its male nature. There had to be a way out of this situation. Then my dirty alter ego kicked in and I thought, why not?

"Look Mother," I said, "I don't know what you think I can help you with, but it probably isn't what you're looking for."

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