Self Pleasures Inc.

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Steven and Darlene open a new business, self pleasure for customers. A place to go and legally masturbate.

Even my best friend said it was a crazy idea. Not only would no one pay me money to simply masturbate, something everyone could do in the privacy of their own home, but to expect to actually make money offering such a service was unthinkable.

Never the less, I decided to go ahead with my idea anyway. I'd leased one of those corner convenience stores that had gone out of business. It really wasn't a bad location either, situated close to a number of downtown businesses, where I actually hoped to draw in some of the lunch crowd. If it ever caught on that is.

I had just enough cash flow for start up costs as well as some basic remodeling. The 'key' was in providing a service that was unique. Offering something more than what anyone could find, or do at home.

And in the beginning, there were only two employees. Me, and my wife Darlene. It had taken a great deal of coaxing, to get her to go along with my idea in the first place. As open-minded as she was, thankfully... it was something I would need her to be. The concept of what I had in mind wasn't something she was all too comfortable with in the beginning.

The reality is, everyone masturbates. But getting them to pay a nominal fee to self-pleasure themselves wasn't so easy. I had a little funding for advertisement, self-promotion. But in the long run, it would take word of mouth, customer satisfaction, to eventually achieve success. So yes, it was a long shot. But with Darlene's support, we opened for business a short time later.

That first week was hell. For the most part, we got a lot of crank calls, some 'curiosity' lookers who dropped in wondering what it was we were offering. But very little else. Then finally, towards the end of that first week we got our first real customer, and believe it or not, it was a woman who had entered the shop.

Thank god for fantasies, and the fact that some people were still willing to act on them. In a day and age when the term "Safe Sex" was almost non-existent due to Aids, as well as the rise of many of the older forms of sexually transmitted diseases, it was my hope that about the only true form of safe-sex remaining, which was of course masturbation, would once again catch on as a fun, safe way to enjoy one's self.

So it was with our first real customer. A woman who surprisingly seemed of a more upper level clientele than either Darlene or I were initially expecting. As she stood at the counter thumbing through the list of services we actually provided, Darlene allowed her the space required to ensure she remained comfortable. Being available only when and if she had any questions about any of our offerings. "It says here that one of your services would be to provide someone to watch me if that's what I wanted. Which I do. But I don't actually want them to be in the room with me. I just want to be aware that someone is watching me. I don't want to see them while they are. I only want to wonder what they're thinking or doing while I am. Without actually knowing."

I was prepared for that of course. We did have closed circuit camera's, which could be used for several purposes. One of which was to provide a tape for those who were interested in having their experience captured for later viewing. But the other was to allow people to be viewed, with their knowledge of course, while pleasuring themselves if that was indeed apart of their masturbatory experience.

Amanda, as she called herself agreed to the $10.00 minimum charge for the first twenty minutes. Surprisingly, it was her request for another woman to secretly view her while pleasuring herself, which Darlene agreed to do of course for an additional $10.00 charge.

We then showed her the "viewing booth" as we called it where Darlene would comfortably be sitting while watching Amanda in one of our new specially designed rooms. Satisfied with what we were able to offer her, I escorted her to her room while Darlene remained behind, watching everything on the monitor.

One of the obvious selling points was atmosphere of course. And this was our largest, very best room. There was a wide variety of differing types of furniture, everything from oversized chairs, as well as long comfortable couches... even a day bed if the customer preferred that. Along with sensual lighting, there were candles, incense, even X-rated movies, magazines if that was what our client wanted or preferred to enhance their experience. Showing Amanda all the various options that came along with the room, I soon left, allowing her, her privacy in making herself more comfortable, eventually beginning her solitary fantasy.

Returning to the reception area, I sat monitoring the time, and admittedly wondering myself how Darlene was doing... not to mention what she was doing, if anything, while watching our very first customer masturbating, pleasuring herself in the very next room. At the end of the first twenty minutes, I'd expected her to emerge at any time, surprised when she didn't, and even more surprised when it was nearly a full hour before Darlene reappeared, just minutes ahead of Amanda.

"Well? How'd it go?" I asked my wife pointedly.

I was surprised at the smile on her face when she joined me. "I think we have a very satisfied customer. And I don't mind telling you Steven, it made me horny as hell watching her! Something I wasn't honestly expecting to feel. But once Amanda got started, she really seemed to get into it, almost as though she was doing it for me, and not simply for herself!"

Amanda stepped out of the room a short time later, looking exactly the same way she had when she'd first arrived, though I did notice a slightly rosier color to her cheeks after she had first emerged to settle up her bill.

"I must say..." She began. "I hadn't really expected to enjoy myself as much as I really did. But to my surprise... I found it to be rather nice." She was pointedly looking over towards Darlene as she spoke.

"By chance, did you record my session?"

We hadn't unfortunately, or fortunately rather as it later turned out. "I'm sorry, no. We didn't. Had you requested that however, we'd have certainly provided you with the only copy of the tape for your viewing pleasure at a later time."

Only slightly frowning, Amanda paid her bill, commenting. "Then next time... perhaps tomorrow, I'll be sure to include that as part of my experience. And... next time, maybe I'd enjoy having a man watching me instead," she added.

Amanda took several of our business cards with her when she left. Which was a good sign for our young fledgling business. Though there was the promise of her repeat business, she was after all, our only customer to date. Once Amanda had left the store, I turned back towards my wife. To my total and complete amazement, she was openly touching herself having lifted the skirt she was wearing to reveal the fact she was no longer wearing any panties.

"That really did turn you on... watching her... didn't it?"

"You have no idea!" Darlene admitted. "When Amanda first came into the room, I really didn't expect much of anything. But the moment you left, she immediately disrobed, eventually settling herself down in that oversized chair. She'd brought along one of her own toys, producing it from her purse. After that, she glanced occasionally towards the camera, knowing full well that I was sitting there in the room watching her. She seemed to 'play' to it... getting more and more comfortable, and bold by the moment. Even smiling at me every once in a while as she sat there touching herself!"

Watching my wife masturbating in the office was erotic as hell. And I'd seen her do it on several occasions. But there really was something about her doing it there... in front of me where anyone could walk in the door at any moment, which made it even more exciting.

"Maybe this really is going to work!" I said, still watching my wife, getting more and more excited by the moment.

To our delight, Amanda called to actually make an appointment later on that afternoon for the following day. Even better, she'd already convinced one of her friends to do the same.

"Can you handle us both at the same time?" she'd asked.

Once we'd determined what it was exactly that she and her friend Silvia wanted, we assured them that we could. We'd booked them both for 11:00 a.m. the following day. That morning, while waiting for our first two official appointments, we received our second actual customer, a walk in that had seen our ad in the personals of the local newspaper.

"I saw your ad," he said picking up our services and price sheet. He was a younger man, obviously nervous as he stood there thumbing through the brochure. "It says here that if I want... you have a woman who will masturbate for me while I watch her, and while she's watches me. Is that true?"

I showed him where in the brochure that it described that, as well as the additional costs associated for that particular service in addition to the $10.00 charge for the room. He certainly wasn't a very attractive man, but Darlene knew we weren't there to get off ourselves as much as to ensure that our customers did. Darlene escorted him into the smaller of our available rooms, as all he wanted was to sit in one chair, facing my wife as she sat in another. As a safety precaution, I monitored, without taping their session together. As Robert had understood, there was to be no contact between them other than watching one another. Darlene and I had discussed the possibility of mutual masturbation... or rather contact between the customers, and ourselves but as yet hadn't made that as an available offering.

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