Marion's Heat

by Ocelot Phayze

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Furry, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Maid Marion, sumptuous vixen that she is, finds herself in the midst of her heat. With Robin nowhere around, she'll have to find someone else to help her take care of her problem.

It had been another long day for Marion. The previous day had been quite a bit simpler, and she knew that the following day would be that much worse, but she was quite exhausted from the day she'd just gone through.

Marion was going through something that all young vixens go through, something that came around every few months like an unwanted friend. She had heard that other species had things much harder than vulpine women, but she found it quite difficult to believe. Some species mated only when they wanted to and their natural cycle consisted only of the body cleansing itself with a burst of blood and other unwanted discharge. Other species mated once a year for two weeks straight and could time the start and finish of their cycles to the exact minute and day. Not for vulpines, oh no. That would be far too simple.

Marion was in Heat. Heats came around once in a while, regularly plaguing vulpine women at irregular intervals. The stupid things would come on unpredictably, though never more than once a month, and usually no less than once every six. It was outrageously irritating how they worked, she felt. Vulpines were generally excitable to begin with, usually quite monogamous, and always quite capable. Every once in a while, however, the Heat would hit.

The first day was always quite deceptive. Senses were slightly more sensitive, particularly in the erogenous zones, but not so much so as to immediately set off warning signals. It was nothing particularly unusual, and she'd had many simply excessively hormonal days that were just as bad as the first day of a Heat. It wasn't until the end of the first day that she was ever able to realize what had started and this time was no exception.

By the end of the day, she was finding every male around her attractive. Not to the point where she could think of nothing else, but certainly to the point where it became noticeable. She found her eyes wandering to the crotches and rumps of men who were passing, regardless of whether or not they were vulpine, feline, canine, or otherwise. When simply hormonal, her thoughts usually turned to her love, Robin. When in Heat, her thoughts turned to whoever was nearest.

Which wasn't to say that Robin didn't come up in her mind during her Heats. He was always the first in her mind and the only one in her bed. She loved him quite dearly and, to date since she'd first met him, he'd always been available during her Heats to take care of her urges during the second and third days.

The second day was always worst than the first. It became harder to think about anything short of sex, and every male voice sent shivers along her spine to the tip of her tail. It was because of this, and the simple fact that Robin was unavailable, that she had been keeping herself so busy. It was her light sparring practices in the morning, soon followed by intense studying of England's history and monarchy, and an evening few laps around the woods.

She was in Sherwood, as she often was, though a part of her mind was warning her that it was a very poor decision to be there. The third day was always worst than the previous two, and usually the day in which she kept Robin busy from daybreak until nightfall. Nonetheless, it would have been incredibly difficult to keep herself so physically occupied at her home keep and the men of Sherwood Forest were much less likely to take advantage of her condition than the noble men of her home.

With the thought of naked men dancing through her mind, Marion made her way to the bed that she usually kept and curled up into it, still fully dressed. She'd exhausted herself intentionally and was hoping quite dearly that the next day would consist of so much more exercise that nothing unforeseen could happen.

When she awoke, it was with an erotic dream still fresh in her mind. She had been surrounded by men, all holding their erections out for her attentions, and she'd been trying her best to please them all, to satisfy them all. It was a futile attempt, however, as each male that she'd satisfied only produced another to take his place... and throughout her dream, it was wonderful.

On waking, she found the dream at least marginally upsetting. While she did only love Robin, her Heat was more than willing to convince her that a sexual dalliance wouldn't be quite as destructive as forgetting about him. Even with her Heat in full force, however, the concept of a full orgy, with her as the main centerpiece, was disturbing to the young vixen. Foxes are well known for their monogamy and, while her hormones were fighting the true sense of the word, more than a single partner was uncomfortable and foreign.

Her crotch was quite wet, however. She discovered this little fact as she rolled to a seated position, the fur between her legs chilling as the air reached to her. Carefully and slowly standing up, Marion checked to ensure that her petticoat and other undergarments had kept the moisture from leaking through to her skirts and was pleased to find that it had.

"If only," she thought, "I could find something to plug myself up with."

Marion blinked a few times at her own perversion as throngs and a veritable menagerie of options came to mind. Shaking her head slowly to clear it, she carefully started to remove her unclean underclothes. It would have been tremendously unclean and uncomfortable to keep them on, and the Heat-diseased part of her mind reasoned that undergarments were foolish and pointless anyway.

Taking a deep breath and trying to clear her mind, Marion poked her head out from her small interim bedding area in the forest. There was no one in sight, the sun still only barely cresting the horizon. Gently, undergarments tucked under an arm, she started to slip out and make her way to the river.

"With a good cleaning," she thought, "and a cool bath, I may be able to still my urges." With a half-smirk on her muzzle, she added to herself, "And if not, I may be able to take care of them myself."

Slowly, stealthily, she started to make her way down to the riverside, hoping with one side of her that no one saw her, and begging with the other side of her to find someone. Anyone, just so long as they were male... in fact, she noted with dismay, her Heat was becoming strong enough that even that little factor wasn't a necessity. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the side of her you asked), it wasn't long before she ran into someone. A male someone, nonetheless.

Friar Tuck was sleeping not too far away from her home, right in her path to the river. In fact, it looked like he was just waking up, gently stirring in his sleep. His robe had started to come slightly undone, and Marion's eyes immediately went to his center, eagerly peeking for a look at his crotch.

In shock, she jerked her eyes back away from the Friar, quickly hurrying to get past him. She was appalled at herself for her attempted voyeurism.

"He is a holy man, Marion!" She chided herself, "Shame on you! Shame, shame!"

A half-thought later, she added, "How exciting to have a virgin, though..."

Eyes widened, she redoubled her pace to get to the river as soon as she could.

Once she had reached the river, relief passed over Marion, her muscles already starting to relax. To think, she had actually considered for a moment having sex with the Friar, a man of God and speaker of virtues. Shaking her head in bemusement, she started to lay out her clothing on a rock in an effort to discern which garments were the worst and where everything needed the most attention.

Most of her garments were soaked through. She found it difficult to believe that she'd made such a mess during her sleep. Her inner thighs and crotch weren't anywhere near as bad as her clothing had become, and she found it a bit of a miracle that her outer dress wasn't showing anything. The purple of her dress would certainly show any discoloring quite prominently.

Sex was still quite strong in her mind, and her own scent on her clothing was making it at least somewhat unbearable. Without thinking, her paw found its way along the front of her dress, gently pushing the fabric inward and against her mound. She ground her hips slightly against her paw, eyes closing as she did so.

Slowly, a soft sigh escaped her lips. Oh, she was most certainly going to masturbate herself into exhaustion. It's what she'd done before she'd met Robin, and she saw no reason why it wouldn't work now. Though... though, of course, now that she'd seen a cock before and had felt one inside of her, fingers weren't quite the same...

"But they've worked before, and they would certainly work now," she told herself.

Marion blinked her eyes back open and glanced around to see if she'd been noticed. In shock, she sucked a small gasp between her lips. Resting with his back against a tree was Little John, looking directly at her. She quickly removed her paw from her crotch and scowled at the bear, furious with him for watching her as she pleasured herself, even if it was still mostly innocent. She was about to speak when she realized that the bear had not, in fact, been watching her exhibitionism, but that he apparently had simply fallen asleep beside the river. Cocking her head gently to the side, Marion let her eyes slip down on Little John. He wasn't the Friar, she told herself. Nor was he even remotely close to being a holy man. He was a sweet, dear man, however. And large. Quite large.

She'd often had fantasies about larger men, as Robin was more spry and slender than large. She was never dissatisfied with Robin's shape or size (in body or otherwise), but there was always a wonder of what it would be like to be with a larger man, a bigger man. More than that, her sex-addled brain told her, she'd never seen another penis before in her life. Robin's had been her first and her only. This was her opportunity for another.

She hesitated for a few long moments, constantly reminding herself that John was a single, non-holy man, and then reminding herself again that she WASN'T a single woman.

"Still," she reasoned, "There would be no harm in just... peeking."

Slowly, she made her way over to the bear.

Little John, like most of the Merry Men, wore a simple green tunic. He had a silly green hat which was currently mostly over his eyes and muzzle, and green boots which had been removed and were sitting next to him on the bank.

Approaching as silently as the vixen could, Marion sat herself down in front of the bear. Very carefully, terrified of waking him and being discovered, she reached forward and started to inch up the hem of his tunic. First she could see one hip and then the other, then finally his crotch. Aching to see more, she gently lifted the tunic up and folded it until the bear's crotch was completely exposed up to his waist. Marion just stared for some time. His cock was nothing at all like Robin's. Robin's cock was long and slim with a thick base that, when he was ejaculating, would swell up to much more the size than it started in an effort to lodge inside of her until she were pregnant. They'd been careful about getting his "knot" caught inside of her to date, though at her worst in Heat she'd more than once tried to convince him just to leave it in.

Little John's cock was definitely different. It was flaccid at the moment, though she noticed that it still stood up somewhat straight as if there were a bone keeping it there, but there was no bulge around the base. There was a sheath covering most of his penis, but enough of it was sticking out of the top that she could tell it was a different color and shape than Robin's; it appeared to be less pointed and more rounded, not to mention quite a bit less pink.

Frowning, she reached a paw out to touch the thing. She was quite unhappy with the concept that the second cock she'd ever seen and she was only able to see just the tip of it. She was going to see more.

Without pausing to stop and think about her rationing, or her circumstance, Marion gently grabbed a hold of John's penis between two fingers and thumb, and started to softly stroke it. This worked incredibly well with Robin, and damned if she wasn't going to see everything that John had to offer.

Before her eyes, and in her grasp, his cock began to grow. Marion kept her ministrations up, eventually wrapping her paw around the thing, until it appeared to be as large as it was going to get. She'd kept her focus on the rod before her, but, when she was finished, she risked enough to glance up to verify that Little John was still asleep.

The bear was gone. Wherever he was, he was clearly having a very, very happy dream, but his eyes were still shut and his breathing was still deep, despite the smirk on his face.

Slowly, Marion removed her paw from his penis as if she were unwrapping a present. Beneath her hand, she was very pleased to discover that John's dick, like the rest of him, was certainly not little. His erection was thick, easily twice as thick as Robin's, and the length was at least a few inches longer. It was definitely more rounded than Robin's was, and there was no sign of a knot... in fact, Marion couldn't find any evidence of any mechanism to keep the penis lodged inside of the woman. Cats had barbs, canines had knots... ursians apparently had just force of will.

There was pre-cum leaking from the top of John's cock and, before she had a chance to stop herself, Marion found herself leaning forward to lick the fluid away. She grinned at the taste of the stuff, knowing full well that it would be gamy and salty under normal circumstances, but that the Heat that had taken control of her was making the flavor incredibly pleasant. Grinning still, she leaned back towards the cock before her and licked it once more, letting her long, vulpine tongue taste as much as she could in one swipe.

Above her, John moaned deeply. It was enough for her to sit up straight and return to her senses. Her eyes darted up to the bear's face but, thankfully, he still appeared to be sleeping. Her heart was racing as she started to get back up to her feet, trying to force herself not to look back at the man's prick, still extended and waiting.

Her will wasn't strong enough to fight off the full force of the Heat. Her eyes dropped back to gaze on the bear's cock and she was once again enthralled. Slowly lowering back to the ground again, the pristine purple of her dress once again becoming sullied, Marion positioned herself so that she could touch and kiss the thing without having to touch John and possibly wake him.

After another glance at the bear's face to triple-check his slumber, she leaned back in towards his prick. Again, Marion refused to give herself the opportunity to think and possibly stop before thrusting John's tool, from tip to base, into her mouth. It wasn't so difficult as it could have been thanks to her long, thin muzzle, and she found the taste delectable, certainly thanks to the Heat that she was in. John made another soft groan, though this time Marion was more than content to believe that he was still sleeping. Slowly, she began bobbing her head against him, squeezing with her lips in a gentle attempt to extract more pre-cum from him. It wasn't long before she was rewarded with more of the stuff, gently swallowing down both his pre-cum and her saliva as she continued to perform on him.

Very lightly, John's hips began to push up against Marion as she moved her head down. With a faint, almost drugged grin on her lips, she slowed her motions and kept them constant enough that the sleeping bear could keep his movements up with hers. His bucking only lasted for a moment or two before he fell back into a slumber, but the thrill that it gave her to have him responding was more than enough to push her on to the next phase.

Removing her lips from his shaft, gently licking along her muzzle as she did so, Marion moved her paws to hike her dress up to her own hips. She was going to have this cock inside of more than just her mouth, she'd decided, and she certainly wasn't going to slow down now, lest she stop herself.

Gingerly, Marion slipped one leg over John so that she was standing directly over him. Were he awake and willing, it would only take a slight shift of her hips for her quite moist pussy to be up against his lips. Under the circumstances, however, Marion was more than content to take that up with him another time and demand equal payment for her treatment on him.

She slowly lowered herself down onto her knees and shifted her hips around until the head of John's shaft was pressed snugly up against her wet cunt lips. She had nothing to hold on to, but for the moment seemed to be more than capable of holding herself up simply with her legs. Looking down at John's slumbering face, and then further down at her dress covering the two of them, a frown crossed over her face.

"If I'm going to do this," she thought, "I'm damn well going to see it."

So she reached down and tugged her dress back up, tucking it in at her belt so that her beautiful red thighs, the pussy fur between them white and soft, was visible. The moisture between her legs was quite strong, both in presence and in scent, and the sight of it only served to excite her further.

Between her legs and back just a bit, she could see some of John's erection, though most of it was as yet hidden. She knew that once she lowered herself down, she'd be able to see it enter her, and that was exactly what she was looking for. She wasn't disappointed.

As Marion lowered herself down onto John's cock, she watched the thick shaft gently slide its way inside of her. Taking a slow breath in as she went, head turned down to continue watching, she made her way carefully down the length of his shaft. Her body needed a little time to adjust, and, thanks to John's slumber and willing prick, that time was more than available to her.

By the time she had finished engulfing the bear's cock inside of her, Marion was simply giddy. The power of the Heat had completely invaded into her mind, and sex was all that mattered any more. Curiously, the thought of having more men around was fairly unappealing to her unless it was Robin, and the thought of more women around seemed somewhat disappointing as they'd be trying to take her bear cock away from her.

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