by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Brad is forced into taking a job he wasn't prepared for

I'd been out of work for the better part of two months. If it hadn't been for my live-in girlfriend, I'd be out living on the street. Candice, though I along with everyone else called her "Candy", made a pretty good income working at a Spa and Fitness center that catered exclusively to women. As such, it was owned and operated by a woman named Jane who was in her early fifties, but looked fifteen years younger than that. Most of which I attributed to the Spa and Fitness center she operated.

With my being out of work, I was just about ready to take on any kind of job as Candy's savings was rapidly dwindling. I was sitting at our kitchen table having made numerous phone calls while pouring over the 'Help Wanted' ads in the paper when Candy arrived home from work.

"Any luck?" she asked as she came in through the back door.

"No damn it. Unless I'm ready to start flipping burgers again," I added.

One thing I liked about Candy's working at the Spa was the fact she got to wear some interesting outfits. She had a taut 'hard-body' anyway, but seeing those full luscious tits of hers pressing against the often tight fitting tops she wore never failed to give me an erection. And as I sat there looking at her as she opened the door of the refrigerator looking for the non-existent orange juice I'd polished off earlier, I couldn't help but notice her erect nipples. They hadn't been as erect moments ago, but with the cold from the refrigerator welcoming her home, they stood up stiff and proud in greeting. For a moment, I visualized the 'Maytag' guy sitting inside the fridge blowing on her tits with his cold breath.

"Uh Brad? You drink all the orange juice again?"

Candy was wearing her long light brown hair in a braided ponytail that just reached the small of her back. Standing up, she whipped it around looking at me. I'd been warned the last time about not leaving her at least one glass of OJ to enjoy after a hard day at work.

"Sorry, yes. I got tired of drinking coffee," I said lamely, knowing full well what was coming.

"Remember what I told you?" she said simply.

I did, but I didn't think she was all that serious when she said it. Obviously, she was.

"Yeah?" I responded, wondering if she was in fact going to hold me to my promise.

"I wasn't kidding Brad," she said seriously, the look on her face not the normal 'Candy-coated' look I often teased her about having whenever she was in one of her more playful moods. As she stood there, nipples staring at me accusingly, she looked anything but playful.

"I know," I responded meekly.

I had promised her the last time. Candy had told me then that if I drank the last of the orange juice that she'd expect, actually demand, that I do whatever she told me to do by way of making it up to her. I hadn't thought her all that serious, so I promised I would. Obviously, she'd been a lot more serious that I realized she was. And fact was, I really was a man of my word. I'd never once broken a promise I had made to anyone. Expecting to have to perform some sort of neglected chore in addition to those I was already doing since being out of work, I responded.

"I'll do whatever you want or need me to do Candy, I really am sorry!"

She grinned. When she lifted up one half of the tube-top she was wearing, I knew she was serious. Candy had an unusual way of keeping my attention focused on her. Revealing one of the "twins" as she referred to her breasts, she stood nonchalantly fingering and toying with her aroused nipple while looking at me.

"There's an opening at the Spa," she began. "Until you can find another job, I think you're going to apply for the opening we have."

I felt like I was watching someone swinging a watch back and forth in front of my face. I could almost hear the words being softly spoken in the background.

"Sleepy, you're eyes are growing heavy. You're going to take whatever fucking job I tell you to take, and then you're going to eat my pussy until you drop."

Of course she wasn't saying that. But she might as well have been.

"I thought only women worked there?" I asked curious.

"Only women do!" she said eyeing me.

"Then how the hell am I supposed to get a job there?" I questioned incredulously.

Candy grinned; lifting up the other side of the tube-top to show me this was a double-barreled 'shot-gun' kind of a talk. With both of the 'twins' making an appearance, I knew there was good and bad. The good being, I'd soon be sucking both of them, amongst other things. The bad being, I was about to make a pact with the Devil who also went by the name 'Candy'. "You know that Jane and I get along really well together."

"Hmmm", I thought. One of my 'day-time' fantasies already being rewound as we sat there talking about it. "Yes, I know you are." I said aloud, thinking as I did, "Pussy friendly too?"

"I know that look on your face Brad, I'm being serious here." Candy removed the top and began working on the spandex shorts she was wearing. Pulling them all the way off, she placed one foot on the seat of the kitchen chair slipping a finger inside of herself.

"I can see that," I responded once again. Candy was pulling out all of the stops obviously. She knew that I loved watching her play with herself, something that she often did whenever she wanted to drive home her point before allowing me too.

"So, just how the hell am I supposed to get a job working there if only women are the ones who work there?"

"Well, you really don't have much body hair, and what you do have, we can get rid of!" she exclaimed.

"Candy! You can't be serious!"

She shoved two fingers inside her pussy, her face screwing up in pleasure as she did.

"Fuck! You are serious!"

One thing I'd learned, when Candy got an idea in her head, and was using sex (which she often did) as a way to press home her point, masturbating herself with no intention of allowing me to become involved, while teasing the shit out of me, was her way of making sure I was going to go along.


"I'm screwed," I allowed myself to breath.

Candy giggled. "At least we won't have to do anything with your hair," she said still sliding her fingers in and out of that deliciously wet quim.

Though my hair wasn't nearly as long as hers was, it did fall well down between my shoulder blades.

"With a little styling, some make-up, you just might pass yourself off as a woman," she said breathing hard.

"How'd I get myself into this?" I asked with my eyes currently glued to her pussy.

"I think it had something, ah... something to do, to do with... ah, oh... oh, the, the... orange... JUICE!" Candy cried as she squirted enough juice to have refilled my glass, and hers!

Once she'd composed herself, also putting the 'twins' away, Candy sat down at the table facing me.

"Just how do you intend to pull this off?" I asked.


I watched as Candy picked up her cell phone. "I know Jane is working late tonight," she began, already dialing the number. Second's later, Jane answered.

"Hi Jane, Candy. Listen, I think I might know someone who'd be perfect for that 'gofer' job you have listed."

I sat there watching Candy's expression for any sign that the job was hopefully already filled. When I saw the smile on her face however, I knew there was no such luck.

"Sure! I can have her there first thing in the morning! That would be great Jane, and thank you!"

Hanging up, she grinned at me. "Well, you're to be there to meet her first thing in the morning, six-thirty sharp!"

"Six thirty? Jesus H Candy, that's kind of pushing it a little isn't it? And besides, I don't have a fucking clue as to how we're going to actually do this!"

"Don't worry Brandi..."

"Brandi? Why'd you call me that for?"

"Cause, that's going to be your new name for a while, so you might as well get used to it now, Brad - Brandi," Candy said grinning at me. "And, we have a lot of things to do tonight, after..."

"After what?" I asked.

"After you do your ABC's for me of course."

Candy liked it when I did that. And to be honest, I loved doing it. She usually never made it through two, maybe three verses. She was already climbing up onto the kitchen table, that delicious pussy winking at me as she made herself comfortable. I scooted up my chair between her legs, where she placed each one over my shoulders. Her scent was intoxicating, she was already wet, wonderfully aroused, so I doubted this was really going to take a very long time. Spreading her labia apart with my fingers, I exposed her swollen pink pearled pleasure button and began.

"Aay... Bee... Thee... Dee... Eee... Efth... Gee..."

Tongue stroking her pussy with my tongue while singing the ABC song never failed to set her off, sometimes I went through it twice, but she always climaxed midway through the third time. Tonight was no different. Licking her hard little clit, singing into her pussy as I did, she was bouncing around like crazy nearing her orgasm as I got half way through the second time around.

"El, Emeno Pee!"

Candy loved that part as I always licked her really fast, driving her crazy. If she was close, which she certainly had been this time, it never failed to send her off.

"Que... Arrrr... Esth..."

Candy came before I hit 'T', so I latched onto her clit, sucking it for all I was worth, while Candy lived up to her name, flooding my mouth with it.

Sliding off the table, she glanced down at my near painful erection. "Next time, leave me some orange juice." Patting my prick affectionately, she told me to run upstairs and wash my hair while she looked through her closet with the hopes of finding me something not too provocative to wear on my first day. By the time I had done that, Candy had laid out several possible outfits on her bed, along with a couple of small-sized balloons she'd already blown up.

"Those my tits?" I asked. "They look kinda small."

"Don't worry Brandi," she said calling me by the new name I'd been given. "They have to look real. Any bigger, and you'd look like you were auditioning for a porn movie, and not a simple job as Jane's assistant."

"Hey, that sounds kind of important!" I stated with an edge of surprise.

"Well, its not. So don't get too excited about it. All you'll be doing is fetching women fresh towels, bringing them cold drinks, straightening up after them, and maybe once in a while, bringing Jane a cup of coffee or something."

"That's it? Nothing else like giving your clients a nice back massage, something like that?"

"You're not licensed," she informed me. "Like I said, it's a gofer job, you know..." "Yeah, I know. Gofer this, gofer that."

"That's about it!" Candy stated. "Now, let's get these boobs of yours stuffed into one of my bras, then we'll try out one of these tops to see how things look."

She was certainly right about the boobs. Once I'd put on the bra, looking down, it was the first time I'd not been able to see my own feet. "You sure these aren't too big?" I asked nervously.

Candy laughed, "You look fine, especially in that top. It's not cut very low, so the fact you don't have any cleavage won't give you away. And once we do something with that manly looking face of yours, I might be tempted to pretend you really are a woman!"

Just thinking about that gave rise to my sudden discomfort.

"We're going to have to do something about that too Brandi. Can't have you walking around the Spa with a Clit-on now can we?"

"Funny," I told her. "By the way? What happens if someone discovers I'm really a man?" I asked, my paranoia suddenly surfacing. "Couldn't you lose your job over this?"

I'd hoped that this sudden realization might actually put a stop to all this foolishness.

"I could yes. So you'd better play your part perfectly Brandi!" she said reemphasizing my name. "Or we'll both be out on the street if you catch my meaning!"

I swore there and then, I'd never take another drink of orange juice ever again.

I felt like I'd been up half the night. My meeting with Jane being so early, Candy had gotten me up at 4:00 a.m. in order to complete my new look. She'd styled my hair in such a way as to tone down my masculine features, adding just enough make up to carry the disguise. With my new boobs, wider shaped hips which she'd managed to sculpt with left-over padding from the seat cushions she'd recently finished, I looked surprisingly a lot like a woman.

"Can you talk in a higher voice?" she asked.

I'd sung with the Madrigal Choir in high school, so gave her a sampling of my new voice. Candy giggled appreciatively.

"You know, this just might work!" she said still laughing. "You actually look pretty damn good Brandi! If we had more time..."

"Tease!" I said interrupting her. "God Candy, I'm fucking nervous as hell!" "Don't worry, you'll do fine. Now come on lover, lets go meet Jane!"

It was a short fifteen minute drive to the Spa. It wasn't due to open for business until 7:00, but Jane was anxiously waiting for us when we arrived. The interview went surprisingly well, with Jane taking my sweaty nervousness as nothing more than 'first meeting' jitters. I was still surprised however when she said I was 'hired', and that Candy would then show me around and make sure I was given instructions as to what would be expected of me for my first day.

As it was a small exclusive Spa, everything was by appointment only so as to accommodate the clientele. Though the actual workout room was just as small, it had the latest in exercise equipment.

"We call this the sexercise room," Candy told me as she continued on with the tour.

"Why do you call it that?" I asked.

"You'll see. We have three women scheduled to be here this morning at 7:00. Just make sure you have plenty of fresh towels and juice waiting for them," she said giving me a 'look'.

Even I had to laugh at that one.

"Careful, you laugh like a guy, not a girl," she said giggling.

That shut me up as I glanced around fearfully, wondering if anyone else might have overheard.

"And in here is the Sauna. After they've worked out, you'll provide them with more towels, and whatever else they need," Candy said showing me the room, starting up the unit so it would be ready and waiting for them.

We'd just finished the tour when Jane came around the corner looking for us. "Candy? They're here. Why don't you take Brandi down to meet them. Brandi? Come see me around 10:00, there's some paper work you'll need to fill out for me ok?"

I nodded my head, though my falsetto wasn't bad, I didn't want to unnecessarily over do it either. Candy quickly led me to the waiting room, introducing me to the first morning's clients.

"Barbara, Jackie and Darlene? This is Brandi, our new assistant. She'll see to your every need."

The way Candy spoke, it was almost suggestive. Even the small smiles I saw etched into each one of the woman's faces suggested there was a lot more behind that statement than met the eye. "Oh by the way Brandi," Candy said pulling me over to one side. "Some of our very special regulars sometimes like a little 'extra' coddling, if you know what I mean. And just so you know, they tip very nicely provided you're willing to go along with fulfilling their needs!"

Before I could ask her what exactly she meant by that, she disappeared, leaving me all alone with the three very attractive looking women.

Barbara was a platinum blonde, and though she certainly didn't look it, her mannerisms suggested she was in her early fifties, which suggested the other two women with her were also close to her age. I escorted them back to the changing room, 'hanging' around to watch as they removed their clothing in preparation for their workouts.

"Hmm, maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all!" I thought silently to myself as I watched the three of them undressing. Jackie had nearly coal black hair, cut short, almost too short. But it gave her a sultry vixen look that I did find particularly appealing. Shorter than either Barbara or Darlene, her voluptuous breasts appeared even larger against her small frame, though as Barbara finished removing her bra, I saw by the shape and size of her fabulous tits that she was considerably larger than Jackie was. Darlene had much smaller breasts, slightly smaller than Candy's as I stood there comparing them. But she had large, dark areola's that nearly covered the entire surface of her boobs as I found myself drooling, having to wipe my mouth before anyone took notice of it.

I'd expected them all to change of course, surprised when they remained topless, though wearing sweat, or workout shorts only.

"Would you mind getting us all some freshly squeezed orange juice?" Barbara asked me.

I winced at the mention of it, but smiled agreeably, quickly dashing off to the mini-kitchen we had to make some for them. By the time I returned to the workout area, they were all busily riding the "sexercycles' that Candy had pointed out to me earlier. Suddenly I understood why she had called them that.

Watching the three women sitting side-by-side riding their exercycles was about as stimulating as the workout itself. Three luscious pairs of breasts giggling, bobbling and bouncing about as they rode was giving me some not unexpected problems. I'd worn a tight fitting jock strap, with a tight fitting pair of spandex shorts over that. But even with the added precaution, I could feel my erection growing uncomfortably constrained anyway.

As I stood there, fresh towels at the ready, I began to picture myself lying prone beneath any one of them, hands extended as though handle-bars on the bikes they were riding. Except of course, they'd be riding something else as I lay beneath them, grinning, looking up at their boobs as they bounced playfully above me.

"Brandi? Come wipe me down would you dear?" Barbara asked. Quick as a flash, I was running the soft towel over her neck, down her back wiping up the liberal sweat she was producing.

"Would you mind patting down my breasts too?" she asked.

Jumping up like a 'Jack-in-the-box', I made my way over to her, not only patting her down, but soon after doing Darlene and Jackie. Jackie was grinning at me, wickedly as I ran the small towel across her chest.

"Is the sauna ready?" she asked.

My cock was nodding its head yes, and I was too.

"How's everything going?" I heard Jane say coming up from behind me. "Is Brandi taking care of all your needs?" she asked the women.

"Not yet!" Barbara replied devilishly. "But, she's about too!"

Jane laughed, looked at her watch and then at me. "Don't forget, come see me in an hour," she reminded me.

As Jane walked around the corner, I saw her look back over her shoulder at me, grinning.

"Jesus H! Does everyone around here smile like that?" I wondered.

Following the women back to the dressing room, I got a fresh supply of towels for each of them to wear. For a moment, they stood in a small little circle though I couldn't see exactly what it was they were doing. Coming to some kind of a decision however, Barbara and Jackie quickly finished stripping down, grabbing their towels and headed into the Sauna leaving Darlene behind. Darlene continued to sit on the small wooden bench in front of the lockers.

"Jesus H!" I thought again.

I waited patiently as Darlene slowly removed her sweat shorts. "I'm going to take a quick little shower first," she responded to my curious look.

"First what?" I asked myself, following her dutifully into the shower area. Watching her soaping herself up was a delightful tease. And I swear as she did, that she didn't simply wash herself as much as it appeared she was actually playing with herself instead. Moments later, she finished rinsing off and walked back to the same bench she'd been sitting on previously.

"There... all nice and squeaky clean!" she announced happily.

I was smiling at her, somewhat stupidly I'm sure. When she lay back on the wooden bench, legs straddling the length of it revealing her neatly trimmed pussy in all its glory, I about popped the buttons on my already too stretched Levi's.

"Come here," I heard her softly calling to me.

"Yes?" I said in my very best girlish voice.

"Eat my pussy," she said simply. "And slowly. Very, very slowly. I want the orgasm to really build."

"Excuse me?" I stammered, forgetting my 'voice'.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you get a really nice tip!" she added, reaching down to spread a part her lips, revealing the glistening wet split as well as the hard nubbin of her pleasure center.

Like a zombie caught up in some sort of freakish trance, I looked down feeling my legs moving though my own tits were still in the way of seeing them actually doing so.

"You do like eating pussy don't you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah!" I replied with a thick tongue, once again forgetting the 'girls' voice, though she didn't appear to really notice that. Seconds later, I was balancing myself on the same bench, my tongue devouring her wet split.

"Oh yes... Brandi!" Darlene moaned contentedly. "That... feels... so... fucking... good!"

I really do enjoy eating pussy. And having the opportunity to be doing so now wasn't something I was about to turn down, though to be honest, I was a little worried about Candy walking in on us at the moment. Though she was reasonably open-minded about a whole lot of things, we'd never discussed my sucking anyone else's pussy.

For myself, I had completely lost track of time. With Darlene thrashing about wildly on the bench as I sucked her off to several quick climaxes in a row, I was startled to hear Barbara's voice interrupting yet another liquid orgasm.

"Hey, you're times up Darlene!" Barbara announced. "It's my turn!" she stated easily.

Sitting up, I saw that she had already showered. Darlene grabbed a fresh towel heading off towards the sauna. Not knowing what the hell to say, I sat there looking at her.

"Not on the bench, makes my tits slide off my chest too much, makes em look like melting ice-cream. And though some might find that attractive, I don't."

I wasn't about to comment on the image she'd just painted for me, but as she actually took my hand, leading me into one of the un-occupied massage rooms I began to worry that maybe she'd want to do something with me too.

I hadn't noticed until now, but she'd been carrying a second towel besides the one she was wearing. When she positioned herself in sitting position, she handed me what was obviously a pink, 'knobby' vibrator.

"I like the feel of this inside me while I'm being eaten," she announced. "Ever use one before?"

"Oh sure, all the time!" I responded once again attempting to sound girlish.

Barbara laughed, "Oh really? You'll have to tell me how you do it sometime," she said lustily. "Sure you don't want to get naked too? I'd love going down on you simultaneously," she informed me.

Well, there it was. My mind scrambled to come up with some reason to justify my remaining dressed.

"Maybe another time," I replied trying to beg off. "We've really got a busy day scheduled, and I don't have quite as much time as I would like."

I'd hoped my rather lengthy response would suffice, speaking slowly, trying to keep my voice from inadvertently pitching downwards as I spoke.

"I bet it will be at that!" Barbara said winking at me. "Ok, another time then," she said handing me her toy.

Walking over to one of the massage chairs, I was surprised when she reached down and removed the rather thick cushion, handing it to me.

"Here, you'll need this," she stated.

I noticed that where she now sat straddling the chair, there was an opening in the seat, which she positioned herself over. Obviously, she'd done this before. Placing her face in the support, Barbara made herself entirely comfortable. One hand holding her dildo, the other the massive pillow cushion, I slid myself beneath her as though about to go to work on changing the oil in my car. Only the oil I encountered a moment later was as slippery as KY jelly as I eased the vibrator up inside her, capturing her rather large clitoris between my lips simultaneously.

"Don't worry about teasing me," she said. "I'm already fucking horny enough. And besides, we don't have that much time before Jackie comes looking for us," she stated. "Just fuck me... hard! And suck my clit for all you're worth!" she demanded.

So I did.

Barbara was nearly as liquid as Candy was when she came. Drenching my face, which caused me to worry about ruining my mascara, I'd just finished getting her off for the third time when I heard the door open.

"There you are! I wondered if you might be in here!" Jackie exclaimed.

Sheepishly I slid out from beneath the chair, catching a quick glance at myself in the mirror behind the door, happy to discover that my make-up looked just as good as it had this morning.

Glancing at my watch, I saw it was already a quarter to ten. "I have to meet Jane in a few minutes," I told her. The fact that my tongue was numb at this point might have had something to do with the fact I was hoping to beg off from doing Jackie's pussy too. Not that I didn't want to. I did. Though the truth was, I wanted to do a hell of a lot more than that at this point. If 'blue-balls' were a true statement, mine would have been royal blue at this point.

"Yes, I know. She just caught me in the hallway a few minutes ago, reminding us of that fact," she said eyeing Barbara with a look that said she'd taken more than her allotted time as it was.

"So, I'll take a rain check on the pussy licking. For now, you can at least come over and give me a quick finger-cum," she said anxiously.

Placing her foot on the seat of a nearby chair, she beckoned me over to her.

"Well, at least my tongue will have a rest," I thought as I walked over to stand beside her.

Taking my hand, Jackie guided it down between her legs. Feeling the soft fur surrounding her split, I allowed my fingers to tangle themselves briefly within that downy tuft covering her sex. As I stood there doing that, I heard the sound of Barbara's vibrator being turned on.

"Oh fuck that looks nice!" we both heard her saying.

"I'll say it does!"

I hadn't heard Darlene enter the room, but she had. Glancing over towards the door, she was leaning against it legs spread. One hand was playing with her breast; the other was down between her legs. Barbara stood a short few feet across from her, the pink toy having long ago disappeared somewhere up inside, happily humming itself away as she held it there clenched tightly between her legs as she frigged her clit off with her fingers.

Meanwhile, I was busily strumming away like crazy at Darlene's clit, leaning over as I did to capture one of those marvelously thick nipples between my lips sucking on it.

"Oh yes, that's nice!" she commented.

"Ith's the leeathst I cud do!" I said with my mouth full of nipple.

After several short minutes, I felt Darlene's legs buckle as she found her pleasure, feeling her wet sloppy pussy clenching around my finger, I felt her throbbing in a hard-felt series of quick orgasms that had her nearly collapsing in my arms a moment later.

"Oh my, if you're as good with your tongue as your are with your fingers..."

"Trust me, he is!" Jackie said excitedly.

I'd heard both Jackie and Barbara joining their friend in climax, as they had stood there watching us. My prick was so hard that I feared it had become petrified.

"Well, I hate to eat and run," I said glibly. "But, the boss is expecting me!"

"Next week? Same time?" They all asked.

"If I'm still here," I said meekly. "This is my first day you know."

"Oh, we know Brandi!" Barbara said. "And don't worry, we're really, really good customers. I'll make sure that Jane gets a glowing review of your first days performance here!"

"Thank you," I said suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. "Perhaps we'll see you next week then!"

"Count on it!" Jackie said. "Though next week, we're booking four hours and not just three!" she added.

I had to walk through the lobby on my way to Jane's office. Candy was sitting at the reception desk as I passed.

"Well? How'd it go?" she asked.

I didn't know what to tell her. "Fine," I replied simply.

"That's it? Just fine?" she pressed.

"I'm late to see Jane," I said passing by her. "I'll tell you about it later," I lied, hoping I'd come up with something to tell her about, though I didn't know what.

Arriving at Jane's office door, I checked my watch, or rather the watch Cindy had loaned me. I was right on time. Knocking, I waited.

"Come!" I heard her call out to me.

"Don't I wish," I thought to myself as I turned the doorknob on her office door, letting myself in.

Jane was sitting at her desk waiting for me, which I'd expected. What I didn't expect was to see her sitting there naked when I entered.

"Is this a bad time?" I asked, remembering to speak in a soft higher pitched voice.

"Oh no... it's a perfect time," Jane purred.

Stunned, I stood just inside the door wondering what I'd gotten myself in for, remembering the fucking orange juice.

"Close the door, and take off your clothes," Jane said.

"Fuck me!" I thought in a panic. "So much for my job, not to mention Cindy's!" I thought. "Listen, Jane..." I began in my normal voice, to which I heard her finally burst out laughing.

"It is Brad isn't it?" she asked.

"Yes Jane, it is... let me explain..." I began. For some reason, my voice sounded more like a woman's than it did when I was trying to sound like one. Jane was still laughing.

"Silly, I've known all along. You didn't seriously think you'd be able to continue fooling anyone, did you... really?" she asked.

That shut me up. "You mean..."

"You've been had?" she interjected. "I guess you could say that. Candy came to me a few days ago, telling me that you were still looking for a job but hadn't been able to find one. I've been thinking about hiring a guy, just so that our special customers could have some diversity. We got to talking about it, and I jokingly said if she could get you to come in and apply for the job dressed as a woman, that not only would I hire you on the spot, but I'd give her a nice little raise too. When she called me last night to inform me that you would be, I decided to call a couple of my very best customers who've been hounding me about hiring on a few young men."

"You mean to say Barbara, Janice and Darlene knew?" I said stuttering, though I was at least glad to hear my voice had come down a couple of octaves.

"Of course they did. Though I must say, it was very difficult telling Barbara that she couldn't fuck you. Not this week anyway. Even after she offered a substantial bonus to let me, let her have you. But as I told her, and Candy... I wanted to sample you for myself!"

"Candy knows you want to fuck me?" I asked incredulously.

"Absofuckinglutely!" Jane said laughing. "She knows in fact, that shortly, we'll be doing just that!"

"And she's ok with it?"

"Why wouldn't she be? Candy and I have been sucking one another's cunts for several month's now."

The look on my face said it all.

"You didn't know?"

Shit... I'd imagined it, fantasized about it, jerked off so many times thinking about it I'd lost track.


"Well now, seems like Candy owes you an apology then."

"She owes me a hell of a lot more than that. And so do you for that matter!" I ventured boldly.

"Yes, you're probably right. We both do. Tell you what, as soon as we close for lunch, I'll have Candy come in and join us. Then you can have the two of us make it up to you any way you'd like."

That had me smiling.

"In the meantime?" I asked.

"Well, in the meantime, why don't you come over here and do your ABC's," she said grinning at me. "Candy says you have this uniquely talented tongue when it comes to doing the alphabet.

"Oh yes, she's gonna owe me BIG time!" I stated moving over towards Jane's desk.



"Why don't you go ahead and use my private restroom to remove all that make-up first. I think the first time we fuck; I really do want you looking like yourself as opposed to some guy pretending to be a woman. That might be fun for another evening maybe. But right now... I just want a guy with a very hard dick."

After I had become a man again, relishing in the fact I didn't have to wear a fucking bra anymore, I stepped back into Jane's office where she remained anxiously waiting for me. As she had asked, I ABC'd her pussy, impressed when she managed to last through four full verses before climaxing.

"I bet you've got a large load you'd like me to take care of don't you?" Jane smiled in saying. "Where'd you like to put it?" she asked wickedly. "I really do owe you that much!"

"You know, it's been a really long time since I've had a good old fashioned 'titty-fuck', I think that's what I'd really like to do."

Jane chuckled. "You know, it's been a while since I've enjoyed doing that too!" Jane quickly had me sit down on the couch in her office. Kneeling before me on the floor, she wrapped those magnificent breasts of hers around my cock and began masturbating me with all that lovely soft tit flesh.

There's something extremely erotic, "naughty-sexy", Candy called it, as I both watched and felt Jane as she used her breasts to play with my cock. Watching her spit on my prick, making it easier for my prick to slide up and down between her breasts was hot. When my dick began making lots of pre-cum fuck juice, the ride got wetter and wilder as she used my slippery essence to make all sorts of deliciously naughty sounds as my cock rode through that valley of pleasure.

"Well now, that certainly looks interesting!"

Neither of us had heard Candy enter into Jane's office. But by the tone in her voice, she obviously wasn't upset or surprised by what was taking place. Not to mention the fact that she and Jane had been swapping pussy juice with one another for quite some time now.

"Closed for lunch?" Jane asked.

"Yes, and we have a full hour before anyone else is scheduled to arrive," Candy told her.

"Who is scheduled?" Jane asked as she continued pumping my cock up and down between her breasts. Looking at me, Candy's smile split into a wide-open grin. "Theresa and Angelina!" she said excitedly.

"Did you tell them?" Jane asked.

"Oh yes, and they're excited as hell. They were even willing to pay extra if they could come earlier, but I told them you were conducting your own personal interview." Once again Candy looked in my direction.

Although they'd been talking back and forth as though I wasn't even there, the sensation my prick was experiencing overrode any negligence on their part regarding my presence. And for the moment, I was more than willing to just be a cock, fucking a nice firm set of tits.

"You gonna cum for me baby?" Jane asked, finally acknowledging I was still there.

"Oh fuck yes!" I moaned enthusiastically, feeling my balls tightening just as the first familiar tingling sensation began to warn me that I was about to spray fuck-butter all over the place.

"Hmm, squirt it honey. Cover these tits of mine in your juice baby!"

She didn't have to ask me twice. Seconds later, increasing the slippery-slide as she continued to hold her breasts together, I began coating her tits with an enormous eruption of white-hot pleasure. So forceful were the first few jettisons of my spunk, that I shot one ribbon of cum way over the top of her head. Candy had walked over having somehow undressed herself during all this, just in time to catch the first squirt landing near perfectly between her tits.

"Nice shot!" she commented in surprise, though bending over just in case any more sperm missiles missed their target.

After I had spent myself, which seemed like an eternity with the volume and number of actual squirts I had felt leave my cock, I collapsed back into the couch trying to catch my breath. Jane's boobs where totally covered in cum, and I watched as it ran and dripped from the tip of each pointed nipple down onto her belly.

"Hmm, let me get that for you," Candy stated. Jane eased herself down onto the soft carpeting where Candy quickly joined her.

Watching my girlfriend licking cum off our boss's boobs was more than I ever dreamed of seeing. Candy immediately began licking up every line of cum she could find on Jane's tits. Taking time to suck and lick her nipple's between that was an extra bonus as far as I was concerned.

"So, when do I get to see the two of you rubbing pussies together?" I asked. "What is it with men and wanting to see two women together anyway?" Jane asked already placing herself in a scissor position with my girlfriend.

"Is it because you guys like watching us do this?" she asked.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, my half-dead prick suddenly throbbing with renewed interest. Watching Jane slide her cunt against Candy's had to be seen to be believed. And truth was, it was something I never thought I'd ever get to witness!

"Oh, Oh... Oh, fuck yes!" Candy cried out pleasurably.

Legs crossing one another, pussies grinding rapidly, the sounds of all that wet slick female pussy juice mingling together was having its affect on my reawakened prick. Standing, I made my way over to watch them from above. In a way, it was like watching their cunts kissing one another. There's honestly no other way to describe what I was seeing. Lips pressing, sucking, almost as though devouring one another in the process. Added to that, the sensual sounds of their labored breathing as they strove to bring each other as much pleasure as they possibly could. Even the movement of their breasts as they jiggled slightly up and down, or side to side made the motions of their gyrated coupling all the more sensual.

"Fuck this is beautiful!" I announced.

"Oh, and it feels beautiful too!" Candy groaned in obvious delight.

"Squirt it on me honey," Jane begged Candy. "Give me that female nectar of yours that I love so fucking much!"

I knew exactly what she meant too. Seeing Candy actually 'squirt', which she didn't do all the time was another fascinating attraction for me. I knew when Candy got really aroused, the likelihood of her actually doing that increased. And seeing the look on her face now, I was fairly confident we were both in for one hell of a treat.

"Come for me baby! Come for me!" Jane urged. "Shower my pussy with your juices honey!"

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