by Daniel1

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Desc: Sex Story: Followup to The Visitor, a woman surprises her lover with her pet.

Her neighbors asked her to watch Charley again.

She had picked Charley up earlier that day and left him at home to go to work. Now, she was on her way home from work early. He was coming back today and she had a surprise for him. So, now she was driving her car, and her mind was racing with ideas about playing and being wild. She is a petite, really lovely, blonde... blue-eyed woman, with a girl next-door face. She is wearing a pearlized, lavender silk blouse and black skirt, riding high on her thighs. Her panty hose, shoes, and underwear are black.

Before leaving work, she had gone into the Ladies Room and used her nail file to open the seam of her hose that ran down, over her mound. She now has this opening split, and spread wide so she can rub her whining, very intense, pink vibrator up and down her panty covered lips. Her legs are spread and she is reaching with one leg to hold a steady foot on the gas. She is sitting very high so she can really watch traffic. But all else is the growing, pleasure intensity feeling that her vibrator is doing to her pussy.

A good spasm makes her crotch flex up and down a big one. She holds and then fucks up again twice on that little, vibrating plaything. Her mouth has drifted open. She sees where she is going, but her eyes are glazed. She begins to make these breathy, little moans, and fucking in earnest, flexing her waist up and down in a slow, sexy roll! She comes to a clear traffic area. So she relaxes and fucks, moaning out loud. The spasms are coming steadily now, becoming more irresistible.

She could cum right now! It feels so good! Oh but, she doesn't want to cum yet. She wants it to torture her! She wants sweet agony! So, she eases a little, not letting herself far down. Perfectly in control of her vibrator, she knows how to fuck it just right to get off a really good one when she's ready, when she can't stay in control.

She begins to think about him. She had never thought their lovemaking could become so much more intense. But living together had done that. They had moved in together and grown even more intimate and extreme in expressing their pleasure. They had done many things that they did not discuss with others. Like partners, competing for ideas, and teaming on fantasies, they achieved a hot, intense, confident love. They could go anywhere, counting on each other. And so, they did everything!

Thinking about him made her think about her dog. And, this thought stimulated such a sudden spasm that she flexed her hips up and wide automatically, legs spread, fucking that thing! Her whole body clenched with this spasm! A bleating cry issued from behind her clenched teeth!

Still, she didn't let go all the way! So close, her Cumming had been so close; but she still wanted more! She hadn't lost control! Holding the wheel with one hand, she set her vibrator down and reached into her crotch with her fingers to rub up and down over her pantied mound. Then she slid under to feel her very wetness and softness. Oh, her little pussy felt good! Alive with pleasure feeling, it felt wonderful to touch and pull, and every sensational stroke made it wet itself more! It was so drippy!

She used her hand to work her little skirt up higher on her hips, to make it easier to spread her legs. She worked her little panty to one side so her lips would be bare, and then reached again for her vibrator. With a good look around for traffic, she spread her legs wide and held that whiny, copper-nippled tip to her bare, sensitive sex. She closed her eyes, and her head rolled back sharply as the first touch hit her and caused a stunning spasm. The pleasure was intense with a slightly painful edge. As the pleasure increased, so did the pain until she was forced to let go. Then, each time she started fucking it again the pleasure would race along a little faster than the pain, seducing her to hold it, hold it!!

She was withstanding increasingly greater pleasure/pain! She knew what would happen. She knew that she would lose control and cum, holding it to her clitty, even though painful because she would be cumming all over her car seat!! And, the pain would be part of the pleasure! She had one final, conscious look at traffic, and then let go with her orgasm!

Charley was waiting by the door when she got home; he barked happily when he heard her key in the door. She told him to "Sit" and to "Stay" while she put her things down. As soon as she was clear, she squatted down to his level to pet him and tell him what a good boy he was. His nose crinkled as he sniffed her and she knew that he could smell her sex scents from playing on the way home. He followed her into the bedroom and watched while she stripped out of her clothes. She smiled to herself imagining him thinking about her THAT WAY when he saw her get undressed.

She put on a white tank top that she could wear without a bra and a white cotton thong, and looked at herself in the mirror. She had spent a lot of time out in the sun. But, she didn't tan brown, but took on the reddish blush color of a ripe peach, accented with soft, brown freckles. Her white panties and top made a lovely contrast. Her outfit was completed with a pair of denim short-shorts, little, white cotton socks, and her sneakers. Time to take Charley for a walk and some outside playtime.

She hooked his leash to his collar and they began to trot easily down the block. They had done this run before and moved in tandem very well. At the end of a couple of blocks they came to a wide street, and waited for traffic to ease so they could cross over. Here was a large field of several acres. She stopped at the sidewalk and watched Charley jump over the fence to run through this field.

Here, he let loose completely, reverting to puppy, and ran as fast as he could in frantic, happy, ever-widening circles. Every now and again, she would call him, or whistle. Each time she did, he would stop cold and look up to get a bearing on where she was, looking to see if he had to come back.

Each time, she waved him away, and he would careen happily off. While he was running around, she was running sprints of about 100 yards up and down the asphalt sidewalk, stopping periodically to link with Charley. The next time she called him, she waved him in and he came running to her.

He was hot and sweating, and carrying a few burrs. He was a big, muscular dog, about as big as her. He was a real nice looking dog, energetic, obedient, and happy. His tongue was hanging out wetly and he was breathing heavily, cooling down, and catching his wind. She loved this dog and really petted him and told him what a good dog he was; and he licked her faced and neck, licked her again and again. It reminded her of her plans, and she clipped on his leash.

They had both cooled off with the walk home. In the door, she reached for his brush, and took him in the kitchen. She told him to lie down on the cool floor, and he did. Then she thoroughly brushed him on one side, and then getting him to roll over so she could brush him on the other. In the process, she took out all his burrs and undercoat. She cooed to him telling him how cool this would help him to be. Whenever he would squirm, she would order him to be still, and make him obey her; and he would.

When she finished this chore, she looked at Charley a long time, and wondered if he knew what she was thinking. She decided he didn't. But, she knew that her man would be around soon, so it was time to get started. She wanted him to find her doing it.

The dog followed her into the bedroom again. "Charley? Do you know what I'm thinking? Hhhmm?" She went to her closet and took out a short, folding chair. As she unfolded it, the dog became very alert. She watched him stare at her as she began to take her shoes and shorts off. He whined once, and then again, trotting back and forth, sniffing the air for that special scent.

She told him to "SIT", immediately in front of her, and to "STAY"! She gave these commands in a big way. But he was a big dog, and that's part of what she liked about this. He didn't want to stay, but it's what he had to do. He whined a protest and then sat and stayed like he was told, not taking his eyes off of her.

She pushed her shorts slowly over the lovely curve of her derriere, wiggling, wagging her sex and teasing the beast, but leaving on her little cotton thong for a bit more teasing.

She sat in the chair. The seat came to just a few inches off the ground. She lifted her knees back, spreading widely, and hooked her legs over the little arms of the chair. The dog looked very unhappy, and wanted to be released. But he sat, looking at her, and he began to drool.

She loved that as she reached her fingers to her panty-covered crotch, rubbing softly on the outside. She loved stimulating him, and being in control. Her lips were still puffy from her earlier cum, and she was ready to go again. She pushed her fingertips under her panty panel and began to rub up and down, and it felt so good. As she did this, her head began to drift slowly, from side to side, and her eyes grew hooded with passion-heavy lids. Her sexy wetness began to leak from her. She used it to rub her lips, which made them respond even more to her caresses.

The more the fresh scent of her pervaded the room, the more Charley groaned and exerted himself to sit still. But he couldn't keep his drool from dripping in a long, slow stream from his mouth to the floor. When she saw this, it caused her to spasm and clench, and she felt a stream issue from her pussy and drip down.

"Oooohh, you like pussy, don't you Charley? You want to lick pussy, boy? Do you?" She asked in a teasing, sultry way. The dog was smart and knew she was teasing him, and he started to bark at her excitedly. She laughed at him and rolled her eyes at his reaction to her sex-play.

Slowly, she pulled her little gussett to the side to bare her spread open, wet pussy. She reached over it with her other hand, pulling her fingertips up over her lips and to her Clitoris. She whipped it slickly. Then she said, "C'mon Charley!! Lick Pussy!! Do it NOW!!

Charley immediately snapped free and lunged in with his tongue and his nose, and his great head, to start licking her pussy fiercely. She caught a great groan in her throat as he pressed in on her, and tongued her sex! He was big, pushing himself hotly on her, her back to the wall, forcing her to spread wider for him, wild to satiate the appetite she had provoked.

She knew it would be like this. She had deliberately teased him and wagged her sex in his face to get him to do this. She loved his big tongue and she loved his wildness. She knew she could control him, but she loved him going off on her like this. She was spasming and spasming, her hips flexing and thrusting upward and upward, fucking and fucking that great tongue!! Her legs went straight out and clenched and clenched, her whole body trembling on every clench!!

Presently, she began to ease. She had not lost control yet, but had come close! She pushed Charley back gently, petting him and telling him he's a good dog and to "Sit! Stay!" It wasn't easy, but he did what she told him to do.

I came in the door silently, and they didn't hear me. I could hear her, breathing hard, telling Charley to "SIT! STAY!" The bedroom door was open and I could see her just from the side, wiggling her hips seductively as she pulled her thong over them and down her legs to her ankles. She pulled downward on the spaghetti straps of her tank top until her breasts popped free, exposing her aroused nipples. She pinched them and wiggled with a grin. Then, she sat back in her chair and spread her legs wide. She may have been teasing him before, but not now. As soon as she said, "C'mere Boy!" his mouth was on her!!

I set my things down and began to take my clothes off in the living room, listening to her moans and encouragements to the wild way he was licking her pussy. I had wondered if she would do this with him alone, and I figured that she set this up to entertain herself and me in a new way. I was definitely entertained.

When I was ready, I stepped quietly into the bedroom to watch, and had to take myself in hand. Her sexy submission to the dog's tongue was breathtaking to watch. She acknowledged me with a passion-filled stare. But she was in such a state that she couldn't say anything. Her mouth never closed, but could only utter breathy moans. Her eyes could not continue to hold mine while the dog was doing what it was doing to her wet little cunt; she had to watch!

She was holding two fingers of one hand together over her clitoris, still too sensitive for the large, licking tongue. Occasionally, she would spread her fingers to get just a little tongue contact on her clitoral hood, and then close them when it became too much. She would sort of pull up and to the side with her fingers on her clitoris, both stimulating herself and getting his tongue to wipe wetly over her right lip, and then pulling to the other side to get her other lip.

She rolled her hips, constantly squirming and tongue-fucking until a spasm would hit her, causing her to hold herself in a spread, trembling, moaning, eye-fluttering grip.

He worked her juicing little mouth with great intensity while she would sort of use her two fingers to push down on her clitoral hood. This would make her opening round; and more and more of his tongue licked into her, penetrating her!

She was staring down, looking at what he was doing, cooing to him, and encouraging him. Her pussy was really wet with his saliva, and with her flowing wetness! He was rubbing his tongue longer and longer, going deeper into her! I knew from what she had told me, that this dog-lick was swabbing all the inner surfaces of her wiggling pussy, pulling with a long, slow lick out of her.

Again he penetrated her with his tongue as she groaned and shook, "OOOOGGGHHHH!!!!"

Soon, her protecting fingers would come away from her hooded clitoris, when her stimulation level was high enough. By then, She would be Screaming!

She was looking at my cock and smiling! I went over to her and stood close to her face, close to her wet, open mouth, and shining, blue eyes. If I bent down to her, just a little, she could take my plum, my cock-tip all the way into her mouth, or lave it from underneath with her tongue. It felt great! Her exhibition, her passion was intensely erotic and captivating!

I began to fuck her mouth with my stiff, swollen member! As I bent over, I wrapped my arm in an embrace around the back of her head, and with the other hand, tilted her head back. Then I fucked her mouth, and fucked her mouth, until I had to moan and groan at the way it felt, and at what I was watching!

She was stretched out between the two of us. As I watched I saw her hips flexing up, fucking up in rhythm with the licking and the laving of his tongue. Occasionally, her hips would jerk in an intense pleasure spasm. She was groaning more and more intensely, adding to the pleasures my fucking cock was feeling! As I watched, she took her fingers away from her pussy, and his tongue rubbed full length over her clitoris! Licking faster than in the beginning, a long, intense lick!

She suddenly reached over her shoulder to grab the back of her chair, bracing herself. Her hips wiggled and wiggled! She stretched and spasmed!

Whining and stimulated, the dog now worked on her clitoral area. Her moans increased and her fucking pussy was now rubbing up and down on his licking tongue, going faster and faster!

Her mouth slurped off my cock as her face twisted away!


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!" The cords on her neck stood out!

She was frozen except for her spastically, fucking torso! Her hips thrust and whipped several times until she climaxed in a stiff and trembling clench! His muzzle grew white with her cum-clots! She gradually came out of this grip, and took him fiercely by the ears to guide his fucking face, working off the rest of her orgasm!

Talking to him all the while, she was saying, "Yes, Pup!! Ungh... Ungh... Good doggie!! Ungh... UUNNGHH!! Real Good Doggie!!!!!! OOOHHH Lick pussy!!" She worked it! "Ungh... Ungh!!" and she worked it! "AAAHHH GGGOOODDD!!" until she squeezed it all out!

As she came down, she put her knees against his chest and pushed back, saying, "SIT... SIT BOY!" She insisted, and he sat back down.

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