Ashley and Tammy

by Dala

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, Swinging, First, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ashley a bored newly wed gets introduced by here newfound friend into dog love.

We, that is Tammy and I are both southern belles born and bred, Tammy looks like Nicole Kidman in the movie "Practical Magic" and I'm more of a Jennifer love Hewitt type. Our husbands Mike and Greg are submariners and serve on the same submarine, they frequently go on three month long missions to keep the world save. I'm recently married to Mike and moved in with him. So I'm a newcomer is this small naval community. I quickly became friends with Tammy who has showed me around and has taken me under her wing in general.

After long hours of masturbating and using every phallus like object in the house I long for a live cock. I call Tammy and ask her how she deals with the loneliness, Tammy invites me to her house to explain. When I have arrived Tammy goes to the kitchen to prepare some refreshments.

Meanwhile Nero, Tammy's impressive rottweiler, greets me. He walks towards me and presses his snout between my legs. Somewhat intimidated I carefully try to push him away. But he presses his bulky head forwards, spreading my legs apart with ease. As his snout slips under my skirt and presses against my twat I anxiously call to Tammy for help. She laughs when she sees my predicament and sits down besides me. She places a hand on my leg and with a reassuring voice says "give him some room" while she gently pulls my leg aside. I look at her amazed and Nero's laps his tongue across the thin fabric of my string that covers my twat. Tammy strokes the inside of my leg and coaxes Nero. Tammy grabs my string with two fingers and pulls the fabric between my outer lips exposing them to Nero who continues to lick me leisurely. I can feel his warm moist tongue scraping across my bald outer lips. It is repulsive but I'm overcome with awe and a strange sensation flows through my body. When Tammy pulls my string aside and Nero's tongue scrapes across my clit I snap out of it and beg Tammy to stop. Tammy leans back and removes her string, she pulls her dress off over her head and calls Nero who had continued to lick my exposed pussy. Tammy places one leg across my lap, parts her pussy lips with her fingers, giving me a teasing look and tells me to watch closely. As Nero starts licking Tammy's pussy her body shivers and she soon starts to sigh. This is obviously not the first time that they have done this. Tammy grabs her breast, she began squeezing the base and worked the mounds until she was just pinching the nipple. She would pull the nipple out until her breast was a tight cone and then let it go so it would snap back before she started squeezing again. She looked at me and begged me to suck her nipple. I'm no stranger to fooling around with women, I had my fun in the locker rooms during my cheerleading days so I complied. When I did I noticed Tammy's hand slide between my legs and she rubbed her finger across my clit while I sucked her nipples. Occasionally, one of her fingers would push between the folds of my outer lips and trace my pussy from bottom to top, giving an extra flick at the end when it passed over my clit. She had me squirming in now time and I sucked her nipples more fervently. All the while I watched Nero lap his broad tongue repeatedly across Tammy's pussy. Then after a few minutes Tammy pushed me aside and tapped on her chest while calling Nero, he reacts immediately by standing up and over Tammy, placing his front paws on either side of her on the couch. Tammy grabs his cock and slides the sheath back and a pink pointy cock appears. Tammy strokes the cock for a minute or so and then to my surprise guides him towards the entrance of her pussy. Nero starts throbbing instinctively and his six-inch cock enters Tammy with ease. Once again it is clear to me that they have done this before. Tammy once again slides her hand between my legs while Nero relentlessly fucks her. This time she not only rubs my knob but also pushed first one, then two fingers inside. They slid inside, then curl slightly so that the fingernails dragging along the skin on the way back out. I looked down at an amazing sight and I could clearly see Nero's purple red cock pump in and out Tammy's pussy. Tammy starts to pant and increases the vigour at which she twirls her fingers inside me and I too start to pant. Tammy grabs Nero's head and gyrates her lower body, she throws her head back and we engage in a passionate kiss. As Nero pumps his sperm inside her Tammy visible and audible climaxes. When Nero retreats Tammy runs her finger though her pussy and scoops up some dog goo and puts the finger in her mouth. When her finger pops out with a sucking sound she says that she loves to eat sperm, dog or human. She then takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom where Tammy and I take a shower together.

We caress each other bodies, pinching and sucking each other all over. Inevitably our mouths crept closer and we kiss, our tongues duel passionately and we rub each other's clit until we both climax. +

We open up a bottle of wine and prepare diner together, during diner a second bottle of wine is opened and I bombard Tammy with questions about her and Nero. She told me that it kind of had evolved, she looked at me and told the story. One day when I had climaxed from masturbating I lay spent on the floor. Nero had surprised me when he showed up between my legs and started licking my juicy pussy. I let him and climaxed again and again. The following days I had included Nero in my self-satisfaction and one day I spied Nero's cock. I played with it and Nero shot his load over my hand, Curious I licked up a droplet from my hand and found the taste surprisingly good. That evening in bed I played with the thought of sucking of Nero and have him shoot his wad in my mouth, my hand drifted between my legs as my thoughts ran wild. Unable to sleep I went downstairs to satisfy my lust. I let Nero lick my pussy and after I had climaxed I lay Nero on his side and sucked him until he shot his load in my throat. This had made me so hot that I had him lick me again for about a half hour in witch I climaxed more than once. Seeing Nero's cock sticking out I got on all fours and rubbed him until his knob was swollen. Then I turned around and wriggled my behind in front of him. Nero acted instinctively and mounted my, with some help Nero found his mark and his cock slid in. He fucked my like a dog (pardon the expression), fast and uncontrollably but I enjoyed every moment of it. Tammy explained that she likes to have Nero fuck her "doggy style". When she had finished her story she said that was only one way for me if I wanted to find out how it was. I knew what she meant, it must have been the alcohol and curiosity talking but I agreed.

We got back to the living room and undressed, Tammy called Nero and instructed me to sit on the edge of the seat. I did as I was told and Tammy sat down beside me, she guided Nero towards my pussy and within moments Nero was lapping his large tongue across my pussy. Tammy spread my nether lips apart with her fingers and when Nero's rough tongue ran across it a shiver of satisfaction went though my lower body. Nero raked his tongue up from my butt-crack to and over my clit. His tongue was so large and broad that he seemed to cover all at once.

Meanwhile Tammy was down on the floor to "prep" (get it entirely out of the sheath) Nero's cock. When Tammy signalled that Nero was ready I got all nervous again. When Nero stood over me I felt like a virgin again nervous but determined to go though. When his cock touched my pussy lips a shiver went up my spine. Nero, under the guidance of Tammy slowly slid inside and the anxiety soon started to fade away. When Tammy gave Nero some room he began to thump his cock fast in and out my pussy and the nervousness was gone. I was being fucked by dog, it was as repulsive as it was fantastic. It was incredible, completely different than anything I had ever experienced. There was no head or rim, just a smooth pointy cock that bounced easily in and out. The thought of him squirting his sperm inside me made me climax instantly. Tammy released Nero, who immediately started to batter my pussy, he kept ramming his cock relentlessly in me, no feelings or emotions just plain fucking, the tip of his cock nudging against the inner backside of my pussy until he came. When I felt his sperm rush inside I climaxed again. He pumped at least six loads of sperm inside me, much more than I had expected he was whacking his tail with each shot. Tammy smiled at me, she knew that I hadn't been prepared for that and from that moment on I knew I was addicted to dog love. When Nero retreated Tammy got on her knees between my legs and to my surprise started to lick Nero's sperm from my pussy. She kept licking until it was all gone and I had climaxed at least twice more in the process. Tammy said that now that I knew her secret I could help her with something that she had tried before but could not manage by herself. She wanted Nero to fuck her ass, she explained that sometimes she wanted her ass reamed but her husband Greg was to thick. I agreed to help her and we went to bed together where we rubbed each other once more to a climax before we fell asleep.

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