Mrs. Steel - The return

by Thesandman

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Thesandman

Sex Story: The saga continues

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .


Over twenty years had passed since that first incredible summer I had spent with Katie, Kathryn and Kathy. So much had happened in so short a period of time that it seemed almost like a dream as I reflected back on that incredible period of my life.

The year after I'd graduated from high school I was drafted into the army. I served two years in Vietnam during the war, and though Kathy and I had exchanged several letters, she eventually met someone and wrote to tell me she was getting married. It wasn't exactly welcome news at the time, but not totally unexpected either. Neither of us had made any sort of long-range commitment to one another even after the continuation of our ongoing sex-capades.

After I was discharged, I met and married a woman with whom I had a son. My wife was killed in an auto accident two years after that, leaving me a single parent with a young baby to raise. My parents tried to coax me into moving back to live with them so mom could help out, but I had a good job and was making sufficient money to see that my son's needs were being met.

Though I had a number of girlfriends over the years, and had even been engaged to be married for a short time, I never did remarry. My son's welfare was first and foremost above all things, and I wanted to ensure that David's needs were taken care of before my own. We had a great relationship and though father and son, we were more like the best of friends and openly discussed and shared everything with one another, no matter the subject matter.

My own father had passed away some years back and I was determined to have a closer relationship with my son and try to not make the same mistakes my father had. David graduated from high school and was considering joining the service when word reached us that my mother had passed away. We were contacted by the attorneys regarding the estate and I made plans to leave immediately and head back to the old neighborhood. David came with me of course as we had funeral arrangements to make as well as lots of junk that I knew we'd have to sort through and get rid of. My own mother's passing reminded me of the obituary she'd sent me some ten years past when I learned that Mrs. Steel... Katie, had died. I'd been unable to come home for her funeral though I had so desperately wanted to. I'd sent flowers of course, and even received a nice letter back from Kathryn thanking me for thinking of her, (of them) but it was also the last I ever heard from her. Now, ten years later and once again arriving back in my old stomping grounds, I couldn't help but wonder whatever had happened to her and Kathy as we drove by the old place on our way over to my parent's house.

My mother's funeral was held two days later. I was amazed at the turnout and realized just how many friends my mother had grown close to over the years. Although I appreciated all the heartfelt sympathy's, the past few days had been trying and I was tired of standing there being greeted by everyone. In the next instant, I was taken by surprise as a ghost stood directly in front of me.

"Nicky? I'm sorry about your mother."

Perhaps my exhaustion and the emotional strain of the past few days contributed, but without even thinking I stood simply staring at her.

"Mrs. Steel?" I said wonderingly.

Kathryn laughed and actually blushed a little bit.

"Well I guess after all these years I probably do look a lot like her now at my age. And... I did take my maiden name back after my divorce. Though I hate being called Ms. Steel. Even the pool boy we had for a time called me Mrs. Steel, and I have to admit, it reminded me a little of when you were here and took care of the place for us."

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed.

"Kathryn, I'm sorry, please forgive me. It's just that you really do look a lot like your mother did. And it's just such a surprise, albeit a pleasant one actually seeing you after all these years!"

Once again Kathryn smiled at me but indicated with a look back at the line of well-wishers still standing in line that she knew I had several people still waiting to see me.

"Listen, when you feel like it, come by so we can catch up on old times and chat. Maybe even take a dip in the pool."

With that, she leaned over giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and moved off. I was still a little stunned at seeing her. Her hair was still dark though it had a speckle of silver streaking through it. And she looked every bit as attractive now as she had some twenty years ago. Though I'm sure that I was remembering Katie with as much fondness as I was for her at that moment.

The next morning I called Kathryn to see if her invitation still held. She enthusiastically invited me over that afternoon and reminded me that we could go for a swim if I wanted.

"If you don't have a pair of trunks, I'm sure we can dig something up for you. Or not," she left off, and then hung up the phone before I could even respond.

Replacing the receiver I turned and saw David sitting at the kitchen table. He was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. Like I said, we'd always been able to discuss anything with one another, which had included the day he'd lost his virginity. That discussion had led to him asking me how I had lost mine. And I had been honest about it telling him everything. So he knew all the intimate little details of my encounter with Mrs. Steel, or Katie as well as with Kathryn and her daughter Kathy.

"So dad," he began still grinning and stuffing a spoonful of breakfast cereal in his mouth.

"You planning on getting some this afternoon?" he asked me, barely able to control himself from laughing in the process.

I shot him a look of disgust that was lost on him, as he knew I wasn't being all that serious.

"David!" I exclaimed, using the best authorative voice I could muster under the circumstances. "That was a long time ago! We're just getting together to catch up on old times, nothing more," I stated with far less conviction.

My son didn't respond to that one. He just fed himself another large spoonful of cereal and smiled around it as he sat looking at me. This time I smiled and caved in to his thoughts.

"Well, I can't say I'd turn her down either," I finally admitted.

"What about her daughter, Kathy wasn't it? Do you know where she's living?"

"Why? You want to double date or something?" I shot back at him.

"Just curious, I remember all the wild sex the three of you had. After all, I am your son and it would only be fair if I got to experience what you did."

This time I really did give him a disapproving look, which told him I didn't think so.

"Like I said David, that was along time ago. People change. It's been years since I've even seen her, and I haven't heard a thing about Kathy since I was in the service. We're just getting together to catch up on things, nothing more."

At that point, I headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. Surprisingly, I felt years younger, and a little giddy. In a way, it almost was like stepping back in time and I couldn't help but feel like the young kid I had once been, along with the excitement I had felt every time I had gone over to see Mrs. Steel. I was somewhat grateful that I'd managed to conceal my ever-growing hardon as I climbed the stairs up to my room. Already I was reliving some very pleasurable past experiences, and even as I stepped into the shower and allowed the fantasy to continue, I secretly began to hope that the afternoon might turn into more than a simple trip down memory lane. Soaping my cock and slowly beginning to stroke it, I easily framed the image of Kathryn firmly in my mind and couldn't help but wonder if I ever would be with her again.

As I pulled into the drive leading up to the house, I couldn't help but remember all the times I had trimmed the hedges that lined the driveway, and the countless times I had mowed the lawn or spent in weeding the gardens. Even as I parked the car and headed up the walk to the door, it felt a little weird being here and I nearly turned and went back to the car. Had it not been for the door suddenly opening and Kathryn stepping out to greet me, I probably would have done just that.

"Oh Nicky! I'm so glad you came!" she said. And suddenly I was eighteen again.

Kathryn held the door open for me and I stepped in and began to slide past her. The close proximity of our bodies made it virtually impossible for me to do so without moving against her. I noticed simultaneously that she was wearing a one piece swim suit that was cut very low and revealed a great deal of those magnificent full firm breasts of hers that looked every bit as much the way I remembered them. I brushed against her as I stepped in, and stopped as she turned towards me, suddenly embracing me as though we'd never been apart. I kissed her, and what had meant to be a chaste "hello" kind of a kiss, suddenly turned into a much more passionate and lingering one. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally broke apart from one another and I finished stepping into the foyer. The softness of her breasts pressing against my chest as we'd stood there had already awakened my previously un-satisfied lust, and I quickly moved into the front room, taking a seat before she noticed my growing condition.

Kathryn offered me a cold lemonade, which I quickly accepted. Yet again past images popped into my mind as I remembered sharing lemonades with her out on the patio near the pool. Only back then, we'd been comfortable enough to sit there naked while drinking them.

"Why don't we head out back and relax by the pool?" she said carrying out the tray that contained two glasses and a full pitcher of lemonade. For a brief moment, I wondered if she was thinking the same thing I had been.

The moment we stepped outside, I spotted the newly built Cabana by the pool area.

"Wow. That's nice," I told her. "Too bad that wasn't here," And it was then I realized I was about to say: "That night that Kathy and I came home from the drive-in."

Though I managed to catch myself, it was as though Kathryn was again reading my mind.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you and Kathy would have made good use out of it. There's also an indoor sauna as well as a hot tub. Perhaps one evening we can try it out together. I rarely even use it any more as I hate doing things like that alone."

Kathryn let the subtle implication hang there, and I got the immediate impression it had been a while since she had entertained anyone.

"What about the cottage? Is that still down by the creek?" I asked.

Kathryn laughed, remembering I'm sure the day that her daughter Kathy had walked in on us.

"Oh yes! In fact, Jared our pool-man and grounds keeper lived there for a while until he was able to save enough money to get a place of his own."

"Oh, so you do have someone who takes care of the place for you then."

Kathryn laughed out loud. "I know what you're thinking," she added still laughing. "But no, we didn't. Jared is semi retired, even older than I am. He has no family except for a cat, and besides, I always have been interested in younger men."

Kathryn threw me a mischievous little look and turned to walk down the steps into the pool.

"Well? You coming in or are you just going to sit there and watch me?"

I stood up to take off my clothing as I'd already put on my swim trunks before coming over, so removing my clothing wouldn't be any big deal as I was already dressed for a swim. By this time Kathryn had reached the middle of the pool where the water was a little more than waist high. Glancing over as I began removing my pants I saw her suddenly lower the top half of her suit revealing her breasts. I almost tripped as I struggled out of my pants, falling over in the process, grabbing a chair in order to regain my balance.

"So, they might be a little older, and a little less full, but they're still not too bad are they?" she asked, cupping her breasts as they bobbed just above the surface of the water.

I took a moment to glance down at myself. Perhaps it had been a long time, but not all that long I reasoned. And in the next instant I was removing my swim trunks too.

"Ah. That's more like it!" I heard Kathryn say.

As I walked down the steps into the pool to join her, I saw her briefly struggle out of her suit, flipping it over onto the deck near the patio table.

"I haven't been with anyone for nearly five years," she told me as I took her in my arms.

"It's been two years since my last steady girlfriend," I responded back to her obvious surprise.

"Really? Two years? Haven't you been going crazy without doing anything?"

"Oh, didn't say I haven't been doing anything." And then I motioned with my hand that age-old symbol for choking the chicken as we used to call it.

"Ah huh, and when was the last time you did that?" she asked me. I blushed; surprised the question would catch me off guard, embarrassing me.

"This morning, in the shower just before I came over here," I actually admitted, surprised that I did so, but also finding the admission somewhat titillating to confess.

"Oh really? So does that mean you're not in the mood to do anything then?" she asked teasingly. I reached over clasping her hand in mine, lowering it beneath the water, placing it against my rock-hard penis.

"What do you think?" I challenged.

"Well, I think we have A LOT of catching up to do!" she said winking at me, still massaging my cock.

We stood together for a very long time. Our touches were soft, playful, exploratory as we refamiliarized ourselves with one another, allowing ourselves to recapture those intimate times past with the simple tracing of a finger. I marveled at the supple softness of Kathryn's full breasts. Even in her sixty's, her tits were just as nice as they had been when I had kissed and played with them last. I'd forgotten how incredibly hard her nipples could become, and how thick and long they were when erect. Rolling them between my fingers, leaning over to alternately suck and lick them was yet another reminder of similar times spent with her so long ago. As our passions and desires began to build to the boiling point, I finally maneuvered her over to the side of the pool where she reached behind herself to balance, and thus presented her sweet tasting pussy to my yearning tongue. As the water lapped at us as we moved, I lapped at her pussy as she balanced herself, floating atop the water. She was just as sweet, just as juicy as I remembered. The thrill of licking and tonguing that incredible clit of hers was more than I could have hoped for, certainly now after all these years.

"My turn," she announced suddenly, breaking off my revelry of enjoyment and near lustful craze as I imagined in my mind, her younger self then, and her older self now. Almost as though I had managed to merge Katie along with Kathryn in the lust of my desires for them both. Reluctantly I released her, and she positioned me sitting on the edge of the pool where she could then stand before me in the water, expertly handling and delightfully sucking me into oblivion.

"I'm glad you decided to jerk off earlier," she told me between licks and sucks, half talking with my cock still sliding in and out of her mouth.

"Why's that?" I somehow managed to ask between intakes of breath.

"So we can enjoy this that much longer. I'd hate to make you cum too soon." "I'm not so sure about that," I responded, already feeling the churning need of my sperm boiling deep within my balls, already sending the telltale signs of shivering release and anticipation of another powerful and satisfying orgasm.

"Want me to stop then?" she said finally looking up into my eyes.

"Are you kidding?" I'm eighteen all over again.

Kathryn understood my meaning and immediately went back to pleasuring my cock with those velvet lips of hers. A few minutes later I filled her mouth with cum to overflowing. My prick softened only slightly, and she used it to lead me back into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. Kathryn and I spent the next several hours fucking in every position imaginable. It was as though we were trying to make up for lost time in an abstract sort of way. And yet, it was as though we'd never stopped fucking. All those years of absence between us seemed but a mere moment in time. Only the now, and the feelings of what we were experiencing together were what mattered. I lost track of the number of thrusts I'd made into her pussy. Likewise, Kathryn had cum so many times that she'd actually near fainted once or twice towards the end when my cock finally did give out, slipping from her sloppy wet pussy of its own accord, no longer able to maintain the hardness or length we'd both been enjoying. Only then did we cuddle up into one another's arms and finally begin to catch up as had initially been intended. It was nice laying there naked with her, holding her, being held and sharing all the trials and tribulations, the joys and the sorrows along the way as we began to catch one another up on what we'd been doing with our respective lives.

I got home well after midnight. Exhausted as I was, it still took me along time to finally fall asleep. There was so much to think about and remember. A myriad of sensations still coursed through my mind as well as my body as I relived every touch, remembered every heartfelt moan and groan of the afternoon together.

I had also learned that Kathy was still married, she had had twin girls and had named them Shelly and Kelly. Obviously they were around David's age give or take a year and I smiled inwardly, especially as Kathryn had told me that though Kathy had been unable to come in time enough to attend the funeral, that she and the twins would be arriving the following weekend for an already previously scheduled vacation and visit with her mother. Kathryn had in fact called Kathy the night previously, telling her of her intention to invite me over to the house. Kathy had kidded her mother about it, betting her that we'd end up in bed together that very evening. I'd asked her if she was going to admit to Kathy that we had. Kathryn flashed me that seductive little smile of hers and said only that Kathy would know without needing to tell her so. Somehow I knew she was right. Even so, I found myself a little nervous at seeing Kathy again, even though she was married and in all likelihood not interested in taking up where we'd left off. It never the less gave me pause for curious consideration.

Though I had slept in with the hope of avoiding any interrogations from David I should have known better. At first I thought I was going to get away with it as he poured me a cup of coffee, freshened his, and picked up the newspaper. Then, from behind a wall of newsprint I heard him asking me.

"So, was it as good as you remembered it?"

Only then did he lower the paper enough so as to peer over the top of it looking at me, waiting for an answer.

"Oh yes," I sighed in a long drawn out way of responding to him. Even better than I remembered it ever was." I got a slight kick out of the surprised look on his face that I'd actually admitted it to him. "And get this. You remember me telling you about her daughter Kathy? Well she's coming in this next weekend!"

"You're kidding!" David exclaimed honestly.

"Whoa sport. In the first place, she's married. And in the second place, it's been over twenty years since I last saw her."

"That didn't seem to stop you and Kathryn."

"That's different," I offered up lamely. And then in an attempt to change the subject slightly, I added. "Besides, she's bringing her two daughters along with her. Twins, about your age." I had thrown that at him, smiling as I noticed the sudden interest on his face.

"And?" he pushed.

"And, that's about all I know. Though I did promise to introduce you to them when they arrive on Saturday. We've been invited over for a barbeque and a swim."

That seemed to deflect any more curious questions on his part regarding Kathy or Kathryn, which was what I'd wanted to accomplish in the first place. But what I hadn't counted on was the sudden inexplicable pang of jealousy I was suddenly feeling. As close as we were, this had been a very intimate and private side of my life I really hadn't shared with anyone. And even though I wasn't worried about history actually repeating itself, especially under these circumstances, somehow the thought of David getting involved with either Shelly or Kelly was somehow disconcerting to me.

David and I spent the remainder of the day going through a lot of my parent's things. Even a few things of dad's that mom had saved for whatever reason. I'd mentioned to Kathryn that time permitting; I may or may not drop by later on that evening for a drink. We'd neither talked nor committed to anything between us. And somehow I knew and respected that that was the way she wanted it. I wasn't even sure that included having sex together again, even after that first day. So it was, that I was already prepared in my mind to be met at the door with no more than a promise of a second drink. That thought evaporated the moment I got to her door. There must have been a hundred or more candles all softly burning leading a trail from the doorway, down the hall and to what I could only surmise as leading up the stairs towards the bedroom. Letting myself in I quietly began to follow the trail she'd left me. I'd almost forgotten the room in the attic. The candles continued on up those stairs, and a flickering of candlelight could be seen emanating from somewhere up above. Only then did I finally call out to her.

"Kathryn? You up here?" I asked somewhat stupidly. I could hear music playing softly in the background, and though candlelight provided me some means to see into the room, it was still dark enough that I couldn't make things out clearly. I was able to make out that enormous over sized bed. And quite frankly, I was surprised to discover that this special little room still even existed.

"Take off your clothes, put on the blind fold, and crawl into bed," I heard her tell me from some dark corner of the room where I couldn't see her.

"Hmmmm, just like old times," I replied as I hurriedly began taking my clothes off.

"Almost," she replied. "And no peeking once you put on the blind fold either!"

I did what I was told of course, and seconds later sensed her presence a fraction or so before she actually crawled into the bed. In the next instant, I felt my hands being handcuffed to it, and likewise a pair of restraints fastened about my ankles, effectively placing me in a vulnerable, spread-eagled position. I was already excited beyond reason and felt my cock lurch, twitching with eager anticipation.

"I hope you told David you'd be home late, if at all," she added. "You've got a long night ahead of you. A very long night."

I felt my cock harden even more fully if that was possible, just as the first feathery touch of her tongue began to slither up and down my shaft. Kathryn had a certain technique when it came to sucking cock. I don't think I've ever met a woman who did it quite the way she did. Those first initial licks and tongue strokes were so light and yet seemed to go on forever. She would start at the base of my cock and slowly, very slowly work her way up my shaft to the tip of my prick. The thing was, she took an awfully long time doing it, almost too long sometimes which made it maddening. But I think that was the whole point. And then, just when she'd linger a moment or two on the sensitive tip, she'd start on her way back down with this feathery, hardly touching tongue caress that let you know what she was doing, but made you actually have to concentrate on feeling it. It was crazy.

I'm sure because I was concentrating so hard that the sudden sensation of a really wet, soft pussy suddenly descending down over my mouth didn't register at first. I dove into it with my own tongue devouring the succulent and abundant juices that awaited me before it dawned on me that my cock was still slowly being licked.

"Kathryn?" I questioned. Though it sounded more like "Kaathwin" as I still had my tongue in somebody's cunt.

The moan from the woman who was sitting on my face was a dead give away. Even after all these years.


"You always did eat pussy better than anyone I ever met, and that includes one or two women I've known."

Only then did Kathryn quit licking me long enough to speak.

"Guess you might as well remove his blindfold Kathy. I think he's figured out our little surprise."

"Don't stop now!" Kathy said from above me. "You keep doing what you were doing... and I'll try to explain."

Between pauses for a few moans and groans, as my tongue continued to explore that exquisite little clit of hers, Kathy told me how she had booked an earlier flight in order to have a couple of days before the twins arrived. They were still coming on the day scheduled, but as Kathryn had already told her everything we'd done so far, it had gotten her so horny that she wanted to arrange to get here early and enjoy some serious catching up her self.

I still had a mouthful of questions I wanted to ask. But at the moment, I had a mouthful of something else that seemed far more important. In addition to that, Kathryn was finally getting serious with my cock, and those light little licks and nips were becoming considerably more intense. She had removed my blindfold however, and I was more than a little surprised to see that Kathy had hardly changed at all since I had last seen her. She was certainly more mature looking. A natural phenomenon considering all these years, but aside from a few added pounds that merely filled out all those natural curves, Kathy had changed far less than I would have otherwise expected. Even her hair was the same color and length as I remembered it as it draped over her large full breasts in a peek-a-boo fashion.

"You gotta undo these!" I pleaded, straining on the handcuffs that still bound me. " I gotta do some touching here!"

Kathy laughed, but thankfully reached over and triggered the catch that released the cuffs. Having my ankles still secured wasn't important. And besides, I liked having my legs spread so obscenely wide anyway, especially with the incredible blowjob that I was still getting from Kathryn. Reaching up, I swept away Kathy's long hair so I could get a much better glimpse of those enormous tits, but even more importantly, add the enjoyment of getting to play with those fat thick nipples of hers. I recaptured her clit with my lips and began to suck it with a nice soft, yet firm pull that I knew used to drive her crazy. It still did too. Kathy began thrashing and mashing herself against me exactly the way I remembered she'd done before. I think once or twice she'd nearly suffocated me before she'd cum. But I always remembered thinking afterwards that I would have gladly died like that anyway.

Kathryn finally moved up onto the bed and I felt it as she repositioned herself facing me and slowly slid down upon me. I was so fired up that I nearly lost it. The feel of that velvety wet cunt sliding down my prick was almost more than I could handle. I actually had to concentrate, almost biting Kathy's clit off in the process as I fought against the urge to release a torrent of semen inside that gushing pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Kathryn moaned outwardly as she slithered down atop me. And then with three quick rapid up and down thrusts, she screamed:

"Fuck... fuck... fuck!"

She had cum that fast! She held herself against me, moving only slightly in a circular motion as she continued to climax. I could feel her pussy quivering as well as feel the sudden increase of pussy juice escaping her cunt, running down to soak my balls before pouring down onto the bed.

"Wow mom. You really are horny aren't you?" Kathy stated. And it was evident by the huskiness of her voice that she wasn't that far away from experiencing her orgasm either.

Only a few moments passed before Kathryn settled in for a much longer, more relaxed paced ride. I knew by this that she could coax a second orgasm just about anytime she wanted too. She'd done it before. Kathryn could keep her cunt at such an intense level of pleasure that she could by the simple adjustment of speed or depth of penetration, invoke a second, third and even forth climax almost at will.

My hands had been caressing and kneading Kathy's breasts, but as I gazed up to look at her, I watched and felt as Kathryn's hands covered my own over her daughters tits and began to help me tease and play with them. That seemed to trigger Kathy's orgasm, as in the next instant I was struggling for air as a cascade of cunt juice suddenly filled my mouth and threatened to drown me.

I had gone from sucking cunt to simply flicking her clit with my tongue in a desperate attempt to breath as well as bring her pleasure and tumble her over that edge of ecstasy and delight. I had also replaced my hands on her firm tight ass, lifting it slightly to help accommodate the change in technique, and was rewarded with the sound of hearing her squeal out rapturously, cries that turned into pure ecstasy as my tongue thrust deeper and faster into that velveteen quim.

I hadn't even felt that first powerful spurt of jisim from my own cock exploding inside Kathryn's cunt until the second one was well on the way. From below, I gripped Kathy's ass in what had to have been a near bruising clench, thrusting upward into Kathryn with all the force I could muster. I felt that second sweet ejaculate envelop her womb, and then Kathryn pressed down against me with equal force, allowing her second orgasm of the night to meet and mingle with mine in a plethora of sensations that overwhelmed us all.

At some point we'd all disentangled from one another. Kathy had repositioned herself on one side of me, and Kathryn on the other. I held them both, fingers and hands absently stroking and running softly up and down their bare flesh. None of us spoke a solitary word for a long time. It was as though I had never been away from either of them, or had even left this room. I realized how much I missed Katie's not being with us however, and felt a pang of sorrow over that until the delicate touch of Kathy's hand beginning to toy with my now flaccid member brought me back to the moment.

"Well? So did you like the little surprise we cooked up for you?" Kathy asked.

"Are you kidding? It couldn't have been more perfect!" Even then I thought of Katie and smiled. In a way, in my mind at least she had been with us once again.

We took a break, fixing ourselves some refreshments and drinks. Lounging around naked on the bed with them was as natural and normal as it had ever been amongst us. Even with all the subtle little changes that age so rudely seems to do to a person, none of us seemed to see all those added little flaws, or if any of us did, it certainly wasn't of any importance.

With the initial lust somewhat satisfied for the moment, I took the time to begin to ask the questions that I had contemplated earlier. Kathy candidly told me that yes; she was still married, but hearing what Kathryn and I had already done however had fired up those long ago desires, and had her quickly booking an early flight than had been initially planned.

"So... I understand you have a son too," she said. "Is he anything like you were?" she asked teasingly, and once again began stroking my cock back to another nice erection.

"Now Kathy, behave yourself," Kathryn admonished her. "It's bad enough that we're all a little decadent, but I'm sure that Nick doesn't intend on his son being seduced the way he was."

I could only laugh at that, which I hoped was taken as a lighthearted kidding sort of agreement. Though somewhere deep inside, I was surprised to find myself hoping that David wouldn't become involved in any way shape or form with either Kathy or Kathryn. As silly as that sounded to me, I wanted them... me, to remain as we were. A part of a history made together, and once again being relived. Besides, even as open as David and I were, I wasn't sure I'd be able to face the prospect of his being directly involved in this aspect of my life.

Kathy told me all about her twins, and I relaxed a little. Just from the way she spoke of them to me indicated that she must have been dealing with the typical teenage trials and tribulations we'd all gone through. I did gather that she had no objections with the girls meeting and going out with David if in fact they even liked one another. But was somewhat relieved when she finished her story by adding the fact that one of the reasons she wanted to come up early was so that we could have this time together before they got here. As after that, especially because she was married, that things would need to be kept to a very private, and very confidential type of relationship whenever the girls were around. As for Kathryn and I, she didn't feel like we'd have to try and hide anything we did, though she did state that it would be tough seeing the two of us being openly flirtatious and naughty together whenever we wanted while she in turn would obviously have to behave herself.

I voiced my own concerns regarding David. Though I also admitted to them both that a few years back I had told David everything regarding our relationships together, so that he was fully aware of that aspect of our past, not to mention not being so naive as to think we weren't doing anything now. Though he did not yet know of Kathy's early arrival, and I indicated I had no intention of telling him anything further about us either.

We all seemed to have caught our second winds by this time, and as Kathy had been playfully fondling me anyway, I soon rolled over onto her and began to kiss her, teasingly sliding my now fully erect cock up and down the opening of her equally wet slit.

I felt Kathryn behind me as she knelt down beside us. We'd certainly never had many inhibitions in the past, and hadn't changed now either. Kathryn had already opened a tube of KY jelly, and placed a liberal amount of it at the opening of my ass. I'd not yet penetrated Kathy's cunt with my prick, enjoying too much the sensation of simply sliding up and down that slippery cunt-groove of hers. And, she was enjoying it just as much as I was. Nice and slow... no rush, just that fabulous tease and ever escalating desire.

In the next instant I felt her delicate finger toying and gently probing my ass hole. Simultaneously, she'd reached between us, clasping my cock, and began rubbing the head of it directly against Kathy's clit. As she masturbated her daughter's cunt with my cock, her finger began a slow in and out motion, lingering and pausing occasionally to tickle and caress my prostate. Needless to say, I was in heaven!

Turning slightly so I could look in her direction, I enjoyed the view as I watched her tit's gently swaying back and forth as she continued fingering my ass with one hand and stroking my cock against Kathy's cunt with the other. Even Kathy opened her eyes to watch, reaching out to spread her pussy for fully with her fingers. At this moment Kathryn placed the head of my prick fully inside her daughters opening.

"Fuck it!" she ordered me. And I slid easily and fully inside her daughter's pussy in one swift motion.

"Oh... My... God!" Kathy hissed between three deep forceful plunges of my cock inside her.

"That's it. Fuck her hard! Fast!" Kathryn ordered me.

As I pummeled that fiery sweet cunt of hers, Kathryn impaled me fully on her finger and kept it there, she drove it about as deeply as she could, simply massaging the inside of my ass with a slow rotating motion even as I slid in and out of her daughter nearly as fast as it was possible to do.

I was surprised at the intensity of my orgasm as it washed over me since it hadn't been that long ago that we'd all fully spent ourselves. Even so, I believe I emptied more cum inside Kathy's cunt than I had inside Kathryn's. I was a little embarrassed that I'd climaxed so quickly too. We'd only been fucking for a couple of minutes, but the intensity of the moment, and Kathryn's finger inside my ass had been simply too much. As I finally collapsed, rolling over and away from Kathy, I was going to attempt some kind of an apology when I finally caught my breath. There wasn't time however, because almost immediately I watched as Kathryn positioned herself between my legs and began another slow tantalizing tease of my prick.

To my surprise, Kathryn fingered herself, and even as I reached over to do it for her, she smiled and shook her head no.

"Just watch... enjoy," she said. So I did.

There's something particularly erotic about sitting there watching a woman masturbate, especially when she's busy sucking your cock. Seeing her fingers disappearing in and out of her cunt, stopping to circularly tease and slide against her clitoris was amazing. In seconds I was as hard as a rock again.

"Shit Nicky, I don't think you had this many erections when you were eighteen!" I heard Kathy exclaim as she looked over her mother towards me.

Kathryn raised up off the bed then just slightly.

"Well, in that case, I think now I'm ready for you. And with luck, you're going to last a long time this time. A really long time."

"Well I'm not!" Kathy added. And even as I slid into Kathryn's cunt from behind, I heard Kathy embark on yet another very satisfying climax as she now worked her own pussy with her fingers.

Such as it was I never did manage another orgasm myself. But at least I remained hard enough to ensure that Kathryn enjoyed one of her famous triples that she was known for.

Afterwards, Kathy fell asleep long before Kathryn and I did, and that is how we all found ourselves in the morning, well after sun up, and long past my expected return home.

I expected to be hit with a barrage of questions from David when I finally did arrive, but he must have decided to sleep in himself. I made my way to the bedroom and collapsed into my bed, exhausted, and in serious need of sleep. I'm not sure how long I'd been sleeping when somewhere between dreaming and hovering on the edge of waking that I heard the phone ring. Nor did I know the period of time between that and the sudden knocking on my bedroom door. David peeked his head into my room, calling out to me however, forcing me to more fully wake.

"Hey old man, you gonna sleep away the entire afternoon?"

"What time is it?" I asked in response.

"Nearly two. Oh, and by the way, Kathryn called, she invited us both over for a late lunch and a swim in their pool. So come on dad, get up and get dressed."

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