Cabanna Boy

by LokiBluefox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two friends turn a long running joke into a night of passion.

Chapter 1

It had been a bit of a long running joke between us, about me being your cabaña boy, so when I showed up that day with some vanilla scented candles and some lavender vanilla aromatherapy massage oil, we shared a bit of a laugh together.

It had been raining all day, so it was a perfect day to stay inside and snuggle up close to someone to keep warm. We sat down on the couch, my arm around you, to watch a movie and we cuddled close. We didn't talk much, but that was ok. I was enjoying myself sitting there close to you, idly tracing random patterns on the bare skin of your arm with my fingertips.

After the movie was done, we just let the credits scroll by. You put your head on my shoulder, and I leaned back and shut my eyes to relax. After a bit of this, I kissed the top of your head, and said 'How about that massage?' You looked up and me, and didn't reply right away. We had never really done much other than cuddle, so it was new ground and I'm sure you were as nervous and hopefully excited about the prospect of me finally becoming your cabana boy.

You did answer yes, so we got up and I told you I would meet you in your room, because I had to run out to my truck for a second to get something. I came back in a few minutes with something that resembled a crock-pot, and told you it was for warming the massage oil. I put a bit of water in it, plugged it in with the massage oil in it, and proceeded to light the candles and place them around your bed.

Once that was done, I told you to strip naked and get on the bed with a towel covering your backside, using my best professional cabana boy tone, and said I would return in a few minutes to see if the oil was warm.

I left the room, and paced a bit, doing my best to calm down. I can't say for sure, but I thought you might have been doing the same. I wasn't sure how long I should wait before going back to your room, but I wanted to make you squirm a bit I will admit, like men going to massage parlors are made to wait or so I supposed from the stories I had read about them. I looked at the clock on the wall, and 7 minutes had passed, and they were possibly the longest 7 minutes of my life.

Going back to your room, I saw you lying on your bed, with the towel covering your backside, and your head pillowed on your arms. I could not help it, could not suppress a huge grin from springing up on my face. You looked so beautiful stretched out before me, and I could not wait to begin the massage.

Moving over to the dresser that had the warming pot for the massage oil, I picked it up and poured a bit into the palm of my hand to test it, and it felt warm enough to be pleasant, or so I hoped.

Moving over to the bed, I took my shoes and socks off to get comfortable and sat next to you. Beginning again to stroke your skin with my fingertips. You eyes were closed, and I'm sure I heard a small moan escape your lips. 'Are you ready for your massage, Miss?' and you only smiled and nodded your head.

Moving down to the end of the bed, I picked up your right foot, and with a little bit of oil, began to gently massage your foot, holding it in my hands and running my thumbs up the center, using only a slight bit of pressure. Moving my hand all around your foot, I massage as much of it as I can, even between your toes, which earned me a small giggle.

Moving up to your calf, I begin to do the same thing. Picking it up from the bed slightly, I begin to run my hand up your calf, applying pressure with all my fingers, the most with my thumbs, running them up the middle of the muscle. Repeating this a number of times, I change my method and begin to squeeze and softly kneed your calf.

I stop, and movie over to your other foot, repeating myself slowly working my way up to your calf again, working the oil into your skin. Moving further up, I begin on your thigh, using the same gentle kneading, working the warm oil, stopping now and then to tease your skin with just my fingertips.

Getting to the top of your thigh, one hand slips to the inside, very close to the top, between your legs. I think it feels warmer than normal, so I work my way further up, brushing your lips with my fingers, and feeling you squirm.

Stopping, and moving over to your other thigh, I do it all over again. This time, when I get to the top, my right and is on the inside, and I stop massaging and run the palm of my hand softly up and down the soft inside of your leg, then my finger tips, going to the very top of your leg, tracing my way over to between your legs, then back down.

After I am sure I have teased you enough, I move my hand back up again, this time brushing you, and letting my fingers linger, running them up and down. Yes, I can feel how warm and wet you are, and know that you are as turned on as I am. Parting your lips slightly, I let one finger slip inside of you, and pull it back out, moving up to rub your clit briefly.

Pulling away, I move up and straddle you, sitting down just below your backside. I'm sure you can feel me, as I'm only wearing sweats, and in anticipation of what was to happen, I didn't wear my boxer briefs, and if anyone were to take a look, it would be quite obvious how much you have turned me on.

After pouring some oil onto your back, I begin to massage again, with my thumbs on your spine and my hands spread out on the small of your back. I move my hands up and down with out much pressure, spreading the oil out, and once that is done, I place my hands at the small of your back. Starting at your spine with my thumbs, I move them out, away from each other, stopping only when my hands are cupping your sides, as if I were making love to you from behind and holding onto you.

I repeat the process several times, continuing all the way up, stopping now and then to caress your skin and raise goose bumps, as well as bending over to let my lips brush your soft skin. Upon reaching your neck, again I bend over and let my lips brush your skin, starting at your shoulder and moving my way up to your neck. Moving your hair aside, I kiss the back of your neck several times, using my lips and my tongue to blaze a trail to just behind your ear. I know that you can feel me how as I'm bent over, I'm hard and pressing into your backside, and ever so slightly you are pushing back against me.

Sitting back up, I run my hands from your shoulders up to your neck, not so much massaging as caressing your skin, enjoying the feel of it on my finger tips. Wrapping my hands around the back of your neck, I move my finger tips in circles, moving from under your jaw, back across, and up to behind your ears, where I stop to rub gently.

Starting to massage your neck, I move back out to your shoulders, applying pressure with my thumbs, doing my best as a cabaña boy to work your muscles deep and remove as much tension as possible.

Moving my hands down to your back, I let my fingers glide across your sides, brushing the outside of your breasts as they lay exposed, letting them hover there for a moment before I scoot down your body, and remove the towel that is still barely covering you. Standing briefly, I remove all of my cloths, then proceed to kneel over your prone body, and lean into you and begin to kiss, lick, suck, and nibble my way up your spine, taking my time and trying to make you shudder as much as I can. Reaching your neck, I pull your hair to the side again, I lay my body against yours, again kissing and licking your neck, moving around, always returning to trace the edges of your ears with my tongue, to quickly suck an earlobe into my mouth, while our bodies press together.

I slide off to the side of you, propped u on my elbow, I gesture for you to roll over, and you do, eyes closed, as you run your hands down your body. Opening your eyes you turn and reach for me but I catch your hands and put them at your side. Reaching over the side of the bed, I bring up a package of chocolate covered strawberries and smile.

'I may not be able to feed you at the same time as I massage, but I don't think it will hurt to take a break' I say with a wink and a smile. Bringing the strawberry to your lips, I hold it as you first lick it then take a bite, laying back and smiling. Seeing a bit of chocolate on your lips, I lean forward and lick it off, then kiss you deep, tasting everything.

After a half dozen of them, I put the container back and move over you again, leaning down and kissing you softly on the lips, before lavishing your neck with attention once again. Not bothering with the pretense of a massage again, I move down to your chest as you bring your hands down and run them over my shoulders and hold onto my neck. Running my hands over your breasts, teasing your nipples, I cup them in my hands while gently squeezing them, taking your nipples into my mouth and rolling my tongue over them.

Softly licking, and sucking, I move between your breasts and move further down, holding myself above you with one hand, the other moving up and down your side, soft enough to not quite tickle you but enough to raise goose bumps.

Reluctant to break contact with your hands, they feel so good gently holding me, I move further down, spread your legs and kneel between them. Running my hands up your legs, teasing the inside of your thighs, I put one hand on your hip and bring the other between your legs, parting your wet, soft lips with my thumb, rubbing circles around your clit. Shuddering, you arch your back and try to scoot down to me but I keep you in place and continue with my ministrations.

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