The Hands

by SirNathan

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Horror, BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Needles, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Aroused from a drug-induced stupor, she finds herself bound and at the mercy of an unknown number of faceless men. Yes, this is a little scary. Don't visit if being completely at another's whim isn't your thing.

At the edge of my consciousness, the thought that something was wrong flitted through my mind then slipped away. For a moment I thought I couldn't move. That thought also dissipated, and I was unable to perceive its gravity. No idea lasted long enough to make me nervous. I was trapped in a deep, comfortable fog. But as it slowly lifted, my mind meandered, and the questions drifted in and out, without being adequately answered.

Am I asleep?

Have I been drugged?

Why do I feel sore all over?

Where am I?

What was I just thinking about?

I began to perceive my situation. I was lying on my back in total darkness. I had to blink to check whether my eyes were open. Flat cool metal supported my back. I swallowed. My throat was sore and my tongue felt completely numb. In a haze I half-heartedly strained my body. I was able to confirm that I couldn't move. I was locked down tight. My wrists were anchored somewhere high above my head. In a rising panic I realised my legs were open. Wide open.

Oh my God, I'm naked!

My calves began to cramp. I tried to ease the pressure by bending my knees. My hamstrings screamed in protest and I locked my knees back out. My thigh muscles quaked and I moaned incomprehensibly. With the pain, my senses sharpened and my anxiety mounted. Adrenaline started pumping through my veins and I could feel my heart thudding in my chest. My breath quickened and my skin came alive. What was going on?

Please! Someone! Tell me what's happening! Why am I here?

The tight cords of my calf muscles quivered for a full minute. My legs could not have been spread wider without causing me injury. My ankles and wrists were cuffed and I could not reach to loosen them. Movement was severely limited, but if I remained still, I could stand the strain. My body trembled, humming like a bizarre instrument.

There was a click, and a shock of bright light appeared from above, making me clench my eyes tightly. Immediately the image of my naked body speared into my mind. Gut-wrenching embarrassment washed over me. No one had seen me like this! There had to be some mistake. Maybe someone was there. Maybe someone could stop this madness.

Please! Someone cover me! Someone! Help me!

Nothing happened. No one came. I opened my eyes a little, squinting while they adjusted. For fifteen minutes I laid still, a single globe pointed down at me, tied down and wide open on a metal tabletop. It might have been thirty minutes. I don't know. My concept of time was faulty. I felt like I'd been there for days, but that was crazy.

Raising my head to survey what I could, the harsh overhead light and everything under it became my world. It illuminated my straining body and little else. The black shroud of my existence had been raised about two feet, to the extent of the light. Above and beyond was an inky nothingness. I groaned like an animal and my head fell back to the table.

The light above me swayed with the movement of air. I sensed a presence to my left and turned my head toward it.


A single hand entered the light like a ghostly floating spider. Encased in an opaque surgical glove, its fingertips touched my left hipbone. With little apparent purpose, the fingers spread and brushed over the skin of my leaping stomach. I tried to scream but I couldn't find my voice. My heart raced and my mouth was so dry. I clamped my eyes shut, utterly violated. I couldn't even cry.

Why can't I speak!

The touch of the fingertips was strangely unhurried. As though it was normal. As though it was intended to arouse! Along the flank of my taut body they trailed, barely brushing against the outer swell of my breast before lightly tormenting the sensitive skin under my arm. Tremors of fear and anger ran through me. I cringed and tried to twist my body away from the insistent fingertips. The muscles in my legs trembled and I held still. My mind could make no sense of what my body was feeling. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was being touched, and I could do nothing about it.

I swallowed again and tried to raise my head to see something, anything. My mind swirled with the effort. I seemed to blink in slow motion and by now I was certain I'd been drugged. As the hand receded into the darkness, the sound of a man's deep, almost whispered voice made my breath catch in fright.

"I'm glad you've decided to join us."

I tried to speak, to protest, but all I could do was moan pitifully. I was shocked by the futility of my situation. I was at someone's mercy! Oh, my God! He said "us"!

I was filled with so much adrenaline that my skin seemed to crawl. Minutes passed before two hands moved back into the light. I jumped at their sudden appearance. Like the first, they too were clad in latex surgical gloves. Subtlety was abandoned as they immediately reached for my breasts. I clenched my teeth as they covered them and squeezed lightly. My body shuddered and I gasped involuntarily. A deep ache radiated through my breasts. The hands released them and withdrew. I lifted my head and looked down. My beautiful breasts were covered in red blotches. My nipples ached. I'd never seen them as long or as hard.

What have they been doing to me?

In seconds the hands reappeared. One gently closed around my left breast, squeezing the nipple upwards. My body jolted as the pain increased. The fingertips of the other hand swirled smoothly over my engorged nipple. A thick, acrid gel was slowly and carefully massaged all over it. I groaned as my other nipple received the same treatment. I blushed in shame as they hardened further. They were so hard they hurt. I heard snickering as the hands receded into the darkness, leaving me alone in my silent humiliation.

In moments my nipples were on fire. Breath caught in my chest and I writhed as the unholy heat doubled then tripled. Then quadrupled! Centered on my nipples and spreading rapidly through my breasts, it felt like I was being branded. I was left for minutes, my eyes popping out and sweat breaking out all over my body. At long last the burning sensation began to ease. My muffled moans decreased, and my nipples hotly throbbed in time with the blood pounding in my temples.

Hands entered from the right. Something glinted. In morbid fascination I watched as steel clamps were applied to each of my nipples. Time and again the hands switched from clamp to clamp, accompanied by a small twist that pinched them ever tighter. Finally satisfied, the hands tested the clamps, tugging each one. I groaned again. It was maddening. After the heat treatment, it almost felt good.

The hands disappeared, and more hands appeared on my left. I had the strange thought that this had been done a hundred times. Everything was happening like clockwork as though I was a patient being operated on.

Coiled in one disembodied hand was what looked like rough hemp twine. A simple noose was fashioned and slipped over my right breast. Without a hint of concern, the noose was tightened until it pinched and the long end of twine wound around the base of my breast several times before being knotted. I gazed at my bloated breast, swallowing and watching it darken. It was completely bizarre. Like my breast had turned into a purple cantaloupe. I hardly even noticed the same thing being done to the other one. Hands appeared and disappeared. Some caressed my swollen breasts and some tested the clamps. Another pair attached wires to them.

Wires? Oh, no!

There were at least three or four of them. I shuddered on the cool metal. The table felt like one from a gynecologist's office, or maybe in a hospital. Were these people doctors? What is happening to me? What are they going to do? The hands were gone, but I felt eyes on me. They were close, watching me. I looked from side to side, but could see nothing. Someone spoke.

"She's just about ready."

Ready for what?

I heard footsteps approach. I hadn't heard them before. Another hand reached for my jaw and turned my chin up toward where a face might be. I tried to speak but all that came out was a fretful whimper. Again I heard the quiet evil snickering around me.

"Okay. Stick her."

No, please! What do you mean! What are you going to do?

I sobbed once and my chest shook. I needed to speak! There had to be some mistake! My mouth felt dry and furry. Swirling my tongue around, I tried to get the feeling back into my tongue. A golf ball-sized shape was in my mouth, behind my teeth, gagging me. Until that moment I hadn't even noticed it. My tongue lolled in my mouth, exhausted by the effort. I could feel straps going around my head, holding the gag in place. There were small holes in it. It whistled softly as I breathed right through it. Trying and failing to make words, I realised all I could do was moan. It was useless.

Hands re-entered from the darkness and I saw the needle. I tried in vain to escape its approach. A tear came to my eye and trickled slowly down my cheek. I thought I was watching a movie in slow motion. This can't be real. It came up to the left side of my neck and a hand on my forehead turned my face away. I felt the prick as it was pushed easily into my neck then withdrawn. I was stunned.

For a few minutes nothing happened.

The first thing I noticed was my mouth was no longer dry. I had started to swallow my excess saliva. Before long I started tingling all over and I could feel goose bumps on my skin. Warm and cool flushes swept over me as the sensitivity of my skin increased.

Fingertips began lightly caressing the insides of my straining thighs. I groaned and closed my eyes. They passed wetly over my open vagina and I trembled in shame. I raised my head and opened my eyes to look down my body. I swallowed again. For the first time I saw my denuded form. I had been shaved bare. The fingers explored me from my anus to my bloated clitoris. They glistened in the light, betraying my arousal. I heard more snickering. My head fell back to the table, jaw clenched, blushing to the core.

The fingers stopped caressing me. I fought not to shudder in pleasure. I was being pinched. Right on my clitoris. As the pressure mounted in my twitching clit, I realised it was actually being clamped. I looked down to see the same twisting motion of the wrist preceding each increasingly painful squeeze. The muscles of my legs began to vibrate in sympathy. At last the twisting stopped, and I watched in horror as another wire was attached to the end of the metal clamp.

I coughed on my saliva and felt drool burst through the gag to drip down my chin. My head fell backwards again and I moaned and swallowed. This was beyond my worst nightmare. A nagging repetitious pulse of pleasure began in my clit. My skin flushed and small contractions rippled through my pussy. A single droplet of moisture trickled down over the sensitive skin of my anus.

You fucking slut! You LIKE this???

I almost gasped at my thoughts. I never thought like that. I concentrated and forgave myself. It was the drugs. It was all the drugs. My pussy was wet and my clit was pulsing. My nipples ached atop my swollen breasts. My skin was tingling. Trickles of sweat made their way at the whim of gravity. And it was all right, because it wasn't my fault. It was the drugs. Some part of my psyche was being added to, or toyed with, or torn away. I couldn't move. I couldn't protest. I resolved to get through this alive.

My hair was matted to my forehead and my body was hot. A cool breeze wafted over my skin as though a nearby door had been opened and closed. I moaned as I felt the prick of another needle at the base of my clitoris. Tingling heat radiated throughout my groin and pelvis. My pussy clenched and more warm juice bubbled down over my asshole. A new haze began to cloud my brain. I turned my head, trying to mentally escape, and I drooled openly onto the tabletop. In moments an incredible pain enveloped me and I lost consciousness.

I awoke in a different position and by comparison was much more comfortable. At first I thought I was floating free. I tried to move and found I was held in place just as securely as before. Peering down, I saw wide leather belts buckled around my wrists and upper arms, holding them by my sides. My breasts had ballooned, turning faintly purple. My thighs and calves were supported in stirrups and were also bound by thick belts, still spread lewdly, but not as wide as before. I was thankful. There were whispered voices but I could not quite hear them. I rested my head again, forcing myself to swallow my copious spit.

My brain was still hazy. I thought I could hear an alarm clock buzzing in the distance that wasn't loud enough to get anyone's attention. It slowly dawned on me that the buzzing was coming from within me. I could feel it. I was jerked fully awake by an electric current searing through my flesh. My nipples and clit exploded in pain. My chest heaved and shuddered, my breasts shaking on my chest as my resolve buckled in pain. For a split second I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control my bladder. Then it stopped.

Sucking in huge breaths and blinking with fear, I sensed movement between my obscenely spread legs. I lifted my head. Standing at the apex of my thighs was a male torso, dressed in a lab coat. A small black box with dials was in one of his hands. Wires ran from it. His fingers moved over the top of the box.

As one of his hands twisted, I convulsed and cackling erupted around me. The pain in my nipples and clit was so intense I wondered whether unconsciousness would claim me again. His hand twisted again and the pain subsided, leaving a tingling chill that set my clit and nipples throbbing. With another twist, I threw my head back and screamed into the gag as my body shook. It stopped just as suddenly.

I breathed hard and felt more drool drip down my cheeks to my neck. I was sweating profusely now and my whole body flushed hotly. I heard whispering from close by. It sounded like I had cotton wool in my ears. Only the last few words were clear.

"All right. If you really can't wait."

Muted chuckling came from across the room. I looked in its direction. A hand slid into the hair on top of my head and took hold, pulling my face roughly back in the opposite direction. A large and very hard cock was wiped all over my chin and neck, gathering my drool as lubricant. I stared at it as it glistened, the latex clad fist sliding fluidly up and down its length. A voice above me chuckled. The hard cock slapped my cheek. Then it slapped the other.

The air seemed to press in on me as I watched with lurid fascination, constantly swallowing the saliva that welled in my mouth. The thought that it was a beautiful cock floated across my mind. Held in a gloved fist, the cock started whipping across my face. It was so hard I shuddered with each strike. I closed my eyes and was immediately hit with a jolt of current that seared through my genitals. My body convulsed and my eyes flew open. The current ceased.

The slapping resumed a bit softer. A gentle current started in my clit and my pussy tingled in pleasure. Slowly it increased until I started moaning. My clit was caught between pleasure and pain as my teeth bore down on the gag. I felt like I was going to cum. My eyes fluttered closed and the suddenness of the excruciating pain sucked the air from my lungs. For an eternity I was held in a purgatory of pain as the cock slapped my face even harder. The pain spiked and my eyes bugged open. It ended abruptly and the pleasant pulses returned. I swallowed insanely and a huge breath was sucked into my lungs. I resolved to keep my eyes open.

The beautiful cock was now being furiously stroked right before my eyes. Spatters of pre-cum flew in silvery loops, landing on my face and distorting the chosen trails of the perspiration trickling down from my forehead.

The fingers in my hair tightened as the cock expanded, growing thicker and longer. The latex fist stroking it accelerated, my face no longer being slapped. The grunting from above the cock increased in volume. Suddenly a great gout of white-hot cum flew from the end of the cock. It splattered across my face, bridging my nose and across my right eye. I shut my eyes and was immediately jolted. Just as quickly I opened them again, a string of cum stretched across my eyelashes. Another thrust through the gloved fist and the cock erupted again. Ropes of cum flew across my face and over the gag in my mouth. I could taste it coming through the holes and instinctively pushed it out, along with a mouthful of drool.

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