Freakish Friday

by Magic Wand

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Teenagers, Magic, Incest, Father, Daughter, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A mother and daughter switch bodies. The premise of this story is from the movie Freaky Friday, which I only saw the trailer, but I am sure is nothing like this. I would be interested to get feedback if you consider this incest or not.

It was the same argument they always had and Tricia always countered her mother by saying that she was 18 years old and legally an adult. Her mother, Jill, typically countered that she was then free to get a job, pay her own bills, buy her own clothes and find her own apartment.

"As soon as I graduate High School I am so out of here" Tricia would threaten, and then there would be silence.

Mr. Chin who owned the Chinese Restaurant near there home would witness this same argument many times. They always ate here when Jill's husband Roy was out of town.

"Look Tricia, I don't want to start this again. I just don't think it's appropriate for a young lady like yourself to stay out all night Friday".

Jill was brought up in a very strict household. Considered old fashioned by her friends and prudish by those not so friendly, she was a virgin when she married Roy and very vocal about what is moral.

"Mom, it's the last days of finals... all the kids are going out tomorrow night to just blow off some steam. You always think something nasty is going on"

Tricia was as opposite of her mother as a person can be except in the looks department. Both women were extremely attractive and young looking; most people assumed they were sisters. Tricia was also very active and experimental sexually. This was something she knew her mother would be shocked to learn. Tomorrow night most of her friends were going to throw a wild party that would most certainly turn into an orgy.

"Tricia, you're a very sweet girl and you know I trust you, however I know how some kids can get kind of wild and people do drugs and before you know it you smelling the smoke and then you get..."

"Mom... my friends are not like that. What kind of people do you think I would hang out with?"

"Tricia I don't mean to say your friends are like that but it happens on the news all the time. Once I heard..."

"Mom, look... I have my math final tomorrow morning and I need to go home and study. You are the math genius in the family, but am close to failing math".

Mr. Chin decided he could help this family. If only they could see each other's point of view. He came back to the table and both Tricia and Jill greeted him with smiles.

" Mrs. Bosworth I have a Holiday gift for you and your daughter".

Mr. Chin then produced a small box sitting in the palm of his hand wrapped in red paper with gold Chinese characters.

"This is special Chinese tea, it was made to help couples understand each other by letting them see each other's view point. Both of you take a cup before you go to sleep tonight. Mrs. Bosworth since your husband is away it will make you sleep easy and Miss. Tricia, when you wake up your mind will be with clarity and you will do very well on your math test."

Both women graciously took the package of tea and thanked Mr. Chin. Later that night before they went to sleep they shared a cup of tea and said their goodnights. Jill dreamed that she and Roy were on a moonlit beach, while Tricia's dreams were of a threesome with Justin Timberlake and Kobe Bryant.

The alarm clock rang at 6:00 AM and within minutes there were simultaneous screams from each of the bedrooms. Jill and Tricia ran from their rooms and met in the hallway between them. They stared into their own faces and screamed again. After 15 minutes of questions the reality had set in, they determined it must have been the tea that somehow caused them to switch bodies.

Tricia suggested that they have another cup of tea, figuring that it would change them back. Jill then worried that another cup might prolong the effect. She was sure Mr. Chin was just trying to help them. She remembered how Mr. Chin said it would let them see each other's point of view.

"Mom you are naïve. Mr. Chin is nice cause we frequent his restaurant and pay him. He could be an illegal immigrant, a terrorist or some Red Chinese spy. We have no idea what his intentions could be or how long we can be stuck in each other's bodies"

Once they calmed down they decided to wait until the restaurant opened and confront Mr. Chin. Jill determined the restaurant opened at 11:00 for lunch and they would sit at home and wait until then.

"Mom, I can't... I mean you can't. I have a math final today. If I don't show up I fail, but you can take the test for me! It's perfect, you will pass with a hundred".

Jill was flabbergasted. Go to High School and pretend to be her daughter, take her test then come home. This was not only cheating it was surreal. Tricia pressed and told her mom how her life would be ruined, not being able to go to college and worse of all being left back with all the Juniors she had made fun of for the past year. She was the Senior Prom Queen; she couldn't possibly be left back behind. It was her tears that won her mother over and she relented. It took a long time for her to find clothes that Jill would wear and that Tricia would want to be seen in school with.

And Jill was off to school.

Jill was wearing a loose fitting blouse, and plaid skirt. Tricia had given her instructions; she was not to talk with anyone "pretend to have laryngitis". She was to attend only the Math class at 10:00AM and be back home by noon where they would both go to see Mr. Chin.

Jill smiled, as all the kids seemed very friendly to her. She decided it would be an opportunity to really get to know her child and her friends. She saw Heather and Janice up ahead, Tricia's best friends.

"Trish your going out with us tonight right? It's going to be the shit," laughed Heather.

"Well I don't know, my dad is coming home tonight and my mom wants me to stay and..."

"The bitch" spit Janice "no way, your not going to let that prude run your life are you?"

Jill was flustered; Janice was always so respectful and nice when she came by the house. Did she really feel that way about her? Heather spoke up.

"No way Jan... Trish has her mother wrapped around her finger, right? I mean the party wouldn't be the same without Trish, tell her..."

"Err... yeah... you know... I'll be there" murmured Jill, and then wished she had remembered she was suppose to have laryngitis "... its not like there's going to be..."

Just then a pair of hand grabbed her tits from behind and whispered into her ear "guess who?"

The two girls giggled while Jill was shocked. The only man whoever grabbed her breasts before was her husband Roy, and even that was done only in bed. She spun around and stared into the eyes of a handsome young man with blue eyes, blonde hair and a wicked smile that simply mesmerized her.

"Hey baby... What?" He wondered why she was looking at him in a strange way, he then bent down and kissed her passionately on the lips. Jill's knees slightly buckled.

"Hey get a room you two... or wait for tonight" Heather giggled.

The boy pulled away, smiled and winked at Jill and took off down the hall. Janice walked in front of Jill and grabbed her shoulders. "You never kissed me that way. See ya later". She then left and Heather and Jill started toward class. Jill was speechless as Heather talked on about this video she saw last night. Jill was confused; she felt attraction to that boy, who she didn't even know his name. Then there was the remark Janice made. Was that a joke or did she mean that her daughter had kissed a woman before. Jill then decided she would find out more about her daughter's life and not run home after the math final. In the back of her mind she also wanted to find out more about that boy who kissed her. Kissed her like no one had done before.

At home, Tricia marveled at her mother's body. At 38 it wasn't bad. Although they were about the same height (her mother was an inch taller), her mother had larger tits and fuller hips. The one thing she didn't like was her mom's pussy; it looked like it was hardly ever trimmed. She decided to shave and trim the hairs like hers. Afterward she found her mother's purse, she could take out the car, and do some shopping with the full array of credit cards.

She then heard a truck pull up at the front driveway. It was the pool boy Larry. Larry was a 28-year-old hunk, but always treated Trisha as a little schoolgirl. She wondered how Larry would treat a woman. Tricia ran to her room and put on her sexiest bikini, with the added breast size, the bikini was sexier than anticipated, her boobs mostly hanging out. She then put on her sunglasses and strolled out to the lounge near the pool. She waved politely at Larry.

Larry stared at Mrs. Bosworth. This was the first time she sat out by the pool when he came to clean it. Larry enjoyed his reputation for having sex with most of the MILF's in the neighborhood (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck) all except Jill Bosworth. The only contact they had was once she gave him a glass of water when it was 90 degrees. Now in December it was a warm 70 degrees here in San Diego, but most residents still don't use the pool now. Larry saw an opportunity to try is technique on the "ice princess" as he termed her.

"Hey Mrs. B... nice suit... going to cool off a bit, cause you look hot"

Tricia smiled at Larry's attempt at seduction. She stood up and walked in front of him and twirled "oh you like it?".

"Err... jeez maybe I should take a dip and cool off" he nervously laughed.

Tricia looked down and saw his huge erection and made it obvious to Larry that she noticed. She put her hand lightly on his chest and said "maybe you should". She then pushed him into the pool. She laughed then he laughed he tried to pull himself out from the side of the pool and she bent to give him a hand when he pulled her in too. Her breasts easily popped out of her top. Larry closed within inches of her. "Mrs. B..." She then pulled him to her wrapped her legs around him and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Larry squeezed her tits then pulled the strings on the sides of her bottom and pulled it away. Tricia unzipped him and rubbed his penis through his shorts. She pulled away and backstroked to the shallow end of the pool by the stairs. Larry tossed his shorts and t-shirt out of the pool and naked swam toward her. Tricia thought that this was going to be the first real man she ever had. All her previous sex partners were high school students.

As Larry approached the shallow end he stood, his cock sticking out from the water. Tricia took her tongue and circled the tip then swallowed it whole. Larry watched Mrs. Bosworth rapidly sucking his cock. He was certain that she was not only the most beautiful woman on the neighborhood, he was certain that he would never have her. So much so it haunted his dreams, but now this was a fantasy come true. He grabbed her head to hold it still and he thrust his hip forward, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth.

Larry pulled away before he came, he wanted to taste this woman. He laid her back on the top stair covered over by an inch of pool water. He then lifted her ass up and crouched down to eat her pussy. Tricia was in the throes of ecstasy, the only one who could eat pussy like this was Janice, and most of the boys were just interested in blowjobs or fucking. After her second orgasm, Larry stood and placed the tip of his dick at her pussy lips.

"oh yeah baby... fuck me" she cried.

Larry shoved his dick into her pussy and leaned over her kissing her lips and neck while thrusting the full length of his cock into her pussy. This was the tightest pussy he had in months. He supposed he would no longer be able to call her the Ice Princess. Tricia spread her legs over his shoulder as he pounded her pussy. Her orgasm made her shutter and she felt him cum inside her. They rested for a while and then he rolled off her and picked up the pool net to finish the cleaning. Tricia gathered herself together, blew him a kiss and walked back into the house. She hugged herself, feeling warm all over. She wondered how long it has been since her mother had sex like that. She was sure her father and mother didn't have sex that often. She then smiled that she herself hasn't had sex like that in while either. She knew she was now done with boys, from now on it would only be men... or women.

The math final was a breeze for Jill. The only mistake she really made was putting her name on the paper instead of her daughter's but she corrected that before handing it in. Heather walked with her as they left class and they met up with Janice at her locker.

"Hey Trish" Janice smiled. "The crowd is cutting the last class today and were going over to Pete's for lunch, coming?"

Jill thought Pete's was probably a local hang out where she could get to know her daughters friends. It turns out though that it was Peter Lichtor's house and when they arrived there were about 30 kids already there and a stack of pizzas. Heather handed Jill a cup of Hawaiian punch, it did taste as sweet she noted, especially with all the grain alcohol in it. She finished the cup of punch and was about to have a slice of pizza when she was handed another cup. She noticed some of the kids had stripped down into bathing suits and were dancing in the living room and pool area.

Jill wondered what Pete's parents would think of this going on. She looked around for Heather or Janice and stepped into the den where, although dark, she can see kids making out in various stages of undress. She turned away quickly and almost lost her balance, her head was spinning. She bumped into Heather.

"I feel funny. My head is spinning"

Jill had never been drunk before but knew that this must be how it felt. Heather knew Tricia loved her booze and needed more. Heather gave her a pill of ecstasy. Jill thinking it was aspirin swallowed it with the punch.

Jill moved around the house, feeling warm, she loosed up her blouse. She saw Janice talking with a black student and walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. In fact Janice was kissing the 18-year-old student and she turned smiled at Jill and clutched her, forcing her tongue into Jill's mouth they kissed. At first Jill was taken aback. In her mind she was pushing Janice away, but her muscles wouldn't move in that direction instead they wrapped around Janice and held her tighter. She felt a cool breeze hit her thighs and was vaguely aware that the black student had pulled down her skirt and panties.

Jill's head was swimming she needed to be held, she realized she was lying on her back look up at Janice. Janice moved down her open blouse, kissing her nipples, belly button and then her pussy. Jill closed her eyes and felt a tongue entering her lips, she opened her eyes and saw she was kissing the black student who had his shirt removed.

Jill had never kissed anyone but her husband and now she was kissing a black man, no not a man, a boy of 18. She vaguely wondered if Tricia did this type of thing or was this herself Jill succumbing to this debauchery. She felt wonderful as Janice worked on her pussy. Roy had tried a few times to eat her, but she felt it was dirty and didn't let him pursue it for very long.

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