A Helping Hand


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Desc: Sex Story: He should have gone before he saw the doctor.


Copyright┬ę 2005, by Arthur Ellis. All rights reserved.

I was standing at the sink washing my hands when I heard the door to the washroom open. Glancing over I noticed a young chap come in. A bit odd - about half of this floor of the office building was vacant, and other than my one-man show, the rest was a doctors' office, staffed entirely by women. So it was a bit unusual to see someone else in the men's room.

Being fully aware of men's room etiquette, I concentrated on my hand washing, when I was interrupted by a tentative, "excuse me." I looked over at a clearly embarrassed kid - maybe 17 or 18, and noticed his hands. They were covered in crisp, new-looking bandages.

Blushing furiously he said, "I'm really sorry to ask, but I've really gotta take a piss, and I'm not supposed to get my hands anywhere near water until I can get some plastic covers on these bandages. Hell, I don't even think I could unbutton my fly yet, not without figuring out how to move my fingers under all this crap." He faltered. He couldn't quite bring himself to spit out the last bit.

I was taken aback. Other than changing my son's diapers, I'd never touched another prick. Never wanted to, either. Oh, as I got older I became more open minded about gays. But I wouldn't have ever classified myself as so much as curious. Not that the kid was propositioning me - I could see clearly that he was in a great deal of distress. If I didn't help him, he was going to have to make his way home with wet pants.

"Sure," I laughed, "I can help you out. Bet next time you'll piss before they screw around with your hands."

"Christ, you got that right," he stammered.

"OK, how do we do this? You wearing boxers?"

"No, Jockeys."

"Hmm. Well rather than my screwing around trying to fish you out of the fly, why don't I just pull everything down? That way there's less chance of an accident."

"Fuck, whatever. Just hurry - I can't hold it much longer!"

So I stood behind him and undid his belt, and then the button and fly on his jeans. Taking a deep breath, I slid my hands under the elastic of his jocks and pulled them about half way down. Then I reached around front and cupped my fingers under his prick. I pulled the front of his underwear down and whipped it out.

It was just in time. He was immediately pissing like a racehorse into the urinal. It was like I was holding a firehose. His relief was plain to see - he sighed and leaned back against me.

Since this was a once in a lifetime situation, and I was already holding his prick, I figured I might as well take a look. Soft he didn't look much bigger than me - maybe a bit thicker, but no longer. But he was uncut, which was new to me. Oh, I'd seen pictures - straight porn shows lots of cocks, after all. But I'd never seen an uncircumcised prick up close like this.

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