Making Amends

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: A highschool reunion results in the renewal of an old friendship that had gone bad

Lana dropped her keys on the counter and began leafing through the stack of mail waiting for her after work. Amongst the usual bills and junk mail, she did see one envelope that looked interesting. It had a return address of her old high school.

"What's this?" she thought dropping everything except for the letter, beginning to open it. She read: "Tenth Anniversary Reunion".

"God. Has it been ten years already?" she asked herself. Along with the usual information, she saw the date was less than a month away. She considered it briefly, deciding. She wanted to go. Now it was just a matter of convincing Keith that it was something she really wanted to do.

Lana had dinner well under way when Keith arrived home himself. Pausing at the same spot Lana had stood in earlier, he quickly pawed through the mail.

"Anything interesting?"

"No, not really. But there was a letter from my old high school," she said nonchalantly.

"Oh? What did they want?"

Lana told him about the reunion coming up, as well as the date. She'd already checked her day planner and knew they had nothing planned for that weekend.

"Come on Keith. I really want to go," she told him. "I had a lot of friends, many of which I haven't seen in years now."

"Can't you go by yourself?" he asked, still trying to beg himself off.

"No! What's the point in going alone? Everyone would wonder where the hell my husband was."

"Oh... I'm sure there'll be a few other's there without their spouses." Keith stated, still trying to distance himself away from going.


"I'll think about it."

They barely spoke through dinner, then sat watching TV for a few hours before it was once again time for bed. Lana had gone up a few minutes earlier to get ready while Keith finished watching the news. Eventually he followed. Lana was already in bed waiting for him when he got there. Once Keith had undressed, he pulled back the covers to slip in to bed. As he did, he noticed Lana was naked.

"Want to fool around?" she asked.

Keith grinned. "Yeah, but I still haven't decided to go. We still gonna fool around?"

During dinner, and then later while watching TV, Lana began to think about all the friends she had once known, wondering what many of them had been up to over the past ten years. As she did, she recalled a woman who had once been a very good friend. Lucy Akagi. As good of friends as they once had been, she and Lana had had a falling out shortly before graduation. Something she had regretted ever since. As she thought about her, she wondered if she'd maybe be there. It would be nice to see her again, perhaps giving her a chance to talk with her and make amends.

One thing Lana remembered about their relationship were the many evenings they had spent sleeping over at one another's places. They had often stayed up until the wee hours, discussing their dreams, their futures. And of course... guys. Though Lana later learned about a year after graduation that someone had told her they'd heard Lucy was bi-sexual.

Though somewhat surprised at hearing that, it did shed a little light on one or two conversations they'd had. As well as an evening that she and Lana had spent together that had left her wondering about for years.

She remembered that particular night very clearly. They'd been discussing one of their very favorite topics. Sex. Neither of them were virgins then, both having shared that experience as well as many others as they shared secrets, laughing at some of the antic's that many of the boys tried pulling on them, just to get them into bed.

"Do you know Marcie Shaw?" Lucy had asked her.

Lana thought for a minute. The name sounded familiar, but she couldn't quite place the face. "Not personally no. I think I've heard the name, but I can't quite picture her. Why?"

"She's that fiery redheaded girl that transferred to our school about a year ago. I think I told you about her shortly after she did."

"Oh yeah, now I remember! Isn't she the one who got caught going down on another girl in the locker room after school or something?"

"Yeah. That's her!" Lucy smiled when saying.

"So... what about her?"

"Well... would you believe me if I told you she came on to me?"

"You're kidding! When?"

Lana couldn't quite imagine it. If it was the same girl she remembered, she could believe that. But she couldn't see Lucy and her together. Lucy didn't seem the 'type' for one thing. And for another... she and Lucy had been friends for a long time. Lucy had certainly never said or done anything to even remotely suggest she was interested in other women. She did recall as she thought that, that Lucy had mentioned on occasion something about this or that girls boobs, or the way they looked naked. But hell... they all had done that at one time or another.

"Yesterday," Lucy continued. "She came up to me while I was in gym class cleaning some things out of my locker."

"What did she say?" Lana said, sitting up in the doublewide bed they were sharing together, obviously interested.

"Well, it wasn't so much what she said. But the way she said it."

"Damn it Lucy... quit teasing me. Tell me what she said or I'm going to hit you over the head with my pillow!" Lana made a threatening gesture to do just that. When she did, Lucy reached out and pinched her on the breast. Though each was dressed for bed, they were both wearing fairly sheer, transparent nightgowns that left very little to the imagination. As such, it was easy for Lucy to have pinpointed exactly where one of Lana's nipples was when she pinched it.

"Ouch!" Lana screamed playfully pulling away. "I'm going to get you for that!"

Lucy tried to get out of bed, squealing in mocked fear. Grabbing her by the ankle, Lana managed to keep her from doing so, though Lucy continued to pull, dragging Lana off with her. In a heap, they both landed on the floor together, though Lucy quickly spun herself around, sitting on top of Lana.

"Who's got who?" Lucy challenged.

Pressing both of Lana's hands to the floor above her head, Lucy bent forward. "So Lana. Have you ever kissed a girl before? Come on... tell me. I know you have," she said teasingly.

She leaned closer like she was thinking about doing just that.

"You wouldn't dare!" Lana said struggling. Though truth was, she could have easily shaken Lucy off if she'd really wanted to.

Lucy continued leaning over, then stopped when it became evident that Lana had no intention of giving in, nor... in being threatened in this fashion either. Switching tactics, Lucy released one of Lana's hands, reaching down, cupping Lana's breast in her hand. As she did, she quickly located and recaptured her nipple.

"Give up or I twist it off!" she threatened.

"Ok, Ok. I give." Lana said expecting her to let up. To her surprise, and shock, Lucy gave it an affectionate little twist anyway, immediately causing her nipple to become erect.

"Padiddle" Lucy teased her.

"Am not!" Lana shot back.

"Yes you are. Look. One's hard, and one isn't," she said continuing to tease her. "You're Padiddle."

The boys used the slang term for whenever a car had one of its headlights out. One off... one on. Padiddle. It didn't take long for them to start using the term whenever they saw a girl with one hard nipple showing beneath her sweater or bra.

Eventually, Lucy had let Lana up off the floor where they soon after returned to bed. Much later that night while sleeping, Lana dreamed. Or thought she was dreaming anyway. Awakening to a very moist very wet pussy. "Had she imagined, dreamed, Lucy playing with her?" she wondered. Lana had opened her eyes, half sitting up. As she did, she thought she had felt Lucy turn, rolling over. But she simply wasn't sure. Reaching down, she felt herself. Her panties were damp, very damp. Had it been a dream? Or hadn't it? She never found out one way or the other. Less than a week later, she and Lucy had gotten into a major altercation. Surprisingly enough, it had been over Marcie and she going to the movies together. Why that had bothered her as much as it had, she didn't know. But... it was enough that they ended up not speaking to one another. Something that continued on through graduation. Lucy went off someplace to attend college, and sadly, Lana never saw or spoke to her again.

It was when Lana was laying there in bed waiting for Keith to come up, that she remembered. Lucy was Asian. Keith... had a thing for Asian women.

"Yeah... we're still going to fool around," she answered him. "By the way, did I ever tell you about my best friend Lucy in high school? She's Asian."

Lana almost laughed when she saw the sudden, interested look etched in his face.

"No. Don't think you ever have," he told her, feigning interest, but obviously so.

Keith climbed into bed next to her, his erection suddenly harder than it was a moment ago. Lana reached over and began gently playing with it. Now that she had his undivided attention, she decided to use the fact that her friend had been an Asian, telling him all about her while playing with him. That... and telling Keith all about that weird last final night they had spent together. Not too surprisingly, Keith lay there listening to her without interrupting, except to ask an occasional question or two. Beyond that, he was content to have his prick stroked and played with, all the while listening to Lana telling him about this cute little Asian friend of hers.

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