WPC Lucas Goes It Alone

by Tony Bart

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Young British Police Women gets into trouble, trying to help her brother.

WPC Lucas was determined that the pushers who got her younger brother hooked on drugs would be brought to justice. She had been to see the inspector about the drug problem in the area but of course she did not mention her brother. He was in rehab but was still being pestered on occasions by pushers. She was told to pass any information to the drug squad who were dealing with it but having difficulty in finding the supplier. "It looks like it's down to me then she sighed" as she left the office.

WPC Wendy Lucas was in her second year in the job; she was quite ambitious and enjoyed her job. Getting the people who nearly ruined her brother's life though, was becoming an obsession. She had built some good community contacts. She started to quietly ask questions about the pushers. For a while she had little or no response until she returned to her police car one day to find a note on the windscreen. The note writer said her had some information that would be of interest to her, but it will cost. The note told her come to a local picnic spot and wait in the car around 7:30pm. Her heart pounded, this was her first lead but she was also a bit nervous. Should she call in and report the note? "No" she thought it will be passed on and no doubts scare off the contact.

She pulled her police car into the picnic area at 7.25 and waited. She was just about to leave fifteen minutes later when the door of her car opened and a young lad jumped in.

"Drive," was all he said.

WPC Lucas was a little stunned," Wh what."

"If you want the information drive up there, he said pointing to a road going further into the woods. "If I'm seen in a fuckin cop car, I'm dead, now go," he ordered.

She started the engine and drove down the narrow road.

"Now left down here."

She slowly turned onto the dirt track. She was a little apprehensive by now. "Where does this lead?"

"You'll see."

"Now left in there to the end."

The track led to a very secluded spot in the woods surrounded by bushes and trees.

"Turn off the engine," he ordered. As she did he turned to face her. She could see he was not more than sixteen. "That's better now we can discuss business," He smiled.

"This had better be good," she snapped, "Have you got the information I want?"

"Oh I think so read that," He smirked passing her a grubby piece of paper.

As she read it he looked her over. She had no cap on and her short bobbed reddish hair curled around her ears. Her ample size tits nestled under her uniform white shirt. He was disappointed to note she had her uniform trousers on and not a skirt.

"Well?" he said.

"This is good but it's not all there."

"I know," he grinned, "As I said that will cost."

"Ok how much? I don't have a lot of money on me."

"Make me an offer."

"I've got about fifty pounds here," she said getting the notes from her purse and handed it to him.

"That'll do as a down payment," he said pushing it into his jeans. "But I think its worth much more to you than a miserly 50 quid, that wouldn't even buy your brother much stuff on the streets."

"You leave my brother out of this," she said angrily.

"But I thought this was all about protecting him, now how much you think that's worth."

"Don't push it you cocky little bastard," she pointed at him. "I am prepared to give you a bit more but I could book you for withholding information."

"And implicate your brother, I think not."

"Look how much," she said her patience was running out but she knew this was her only chance to nail these bastards. She didn't want here brother dragged through the courts.

"How much more have you got on you?" Not a lot he hoped.

She fumbled in her purse. "Only about a fiver I'm afraid."

"A fiver ha, what I've got is worth a lot more," he smiled.

"Well OK, I could go to the hole in the wall."

"No way we settle it now I've taken enough risks already but I've got a better idea."

She relaxed thinking he was willing to deal. "OK what."

This is it he thought, "Show me your tits."

"What," she asked in disbelief.

"You heard, undo your shirt and let's see your jugs," the lad confidently said.

She was furious and pointed a finger in his face. "Now look her you bloody pervert, I've played along so far, but don't you dare talk to me like that again. Do I make myself clear?"

His adrenalin was now flowing, he thought she'd act like that but he wasn't finished yet. "Perfectly," he smiled and opened the car door.

"Hey where do you think your going?" She asked.

"I'm off, it's obvious you don't want to make a deal, so I'll burn the information."

She was now angry but could let this chance go, she needed to try and talk him round. Ok she thought he'd tried it on but he's young and sure she'd put that thought out of his head.

"Look don't get out let's talk, I need that information. I can try and get you protection if you feel threatened."

"He closed the door again.

"Good now lets talk."

He turned sideways to the pretty young cop. "Now here's the fuckin deal he said softly and firmly. "If I open that door again, I'm away for good. Now you get your information when I see your tits."

"Look I've told you," she said again trying to take control but he interrupted.

"I'm gonna count to three, and if you've not started to unbutton your shirt I'm off for good."

"Look," she tried again.

"One" he started his count.

"I'm not prepared to let you get away with this."

"Two." It was now a battle of nerve.

"Give me that information now," she demanded in a panic.

"Three," After a short pause he reached slowly for the door handle.

"Wait I'll do it," she said in a panic, but he seemed to take no notice and pulled at the door handle. She quickly started to unbutton her shirt.

"Look, look, I'm undoing my shirt, don't go."

He stopped and turned around to see the young WPC unbuttoning her blouse. He smiled and said, "You left that late officer," he mocked.

She had slowed down now with about four buttons undone.

"Come on get on with it," he ordered, now full of confidence. As she undid more buttons her minded raced. "How did she get into this and how does she get out of it."

Soon her plain white bra was on display and she stopped.

"I said your tits not your bra."

"But ok and that's it," she pulled her shirt from her trousers, bent forward and reached behind for her bra clasp. The bra suddenly fell forward and she quickly leant back and held it over her tits. She pulled it up under her chin exposing her tits to this young yob.

"Fuckin gorgeous," He said reaching out a hand.

"Hey," she snapped grabbing hold of his hand. "No touching."

"Let go," he ordered.

"You've had your look, now give me the information" she came back still holding his wrist tight. Her resistance made it more enjoyable for him.

"No way the price has gone up cause you messed me about police girl," he said staring her in the face. "Now let go or I go."

"Ok just a quick feel, then your done." She closed her eyes and bent her head right back. "I suppose I quick feel to put these bastards away will be worth it," she thought.

He waited no time getting both hands on her tits and began to play. She caught her breath as he began to play with her breasts. She imagined one so young would have a quick rough grope but she was in for a surprise.

"Oh no" she thought. Her breasts started to betray her. The nipples soon grew and his fingers took advantage. Her obsession with sorting out her brothers problem meant her last boyfriend had walked out six months ago and she had had nothing since.

"Why are my tits so sensitive" she thought. She was about to try and make him stop when something changed. That was not a hand on her left tit anymore. She opened her eyes and looked down just in time to see and feel him take a nipple in his mouth.

"You..." Was all she said as he sucked her nipple into his mouth and his tongue danced over it?

"Ooh no," she thought biting her lip. He could not believe she had not tried to stop him. He was ready to go further and his hand on her inner thigh and that brought her out from her dream. As it travelled up her leg she again grabbed his hand with her right hand. His weight was pressing on her left.

In a shaky croaky voice she told him, "that's enough, you stop right now," she said, in the most assertive voice she could muster. He took no notice and danced his tongue over her nipple again. As she caught her breath he pressed his hand up further so it was now between her legs. As she tried to tug his hand away, he went to work on her nipple with his tongue and teeth again. As she again caught her breath he quickly moved his hand to cup her pubic area.

"Nooh, stop now please." Her confident tone had gone from her voice; it was more of a plea. Her hand was resting on the top of his and could not stop his finger pressing between her legs. He could feel her warmth between them. Her attempt the get a better grip only allowed him get his fingers in a better position.

"I want your hot pussy police girl," he said.

"No," she weakly replied, "that wasn't the deal."

"Maybe not, but I hold all the cards and I take it you still want this information."

"You no dam well I do."

"Then stop fuckin messing about, and let go of my hand."

She didn't move it, but he felt her release her grip. He started rubbing his hand hard over her crotch.

That made her gasps again. He then went for her trouser belt and again she tried to stop him. He grabbed her hand, and lifted it above her head.

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