Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Anne and I had been married for about 6 years then. We had an open marriage, a 60's kind of make love not war marriage! I enjoyed showing off Anne and she enjoyed the attention she got from people.

It was another hot Texas day! Anne, (my wife) myself and Tom decided to head out to the quarry for a swim. Anne was beautiful! I can still see her standing there with us, 5' 6", short brown hair in a pixie cut. Her tanned 34 22 34 body was almost covered in a tiny little bikini that she crocheted. What made it even sexier was the fact that she had never put a lining in it! WOW! When her nipples would get hard, they would stick through the openings! And the crotch was also unlined... what a sight there!

Anyway, Anne and I had been married for about 6 years then. We had an open marriage, a 60's kind of make love not war marriage! I enjoyed showing off Anne and she enjoyed the attention she got from people. She had her eyes on Tom for awhile now, and we both were pretty sure today would be "the" day! She had flashed her tits and ass at Tom several times and was sure that she had his attention! Today would tell the tale, that's for sure! We all rode in our car, me driving and Anne sitting between us. She had worn her bikini with a short terry cover-up. After we started out of town to the quarry, she untied the belt saying it was getting hot. Talk about hot, she was hot! Her nipples were hard and showing. Tom was watching her but trying to be discrete. He was not succeeding! Anne was busy talking with us, laughing at jokes, we were all having a great time! She would turn to Tom to ask him a question, knowing that he was staring at her sexy, perky tits and not really hearing what she asked! When she finally got his attention, he stammered something incoherently about misunderstanding the question! We both knew he was getting extremely turned on! The bulge in his swim suit was huge and now Anne couldn't help herself but to stare! As she would say something to Tom, she rested her hand on his thigh, only inches from his hard cock! She turned back towards me, brushing her hand even so lightly on his bulge! I swear it grew even larger then! This went on for the 30 min ride.

When we arrived, the gate was closed and locked, so we were pretty sure there was no one else there. I stopped the car, climbed out to get the gate, wanting to see what would happen, leaving them alone, even if only for a few moments... I took my time unlocking the gates and opening them. I motioned to Anne to get her to drive the car through the gate so I could lock in back up. It took a few moments to get her attention! I think that from the way she was turned towards Tom, there might have been just a bit of kissing going on! Toms face turned bright red, knowing that I had caught them! I waved Anne on to pull the car through the gate and just smiled and waved as they drove past! Anne pulled ahead, just around a curve. Don't know what she was thinking, but I had the gate closed and locked in record time! I ran up to the car, just in time to catch them trying to cram their tongues down each others throats! WOW what a sight! I stood there watching them for a minute or so. Tom had one hand between them, on her tit. He was squeezing it and pinching her nipple. Now, not many other women I know enjoy having their nipples mistreated as much as Anne! You can pinch her almost to the point of drawing blood, and it will make her cum like a freight train!! Any way... Tom happened to open his eyes and saw me standing there. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack! I smiled and motioned for him to just continue on! As I got in the car, I started in on Anne's neck and ear! You could just feel her starting to go into "melt-down"! She was getting so damned hot! She was being kissed so passionately and having her nipples pinched by Tom and I was caressing her neck and ears. I then reached around her and started to grab and caress the tit that Tom was ignoring! WOW! We were all getting too hot! I pulled back from her and started to car to drive on to the quarry. It was only a 5 minute ride from the gate and we were there before we knew it. They didn't stop necking and feeling each other up until I had the car stopped! We all sat there for a minute getting our bearings and wondering how each of us were taking this... I looked over and Anne and Tom and told Tom that we (Anne and I) have had an open marriage for sometime now, but we had never had a threesome. Anne then asked Tom if he wanted to join us... Tom hesitated for a minute or so... I told him that there was nothing to worry about and that Anne had been fantasizing about him for months now. He still seemed hesitant about the situation, so I said "Hell, lets just not worry about this and get out of this hot car and go swim and let things take their own course"!

No sooner than we were all in the water, we were swimming, and horsing around like crazy. Anne would swim up to me and give me such hot kisses, holding me tightly, rubbing her pelvis into mine! I was so hard, I probably could have cut glass! Then she would pull away from me and swim away! The next thing I would know, she was rubbing herself all over Tom in the same way! I know that there was no way in hell that he could be resisting her. Hell, I was ready to pull off her bikini bottoms and slick my hard cock into her right now! I've always seen her as the sexiest lady I've ever known! She has turned me on since I first saw her across the hallway in school, when we first met! But that is another story...

Anyway, we kept on swimming and flirting and fondling for a hour or so. We were starting to get water logged and decided it was time to head for home. As we got out of the water, I could see that Anne definitely had a reaction with Tom! His trunks were almost tented from his hard -on! I threw him a towel and told him to dry Anne off. The look on his face was pure pleasure. He got on his knees and started with her feet, gently rubbing and drying first her left foot and leg. Slowly working the towel up and around her sexy leg... Stopping just shy of his real destination! It was the same for her other leg, with the possible exception of being even slower! I could see Anne getting hotter and hotter the higher he got with the towel! This time he stopped just shy of her crotch again. Anne looked like she was going to kill him, she was so hot! Tom gently grabbed her slim waist and turned her back to him. Still on his knees, he gently caressed her ass with the towel, taking much longer that necessary. Anne was nearly cuming from his caress! He turned her around again, this time facing him. He started at her hot, sexy, nearly nude body and slowly stood up. Again he started in with the towel, drying her shoulders and turning her around once more. His motions drying her back were agonizingly slow. Finally he had her body with the exception of her hair dried. Still behind her, he reached his arms around her and slowly pulled her back into his waiting arms, his huge bulge pressed against her firm ass. He began kissing her neck and messing with her ears. Anne was almost cuming with all the sensations, cock throbbing on her barely covered ass, his hands on her firm perky tits, massaging them. She reached up, covering his hands and squeezing both his hand and her breast roughly. Tom picked up on her hint and began to get rough a bit rougher with her. Anne was beginning to cum now, rubbing her ass into his cock in short fucking like manner. Tom pulled her bikini top up from her tits. Her nipples were hard, standing like tiny cherries on the top of a sundae. He began jabbing his cock into her ass while pinching her nipples hard enough to bring a tear to her eye! But that was what she was waiting for. Anne came with an explosion of passion! If Tom had not been holding her so tightly, she would have just crumpled to the ground like a limp rag! They stood there for several minutes, Tom still holding her, caressing her breast lightly, his cock pressed to her ass. When Anne finally recovered, she turned in his arms and kissed him with passion, fucking his mouth with her tongue. The whole time this is going on, I'm standing at the car my cock so hard it was nearly hurting! I had the presence of mind to have put the video camera in the car and had gotten everything on tape. WOW. What an awesome sight, so sensual and erotic, Anne and I would spend many hours fucking in-front of the TV watching this video.

Anne broke their kiss and walked to me on unsteady legs. I set the camera down, still taping us. Anne told me that it looked like I could not drive home in the condition I was in, that my steel hard cock would keep me from driving. She pulled my trunks down and swallowed my cock! Now, I'm not hung like an ox, but neither am I tiny! Anne worked her lips and mouth up and down my 7 inches, alternating with licking and sucking my balls. I could not hold back and gave her first load of cum, my cock pumping it deep down her throat. Anne smiled looking up at me cock still in her mouth, flicking her tongue all over the head, causing me to shiver in pleasure. "There" she said, "maybe now you will be able to get us home in one piece, where I can take the both of you and fuck you til you can't get hard again for a week!!" I got the camera, tuned it off and we all got back into the car and headed home.

Anne's top was still pulled up. She reach and pulled it up and over her head and threw it in the back seat. Grabbing her terry cover and pulling it on, she slide in the front seat with it wide open. She didn't even bother to close it. Tom slide in next to her and bent over and kissed her tit. The nipple popped right back up, hard as can be! She is one hot sexy fuck, but I do believe that her nipples are the center stage for her sexuality. Kiss them, squeeze them, pull them as hard and you can, she loves it all. I'm made her cum by doing nothing more than messing with her nipples! Anne started breathing heavily as I got in and started the car. On the short trip to the gate, Tom was still sucking and biting her nipples! I reached over and untied her bottoms. She spread her legs and I started in finger fucking her! She was SO HOT, I could almost fuck her with all 4 fingers, if I could have gotten my hand turned around that way!! This went on the entire ride home, Anne must have came a dozen time on the 30 minute ride home! She never did close the robe, even when we were giving her a break and allowing her to calm down! I tell you there was many a trucker who got an eye-full that day! All she did when we got home, was the pull her bikini bottoms off... untied anyway. Got out of the car and walked to the house with her robe wide open!

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