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Desc: Sex Story: How I learned about sex from the school play.

My first sexual experience was interesting. I was in ninth grade at a military school for boys. We wore uniforms, did physical training, the whole lot. We also did plays, musicals, and the hitch was that boys did the girls parts. I was young, had lean limbs, and could pass for a girl if I wanted too. I tried out for a new musical called Hair Spray. I did really well. I got a part called Tracy. My counter-part was a guy named Steve. His part was a part called Michael. Steve was built, very muscular. His hair was jet black, and eyes brown. His abs were just starting to show as well. His legs were nice and thick.

After our parts had been announced, we where handed scripts. I flipped through it and noticed some kissing scenes. I was shocked and didn't know how to react. But I took it in stride. Rehearsals went well until the night before we where supposed to do our kissing scene. We where also in costumes at this point. I was wearing a pink poodle skirt, a white blouse, and unfortunately a bra with some silicone breast forms. Steve was wearing jeans, black boots, and a white t-shirt.

After that evenings rehearsal Steve asked if we could go over some lines that evening. I agreed and he wondered if we could meet in costume. I said yes, and we walked over to his room. He was lucky enough to have a room of his own. We sat down on the bed, and whipped out our scripts.

We both turned to the next scene. It told us to embrace so we did. Our arms came around each other our and so did our scripts. We read each other our lines, and we both paused when we where supposed to kiss. I dropped my script to the bed and so did Steve. Steve took my head in his hands and brought his lips to mine.

The feeling was electric all over my body. I pulled back and looked at Steve. He had a glazed look over his eyes. I leaned into him again and put my lips on his. Once again electric was all over my body. I ran my hands over his arms. They felt so nice underneath his t-shirt. I was shocked to feel my penis get hard underneath my skirt.

Steve pulled back and slid his shirt off in one motion. I finally saw his chest. It was nice and smooth. The muscles felt nice when my finger tips traced over them. I pulled away and took off my shirt. He smiled when he saw my feminine chest. He leaned me back to the bed and kissed down my neck. His lips barely brushed my fake bra, and tickled my stomach. I erupted in giggles and he laughed along with me.

I grew quite and my breathing got quick as his hands felt my legs encased in tights. He spread them apart slowly and moved ever closer to my groin. He pulled down the tights, my underwear and started to caress my hard penis. It wasn't that big, and his hand nearly covered it as it went up and down.

My hands went to the back of his head when his tongue reached out and touched the tip. I had never felt anything so warm and wet as his tongue. I pushed down on it and he took the entire thing into his mouth. He sucked on it, caressed it, and rubbed it all at the same time. I had no idea what he was doing to me. But I felt something come out of my slit. He licked it up and continued to suck and lick. The feelings were soo nice and I started to shoot stuff into his mouth. Steve opened his mouth and showed me what I did. Inside was a little puddle of white stuff on his tongue. I felt glad that I did it for him. He made a big show and swallowed it all.

My hands crept up and down his body until they encountered his jeans. I unbuttoned them and slid them inside. His ass was nice and muscular. It felt great in my hands. Steve groaned loudly, and I continued to remove his pants. His hard cock came into view. It was about 8" long, and about 1" thick. I snaked my tongue out and touched his head. It started to leak a clear fluid. I took some of the fluid and rubbed it around the head. He smiled down at me and got off of the bed. I stood up with him and hugged him. His cock bumped into mine and once again I felt electricity. I turned him around and sat him on the bed.

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