Seduction of a Sports Widow

by Richard Blaine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: How Wanda discovered herself.

Wanda Ward Williams was born forty years before to the very day when I met her. I walked into the Holiday Inn on Wrightsville Island around 9 P.M. It was not the optimum time, at least that was the myth. It was Thursday though not Wednesday again not the optimum time. The myth went that by Wednesday night the mommies left with the kids, by the high powered daddies, were horny enough to stray a bit. The daddies went home to work or to play with the secretary during the week, then came back on Friday for a couple of more vacation days. On Sunday it was back to the grind and new set of mommies and daddies showed up to replace them.

I didn't put a lot of stock in the myth. Then again if I wanted a mid week beer, I did make the seven mile drive from Wilmington. I had wanted one that Thursday night, so it was a quick drive to the ocean front lounge. The beer was a little too expensive but the view and the company would I hoped be worth the price.

The place wasn't really as crowded as some of the other nights I had been in, but it wasn't empty either. I sat at the boat shaped bar while I drank a beer so cold it made my teeth hurt. After downing half the glass on a single pull, I swung around to look at the room. Myth or not there were more women than men in the lounge. The trick had never been finding a woman. It was always to find the right woman.

At thirty two my choices were wide open. I could go with either a twenty year old University of North Carolina at Wilmington coed or the female professor who taught her chemistry. I did draw the line at the male professors. I might be pretty modern, but I was still a little old fashioned. I slept with women and only women.

When it came to the right woman, age was less important than body type. It's not what you think. The woman had to be a little tall because it helped to make them presentable. The woman needed to be about twenty pounds over weight. Preferably ten of it on her chest and the rest resting in her tummy and hips. In other words a large but well proportioned woman. I know you wonder why a man would look for that body type. In my case it was the type that I had the most luck with. I am absolutely sure that other men felt differently about it. The twenty or so pounds of extra weight might well cut down their options but it increased my odds.

I also like troubled women, but not too troubled. I know that there is no way to tell at a glance, but usually there are hints. The returned stare, the nervous quirks, even the looking around the room with dancing eyes. They are all clues but in the end they really mean nothing.

Wanda was a bottle blonde and not even a very good one at that. There were darker streaks at her root lines. She needed to have a touch up more than the glass of liquor sitting in front of her. I was sitting close enough to notice the big gaudy ring on her wedding finger. The ring in no way disqualified her. But it did give me an idea how to proceed. After a thorough survey of the place, I determined that Wanda was the most likely to be available, ring or no ring.

"Well hello," I said moving the three seats to sit beside her. I had waited patiently for the man she was ignoring to give up and leave. He did around 9:30.

"Go away." She definitely was not going to be grateful for the attention.

"Well, I can't say that this is the only seat, but I can say it is the only seat beside you." I smiled as I moved back to my original seat. I made sure I didn't make any faces or gestures that she could see. You just never know she might change her mind, I thought.

I had spent a half hour with a single beer so I ordered a cup of very bad coffee. It was free, since selling it would constitute a crime. Yes it was that bad. The coffee came from a pot brought in by the restaurant when it closed for the night. It had been around the bar for an hour and probably another hour in the restaurant at least. It was thick and black but with a little half and half from the bar's stock, it wasn't too awful.

I drank the coffee and worked on a knotty problem in my head. I had the weeks scheduling on my mind when I heard her voice again.

"Do you often come here to drink coffee?"

"Not all that often. I might stop in a couple of times a week."

"Doesn't your wife object?"

"No idea. She lives two hundred miles inland. We had a major disagreement."

"Over a woman?"

"Over a man."

"So you swing both ways?"

"Very funny, but the man was hers."

"And you objected?"

"I know that makes me small minded but yes I did." I thought a long while before I continued. "In our case it was probably a symptom not the real ailment."

"Would you like to move closer? I am having a very hard time hearing you."

"Are you sure. I'm not sure I could stand the embarrassment of being sent away again. At least not in public."

"If you behave, you can stay." She was smiling at last.

"Now I'm curious," she said as when I was seated. "What happened with your wife."

"I travel some, a couple of nights a week. Once a month I am gone the whole week, but that is just once. Truth is, I think she had some childhood issued that required her to have constant attention. When I wasn't home to give it to her, she went elsewhere. That's just my theory,"

"Why not just that she was a slut?" Her choice of words surprised me. She was the first to drift into that kind of vocabulary.

"Frankly, she wasn't all that hot on sex. Don't get me wrong, she was great in bed. She just never was the aggressor. Her attitude was more, sure why not."

"Kind of payment for the attention?"

"I guess that is true enough." I noticed again the ring on her hand but I chose to ignore it. She might well be willing to talk about my wife but she might get huffy when the subject turned to her family situation."

"Actually, I can relate to everything you are telling me. I think I am pretty much in the same boat."

"Are you married?" I asked it innocently.

"You know I am. I saw you looking at the rings."

"Guilty, I just didn't want to be the one to broach the issue."

"Yes I'm married. I am also alone far too often."

"Does your husband travel?"

"Worse he is a sports addict. He is glued to the TV every night. There is always a new or rerun of some event he can watch. From 7 P.M. till after midnight every night he is glued to the TV."

"I guess that is better than a woman?" I tried to sound neutral.

"Maybe but the consequences are the same. You are right though it isn't the sex so much. It is more the being alone. I just hate being alone."

"I suppose you have exhausted all your friends by now. They all have their own lives."

"I only had a couple, and yes they can't be away from their families all that often."

"So where are you supposed to be now?" I asked it trying to be supportive.

"He doesn't even ask where or when I will be home. Just nods when I say I'm going out."

"I'm sorry, I can't even be very helpful. I can understand your point of view perfectly. It's like Sarah used to say. You can help it Charlie, you can get a job that doesn't require you to be gone so much. You are in effect choosing the job over me. She was right of course."

"Yes she was. So did she leave with another man?"

"She is never without a man. It just isn't in her nature to be alone."

"So your Sarah was good in bed?"

"Very good," I replied.

"I often wondered, what makes a woman good in bed?"

"Enthusiasm, there is no special technique involved at all. She just has to be into it. Aggressive or submissive depending on the situation. Not just willing but delighted to be adventurous."

"Oral sex?" she asked.

"Just a part of the package, but yes. She should be willing to do anything that isn't dangerous or especially painful."

"And the man should be the same?"

"I can't speak for other men but for me yes. But you know sex isn't all of it."

"I have the other already. It's the attention and the sex I don't have. Well at least not the good sex. The sex that takes hours from the first kiss, until the fireworks go off."

"Nobody gets enough of that sex."

"You mean you don't either?" She was grinning ear to ear.

"If I was getting all the sex and attention I need, I would be drinking better coffee, in a better place."

"Well Charlie, it has been fun." With that she stood to leave. Just to get one last shot at the apple, I handed her my business card.

"Just in case you need someone to talk to."

"Since it doesn't advertise you as a master lover, I can keep it."

It was late when she left, so I packed up my lustful thoughts and drove home. Home was a garage apartment in a less desirable part of town. It wasn't quite a ghetto, but was only a couple of steps up. There were no car on blocks in the street, but in the back yard, adjacent to my garage, a man worked on a derelict white van. I didn't mind since it was a kind of hobby with him, not an occupation.

The garage under me was for storage not automobiles. That being the case it had almost no visitors. That suited me fine, since my neighbors were a mixed can of nuts. I am sure they thought the same of me. The house in front of my apartment was in fact a duplex. It had two units with two people each.

The A unit was occupied by a couple of social security age. Both were retired and both were nosey as hell. They had nothing better to do with their time, than to snoop on all the residents of Pender Ave. I am sure they had a list of all the strange car's license plate numbers. I hadn't added many to it but a few.

The B unit was occupied by two women. One was probably thirty five and the other just over twenty if that much. I thought they might be mother daughter until through their kitchen widow I saw them kissing. It wasn't a mother, daughter kiss at all.

I was friendly to them all but tried to avoid them as much as possible. In the case of the two women it was easy. The old couple sat on the porch most evenings. If I got home before ten. I was most likely to have a friendly grilling. Sometimes their grilling took on a less than friendly tone. I avoided them for a few days as the landlord had suggested. It worked wonders for both of our attitudes.

I managed a good night's sleep before I was back on the road again. The job I had landed, after my short cop career, required me to be self motivated. It was a good thing that I was just that, since I had a ton of work and nobody to stop me from just spending the day doing nothing. It would have been my preference, I think.

Instead 9 A.M. found me forty miles north of Wilmington. My appointment in Jacksonville wasn't until 2 P.M. so there wasn't a real rush. I found the couple more than understanding of the need to resign the contracts for their second mortgage.

If a homeowner decided to have a major improvement project, he would be required to sign a contract with the builder. The builder would also have him sign some half assed loan papers. Those papers would protect the builder but were almost useless to a second party lender. I was associated with five different second mortgage lenders. I brokered their paper.

I would visit the customers whose paper the builders wanted to sell. I resigned the contracts and loan papers to those of the actual lender. It tied it all up into a nice legal bundle. It also paid me a decent living. I wasn't getting rich, but I was doing okay.

I usually closed two loans a day except on the last week of the month. On that trip, I might go all the way to Georgia closing loans. It was a pretty busy week for me and the one that kept me away from home every night. Fortunately I had finished that trip the week before.

I was home Wednesday night that week. I wouldn't need to be back out over night again until the next week. I had three local loans to close over the next couple of days, so I was happily homebound. My answering machine showed three hang up calls. That was more than usual but not so many that it sounded any alarms. The explanation came later that same afternoon.

"Hello," I said into the phone.

"So you are finally home?"

"Yes I'm home." I tried to keep my voice interested even though I had no idea who was on the line.

There was a rough female laugh on the other end. "This is Wanda from the Holiday Inn." It still took a second to register.

"Oh hi Wanda. How have you been?"

"You don't remember me?" she said with a laugh.

"Of course I do. I don't meet that many beautiful women, who change their minds. How is the world of ESPN?"

"Still running round the clock. How was your trip."

"Interesting." I smiled to myself. I always picked up at least one road story per trip. I had a hundred of them to pull out when needed.

"Good, I was thinking about going to the Inn tonight. I don't suppose you will be there."

"Truth is I don't much like bars." I could hear her sigh. "How would you like to join me for a hot dog and some decent coffee on Mercer's Pier instead."

"I would love that. Can we do it at eight?"

"Eight would be good. I'll be on the end if it isn't crowded. If it is I'll be somewhere out that way."

"Fair enough, see you then." She paused a second then went on. "And Charlie, thanks."

"My very great pleasure, I assure you." I killed the phone before replacing it on the table.

Even though it was July, I wore a long sleeved sweat shirt. I knew how chilly that pier got even on a summer night. I was lost in thought as I usually was while staring at the ocean.

"Hi there," the woman said.

"Hello," I stood. "You ready for that hot dog?"

"Truth is I just had dinner, but I would adore a cup of coffee."

"Then it is dogs for one and coffee for two. You wait right here and watch yourself. This pier is filled with horny fishermen."

"In that case you might not want to leave me?" She was grinning showing only slightly crooked discolored teeth.

"But if I stay I will starve. You could go with me."

"I think I will take my chances and commune with nature a few moments."

It was a very few minutes since the snack bar was almost totally without customers. I had the hot dog and two coffees in an empty cracker box when I returned. The box went on the bench between us as I ate and she sipped her coffee.

The sun doesn't set in July until 9 P.M. so we talked. I found her to be an interesting person in her own right. Wanda was a bookkeeper for a small manufacturer. The company made some kind of synthetic stone counter tops. According to her they also had an installation crew for new construction projects. Since the plant's capacity was more than they could install themselves, the plant prefabricated for local contractors as well. It sounded like a hell of a business.

I spent a few minutes explaining what I did. It didn't take much because she understood how it all worked. She even offered to toss her contracts to me to broker. I smiled thinking the it gave me another reason to be nice to her. All mortgage brokers are independent contractors so the extra business would be very nice. We developed a kind of light weight friendship while we waited for the sun to set.

It took two cups of coffee before we finally out waited the sun. It was dead dark when we walked to the end of the pier. At the very end we were almost invisible to the few fishermen. After a few words, I kissed her gently at first. The kisses grew in intensity of course. I had my hands running up and down her naked back and she had her hands under my sweatshirt before too much time passed. The heat and the intensity grew but since we couldn't just lay down and screw on the pier, we had to be sure we wanted to go forward. We both did.

Talk about romance killing, she had to follow me home. That gives a woman a lot of time to rethink her decision. I half expected her to pull away at any moment but she stayed right on my tail all the way home. I motioned her into the drive then found a place to park on the street. I met her in the drive before the old couple in the house could make any comment. It was my parking space she occupied so they said nothing.

I kissed her in the dark yard before we climbed the twenty odd steps to my place. I kissed her just inside the door of my apartment. I kissed her much more intensely than I had outside. I had my hands under her top from the start. I had felt the slight bulges of her extra pounds as I rubbed her back on the pier. At the apartment I felt them even more prominently as I rubbed around her body. She stepped back to allow me access to her. I pushed her bra up and out of the way as her chubby breasts freed themselves. Her breasts were heavy and soft but not as large as they should have been for her body. If she had been perfectly proportioned she would have had slightly larger ones. Still her breasts were larger than most women.

I began thinking about how to get her clothes off, when she stepped back. She pulled the knit top over her head revealing the askew bra and the two large orbs hanging below it. I gasped appreciatively. She smiled pleased with the effect she had on me. She had a tummy alright but it was not objectionable.

I quickly stripped my sweatshirt. I was naked to the waist before she could get the bra off. Without a word I closed the gap again and kissed her. The feel of her naked skin and the thought of the large soft breasts pressed against me did more to arouse me than you can imagine. Somehow when she kissed her body seemed to tremble. It was a sensation I couldn't remember with any other woman. Before I knew it her hips were pressing against me with an undeniable movement.

I guided her to the low bed, then pushed her down on it. I removed first her shorts and panties then my own. I held her naked body and kissed her again. It was Wanda who pulled me to her. I was inside her and moving before I even had time to adjust. Wanda moaned as I moved. It didn't take me long to orgasm. It had been a while and I was just a man. I felt really bad about it. I expected her to be upset but she wasn't at all.

Wanda noticed but just smiled. She guided me off her, then she moved down to take me in her mouth. She kissed and sucked me clean. In the process I became aroused again. I was ready to roar when she rolled away. She guided my head between her legs. I knew what she wanted and I didn't mind. I did stay with her clit though. I might be adventurous but I wasn't ready for that just yet.

She screamed softly through her first orgasm. Then held my head in place as she whined through what I thought were smaller ones. When she released me, I moved beside to hold her. I had her turned away and had one hand each of her chubby breasts, when she pulled away. I thought it might be to leave the bed. It wasn't she moved so that she was on her hands and knees. I rose to stand by the bed. She got the idea immediately. She pressed her body back against me. I managed to get the angle right and impaled her. She rocked and I pumped. It didn't take long for her to collapse onto the bed. She collapsed and I came about the same time. It struck her on the back. She didn't seem to notice.

I staggered to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I smelled like a field hand from all the sex. I stepped out to find her standing by the sink. Before I could speak, she was on her knees. She took me into her hand looked up and said, "This is for being such a great lover." I didn't understand until I felt her teeth on the very base of my penis. She had worked it down her throat. The sensation was probably like screwing a virgin. I couldn't believe that she had me ready to orgasm in just seconds. At the very end she pulled back held the head in her mouth and stroked me until I came in her empty mouth.

I would liked to have done something for her but instead I staggered out to the bed and fell onto it. She showered then redressed. I was in twilight sleep when she came into the bedroom.

"I have to go now, but I hate to do it. I wish I could stay here forever."

"At this moment I do to. You are unbelievable."

"I have never been like this before. You have made me a slut and I don't care." She kissed me, groped me before she left.

The next time I saw Wanda it was Saturday morning. She just showed up at my door. Her husband was out playing golf. I didn't mind at all and I even wished him a good score cause I sure as hell got one. The need wasn't as great for either of us that morning. The long playful morning in bed was a build up to a totally mind blowing orgasm for me. I hoped it was for her as well, with women you are never quite sure.

She was standing by the door sometime after lunch. She opened it to leave then said, "Charlie, I know that I am not beautiful or young. I also know that you are younger and that you are with me for the sex. I promise I won't disappoint you." She left before I could try to lie to her. To be seen for what I was bothered me, but just a little while. Once I recovered from the sex, I was thinking about her again not me. I had a huge desire to feel her mouth wrapped around me again. I had no idea that it was possible but I grew a huge erection even thought it hurt to do so.

At 2 P.M. on Sunday my phone rang. "What you doing sexy?"

"Oh I'm just sitting here watching TV." I said it to Wanda of course.

"Anything good?"

"No just an old black and white movie. What you up to?"

"I'm in my room naked thinking about you."

"Now there is an image."

"Oh you don't have any idea what an image I am these days. I have become a total wanton whore for you. I'm sitting here with my legs wide open about to slip a vibrator into my wet pussy."

"Now I have an erection as well as an image in my mind."

"Good, cause I am thinking of you. Oh God you feel good in me." The sound of her voice was somewhere between a whisper and a moan. I couldn't help it. I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it.

"Is your cock hard Charlie?"

"Yes," I groaned.

"Do you have it out?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Do you remember how it felt when I wrapped your cock in my mouth. How it felt when I sucked on it."

"God yes," I was in agony fighting back the inevitable orgasm.

"Good you know I came when I tasted your cum." At that moment I shot cum all over my carpet.

I moaned something unintelligible when I came. She moaned something as well, then hung up on me. I almost called her back but decided against it. My cock was almost bloody and burned like hell. I was glad that I didn't hear from her all week. I was on the road all but Wednesday night. I hoped that had been the reason. I sure as hell didn't want to lose Wanda.

Before I left on the trip I hadn't dare call her so I left a message on my answering machine, it stated that I would return on Wednesday. I had a couple of hang up calls she probably knew but she didn't call. Yes I was a little concerned after only three days. The thought of losing here bothered me a lot more than it should have. I changed the message before I left on Thursday morning.

When I returned home Friday at six, I didn't have a single hang up or call. I would have been really worried except that there was a knock on the door before I even finished my paperwork from the trip. I put the papers carefully into my briefcase before I opened the door.

Wanda almost knocked me down so violent was her attack on me. It was all tearing hands and biting teeth. I had her long shorts open and my hand inside searching for her clit when she pushed me away. She tore at the shorts until the were on the floor at her ankles. She pulled me close then pushed down on my shoulders. I was on my knees without a single protest. She bent her knees to change the angle so that her clit would be easier to reach. I had her clit in my mouth and was licking and sucking on it as she rocked hard against my face. She was pounding my nose but I didn't care. I held her hips to me as she came hard. I sucked and licked her through that one and two smaller ones. Too late I realized that the front door was open. We had been visible to both apartments in the front, if anyone had looked. I was sure no one had.

With Wanda's lust satisfied we spent most of the evening slowly making love. She did everything a man could want and probably more than most got. She had gotten a lot more brazen in here words as well.

"God I love when you fuck me," she would say in a very conversational voice.

"That's good because I love to do it."

"You aren't just the best lover I have ever had you are also the best fuck."

"There is a difference?" I asked it smiling.

"God yes, making love is what we are doing now. Fucking is what we do the first five minutes we are together."

"Well it's Friday night, would you like me to get dressed and take you to dinner?"

"I have all the dinner I want right here." As she said that as she bend to take my soft cock into her mouth. She sucked it and licked it till it was rock hard. "This time I am going to fuck you. You just lay there and enjoy it." With those words she straddled me, then lowered herself onto my cock. She guided me into her body, then began to rock on me. She didn't move up and down but rocked back and forth as if she were sitting in a rocking chair. One thing for sure she was no granny.

"Oh god I am going to cum." She said that looking down at me with eyes that couldn't recognize me at all.

"Yes my beautiful slut cum for me." It might have been the words or she might have just been ready. Either way her muscles grabbed me and she squeezed my cock. I could feel her clinch and release me over and over. She was exhausted I could tell. I debated it but couldn't help myself. I just had to push it farther.

"Suck me clean bitch." It was delivered not as a request but as an order. She looked a little shocked but she turned then took me in her mouth. She also put her hand on her clit and began to move it as she sucked me. After I came in her mouth she lay back exhausted.

"You really are a good little slut." I said that kissing her with a lot of tongue.

"Thank you," she said. I could tell she didn't quite understand it all. I decided to let her find her own way. She had done pretty well so far on her own. She left after another deep kiss. I watched her walk down the steps of my apartment and wondered how far she would go.

As she had before Wanda was on my porch at 7:30 the next morning. I had her on her hands and knees on my bed and my cock inside her within minutes. I stoked her till she was a second or two from orgasm, then I buried my cock deep in her and stopped. At first she squeezed then she moaned.

"Beg like the slut you are," I demanded.

"God please fuck me. Please I need to cum."

"You will do as you are told if I allow you to cum?"

"Yes anything, I just need to cum now."

I reached around took her nipples between my fingers then squeezed. At the same time I began to pump her again. With the obvious pain in her nipples it took her a few seconds to regain her momentum. When she was ready to cum, I said. "Cum my little whore cum for me." I felt her explode. She continued to spasm long past anything I had felt from her before. When she was finished I released her nipples and she shuddered yet again.

After she returned to me from her visit to the bathroom, we both pretended nothing had happened. I had no idea what she was thinking or feeling and I really didn't care at that point. I was riding a power high.

We touched and kissed for another hour then she said, "I guess I should go home, but God I don't want to do it."

"I don't want you in trouble. I want to be able to fuck you whenever I want." I made sure she caught the subtle difference in my tone. She was the one who acknowledged it earlier, I wanted to make sure she was deluding herself. Times were a changing, and she had to know it. Of course she had to have sensed it already.

She called me Sunday night and I talked her through an orgasm. I was beginning to be satisfied from her and didn't need anything else. I did want her totally immersed in the sex though. I wouldn't waste any opportunity to have her cum for me.

I missed Wanda a lot while I was out of town that week. Unfortunately it was the week that kept me out of town every night. When I returned, there were messages on my phone. Some of them almost frantic.

"Please hurry home I need you to fuck me." that would be the complete message. I knew it was Wanda but probably no one else would. If a burglar should come in and listen to my messages he would be in the dark. Though why a burglar would do that was a mystery.

The phone rang about seven on Friday night. "God I'm glad you are home. Can I come over now?" Wanda did sound desperate.

"Sure come on over," I suggested.

Twenty minutes later she was knocking on my door. She looked ragged and wild eyed. It seemed like the perfect time to me, so I said calmly before she could grab me. "Take off your clothes and kneel."

"What?" she asked it lost more than angry.

"Take off your clothes and kneel down. Look at the floor and keep your back straight." I could tell she didn't understand but she did it anyway. Once she was in the position that I demanded, I walked over to her. I bent to her, then opened a box. From the box I removed a set of two silver nipple clamps. She made a noise as I put on the first one. The noise was at least half pain and half sexual. She knew what they were for. I bent to put the second one on then I kissed her.

I pulled a dining room chair up so that I could sit in front of her. "Masturbate for me." I said it as though she had no choice.

"I hurt," she said.

"I know, now do it." Her hand went to her clit. She worked it until her hips were pumping an invisible lover.

"Now take the clamps off and cum." I watched as she did both. The orgasm was so hard that it toppled her over. I waited until she was past delirious before I spoke again. "Assume the position Wanda."

She slowly returned to kneeling. I waited until she was slumped before I said, "Back straight." Once she was in pain again I said, "Come suck my cock and masturbate again." She did both and was extremely into the cocksucking. She came over and over with my cock in her mouth. Each time I would say something like, "Come for me you whore."

After she was exhausted, I kissed her hard then told her to dress and leave. I sat in the chair and watch as she left confused. I knew that a lot depended on her next move. Saturday morning she came prepared to tell me to fuck off. Instead she was in the position within minutes and then I was at her pussy eating her while she tore at her own breasts. When she stopped pulling and pinching them, I would stop eating her. If she wanted to orgasm, she had to hurt herself. She tore at her nipples as she finally was allowed to cum. She brought blood with her nails.

Sunday she didn't call or come over. I thought I might have lost her. I hated it because she was indeed a terrific lover. I cursed my own stupidity and my need to control her. Why hadn't I just been able to enjoy her without the bazaar stuff.

I spent Monday night on the road but was home Tuesday by three. There was a message on the answering machine. It mostly said we needed to talk. If she was disgusted there was nothing to talk about, if she was going to go along there wasn't anything to talk about either. I couldn't make deals with her.

She was on the phone at seven. "Hello Charlie, we need to talk."

"Assume the position," I said quietly.

"I can't I'm at home what if my husband comes in."

"I don't care how you do it assume the position."

"Wait," she said that then I heard her moving about.

"Alright I am kneeling."

"Eyes down back straight?"


"Now slip your hand in your shorts and stroke your clit as you speak to me. From now on you will do this when you speak to me. Do not call unless you can do this. Do you understand my slut?"

"That is what I want to talk about."

"Then speak slut."

"I'm not sure I like the way things have changed."

"Either you do or you don't, there is nothing to be ambiguous about. You either like gut wrenching orgasms or not."

"But I miss the romance," she said. "And I don't think I like the pain."

"It is like this slut Wanda. You either like the feeling in your body enough to tolerate the pain or you don't, there is no other question to answer."

"Well I do love the orgasms. I never had ones like these before. Even thinking about it makes me want to cum."

"Are you headed to an orgasm now?"

"Yes, I am getting hot."

"Then cum right now. Do not wait, cum right this minute." I could hear her in the background moving as hard as she could and moaning slightly. Suddenly she let out a soft whine and I knew. "That's may good slut. Come to me when you can and we shall have even more to speak of." I hung up not at all sure what her decision would be. There was almost always one push too many. At least that is how it had always been before and I assumed that it would be again.

Over the very few weeks that Wanda and I had known each other, I had learned about her life from the bedroom talk between love making. That was before I began to change her. I knew about her job and her husband's addiction to sports on TV. I also know about her daughter. I filed it in the back of my head. Information that would probably never be useful.

It was again Saturday morning when she showed up. I stepped back from the door to allow her to enter. I stood looking at her. She could read my mind. She slowly removed her clothes showing her bruised, sagging breasts and her small protruding tummy. She knelt with her eyes on the floor and her back straight.

"What is it my slut wishes to do now?" I asked it calmly.

"I would like you to fuck me."

"Ah I see, well I think that would be well within reason." I sat in the chair before her. "Suck my cock and masturbate." I demanded.

Wanda worked my cock from my pants then stroked it with one hand, sucked on it up and down between strokes. She also worked her clit for me to watch. As she did all that, I reached beside the chair for her nipple clamps. I hooked them on and saw her winch with each application. There were tears in her eyes as she sucked harder and faster. Her hips were moving.

"Come for me bitch. Cum now you fat cow bitch." The words were like slaps in her face but she was to far gone to stop. She exploded in a screaming orgasm. I quickly moved behind forcing her breasts onto the chair seat. I drove my cock into her and whispered, "Tell me what you are bitch."

"Bitch," she gasped.






"Fat cow cocksucker." She shuddered and came again.

"Yes my beautiful fat cow cocksucker," I said it over and over as she orgasmed. I drove her up and over for what seemed like hours and each time I called her names. By the time she was ready to go, I again had no idea if she would return or not.

She surprised me by calling that night. "Are you in the position?"

"Yes, I am in the position."

"Are you masturbating."


"Good what would you like to say to me."

"I would like to tell you that I love you, or at least I love what you do to me."

"Good, that is how it should be."

"You knew that didn't you."

"I did know it." I hadn't been at all sure, but a little lie seemed appropriate at that moment.

"It bothers me just a little that you are younger."

"No it doesn't. It makes it even more exciting to be controlled by a younger man."

"In all honesty yes I suppose it does."

"Is that all you have to say."

"Oh shit I have to go." The phone went dead. I figured there was some family emergency so I just went on with my nights plans. It was after midnight when Wanda called back.

"Are you in the position?"

"No, I can't do that." she said it with some degree of sharpness in her voice. I didn't hesitate, I pushed the disconnect number, then put it on the table. I turned the TV to the cable movie before I returned to the pizza.

"You are a bastard," Wanda said into the phone.

I hung up again but only after I said. "When you can get your fat ass in the position and show some respect you may call me again." I knew that I had lost her but I was trapped into the part that I was playing.

I even began thinking about going out looking for a new friend. I didn't get past the considering part when she called back.

"I'm in the position and I am sorry."

"Are you Masturbating?"


"Good now what is it you wish to say."

"My daughter walked in and caught me earlier. I was terribly upset and had no one to talk to."

"Did you explain to her?"

"No, I couldn't tell her the truth. I told her a lie but she knows what I was doing. Not all of it but at least that I was getting off."

"How did you explain the phone?"

"I told her someone called while I was in the middle. I just hadn't bothered to stop."

"Good, that is as good a lie as any."

"Yes, she knows about her father so she understood that I needed to masturbate to survive. She just doesn't know about you."

"Very well. So are you turned on Wanda."

"Yes very turned on."

"How is it that your daughter happened to find you?"

"I didn't lock the door Bob was playing tennis or some such thing."

"But didn't you mind doing it with the door open for your daughter to see."

"She wasn't home. She slipped up on me."

"Did you stop when she came in?"

"Of course you heard me."

"Did you cum for me?"

"Yes," she said it sheepishly.

"You came before you went to explain?"


"Did she ask why you were on your knees?"


"And what did you tell her?"

"I told her it was the way I had the best orgasms."

"So who are you Wanda?"

"Whore, Slut, Bitch, Fat cow cocksucker." she said tonelessly.

"Good, now you must learn that you are my Whore, Slut, Bitch, and Fat Cow Cocksucker. When you address me you will call me sir."

"I can't do that, you are ten years younger than me." She wasn't really argumentative. She was more surprised that I had said it.

"You must if you wish me to answer you Slut."

"Alright but it is hard for me."

"Alright Sir," I replied.

"Alright Sir,"

"I know that it will be difficult at first, but you will find that it helps."

"Very well Sir," she replied. I couldn't get a read on her tone so I just ignored it.

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