A Deserving Reward

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: She cost him his job now it is going to cost her, her ass.

It was midnight and I stood outside her darkened apartment. I knew she was probably asleep because she had turned off her lights over an hour ago. Still I waited. I wanted her to be in a deep sleep before I entered and exacted my revenge. As you read this you may surmise that I am criminal, but I am not, at least not yet. I am not a rapist either although that's exactly what I have in mind for tonight's pleasure. I am not considered a bad guy or pervert by any of my friends and certainly not by my family. My name is Alan and I am a national sales and marketing director for a major corporation. Well at least I was. Why then you may wonder, why am I out to fuck this woman? Ok, that's a fair enough question. Let me tell you my story and then perhaps you'll understand my motives.

It all started about a year ago when my company, correction, my former employer hired a new marketing and development officer to work with me in further developing my accounts. You see I am, was, responsible for hospital data accounts in over 22 states in the eastern and central United States. For more than eight years I had cultivated and maintained these accounts and I made a good living each and every year. My base salary was just over $100,000 a year and with commissions I generally pulled down almost $175,000. I had a great home life, my wife Beth was a stay-at-home mom and she took care of our young son while I brought home the bacon. Then Jennifer arrived.

My downfall started when my boss took a position with a competitor and the company hired his replacement. His name was Jim and he had his own thoughts on how my accounts and department should be managed and part of the tension that developed between the two of us was because he thought I was way too close to my former boss. That worried him. Enter Jennifer. Jim and I had a discussion. He decided to hire someone to train on my accounts and I didn't want anyone's help. He was the boss. He won. Jennifer was hired and I was told to train her in all aspects of my territory and my accounts. I tried to be civil to her, but I suspected she could feel I really didn't want her nosing around in my accounts. When we went on the road together she was a pain in my ass. She didn't know anything about hospitals and I had to explain each system to her, over and over. She just didn't seem to get it.

OK you ask, then why did Jim hire Jennifer? Well I'll give him the fact that he wanted me to train someone so they knew my accounts in case I left to join my former boss and then there was the fact that being young and inexperienced she came cheap. But let me tell you about Jennifer. She was a blonde goddess. She stood almost six feet tall and hit the scales at around 140 pounds. She had a models figure with small (I would guess at 32B or maybe C) breasts but it was her legs that got all of the attention. She had legs that wouldn't quit. As we used to say, they went all the way to her ass! No shit, if I wasn't happily married I would have tried to bed her in a New York minute. But back to my story.

Within six months Jennifer had progressed enough so that she knew the basics of all my accounts and that was the good news. The bad? She was reporting directly to Jim and telling him what was what with the accounts. She started visiting some hospitals without me, apparently on orders directly from Jim. I asked him what was she doing going out to my accounts without me, but he just brushed me off with a line about her needing to be out on her own and that she couldn't stay under my wing forever. I didn't believe him for a second and started calling some accounts that I knew she had visited. Most of my clients didn't want to say anything but a couple of the guys I knew well, guys who had gone out with me for drinks, spilled the beans. She was trying to take over my territory and she was using sexual innuendos to influence them. One client told me she had promised him "direct sexual favors" to write my boss and tell him that he would prefer her services to those I provided. I was livid. This bitch was fucking with my livelihood. I was trying to figure out what to do about this turn of events when I got a call from Jim's secretary to report to his office at nine the next morning.

I lay in bed and tossed and turned most of the night. My wife wanted to know what was wrong but I just put her off with an excuse about being unable to get into a comfortable position to sleep. I got up at six in the morning, showered and dressed and got to the office about ten minutes ahead of my scheduled meeting. I grabbed a cup of coffee from the employees' lounge and went down the hall to Jim's office. His secretary showed me in and closed the door behind me.

Mornin boss, I said.

Jim looked up and asked me to have a seat. I flopped into the overstuffed chair he kept by the side of his desk and waited.

Well he started, you know Alan, you have been a good employee and have done a great job for this company... (I did note the use of past tense when discussing my employment) but... I think it's time to make a change. I suspect you have seen this coming but I really need to get "my" people into the field to manage our accounts. I'll make sure you get a couple month of severance pay and a good letter of recommendation. Alan, thanks again for all of you good work for us.

That was it. Eight years and kiss my ass. I was devastated. Even though I knew it was coming, it still hurt. I went back to my office and started cleaning out my desk. Several people stopped by and wished me well. The real story came from my secretary. She was a great gal and had always been loyal to me. She told me, confidentially, that she knew that Jennifer was sleeping with Jim and that he had brought her into the company to undermine my position and secure his with upper management. He felt he couldn't trust me and he had Jennifer making false reports that I was late to meetings with clients, drinking heavily on the road and not tending to company business. None of it was true, but upper management didn't care, just take care of the problem and the clients they said. So I was out on the street and Jennifer was firmly ensconced in my office. With my accounts.

For the next couple of months I left the house each morning. I told Beth that I was out looking for a new job, but I wasn't. I was following Jennifer. I was learning where she lived, when she left for work in the morning and when she got home at night. I found out where she dined, most of the time, and when and where she and Jim got together. One very important thing I found out on an early one Friday morning. Jim had stayed over at Jennifer's that Thursday evening and when he left her apartment the next morning he had a key. So what you say? Well he put the key under a flowerpot on the front porch. Shit, I didn't think anyone use the old "key under the flower pot" trick any more, crime being what it is.

Now I had all the information I needed, but I needed a plan. It took two weeks to develop, but I thought it would work, at least I hoped so because if it didn't I was going to spend a long time behind bars. I used the time to purchase everything I needed then set the plan in motion.

Well, now you know why I am here tonight. I have been here for three consecutive nights waiting for the right time. This was a Friday night and Jennifer had arrived at her apartment around 9:15 p.m. She must have been out with friends or may be even with Jim because when she got home she looked a bit tipsy. I gave her time to change clothes, hit the sack and go to sleep. Then I gave her a couple of more hours to make sure she was dead to the world. At one o'clock in the morning I picked up my bag of "goodies" and walked up to her front door. I took the key from under the pot and quietly open her door. I went in, closed the door and walked over to her bedroom door. I stood there for a couple of minutes and watched her sleeping. Her breathing was deep and I knew that everything was going to be OK. She was really beautiful. I could see her breasts rising and falling and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on those puppies. I backed up from the bed and removed all of my clothes.

Next I took a pair of cut up panty hose from my bag and walked up to the head of the bed. She was lying on her left side facing me, sound asleep. I easily looped one of the panty hose legs over her left wrist and then gently tied it to the headboard, when that was in place then I tied her right wrist the same way and she hadn't even stirred. As I firmly knotted each side to the headboard I put on my recently acquired Richard Nixon mask. I reached out and slapped her hard across the face. Her eyes jerked open and you could see her fear. I grabbed a precut piece of duct tape and slapped it over her mouth. She tried to struggle, but only her legs moved. She tried kicking me, but couldn't get her legs around far enough to do any real damage. I took my time and grabbed a length of rope and easily tied each leg to the foot board. I specifically used panty hose for her arms because I wanted her to be able to move her upper body a bit, but not her legs. When I finished I took a good look at my prey. There she lay, spread-eagled, in her own bed. I crawled up on the bed and straddled her chest and stared directly into her eyes. I could smell her fear.

Jennifer I said, listen me carefully. She stopped struggling and listened. I'm not going to hurt you, at least not if you do everything I tell you. If you understand me nod your head. She nodded. OK, good I thought. I could tell that the voice synthesizer imbedded into the make was making my voice unrecognizable. She had no clue who it was that was terrorizing her. OK Jennifer, now lay still and don't move a muscle - understand? Again she nodded.

I got off of her chest and yanked down the bed covers. She was sleeping in a white silk negligee with matching white thong panties. I pulled out my hunting knife and showed it to her. I had no intentions of using it, but she didn't know that. Her eyes widened with fear, but I just said, "Remember, do what I say and you'll get out of this alive." I reached out and fondled her breasts. They felt soft, warm and looked as nice as I thought they would. I ran my hands down her body and touched her pussy. I could feel her shudder at my touch, but I really didn't care. I pulled her panties aside and ran my finger into her cunt and found her clit. I played with it for a couple of seconds and watched her eyes. She was terrified, but I think she was starting to enjoy it too. I could feel some dampness in her cunt, her nipples were hard and her breathing had gotten faster although that could be because she was scared. I move my hand down and cupped he ass. Nice and firm. I ran a finger down the crack to the small rosebud anus and pushed my finger in - not real far, just about to the fingernail. She moved! She lifted her butt and tried to move away. Ah, that was interesting, she didn't like anal play.

I took my knife and cut open her nightgown from the crotch up to her breasts, the pulled the garment out from under her body. She lay there with just her panties keeping her dignity. I reached across her body and cut both sides of her panties and then grabbed them at her pussy and jerked them off of her too. I ran my hands up a leg and by her pussy and towards her breast. She didn't move. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her for a couple of minutes, then said, "If I take off the tape you'll have to promise me not to make any noise - promise?" She nodded.

I reached down and gently took off the tape. Jennifer was watching me intently and I could see she was looking for a way out. I said, "Jennifer, you can't escape so there is no point in trying, do you understand me?"


Good, that's a start. Now here is the deal. I am going to fuck you tonight. I'm going to fuck you and you're going to have to be convincing that you are enjoying it, understand?


Good. Now tell me you want me to fuck you. Silence. Jennifer?

Fuck you asshole, I'll never tell you that.

Well, we'll see.

I looked down at her body. Her tits stood straight up, her nipples were hard and her pussy was damp. I ran my hands around one of her breasts and then pinched her nipple, hard. She winced, but didn't yell. That's good Jennifer, I said. I looked down at her pussy and decided that she was vulnerable there. I traced my finger over the outer lips of her cunt and then jammed one finger deep into her. Her ass moved, her eyes widened but again she didn't scream. Hummm, may be I was being to gentle with the bitch. Do you like this Jennifer?

She looked at me and asked, "Why are you doing this? What have I done to you?"

I knew but obviously wasn't going to tell her. Well Jennifer, I just want to make you suffer, that's all.

I went back to my bag and pulled out the jar of Vaseline I brought, dipped a finger into the jar, and held up my finger in front of her face. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass Jennifer?"

She shook her head no.

Well I think you're going to be in for a treat as least at some point tonight. As they used to say in the business world, I think your ass is mine, and I laughed out loud.

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