How Obedient Are You?

by Kiwiwolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: There are lots of surprises in store as my lady lives out one of her fantasies in an afternoon of domination and desire. Based on a fantasy of a very special lady friend of mine.<br><i>2nd person POV</i>

This is a huge departure from my normal style and content. I am not a Dom, although I do confess to very dominant tendencies when in the right company. This story is a tale of imagination based on the desires of a woman I know and respect very much, and as such it is dedicated to her. You know who you are baby. Thank you for the inspiration love and caring. Enjoy.

I have called you and you have come. You're wearing a short skirt, a tank top, hose, and high heels. You look fucking sexy baby and you know it. I slide my arm around you and pull you close for a long deep kiss. Our tongues duel and my hands drift over your gorgeous ass and back. I draw back and with a sweep of my arm, invite you in. You walk in confidently and take a seat on the couch. Crossing your legs your skirt rides up revealing the tops of your stockings and the strap of one garter. That's one question answered. My cock skyrockets into full hardness. You know I love stockings. I walk over to the shelves and pour you a Bourbon. Not a word has been spoken yet.

We both know why you are here. You want to know what it feels like to be controlled. To have everything taken from your control and to be used. You aren't looking for a Dom, and I'm not looking for a sub. We both want to see what this will be like. Your preparation for this day has been extensive. A complete shave was what I told you and it will be a matter of time before I see how well you have followed instructions. I also ordered you to have a session with your douche and enema bag. I want both holes fresh and clean for the coming event.

I move to the stereo and put on a compilation disc. Lives' "Lightning Crashes" drifts from the speakers softly. I pull a chair over in front of you and sit down looking into your eyes. I take a sip from my Scotch then put my glass down beside me.

Reaching forward I place a hand on each of your knees and still looking into your eyes, slowly but firmly uncross and spread your legs. I sit there for a moment until you relax and accept what is happening, then when I see you smile I slowly run my hands up the outside of your thighs. Your breathing deepens and gets a bit erratic as my hands roam up past your stocking tops and onto your warm bare flesh. You shift nervously, not knowing what I have in mind for you. Not knowing what I want to do to and with you. You know that I would never hurt you baby so that gives you a measure of reassurance. Still... you wonder. All you know is that before you leave my house this day, I will have rocked you with as many orgasms as you can handle.

You moan and your breath catches as my thumbs brush tantalisingly close to your moistening cunt. Your hips writhed forward to try for the contact you wanted so desperately. I could feel the heat radiating off your heated cunt and could begin to smell your sweet scent of arousal. I ached to drop down between your lovely thighs and bury my face in your hot pussy, licking and sucking on your hot wet lips and clit through the G String I know you are wearing. I maintain eye contact with you as my fingers tease the inside of your thighs. Your gorgeous eyes are wide open and your chin is lowered. I know this expression well. It is one you unconsciously slip into when you are turned on... when you want to be fucked hard.

I take my hands from your legs and sit back, grabbing my drink as I do. I take a leisurely mouthful as I do, then sit back on my seat and stare steadily at you. You haven't moved but you look puzzled. Finally I speak.

"Do you want to get fucked Baby? Do you want my hard cock in your hot, wet, and tight, cunt love?" I said it as gently as I could. "Do you want me to strip you naked and tie you to my bed then fuck you until you scream?"

You swallow and nod.

"I want you to answer Kitten. I want you to ask me to fuck you baby." I sit calmly and take another drink. Inside I am as nervous as hell. We have done the domination thing before but never like this. This will be a real test for both of us.

"Fuck me honey... please." You drop your head again, legs still spread and for the first time I look between them. I can see a wet patch on the crotch of your G String, which is clinging to the open lips of your cunt. I suppress a happy smile when I notice the G is the one that I bought you a few weeks earlier. My cock is painfully hard now but the way I am sitting means that you can't see it.

As my gaze travels up your body, I see your nipples, as hard as erasers, making large indentations in the front of your singlet top. I lean forward again and stare into your eyes.

"Today Kitten I am going to control you. I'm going to use you for my pleasure, and if you are good, I am going to make you come so hard you'll black out. Relax baby and drink your drink... you're going to need it." You moan and squirm in your seat then lean to pick up your glass with a shaking hand. You take a large swallow of your Bourbon, and when I light a smoke, you follow suit. I want you as relaxed as possible. Only then will you be able to enjoy what we are going to be doing. We sat quietly for a while smoking and drinking and just chatting about everyday things. You're relaxing more and more but to keep you on edge sexually I lean over occasionally and roll a nipple or stroke your thigh. My cock is hard enough to pound nails... I need release.

I finish my drink, stub out my cigarette and stand up. I take one step toward you and all of a sudden, my bulging cock is separated from your lips by only an inch and one layer of cloth. You know it's time. You moan and stub out your smoke, placing your glass on the table at the same time. I grab a fistful of your hair.

"Take my cock out Kitten." The tone of my voice leaves no doubt in your mind that you are going to do what I tell you... what I order you... to do. You reach out with a trembling hand and unzip me. Reaching inside you grasp my rock hard cock, gasping at the feel of it, and pull it out into the open. Looking up at me, you slowly stroke it as only you can do. Your breathing is ragged as you lick your lips and look back at my rock hard shaft and the purple head bobbing in your grasp just inches from your lips.

Still holding your hair, I reach down with my free hand and take my cock from your grip. You moan and look back up at my eyes, wondering if you have done something wrong. I keep the smile I am feeling to myself as I drag my cock across your face. As the head slides over your lips your tongue darts out trying to pull my cock into your mouth. I deny your demand and instead lightly slap your face with my hard cock. This shocks and surprises you. Your eyes open wide and you moan. I slap your cheek again with my rod. You moan again and your hands come up to grab my cock. I slap them away and slowly drag my cock across your face again this time leaving a trail of precum on your gorgeous cheeks and lips.

"Finger your cunt." You moan again and your fingers fly under your skirt. I feel your body shudder as you make contact with your wet cunt, then you moan again... a long drawn out groan of passion as your fingers slide deep inside you. Your skirt is blocking my view.

"Show me your cunt while you finger fuck yourself." I order you. Trembling you pull your skirt out of the way to give me a view of your middle finger sliding in and out of your glistening wet, slick bald pussy. You have followed directions as far as the shave went.

"Put another finger in baby." My command is uncompromising so you slowly insert another finger. You moan, your head falls back and your eyes close as another finger slides deep inside you. I allow you head to loll back for a while as I watch your fingers slide in and out, then with a yank on your hair bring your face up again so my cock head is nuzzling your lips. You moan your desire and I feel the vibrations travel through your lips to my cock head.

Looking down I see your fingers travelling faster; your hand moving in a blur as you rocket towards your first orgasm of the day. Your tongue snakes out and wraps itself around my throbbing cock. This in itself is almost enough to make me cum so I pull back slightly and strain not to empty my throbbing balls all over your lovely face. Reaching down with my free hand I cup your chin and squeezing slightly I turn your face up to me once again.

"Open your mouth." I rasp. You shudder as my words wash over you and your mouth opens, your tongue protruding slightly.

"Slide my cock into your mouth Kitten," I growl. You moan again and your eyes flash as your hand slowly comes up to cup and cradle my balls, angling my cock for an easy slide into your throat. You know how much I love having you suck me. You know you give the best head I have ever had, and from the look in your eyes, I know I am in for something extra special this time round.

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