Anniversary Present

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: Jack and April put a little fire into their relationship

It had been a long, difficult period of time for April and her husband Jack. They had endured some tumultuous situations that had nearly ended their marriage. Now, with their anniversary only a week away, things were finally beginning to look up.

Jack had recently received a substantial pay increase, which had alleviated some of their financial concerns. But it hadn't really been their finances that had caused them most of their problems; it had been their overall relationship.

April still loved her husband. And she was certain that he was still very much in love with her as well, but the fact they hadn't really been intimate with one another in quite some time now was beginning to wear on April emotionally. As was natural for her to do, she began entertaining fantasies. Nothing she would ever act on, but thoughts that she began daydreaming about, wondering.

Somewhat to her surprise, a few days later they were laying in bed together having made love for the first time in weeks. Although it had been satisfying, certainly needed, that 'edge' was still there, telling April that the hoped for excitement had been slightly less than she'd wanted to experience after all this time.

She and Jack often talked afterwards. One of the things April had missed and enjoyed whenever they'd finished making love. Often, their pillow talk turned sexy, leading them into a continuation of their coupling.

"You know April, our 11th anniversary is coming up in a few weeks," Jack began.

April wasn't surprised that he remembered, he was always good about remembering their anniversary, birth dates and special occasions. But she could tell by the tone of voice he was using that this was leading up to something, making her even more curious as to what it was.

"Yes it is," she replied simply, waiting on him.

"Well... I want to do something special for you this time. Really special."

"Like what?" she asked, surprised when Jack reached over beginning to stroke, teasing her nipple with the tip of his finger as he did.

"You once told me you had a really special fantasy."

April remembered. It had been another one of those rare, really sensual erotic evenings when they had discussed fantasies with one another. April had been surprised at herself that she'd been bold enough to even tell Jack about one of them. Even more shocked when he pressed her for specific details regarding it, something which had led to a very intense evening of very satisfying sex between them.

For a second, April wondered if Jack was simply trying to recreate that particular evening, until that is... she remembered his statement.

"Where's this leading Jack?"

Jack slid his hand down to April's bare pussy. Coincidentally, she had just shaved it this morning in anticipation of this evening together. Jack had hinted just before leaving for work that he was interested in having one of their special nights together. And, April knew that Jack liked seeing her that way whenever they did.

Jack was grinning at her, leering actually as he continued to run his finger between the folds of her well lubricated slit.

"I want you to actually experience one of your fantasies," he told her seriously. "Something you'd never dream of actually doing. That's what I want to give you for your anniversary present!"

"You're not serious!"

Jack slid his finger deep inside her pussy holding it there, though tickling the inside of her femininity with a playful urgency.

"Very serious. I really do want you to name anything you've ever imagined, and then I want you to actually experience it."

"Listen Jack. Talking about it, even thinking about it is one thing. Actually doing something like that is entirely something else."

"I know. It's the something else that I want to give you! A one time only thing, but something you can have to enjoy, and like I said, actually experience and remember for the rest of your life!"

April was genuinely shocked. Their pillow talk, if that what it really was, had gone well beyond anything they had ever discussed, even teased one another about before. She was almost sure that's all this really was. Jack was teasing her, testing her even to see just how far she was really willing to take this in going along with his improbable request.

"I suppose you have someone else in mind?" she asked.

When they'd discussed the fantasy of having a threesome previously, Jack had mentioned one of his buddies from work that had had more than a flirtatious interest in her. But it was because of that very reason, as Jack and Mark worked together that April knew her husband wasn't really serious about it. She couldn't imagine the two of them ever being able to work around one another afterwards without constantly thinking about it, or worse... discussing it.

"No... but maybe you might think of someone you'd like to actually join us," he told her.

"You really are serious, aren't you?"

"I told you I was. And I've given it a lot of thought too. I know exactly how we'd do it so that we'd both be comfortable without making it awkward for either one of us."

"Oh yeah? How?" April pressed. Still laying their in disbelief that they were actually discussing this. But April also noticed Jack's cock was raging hard once again. Obviously, he really was interested, enough so, that the talk of it had him aroused all over again.

"Yeah... I've thought about it. I'll wear a blindfold!"

"You'll what?"

"Wear a blind fold. That way you won't be worried or concerned about me knowing whoever the guy is you've chosen to do this with. And even though he'll be there, I won't know who he is, or really... what the two of you are actually doing most of the time."

"Ok Jack, enough is enough. Its time to get serious about this... you really are joking, aren't you?

Jack rolled April over onto her back, taking his hard firm erection in hand, placing it at the opening of her pussy. Sliding into her, easily... they were both amazed at how wet and juicy she really was.

"I'm not joking!" he assured her as he pumped steadily into her several times before holding still. "We get a nice room in a hotel. You chose whoever the guy is you'd like it to be and have him come to the room at a predetermined time. Before he actually comes in, you blindfold me, ensuring that I can't actually see anything, and we'll take it from there. If either one of us decides we can't handle it, then we simply say so. Whoever you chose needs to be aware of that possibility, and must be willing to leave immediately if either of us decides its not such a good idea after all!"

April really was stunned. Even with her husbands cock wonderfully, perfectly embedded deep within her juicy flowing quim, she was almost too abstracted by the absurdity of his suggestion to actually enjoy what his prick was doing to her.

For the moment anyway, the discussion was over. April decided within a blink of an eye that it had been nothing more than teasing, sexy pillow talk. Designed to arouse her yes. But that and nothing more. If that was Jack's intent, then he'd succeeded. It had made April hornier than she'd been in months. The intensity of her second orgasm had been even more fulfilling, more satisfying than the first one had been. They had soon after fallen to sleep without another word being mentioned. When morning came, she was sure that's all it had been until Jack had given her a hug, kissing her goodbye before heading off to work.

"Be thinking about what I said," he told her. "I'm going to reserve the hotel room today for next Saturday," he said, disappearing out the door before April could say anything to him about it.

When April finally arrived at work, she found she hardly remembered even driving there. The thought of something like this... especially this particular fantasy, which had been running around and around inside her head ever since she'd left home. She'd never admit it, not to anyone. But there was one guy with whom she would feel comfortable experiencing something like that with. April found herself smiling inwardly, wondering how he'd react to it if she actually found herself brave enough to mention it to him.

"Morning April. How are you today?" Brad asked shortly after she'd arrived at work.

"Fine Brad. How'd you like to come and fuck me in the ass on Saturday?"

April was actually grinning as she mulled over the unspoken response inside her head. Wouldn't Brad just keel over and die if she'd actually asked him that.

"I'm ok Brad. How are you?"

She liked Brad. They'd been good friends beyond just being co-workers. He was one of the few men she was actually comfortable being around. The fact that he'd admitted that he'd found her attractive certainly helped of course. And that they'd been able to confide in one another, sharing thoughts, feelings, as well as occasionally discussing interesting little sexual topics had placed Brad high on her list of potential partners. Though again, she found it difficult to believe that Jack honestly meant to go through with any of this.

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