Quiet Desperation

by Severusmax

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: An unhappy husband turns to his wife's co-worker for some badly needed TLC.

Chapter 1

Paul was, superficially at least, a happy, reasonably successful man, with a pretty, buxom wife named Michelle, and 2 children- a son and an infant daughter. He was not, however, as happy as you may expect, with his lot in life.

His wife was not as bad as some, granted, in that she did want sex somewhat regularly, about once or twice a week, which was better than some men had, but she was also a loud, sarcastic busybody, who touted the "virtues" of monogamy, while hypocritically leering at male strippers and flirting with her male co-workers. What's more, she frequently ignored his opinions on things, took him for granted to a great extent, and insisted that no one, including him, was as hard-working as herself.

Paul was living in resignation to this mediocre marriage, until he met his wife's best friend, Vicki. Vicki did not quite meet Paul's aesthetic standards, in that she was thinner, had small breasts, and wore short, straight hair (although, admittedly, her hairstyle was still feminine, and matched her face rather well). However, she was a sweetheart, often smiled pleasantly, and had a wonderful laugh, a feminine voice, long legs, and a tight, well-shaped ass that seemed to plead for male attention.

Being Michelle's best friend, Vicki would presumably not sleep with Paul, even if he had asked, and he thought it best not to chance it. Besides, she was around Michelle so much, that there was little opportunity to act on any inclination to seduce her. Paul had to dismiss any ideas or fantasies he might have had about Vicki, and let her get away. It was just too risky.

Paul was groaning beneath the surface, ready to erupt at any opportunity to find a babe of a nicer disposition and get her in the sack. He was rapidly losing his sexual interest in Michelle, as she got less pleasant by the day. After days of arguing, it was hard to get it up for someone who had just screamed at him a few hours earlier. He was now at the point of picturing himself with other girls, including some of his wife's co-workers, and that was sustaining his erection for the moment.

It would not prove necessary for much longer, however, as his wife's boss hired a new worker, a 25 year old single mom named Stacy, who was as sweet as Vicki, not as connected to Michelle, and had curly hair, which Paul really liked. There was something special about the way that Stacy acted toward people, that made it clear that she thought in terms of being friendly. She was definitely a "people person", and Paul found that especially attractive, to the point that for the 2nd time in his marriage, he began to reflect upon the possibility of an extramarital affair.

The day that changed his fantasy into fact was a strange day for sure. Hearing that he was an exterminator, Stacy asked him to get her apartment rid of her termites, ants, and roaches. Michelle was not threatened by this, since she had complete confidence that Paul was not interested in Stacy, because she had smaller breasts than herself.

Stacy, naturally, had taken the day off for that purpose, and she was quite eager to see him start on the job. He worked hard on the project for several hours, until at last the bugs were all dead. When he went to get paid for the work, he actually stumbled upon Stacy changing her pants, which had gotten a few stains that she needed to wash.

"Oh, I'm so terribly sorry, Stacy! I didn't mean to intrude on you, while you change, so I apologize for the violation of your privacy."

"Ok, but it was partly my fault, for forgetting to completely close and lock the bedroom door. However, this is strangely not as embarrassing as I would have expected. I just find myself curious- did you like what you saw? You know what I mean, don't you? My panties, thighs, and the shape of my butt?"

"Yes, Stacy, I really did, but I'm wondering why my opinion matters so much to you. I'm a married man, you know."

"Married men have eyes, too, don't you? You have desires, attractions, and interests, like single men, I imagine."

"True, but I am wondering about the relevance of this matter, and about when I should go ahead and stop waiting for you to get dressed, and just wait for you at the kitchen counter, where you can pay me."

'Oh, yes, the money! Oh, God, this must be my day to be a ditz! First, I dress where a married man can see me half-naked, and then I forget the money! Here, let me just get it from my purse. Oh, I guess I'll have to bend over, if you don't mind."


She bent over as she had warned him, and he was shocked that she did so while he stood there and watched her. First of all, he ordinarily did not watch, but turned his head, and secondly, she presumably did not make a habit of bending over, half-dressed, in front of married men. When she got the purse, and took out the money, she found herself lingering as she paid him.

He noticed, too, but just went to the counter and settled up the rest of the bill, giving her a receipt, and telling her to sign. She was still in her top and panties, and Paul found himself getting kind of hard. Stacy caught that as she returned the pen to him, and her eyes began to seriously examine his dick for a second. He was pretty big, with a 7 and a half inch boner, which was not surprising for a fairly heavy guy like Paul, but was still quite impressive.

The thoughts that entered both of their heads about this heads all pointed to one thing. They were both dissatisfied with their sex lives, and indeed, their lives in general, and the idea of an affair with each other was beginning to appeal to them. After all, how much worse could things get? They would just be shaking up their boring, dull, monotonous lives, and enjoying some well-earned pleasure for once.

Stacy was fondling her pussy as she thought this, first on the outside of her panties, and then she slipped her hands inside them and began masturbating that way. That sight was enough for Paul- he was charmed by her sensual behavior and obvious delight in the idea of his cock.

"Stacy, if you are thinking what I am, it is dangerous, you know. I am a married man. Of course, my marriage isn't what I'd like, but you should just be aware of the risk. That being said, I still would like to enjoy you, at least this once, if that's alright with you. I'll risk it, if you will."

Stacy didn't bother to speak back to him, but planted her lovely lips on Paul's mouth, inserting her tongue as she kissed him. This French kiss began to increase his determination to fuck this sweet girl, and she looked at him with evident desire, indicating her intention of giving him her body for that day.

Since it was the end of his work day, and he didn't have to report into work for the rest of the day, he seized the opening to slowly move his hands down to her waist and slip her underwear down to her toes. As her bare pussy rested against his crotch, soaking it with her wetness, both of them kept kissing, let their bodies act for them.

Paul's hands began to massage Stacy's cheeks, causing her to gasp for several seconds, and touch his neck, hanging onto him as if her life depended on her grip. He found his hands wandering up to her top, and easily lifting it above her shoulders, until it hung from her neck. Stacy broke her kiss, finished the removal of her shirt, and then simply resumed, kissing him even more eagerly than before.

Her fingers gradually lowered to his shirt buttons, undoing them, and then she just pulled his workshirt out of his pants, removing it from his upper body. She then proceeded to unbuckle his belt, pull down his pants, and scratch through his briefs, slicing the front of them and making them fall to the floor.

He quickly reached down and undid his shoes, letting himself completely out of his clothes. As they were both naked, and quite aroused, the next step was inevitable. He simply grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs around him, as he entered her pussy standing up.

Stacy began to heave and moan, sighing as she felt the sensation of his sizable dick inside her vagina. Paul pushed her up against the counter and lay her down on it, so that her torso was resting on the hard surface, and the rest of her was entangled with him. This prevented her from falling, as he continued to penetrate her sex with his own. Stacy was in the early stages of her climax, as the delights of Paul's cock were affecting her intensely.

"Oh, Paul, honey, you're filling up my pussy so well! I hope that this isn't a one-time thing, big fella! Just keep fucking me, oh, God, that's so fucking great! Yes, more of that! Deeper inside me, please, with that wonderful cock of yours! You're both long and thick, and I just love it!"

"Thanks, Stacy! Wow! You're quite good at this yourself, you know! That willing pussy of yours is really tightening around my dick, getting it closer to cumming inside you! Oh, God, maybe I should withdraw in a little bit, in case you get pregnant!"

"Please don't withdraw, Paul! Cum inside me, Paul! Empty your balls into my cunt, I beg you!"

"I will soon! You're so damn warm and wet down there, I'll have trouble holding out much longer!"

"Then you'll fuck me often? Keep me as a girlfriend? I promise, I won't say a thing about this to your wife, just please keep me!"

"You want to be a married man's girlfriend- the other woman?"

"Yes, as long as I'm your 'other woman'! After all, we're both the other woman, as opposed to each other. I'll be your lover, if you let me, please!"

"My mistress, eh? Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I'm really going to stew in Purgatory for a long time for this, but I don't give a damn!"

"So you'll keep me, right?"

"Yes! Fucking A, yes! You're my mistress, Stacy, I promise you that, but I can't divorce Michelle, because I'm a Catholic."

"That's okay, because I just want your body and your love! I'm in love with you, Paul!"

"In love, already? Do you always fall in love with men that you fuck?"

"No, but I have 3 times. The first was my high school boyfriend, then my last boyfriend, and now, you!"

"I'll have to live a double life, but I love this too much to give it up! Oh, fuck me, I'm gonna cum now!"

As he said those words, Paul came, shooting a massive load of stored-up sperm into Stacy (it had been 5 days since he and Michelle last had sex). That in turn forced Stacy to orgasm herself, letting out a shriek that almost sounded like something out of Dante's Inferno. She didn't let Paul out of her yet, however, keeping her legs and thighs around him, and holding onto his arms, as she thrust forward against him, pulling him further inside her cunt.

"Oh, Paul, I want more today, please- just keep fucking me! Oh, I want more of you, and I don't care what it takes to get it!"

"Oh, Stacy, baby, I'll keep screwing you, 'cause you're just too damned good! How you did get so horny!"

"I have trouble dating, being a Mom and all. Lots of guys don't give me a chance! Oh, fuck yes, oh my God! You're really pounding me again, aren't you?"

"Yes, honey, I am going to keep fucking you, my sexy new girlfriend!"

Paul's cock complied with his intentions, hammering away at Stacy's sex with a rising enthusiasm. She was acting like she couldn't believe the extent of the pleasure that she felt, because it was just too great. She really pushed back against him as he slammed into her pussy, no longer attempting to be gentle. That's not to say that she wanted him to be mild about it, either. She was gladly taking it, excitedly accepting his dong into her twat.

For missionary-style sex, it was on the wilder side of it for sure, as witnessed by the sweat pouring their faces. She was still holding onto his body, pressing against him and helping move his dick into her cunt whenever it returned to her womanhood. He gave her a few more thrusts, and then he shot off his 2nd load of the night, inseminating her again. This time, however, his release had been so effective that it expelled all of the contents of his sack. He was empty and limp, and waited only for her climax, once again, to evacuate her womanhood.

Stacy wailed out her 2nd and last orgasm of the night, screaming out her ecstasy at the top of her lungs. Paul then eased his way out of her cunt, massaged her sore sex as well as his own for a bit, and then stood and started getting dressed.

Stacy didn't bother to put her clothes back on, yet, and she let Paul walk out of her apartment with the last image of her being her nude, apparently pleased body. She was even more ravishing, now that he knew what was she like, and he knew for certain that he would be back, to take good care of his 'other woman' when they both felt the need for that.

Paul didn't breathe a bit of this truth to Michelle, because he knew that she'd be furious. He just chose to be discreet, and let his wife think what she wanted, because she was wrong. He knew that way, more than ever. He would keep both women, and they would both get to use his cock, but his love now went to Stacy more than Michelle, and she would be the main person he screamed about, whenever he fucked his wife.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." Henry David Thoreau

Chapter 2

Paul thoroughly enjoyed his extramarital affair with Stacy, but the guilt had begun to affect him. He also feared being caught. The last thing that he wanted was a divorce, since it would mean eternal damnation according to his belief system.

Nevertheless, he couldn't bring himself to end his relationship with the single mom. Not only was she absolutely delightful in bed, but she also seemed to understand and respect him more than his own wife did. It was a terrible dilemma for the exterminator. He wanted to stay married and avoid getting caught, but he also wanted his mistress. He couldn't give either of them up.

Michelle, for her part, had an awful secret as well. She had gotten an abortion behind Paul's back, because she didn't want any more children. It was against her Catholic faith, but she justified it by telling herself that it was dangerous to have more children so soon after her last baby. However, she knew that this act would enrage her husband if he discovered the truth.

She also felt guilty about having secret sexual fantasies about her friend, Karen. She didn't know why she desired to fuck a woman, but Karen was a former co-worker who had always seemed to provide her with risqué humor and plenty of fun. Of course, she was also in an unofficial marriage with a man named Rick and she was about a dozen years Michelle's senior.

The idea of being bisexual confused and terrified her. She knew that she wasn't a lesbian, because a lot of men excited her, but she now doubted that she was straight. Some of her thoughts, such as bending Karen over and licking her ass, particularly frightened her. Why would she want anything to do with anal sex? That was dirty and sick! She never did stuff like that with her husband, even when he asked to rim her.

Stacy, meanwhile, had no worries beyond what Michelle might do to her if she found out about the affair. She could just picture the jealous fury on her co-worker's face. She DID feel some guilt, but she thought that the wife, in this case, had asked for it by taking Paul for granted. That was something that Stacy could NEVER do. He was too great of a lover to her for that to happen. After all, didn't she deserve to be happy with a good man, even if it meant that his sour spouse would be hurt?

Paul knew how his paramour felt about his wife, but he thought that it was a lot easier for an outsider to take a harder and more disinterested view of his marriage than he did. Of course, Stacy didn't regard the matter of pain for his mate to be that important; she was not obligated by vows and a sacrament to either of them. If he were not Catholic, it would only be vows and a contract, but he firmly held to the tenets of his church, even though he presently engaged in violating them.

So, while a seemingly strict Catholic wife and mother hid her abortion and Sapphic lust behind a confusing and contradictory façade, her equally fearful husband anxiously continued his adulterous liaisons with his mistress. He simply kept a tight lipped, placid appearance, while his worried spouse maintained her determination to seem simultaneously faithful and voyeuristic. Stacy just had a grin on her face that she refused to explain to anyone, especially her lover's official partner. She was the LEAST nervous person in that love triangle.

Nevertheless, secrets of such a powerful nature are difficult to keep, so Michelle let her cover slip on the matter of the abortion during a particularly angry dispute with Paul. He pointed out that she still seemed to hold a grudge against him for making her give him a 2nd child, when she snapped back at him.

"You won THAT battle, but you have lost the war! I'll NEVER bear you any more children! I've acted once to stop it and I will again if I must!" she thundered at a stunned husband.

"Mother of God! What the hell do you mean by that? How did you prevent it? Is that why our sex life has gone downhill? Have you been putting me off in the past week to keep from having more kids?" he demanded furiously.

"Partly. I was fertile last week, but if you had gotten me into bed, I'd simply have killed it like the last one!" she shouted.

"Kill what? What are you talking about? Did you have an abortion? Michelle, that's murder!" he probed with a mixture of panic and anger.

"Yes, I had an abortion. I know it's murder, but I don't fucking care right now. The child was better off dead than growing up with us. You're always complaining about my 'attitude' and I'm constantly mad at you lately. We're a terrible couple to raise a family and I REFUSE to have more rugrats anyway," Michelle declared.

"Yes, we do make a bad pair, don't we? Well, that's still no excuse for murder, dear. There IS such a thing as adoption, you know. Mind you, I'm in no place to lecture you about morality. I have to confess that I've been cheating on you," Paul responded.

"WHAT? Who's the slut? Who have you been fucking on the side, Paul? What's her name?" she screamed at him.

"Stacy. I've been sleeping with your co-worker. It started out as a fantasy, but I let it come true when I fumigated her apartment. It was wrong, but I can't stop doing it with her. I actually ENJOY her company in bed," he confessed.

"So, you're going to just keep fucking the tramp, are you? Don't I have anything to say about this? I'm your WIFE, for God's sake, man! You swore vows to me and took part in a sacrament in the Church! Now, I have to choose whether to put up with your infidelity and go to Heaven as a martyred wife or leave you and make sure that BOTH of us burn in Hell! There is NO SUCH THING as divorce for a Catholic; you DO remember that, don't you, Paul? You were in catechism. I can't divorce you! It's a mortal sin!" she yelled at him.

"Well, you can separate from me. I can move into the spare bedroom or somewhere else. Whatever the case, I don't need your sanctimonious claptrap right now! You fucking killed our baby! That's a far cry from an affair!" he retorted.

"Okay, but why? Why cheat on me? What have I possibly done to deserve such a betrayal? I've never been unfaithful to you!" Michelle demanded.

"Well, you sure sent me confusing signals about that, don't you? Of course, I never thought that you were ACTUALLY getting some on the side, but I wondered from time to time about that. I especially feared that you'd get drunk and do that. However, I'm not the model of marital fidelity anymore, am I? Be that as it may, abortion is a lot worse than adultery! I hurt a grown woman who happens to be my wife and the mother of my children. YOU, on the other hand, hired a so-called doctor who deserves to lose his license to kill an innocent child. Are you hiding anything else?" Paul declared.

"Well, maybe. How did my partying and going to male strippers mean that I was cheating, any more than your doing so made you unfaithful? Do you actually think that I would get so drunk that I would let some stranger seduce me? If anyone succeeded with me, it wouldn't be any of the strippers or guys at a bar. It wouldn't be a man at all.

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