Mrs. Steel - The return

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: The saga continues

Over twenty years had passed since that first incredible summer I had spent with Katie, Kathryn and Kathy. So much had happened in so short a period of time that it seemed almost like a dream as I reflected back on that incredible period of my life.

The year after I'd graduated from high school I was drafted into the army. I served two years in Vietnam during the war, and though Kathy and I had exchanged several letters, she eventually met someone and wrote to tell me she was getting married. It wasn't exactly welcome news at the time, but not totally unexpected either. Neither of us had made any sort of long-range commitment to one another even after the continuation of our ongoing sex-capades.

After I was discharged, I met and married a woman with whom I had a son. My wife was killed in an auto accident two years after that, leaving me a single parent with a young baby to raise. My parents tried to coax me into moving back to live with them so mom could help out, but I had a good job and was making sufficient money to see that my son's needs were being met.

Though I had a number of girlfriends over the years, and had even been engaged to be married for a short time, I never did remarry. My son's welfare was first and foremost above all things, and I wanted to ensure that David's needs were taken care of before my own. We had a great relationship and though father and son, we were more like the best of friends and openly discussed and shared everything with one another, no matter the subject matter.

My own father had passed away some years back and I was determined to have a closer relationship with my son and try to not make the same mistakes my father had. David graduated from high school and was considering joining the service when word reached us that my mother had passed away. We were contacted by the attorneys regarding the estate and I made plans to leave immediately and head back to the old neighborhood. David came with me of course as we had funeral arrangements to make as well as lots of junk that I knew we'd have to sort through and get rid of. My own mother's passing reminded me of the obituary she'd sent me some ten years past when I learned that Mrs. Steel... Katie, had died. I'd been unable to come home for her funeral though I had so desperately wanted to. I'd sent flowers of course, and even received a nice letter back from Kathryn thanking me for thinking of her, (of them) but it was also the last I ever heard from her. Now, ten years later and once again arriving back in my old stomping grounds, I couldn't help but wonder whatever had happened to her and Kathy as we drove by the old place on our way over to my parent's house.

My mother's funeral was held two days later. I was amazed at the turnout and realized just how many friends my mother had grown close to over the years. Although I appreciated all the heartfelt sympathy's, the past few days had been trying and I was tired of standing there being greeted by everyone. In the next instant, I was taken by surprise as a ghost stood directly in front of me.

"Nicky? I'm sorry about your mother."

Perhaps my exhaustion and the emotional strain of the past few days contributed, but without even thinking I stood simply staring at her.

"Mrs. Steel?" I said wonderingly.

Kathryn laughed and actually blushed a little bit.

"Well I guess after all these years I probably do look a lot like her now at my age. And... I did take my maiden name back after my divorce. Though I hate being called Ms. Steel. Even the pool boy we had for a time called me Mrs. Steel, and I have to admit, it reminded me a little of when you were here and took care of the place for us."

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed.

"Kathryn, I'm sorry, please forgive me. It's just that you really do look a lot like your mother did. And it's just such a surprise, albeit a pleasant one actually seeing you after all these years!"

Once again Kathryn smiled at me but indicated with a look back at the line of well-wishers still standing in line that she knew I had several people still waiting to see me.

"Listen, when you feel like it, come by so we can catch up on old times and chat. Maybe even take a dip in the pool."

With that, she leaned over giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and moved off. I was still a little stunned at seeing her. Her hair was still dark though it had a speckle of silver streaking through it. And she looked every bit as attractive now as she had some twenty years ago. Though I'm sure that I was remembering Katie with as much fondness as I was for her at that moment.

The next morning I called Kathryn to see if her invitation still held. She enthusiastically invited me over that afternoon and reminded me that we could go for a swim if I wanted.

"If you don't have a pair of trunks, I'm sure we can dig something up for you. Or not," she left off, and then hung up the phone before I could even respond.

Replacing the receiver I turned and saw David sitting at the kitchen table. He was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. Like I said, we'd always been able to discuss anything with one another, which had included the day he'd lost his virginity. That discussion had led to him asking me how I had lost mine. And I had been honest about it telling him everything. So he knew all the intimate little details of my encounter with Mrs. Steel, or Katie as well as with Kathryn and her daughter Kathy.

"So dad," he began still grinning and stuffing a spoonful of breakfast cereal in his mouth.

"You planning on getting some this afternoon?" he asked me, barely able to control himself from laughing in the process.

I shot him a look of disgust that was lost on him, as he knew I wasn't being all that serious.

"David!" I exclaimed, using the best authorative voice I could muster under the circumstances. "That was a long time ago! We're just getting together to catch up on old times, nothing more," I stated with far less conviction.

My son didn't respond to that one. He just fed himself another large spoonful of cereal and smiled around it as he sat looking at me. This time I smiled and caved in to his thoughts.

"Well, I can't say I'd turn her down either," I finally admitted.

"What about her daughter, Kathy wasn't it? Do you know where she's living?"

"Why? You want to double date or something?" I shot back at him.

"Just curious, I remember all the wild sex the three of you had. After all, I am your son and it would only be fair if I got to experience what you did."

This time I really did give him a disapproving look, which told him I didn't think so.

"Like I said David, that was along time ago. People change. It's been years since I've even seen her, and I haven't heard a thing about Kathy since I was in the service. We're just getting together to catch up on things, nothing more."

At that point, I headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. Surprisingly, I felt years younger, and a little giddy. In a way, it almost was like stepping back in time and I couldn't help but feel like the young kid I had once been, along with the excitement I had felt every time I had gone over to see Mrs. Steel. I was somewhat grateful that I'd managed to conceal my ever-growing hardon as I climbed the stairs up to my room. Already I was reliving some very pleasurable past experiences, and even as I stepped into the shower and allowed the fantasy to continue, I secretly began to hope that the afternoon might turn into more than a simple trip down memory lane. Soaping my cock and slowly beginning to stroke it, I easily framed the image of Kathryn firmly in my mind and couldn't help but wonder if I ever would be with her again.

As I pulled into the drive leading up to the house, I couldn't help but remember all the times I had trimmed the hedges that lined the driveway, and the countless times I had mowed the lawn or spent in weeding the gardens. Even as I parked the car and headed up the walk to the door, it felt a little weird being here and I nearly turned and went back to the car. Had it not been for the door suddenly opening and Kathryn stepping out to greet me, I probably would have done just that.

"Oh Nicky! I'm so glad you came!" she said. And suddenly I was eighteen again.

Kathryn held the door open for me and I stepped in and began to slide past her. The close proximity of our bodies made it virtually impossible for me to do so without moving against her. I noticed simultaneously that she was wearing a one piece swim suit that was cut very low and revealed a great deal of those magnificent full firm breasts of hers that looked every bit as much the way I remembered them. I brushed against her as I stepped in, and stopped as she turned towards me, suddenly embracing me as though we'd never been apart. I kissed her, and what had meant to be a chaste "hello" kind of a kiss, suddenly turned into a much more passionate and lingering one. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally broke apart from one another and I finished stepping into the foyer. The softness of her breasts pressing against my chest as we'd stood there had already awakened my previously un-satisfied lust, and I quickly moved into the front room, taking a seat before she noticed my growing condition.

Kathryn offered me a cold lemonade, which I quickly accepted. Yet again past images popped into my mind as I remembered sharing lemonades with her out on the patio near the pool. Only back then, we'd been comfortable enough to sit there naked while drinking them.

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