How Obedient Are You?

by Kiwiwolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: There are lots of surprises in store as my lady lives out one of her fantasies in an afternoon of domination and desire. Based on a fantasy of a very special lady friend of mine.<br><i>2nd person POV</i>

This is a huge departure from my normal style and content. I am not a Dom, although I do confess to very dominant tendencies when in the right company. This story is a tale of imagination based on the desires of a woman I know and respect very much, and as such it is dedicated to her. You know who you are baby. Thank you for the inspiration love and caring. Enjoy.

I have called you and you have come. You're wearing a short skirt, a tank top, hose, and high heels. You look fucking sexy baby and you know it. I slide my arm around you and pull you close for a long deep kiss. Our tongues duel and my hands drift over your gorgeous ass and back. I draw back and with a sweep of my arm, invite you in. You walk in confidently and take a seat on the couch. Crossing your legs your skirt rides up revealing the tops of your stockings and the strap of one garter. That's one question answered. My cock skyrockets into full hardness. You know I love stockings. I walk over to the shelves and pour you a Bourbon. Not a word has been spoken yet.

We both know why you are here. You want to know what it feels like to be controlled. To have everything taken from your control and to be used. You aren't looking for a Dom, and I'm not looking for a sub. We both want to see what this will be like. Your preparation for this day has been extensive. A complete shave was what I told you and it will be a matter of time before I see how well you have followed instructions. I also ordered you to have a session with your douche and enema bag. I want both holes fresh and clean for the coming event.

I move to the stereo and put on a compilation disc. Lives' "Lightning Crashes" drifts from the speakers softly. I pull a chair over in front of you and sit down looking into your eyes. I take a sip from my Scotch then put my glass down beside me.

Reaching forward I place a hand on each of your knees and still looking into your eyes, slowly but firmly uncross and spread your legs. I sit there for a moment until you relax and accept what is happening, then when I see you smile I slowly run my hands up the outside of your thighs. Your breathing deepens and gets a bit erratic as my hands roam up past your stocking tops and onto your warm bare flesh. You shift nervously, not knowing what I have in mind for you. Not knowing what I want to do to and with you. You know that I would never hurt you baby so that gives you a measure of reassurance. Still... you wonder. All you know is that before you leave my house this day, I will have rocked you with as many orgasms as you can handle.

You moan and your breath catches as my thumbs brush tantalisingly close to your moistening cunt. Your hips writhed forward to try for the contact you wanted so desperately. I could feel the heat radiating off your heated cunt and could begin to smell your sweet scent of arousal. I ached to drop down between your lovely thighs and bury my face in your hot pussy, licking and sucking on your hot wet lips and clit through the G String I know you are wearing. I maintain eye contact with you as my fingers tease the inside of your thighs. Your gorgeous eyes are wide open and your chin is lowered. I know this expression well. It is one you unconsciously slip into when you are turned on... when you want to be fucked hard.

I take my hands from your legs and sit back, grabbing my drink as I do. I take a leisurely mouthful as I do, then sit back on my seat and stare steadily at you. You haven't moved but you look puzzled. Finally I speak.

"Do you want to get fucked Baby? Do you want my hard cock in your hot, wet, and tight, cunt love?" I said it as gently as I could. "Do you want me to strip you naked and tie you to my bed then fuck you until you scream?"

You swallow and nod.

"I want you to answer Kitten. I want you to ask me to fuck you baby." I sit calmly and take another drink. Inside I am as nervous as hell. We have done the domination thing before but never like this. This will be a real test for both of us.

"Fuck me honey... please." You drop your head again, legs still spread and for the first time I look between them. I can see a wet patch on the crotch of your G String, which is clinging to the open lips of your cunt. I suppress a happy smile when I notice the G is the one that I bought you a few weeks earlier. My cock is painfully hard now but the way I am sitting means that you can't see it.

As my gaze travels up your body, I see your nipples, as hard as erasers, making large indentations in the front of your singlet top. I lean forward again and stare into your eyes.

"Today Kitten I am going to control you. I'm going to use you for my pleasure, and if you are good, I am going to make you come so hard you'll black out. Relax baby and drink your drink... you're going to need it." You moan and squirm in your seat then lean to pick up your glass with a shaking hand. You take a large swallow of your Bourbon, and when I light a smoke, you follow suit. I want you as relaxed as possible. Only then will you be able to enjoy what we are going to be doing. We sat quietly for a while smoking and drinking and just chatting about everyday things. You're relaxing more and more but to keep you on edge sexually I lean over occasionally and roll a nipple or stroke your thigh. My cock is hard enough to pound nails... I need release.

I finish my drink, stub out my cigarette and stand up. I take one step toward you and all of a sudden, my bulging cock is separated from your lips by only an inch and one layer of cloth. You know it's time. You moan and stub out your smoke, placing your glass on the table at the same time. I grab a fistful of your hair.

"Take my cock out Kitten." The tone of my voice leaves no doubt in your mind that you are going to do what I tell you... what I order you... to do. You reach out with a trembling hand and unzip me. Reaching inside you grasp my rock hard cock, gasping at the feel of it, and pull it out into the open. Looking up at me, you slowly stroke it as only you can do. Your breathing is ragged as you lick your lips and look back at my rock hard shaft and the purple head bobbing in your grasp just inches from your lips.

Still holding your hair, I reach down with my free hand and take my cock from your grip. You moan and look back up at my eyes, wondering if you have done something wrong. I keep the smile I am feeling to myself as I drag my cock across your face. As the head slides over your lips your tongue darts out trying to pull my cock into your mouth. I deny your demand and instead lightly slap your face with my hard cock. This shocks and surprises you. Your eyes open wide and you moan. I slap your cheek again with my rod. You moan again and your hands come up to grab my cock. I slap them away and slowly drag my cock across your face again this time leaving a trail of precum on your gorgeous cheeks and lips.

"Finger your cunt." You moan again and your fingers fly under your skirt. I feel your body shudder as you make contact with your wet cunt, then you moan again... a long drawn out groan of passion as your fingers slide deep inside you. Your skirt is blocking my view.

"Show me your cunt while you finger fuck yourself." I order you. Trembling you pull your skirt out of the way to give me a view of your middle finger sliding in and out of your glistening wet, slick bald pussy. You have followed directions as far as the shave went.

"Put another finger in baby." My command is uncompromising so you slowly insert another finger. You moan, your head falls back and your eyes close as another finger slides deep inside you. I allow you head to loll back for a while as I watch your fingers slide in and out, then with a yank on your hair bring your face up again so my cock head is nuzzling your lips. You moan your desire and I feel the vibrations travel through your lips to my cock head.

Looking down I see your fingers travelling faster; your hand moving in a blur as you rocket towards your first orgasm of the day. Your tongue snakes out and wraps itself around my throbbing cock. This in itself is almost enough to make me cum so I pull back slightly and strain not to empty my throbbing balls all over your lovely face. Reaching down with my free hand I cup your chin and squeezing slightly I turn your face up to me once again.

"Open your mouth." I rasp. You shudder as my words wash over you and your mouth opens, your tongue protruding slightly.

"Slide my cock into your mouth Kitten," I growl. You moan again and your eyes flash as your hand slowly comes up to cup and cradle my balls, angling my cock for an easy slide into your throat. You know how much I love having you suck me. You know you give the best head I have ever had, and from the look in your eyes, I know I am in for something extra special this time round.

Your tongue flicks out and slowly caresses the head. I feel the hardness of your tongue stud contrasting nicely with your soft warm tongue as my cock slips between your beautiful lips and into your wet hot mouth. Now it's my turn to moan as my cock slides deeply and slowly into your throat. I feel the vibrations roll through my hard member as you moan and it takes every ounce of my will power not to come right then. Your fingers grip my ass and pull me deeper in a talon like grip. I moan as the root of my shaft comes to rest pressed against your lips. Slowly you draw back until only the head of my cock is in your mouth. Your tongue starts lashing the head of my cock; the tongue stud weaving its magic across my taut skin. Then your mouth drives back down over my hard cock and I'm buried in your throat again. I feel the rubbery ring of your throat muscles ripple and contract around my shaft as you swallow around my cock. It's almost enough to make me come. I hold off knowing the best is yet to come.

You maintain eye contact with me as you take up a steady rhythm, taking quick breaths on each back stroke as my hard cock slides deep into your throat then back to just nestle inside your wet sucking mouth... your tongue lashing my head before you plunge back down the shaft. I'm rapidly approaching my climax, and you know this. You speed up your strokes while your fingers drift between my buttocks and slide towards my asshole. I groan as your middle finger makes contact with my puckered anus, stroking... searching. It's too much. I tense and moan. From experience you know what is coming, and I hear your moan as your hand starts to fly up and down my shaft. I can't hold back.

You slide my cock from your mouth and moan, "On my face baby... please... on my face."

My fingers, wound in your hair, pull your head back so your face is upturned and your open mouth, your cheeks and your chin become my target as I erupt. My stomach muscles contract and my hips buck as the first gout of cum flies from my cock to splash into your mouth and dribble onto your lips. My second shot paints your chin and lips; a small pool gathering on your tongue. I direct my third and fourth shots at your cheeks. My thighs are so tense I am shaking. Your moans come to me through a fog of lust. A few more stuttering spurts and my orgasm is done. I stagger for a moment and look down. Your face is glazed with my cum; tendrils of semen drip from your chin and stain the front of your tank top.

I drop to my knees facing you. Pulling you to me I kiss you hard... passionately. Your cum coated lips part and my tongue slithers inside to wrestle with yours. I can taste myself on your lips and tongue and wonder, not for the first time, why you crave the taste of my cum. Your face is flushed and you are panting. I'm reminded that to keep this right for you I can't afford to rest. I need to keep the momentum going... to keep you on the back foot so to speak. I stand on still shaky legs and look down at you still on your knees. You look gorgeous... breasts heaving, the upper slopes covered in a splatter of cooling cum. You look deep into my eyes then reach for my softening cock. Bringing it to your face you use it to wipe the runnels of cum towards your lips, then into your mouth. When you have cleaned up as much as possible you suck my cock into your mouth and clean it off... your tongue tempting another hard on from my cock.

I pull away knowing that I need more time to recover to be able to do justice to what I am going to subject you to. Reaching down to you I grasp your hand and pull you to your feet. I walk you slowly through to my bedroom where everything lies waiting but concealed. I've thought this out in detail. This needs to be right for you.

I sit in the armchair in the corner of my room. You stand in the middle of the room, head down fidgeting nervously as I sit and just stare at you. The music from the stereo is being piped through to the speakers in the bedroom keeping the mood which was established in the lounge. I sit there for a few minutes, letting your tension build as you wait for my next move.

"Open the top drawer of the dresser and take out the item's you find in there." I watch as you walk to the dresser and open the drawer. You flush and a small gasp bursts from your lovely lips as you see for the first time what I have in store for you.

"Take them and put them on the bed, then get on your knees and wait." I deliberately keep my voice as emotionless as possible as you reach in and remove the toys from the drawer. Padded handcuffs, anal beads, a leather paddle and two large heavily veined, cock like vibrators end up on the bed. You slowly lower yourself to the carpet in the middle of the room and kneel with your hands in your lap, head down, once more waiting.

Standing I walk over to you and slowly walk around you; inspecting my prize. Your head stays down; your breathing quickening as I stop in front of you. I reach into my back pocket and withdraw my switch blade. The snick as the blade opens and locks into place catches your attention and look up to see the blade hovering inches from you. Your breath catches in your throat as you watch the blade; mesmerised by the back and forth movement of the polished length of steel, you follow it's movements like a mongoose watching an angry cobra.

"Stand!" The order is given in a soft yet firm voice. You do as you're told, your eyes never leaving the blade. Your eyes widen and lock with mine as I lift the blade and softly trace the tip of the blade across the soft skin of your beautiful face, always careful not to cut you. My aim is not to hurt you. The trust you show as you stand immobile moves me and I smile gently.

"Good. Trust is something you're going to have to have a lot of in the next few hours baby. Now... stay still." I reach for the strap of your black bra and with one swift move slice through it and reach for the other bra strap. I cut it, then pull the front of your cum-splattered tank top down exposing your breasts, still nestled in the lacy cups. I grab the material between the full cups and slice through it; the blade making a soft hiss as it slides easily through the fabric. I pull the ruined bra free and drop it on the floor. You moan as I replace the soft tank top, covering your erect nipples. I maintain eye contact with you as I return to sliding the knife point across your soft skin, this time the skin of your chest. Your hands fidget at your sides as you deal with the sensation flowing through your body. Your nerves are taut as you struggle for control over your impulses. You want to reach for me but know it would be the wrong thing to do at this moment. You want this as much, if not more than, I do.

Your body quivers with tension as the knife tip traces a path down over your chest and over your fabric covered breasts, circling around your erect nipples then down to your waist. The hard driving strains of One by Metallica fill the room as I step behind you and slip the knife blade under the waistband of your skirt. With a swift, smooth action I slit it from waistband to hem and step back as it falls to your feet. You moan quietly as I close and slip the switchblade back into my pocket. The cool air raises gooseflesh on your taut quivering buttocks. Slowly and very softly I run my palm across your warm ass, dragging another moan from your lips. Your hands clench and unclench at your sides as I slowly torment you. You want my cock and you want it now.

You're going to have to wait.

Now clad only in your tank top, G string, suspender belt and stockings, you look nervous. You know you have asked for this. We have discussed it and this is what you want. Still it has just come home to you that your fantasies are about to be fulfilled.

"Put on the cuffs." The command is quiet but a command nonetheless. You obey without question, moving to the bed and strapping on the padded leather cuffs which are linked by two strong steel clips. I notice your hands shaking on the buckles as you fasten them. You leave the clips unfastened and stand with your hands out waiting for me to decide where I want your arms; in front of you or behind. My voice is hoarse as I give you your next command.

"Behind your back." You comply immediately and I walk slowly around behind you and fasten the clips of the cuffs. Your shoulders are pulled back, thrusting your hard nippled breasts up and forward. It's time to lose the tank top. The knife comes out once again and you shudder as you hear the snick as the blade springs out of the handle. With infinite slowness I position the blade between the creamy skin of your back and the soft, worn fabric of the tank top. The double edged blade lightly grazes your soft flesh and you moan at the sensation. Then you hold your breath as the knife slides easily through the fabric with a soft hiss. The two halves of the garment lie limply against your back as I move to the side waving the blade so you can see its gleaming surface from the corner of your eye. With two swift sure moves it slices through the spaghetti straps and the top falls at your feet leaving your heaving breasts totally exposed to my hungry gaze.

I step in close behind you so that my hard cock is pressed firmly into the cleft of your buttocks. Your cuffed hands make contact with my cock through the fabric of my pants and you grasp it with another moan. I pull away and reach around quickly to grab your nipple ring which I pull slowly and steadily outwards from your body. Your whole breast lifts and moves with the pressure exerted on your nipple.

"Oh God! Please... fuck me!" There is nothing I want more but it's not the right time yet. I have a few more surprises in store for you. Some you have talked about when we discussed our fantasies; a couple are gambles on my part. Big gambles.

Reaching around you with my other hand I grip your un-pierced nipple... hard. With a squeezing, twisting motion I have it fully erect in no time. I release your nipple ring and reach into my pocket again. This time my hand emerges holding a wooden clothes peg with a strong spring. In seconds I have it clamped onto your gorgeous hard nipple. As I release the pressure on the ends of the peg your breath escapes you in a long hiss and your knees buckle as the force of the spring is transmitted to your sensitive bud. Your cuffed hands scrabble behind you at my belt but I move just out of range. Your whimpers are a mixture of passion and pain. From experience I know you love the feeling... we just haven't experimented with the duration of your nipple's imprisonment. We are about to find out your limit.

"On your knees baby." Your legs are shaking as you drop to the carpet and assume the position of submission; knees spread, shoulders back and head down. I remain silent as I move around you, pausing only to grab the soft leather blindfold from the chest of drawers in the corner. My eyes never leave you as I walk around the perimeter of the room and I'm pleased to see that your head remains down as you obviously resist the temptation to watch my movements. Once again I move behind your captive near naked body. You gasp as I slip the soft blindfold over your eyes and adjust it until I'm certain you can see nothing. A quick glance at my watch tells me that I am about twenty minutes ahead of schedule... I have time to kill. I want your mouth again.

Your moan is long and loud as you hear the soft sound of my zipper descending. I reach inside and pull out my semi hard cock. Stepping forward I drag it softly across the skin of your beautiful face, avoiding your lips which open hungrily seeking the familiar feeling of my shaft in your mouth. You love sucking cock. Love everything about it. You crave the taste of my cum and the feeling of power and control you normally have when sucking on my cock. Today the stiletto is on the other foot. Today I have all the control... all the power.

My cock hardens rapidly as I stroke it a few times priming it for what is to come. You moan as my cock once again flirts with your open lips and pierced tongue which has joined in the search for my cock. Your breath is coming in short gasps as I lift my cock from your face and hold it poised just inches from your face... then with a quick flick of my wrist I use it to slap your face. You shudder and moan... a soft almost mewling sound as I repeat the action. Your head is up now offering the soft skin of your lovely face up as a better target for the slaps I am dealing out with my hard cock. I check my watch again and see that I have only fifteen minutes to wait. I'm going to make the most of it.

"What do you want slut? Tell me what you'd like me to do with my cock." The words are harsh and I'm not sure if they sound convincing. The whole idea of using degrading language with you is new to me but I know how much it turns you on so I persevere. "Do you want my cock in your mouth my little cumslut?"

"Oh God yessss... please... fuck my face baby! Fuck my mouth hard! Fill my mouth with your cum lover!" Your voice is a ragged hiss as you beg for my cock.

I reach for your hair and grab a fistful on either side of your head. You know what's coming and brace yourself eagerly, mouth wide open and head back as far as you can stretch it. At the same time you lean forward to give me a smoother channel for my cock to slide down your throat. My cock bobs with every beat of my heart as I move my hips forward slightly and nudge your lower lip with my swollen head. Yet another moan escapes your lips and that is the catalyst I have been waiting for.

Without any finesse at all I lunge forward, burying the first three or four inches of my shaft once again in the warm wetness of your mouth. The swollen head hits the entrance to your throat and I feel your gag reflex activate. You fight and overcome it as I pause allowing you time to adjust. Then with one continuous firm thrust I bury my cock in your throat using your hair to pull your face forward at the same time. I freeze with my cock in your throat, feeling your muscles move around me as you reflexively try to swallow the obstruction in your elementary tract. Your nose is pressed tightly to the smoothly shaved skin of my crotch for the second or two it takes for you to become accustomed to my shaft. Then with infinite slowness I withdraw my cock until just the engorged head is in your mouth. I stop and brace myself and you know what's coming next. You quickly swallow the build up of saliva in your mouth then let your head go completely relaxed on your lovely neck. You're ready.

Taking a firmer grip on your hair I pull back with both hands impaling your throat on my cock! Then as quick as I buried it, I pull you back off my throbbing shaft. Then bury myself again. The rhythm is set. Using your hair as reins I face fuck you. There is nothing romantic or subtle about it. Just pure, unadulterated animalistic fucking. I'm using your face as a tool to get myself off and from the way your thighs are opening and closing in your kneeling position; I know you're loving every minute of it. I can smell your scent as I fuck your throat with long savage strokes and the sound of your moans briefly overwhelms the music still drifting through the sound system. The vibrations from your moans reverberate through the shaft of my throbbing cock and send a message to my balls that climax isn't far off. I look down at you and the sight is one of beautiful savagery. Cuffed and blindfolded, with a clothes peg on one nipple and a gold ring through the other... kneeling there totally submissive as you take my brutal throat fucking... whimpering with pleasure and trying to squeeze your thighs together tightly enough to induce the orgasm you so desperately crave. I have never seen anything as beautiful or as erotic in all my life. The sight of the shaft of my cock pistoning in and out of your mouth is merely the icing on a very gorgeous cake. My thighs start to tremble as my strokes shorten. You know the signs and groan deep in your throat as you lean forward a fraction taking even more of my cock. That is the final straw. My balls draw up tight within my body and I lunge forward burying my shaft in your throat as the cum boils out of the head of my cock, flooding your throat with its thick salty stickiness.

The contractions of your throat muscles as you swallow drag another huge gout of cum from my balls as I draw back slightly so that you can get a taste of what you crave as it fills your mouth. I release your hair and my hands fall limp at my sides as you lunge forward to bury my shaft in your throat once more. Your tongue lashes the underside of my cock as you tease out yet another burst of semen from my throbbing erection. I feel the hard steel ball of your tongue piercing on my sensitive skin as my orgasm peters out and finally subsides. With a moan and a small shudder I withdraw my cock from your hungry lips and drop to my knees in front of you. Reaching forward, I cup the back of your head and gently pull your lips to mine. I kiss you softly, with all the love I can muster. My tongue gently insinuates itself between your lips and I taste and feel myself coating the inside of your mouth. My free hand softly strokes your face as I marvel at just how lucky I am to have you. Any conflicting feelings I had over the way I was treating you are gone as I realise that you are getting as much pleasure out of this as I am. And it was by your request that we have arrived at this day... these events.

Gently I remove the clothes peg from your swollen nipple and you groan deeply as the blood floods back into the tender abused flesh. A quick glance at my watch tells me I have less than five minutes until the main event. With one final kiss I pull away and stand tucking my cock back into my pants and zipping up.

"Are you ready to be fucked my little slut?"

"Oh god yessss!" comes your breathless reply. You are back in your original submissive kneeling position as I inspect you before turning and walking from the room after delivering a curt "Wait here!"

I walk straight to the front door which I open. Mike is waiting as arranged. As I open the door, a grin splits his ebony face. A quiet high five and exchanged whispered greetings and Mike enters the room. In reality Mike fills the room. At 6 foot 5 he weighs around 255 lb of solid muscle. We have discussed the plan for the day ahead of time so Mike knows what to expect as we move back into the bedroom shedding his clothes as we go. I can't see the sense in being the only person in the room that is still clothed so I strip as well. Silently we enter the room and stand looking down at you.

You are in exactly the same position I left you in. Your head is down turned and your knees spread on the carpet. Your nipples are an angry red and exceptionally hard and a quick look between your spread thighs reveals your cunt... wide open and slick with the juices you have leaked during the last half an hour or so. Mike can see it too. His reaction is predictable as his massive cock lengthens and fills with blood. His erection is truly huge and I wonder with a bit of anxiety whether or not you will be able to handle what is coming. My own cock is by no means small but it is dwarfed by the sheer massiveness of Mike's prick. You have no idea that I'm not alone but you have picked up on the fact that you are no longer on your own. Your head turns slightly trying to pick up the smallest sound coming from me and Mike.

Mike moves around you, much as I had done a few minutes before, inspecting his prize. You know he's there and it is reflected in the straightening of your shoulders and your attention to your overall posture. You still think it is just going to be you and me. You're in for a shock... a big shock. It is the first of my gambles and I'm praying frantically that it is going to work out well. Mike takes the question out of my hands as he steps forward and takes a handful of your hair and gently pulls your head back. His free hand drifts gently across your face and you moan softly in appreciation. Then you stop. You stiffen suddenly as you realise that the hand that is stroking your face is a lot bigger than mine.

"Honey? What..." Your words are cut off as Mike's slap lands firmly on your cheek with just enough force to startle you into silence. He is experienced with discipline and punishment.

"You'll speak only when you are spoken to slut!" His rich deep voice shocks you and I see you start to tremble in a mixture of fear and excitement. At least I hope it's excitement.

The entire tableau that's laid out before me is intensely erotic. You kneeling, naked except for the stockings and heels you still wear, in front of an immense black man; his massive cock bobbing just inches from your trembling lips. The time has come to record this for posterity. As Mike continues to play his fingers across your face I walk to the dresser and press a button on the remote lying there. The red record light blinks to life on the front of the digital video recorder on the tripod in the corner. Its positioning will pick up all the action in the room. Mike turns and grins at me then turns back to you and reaches for your nipple ring. Gripping it firmly he pulls the nipple out and up from your body. You gasp and moan once again as your heavy swollen breast is lifted up to hang from the nipple ring in his fingers. Your tongue emerges from your mouth and licks across lips suddenly parched. Mike grips your other nipple in his free hand and gives it the same treatment. While trying to maintain the contact between your heels and buttocks in your kneeling position, your body strains upwards to relieve the pressure on your nipples. Mike turns to me once more and nods. It's time for me to do my thing. There is a bit of preparation needed for what is coming up.

Grabbing the tube of KY Warming Gel and the small vibrator from the drawers beside the bed I move behind you. You know for a fact now that there are two men in the room with you. Your breathing quickens and you groan in anticipation. This is a fantasy that we have discussed in detail but you have no idea of how far we are going to take you today. To be honest, I have no idea how far we will take you today.

Kneeling behind you, I push you up and forward so I have access to your ass and pussy. Smearing a liberal dollop of the lubricant on the head of the vibe I stroke it across the small puckered rosebud winking at me transferring the lube to your asshole. Your moan comes deep long and clear as your sensitive asshole is stimulated. Spreading more lube on the head of the vibe I slowly insert it into your ass with long steady pressure.

"Oh fuck yessss..." Your words are followed by a sharp slap from Mike.

"You don't speak slut! You'll have to learn quicker that that baby or we'll have to teach you." Your panting moan is his only answer as I bury the last couple of inches of the vibe in your ass and turn it on high. Immediately your hips buck and you nearly topple from your position on your knees. I see you struggle with your cuffs, straining to get your arms back in front of you so you can stimulate your clit enough to have the orgasm which hovers just out of your reach. I can only imagine the sexual frustration that you must be enduring. Blindfolded and cuffed you can't participate in what we are doing to you... you can't even see who your second tormentor is. You've seen him before but have never been introduced. All you know about Mike is that he turned you on when you watched him fuck another bound woman at the swingers club a few weeks back. Our sex that night had been the most incredible I had ever experienced... until now.

"Open your pretty mouth my little slut! I'm going to enjoy some of that lovely throat of yours." Mike's voice is a low growl as he prepares to give you your second face fucking of the day. Your mouth opens and you mewl as the tip of his cock touches your lips. He wipes his head around your lips as he gathers your hair in his fists as I did earlier. Then he pulls back and hovers, his engorged head just scant inches from your mouth, then with a mighty lunge he fills your gorgeous mouth with meat. I hear your gagging and see the contractions of your throat. It must be choking you as it slides into your throat yet you lean into the next savage thrust once again angling your throat for better penetration. Standing beside you, I watch in awe as Mike's cock is buried balls deep in your throat... your lips nestled against the flesh of his crotch. His cock is much bigger than mine yet you have taken it... you have taken it all. Mike grunts as he withdraws his shaft from your clinging throat then slides it back in. He picks up the pace and soon has a steady rhythm going. He uses his hips in a steady thrusting motion instead of my method of pulling your face to me by your hair. Your chorus of moans, groans and grunts reverberate in my head as I watch the savage face fucking going on in front of me. Your saliva drips in long tendrils from Mike's shaft as he withdraws it fully from your mouth before plunging it back in to the base. I hear your gurgling breath when he increases the pace as he nears his climax. Kneeling down beside you I reach between your legs and with no finesse whatsoever I thrust two fingers deep into your cunt while applying pressure to your engorged clit with my thumb. Through the thin wall separating your anus from your cunt, I can feel the buzzing of the vibrator. I can only wonder at what it must feel like to you. Mike's bellow echoes through the room as he lunges forward, filling your throat as he cums. At the same time I feel a hot rush of liquid gush over my palm as your orgasm slams through your beautiful bound body. Your scream, muffled by Mike's cock and his copious load of cum, joins Mike's bellow to create an exceptionally erotic symphony. My own cock throbs as I continue to slam my fingers deep into your bucking body. The sight of your throat working to swallow Mike's load only adds to the intense eroticism of the moment. I can hardly wait for the main event.

Finally after what seems like an eternity Mike has finished. His knees buckle as he pulls out of your mouth and staggers over to the bed where he collapses panting. As I withdraw my fingers from your spasming cunt you sag back onto your heels gasping for breath as your body shudders in the aftershocks of your orgasm. A little of Mike's cum has escaped your hungry mouth and slides down your chin to hang poised to drop onto your breast. I gather it with my fingers and feed it to you feeling your tongue lap hungrily at the mixture of your juices and Mike's cum. I let you suck for a few moments then stand and walk through to the lounge again. I mix drinks for all of us and carry them back to the bedroom. You haven't moved and neither has Mike. Both of you have regained your breath and composure. Mike accepts the drink I offer him then I turn and hold your Bourbon as you drink. I wonder how your shoulders are holding up under the strain of being cuffed for so long.

After a few minutes I stand and motion to Mike to follow me back out to the lounge. It must look surreal to anyone looking in; two huge men standing naked in the middle of the lounge sipping drinks while discussing what to do to our 'captive' next. The discussion is brief and it is only a matter of moments before we rejoin you in the bedroom. Mike circles around you and stands close behind you while I step up to you and remove your blindfold. We want you to see everything that is going to happen.

You blink as the light temporarily blinds you and your head tracks left to right looking for our mystery guest. As your vision clears Mike brings his hand over your shoulder and into your field of vision. Your eyes widen at the sight of his big black paw wrapping itself around your breast and squeezing gently. Your eyes flick to me and silently implore me to let you speak.

"You can speak baby." A relieved smile crosses your face.

"Can I turn around and be introduced to the man with the huge gorgeous cock I just sucked?" A reasonable request that brings laughter from me and Mike. Mike releases your breast and steps into view. You gasp and turn to look at me.

"He's the guy from the club baby. Oh my God! How long have you been planning this?" I grin at your obvious delight.

"For a few weeks now baby. Now I have a question for you. How much do you trust me?"

"I trust you fully honey... why?"

Mike stands by idly stroking your breasts as we discuss what is coming.

"Mike and I have a few things planned for the rest of the day but they involve a lot of trust on your part. Are you comfortable with that?"

Your eyes show your uncertainty and your fear but I also see excitement and lust there. I also see love as you look deeply into my eyes. Slowly you nod and swallow. Leaning forward I kiss you deeply. Mike steps away to give us a little space and I take advantage of this, pulling you into my arms for an extended kiss. I also take the opportunity to unclip the cuffs that have kept you in a state of frustration for so long. As you pull away from our kiss you shake your arms and roll your shoulders to ease the tension still in the muscles. I seek one last confirmation that what we are about to do is all right with you.

"Once we start Kitten, there will be no turning back. Are you sure that you want this?"

"I don't know what you have planned for me but I trust you. Give me cock honey... lots of cock." Your smile is tender and loving as you finish what you have to say. "I love you baby." I return your smile and kiss you once more. I stand and look over at Mike. He is grinning in anticipation and slowly stroking his cock back to hardness. When I turn back to you all trace of tenderness has gone. I am all business.

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