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Desc: Sex Story: Brad is forced into taking a job he wasn't prepared for

I'd been out of work for the better part of two months. If it hadn't been for my live-in girlfriend, I'd be out living on the street. Candice, though I along with everyone else called her "Candy", made a pretty good income working at a Spa and Fitness center that catered exclusively to women. As such, it was owned and operated by a woman named Jane who was in her early fifties, but looked fifteen years younger than that. Most of which I attributed to the Spa and Fitness center she operated.

With my being out of work, I was just about ready to take on any kind of job as Candy's savings was rapidly dwindling. I was sitting at our kitchen table having made numerous phone calls while pouring over the 'Help Wanted' ads in the paper when Candy arrived home from work.

"Any luck?" she asked as she came in through the back door.

"No damn it. Unless I'm ready to start flipping burgers again," I added.

One thing I liked about Candy's working at the Spa was the fact she got to wear some interesting outfits. She had a taut 'hard-body' anyway, but seeing those full luscious tits of hers pressing against the often tight fitting tops she wore never failed to give me an erection. And as I sat there looking at her as she opened the door of the refrigerator looking for the non-existent orange juice I'd polished off earlier, I couldn't help but notice her erect nipples. They hadn't been as erect moments ago, but with the cold from the refrigerator welcoming her home, they stood up stiff and proud in greeting. For a moment, I visualized the 'Maytag' guy sitting inside the fridge blowing on her tits with his cold breath.

"Uh Brad? You drink all the orange juice again?"

Candy was wearing her long light brown hair in a braided ponytail that just reached the small of her back. Standing up, she whipped it around looking at me. I'd been warned the last time about not leaving her at least one glass of OJ to enjoy after a hard day at work.

"Sorry, yes. I got tired of drinking coffee," I said lamely, knowing full well what was coming.

"Remember what I told you?" she said simply.

I did, but I didn't think she was all that serious when she said it. Obviously, she was.

"Yeah?" I responded, wondering if she was in fact going to hold me to my promise.

"I wasn't kidding Brad," she said seriously, the look on her face not the normal 'Candy-coated' look I often teased her about having whenever she was in one of her more playful moods. As she stood there, nipples staring at me accusingly, she looked anything but playful.

"I know," I responded meekly.

I had promised her the last time. Candy had told me then that if I drank the last of the orange juice that she'd expect, actually demand, that I do whatever she told me to do by way of making it up to her. I hadn't thought her all that serious, so I promised I would. Obviously, she'd been a lot more serious that I realized she was. And fact was, I really was a man of my word. I'd never once broken a promise I had made to anyone. Expecting to have to perform some sort of neglected chore in addition to those I was already doing since being out of work, I responded.

"I'll do whatever you want or need me to do Candy, I really am sorry!"

She grinned. When she lifted up one half of the tube-top she was wearing, I knew she was serious. Candy had an unusual way of keeping my attention focused on her. Revealing one of the "twins" as she referred to her breasts, she stood nonchalantly fingering and toying with her aroused nipple while looking at me.

"There's an opening at the Spa," she began. "Until you can find another job, I think you're going to apply for the opening we have."

I felt like I was watching someone swinging a watch back and forth in front of my face. I could almost hear the words being softly spoken in the background.

"Sleepy, you're eyes are growing heavy. You're going to take whatever fucking job I tell you to take, and then you're going to eat my pussy until you drop."

Of course she wasn't saying that. But she might as well have been.

"I thought only women worked there?" I asked curious.

"Only women do!" she said eyeing me.

"Then how the hell am I supposed to get a job there?" I questioned incredulously.

Candy grinned; lifting up the other side of the tube-top to show me this was a double-barreled 'shot-gun' kind of a talk. With both of the 'twins' making an appearance, I knew there was good and bad. The good being, I'd soon be sucking both of them, amongst other things. The bad being, I was about to make a pact with the Devil who also went by the name 'Candy'. "You know that Jane and I get along really well together."

"Hmmm", I thought. One of my 'day-time' fantasies already being rewound as we sat there talking about it. "Yes, I know you are." I said aloud, thinking as I did, "Pussy friendly too?"

"I know that look on your face Brad, I'm being serious here." Candy removed the top and began working on the spandex shorts she was wearing. Pulling them all the way off, she placed one foot on the seat of the kitchen chair slipping a finger inside of herself.

"I can see that," I responded once again. Candy was pulling out all of the stops obviously. She knew that I loved watching her play with herself, something that she often did whenever she wanted to drive home her point before allowing me too.

"So, just how the hell am I supposed to get a job working there if only women are the ones who work there?"

"Well, you really don't have much body hair, and what you do have, we can get rid of!" she exclaimed.

"Candy! You can't be serious!"

She shoved two fingers inside her pussy, her face screwing up in pleasure as she did.

"Fuck! You are serious!"

One thing I'd learned, when Candy got an idea in her head, and was using sex (which she often did) as a way to press home her point, masturbating herself with no intention of allowing me to become involved, while teasing the shit out of me, was her way of making sure I was going to go along.


"I'm screwed," I allowed myself to breath.

Candy giggled. "At least we won't have to do anything with your hair," she said still sliding her fingers in and out of that deliciously wet quim.

Though my hair wasn't nearly as long as hers was, it did fall well down between my shoulder blades.

"With a little styling, some make-up, you just might pass yourself off as a woman," she said breathing hard.

"How'd I get myself into this?" I asked with my eyes currently glued to her pussy.

"I think it had something, ah... something to do, to do with... ah, oh... oh, the, the... orange... JUICE!" Candy cried as she squirted enough juice to have refilled my glass, and hers!

Once she'd composed herself, also putting the 'twins' away, Candy sat down at the table facing me.

"Just how do you intend to pull this off?" I asked.


I watched as Candy picked up her cell phone. "I know Jane is working late tonight," she began, already dialing the number. Second's later, Jane answered.

"Hi Jane, Candy. Listen, I think I might know someone who'd be perfect for that 'gofer' job you have listed."

I sat there watching Candy's expression for any sign that the job was hopefully already filled. When I saw the smile on her face however, I knew there was no such luck.

"Sure! I can have her there first thing in the morning! That would be great Jane, and thank you!"

Hanging up, she grinned at me. "Well, you're to be there to meet her first thing in the morning, six-thirty sharp!"

"Six thirty? Jesus H Candy, that's kind of pushing it a little isn't it? And besides, I don't have a fucking clue as to how we're going to actually do this!"

"Don't worry Brandi..."

"Brandi? Why'd you call me that for?"

"Cause, that's going to be your new name for a while, so you might as well get used to it now, Brad - Brandi," Candy said grinning at me. "And, we have a lot of things to do tonight, after..."

"After what?" I asked.

"After you do your ABC's for me of course."

Candy liked it when I did that. And to be honest, I loved doing it. She usually never made it through two, maybe three verses. She was already climbing up onto the kitchen table, that delicious pussy winking at me as she made herself comfortable. I scooted up my chair between her legs, where she placed each one over my shoulders. Her scent was intoxicating, she was already wet, wonderfully aroused, so I doubted this was really going to take a very long time. Spreading her labia apart with my fingers, I exposed her swollen pink pearled pleasure button and began.

"Aay... Bee... Thee... Dee... Eee... Efth... Gee..."

Tongue stroking her pussy with my tongue while singing the ABC song never failed to set her off, sometimes I went through it twice, but she always climaxed midway through the third time. Tonight was no different. Licking her hard little clit, singing into her pussy as I did, she was bouncing around like crazy nearing her orgasm as I got half way through the second time around.

"El, Emeno Pee!"

Candy loved that part as I always licked her really fast, driving her crazy. If she was close, which she certainly had been this time, it never failed to send her off.

"Que... Arrrr... Esth..."

Candy came before I hit 'T', so I latched onto her clit, sucking it for all I was worth, while Candy lived up to her name, flooding my mouth with it.

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