Unfulfilled Fantasies

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: "Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies?" <br>"Yeah," I leered. <br>"I promise that if it's within my power, I will do anything you want provided."

"Tell me," she said, "do you have any unfulfilled fantasies?"

"What?" I replied taken somewhat by surprise by her question.

"You must have," she said with a sexy smile, "everybody does."

"So?" I said. Even her smile was getting my pants tight for she was something else.

"Well, I have the power to make some of these fantasies come true," she said.

"Yeah," I leered.

"Oh yes," she smiled again. "I promise that if it's within my power, I will do anything you want provided..."

She paused.

"Provided what?" I prompt.

"Well, before we get into that let me tell you a few things," she said. "About a year ago I was attacked, raped, beaten and left for dead."

"What!" I snapped.

"Yes, but don't get agitated," she soothed. "I'm all better now except for the animal who did that to me is still walking about free."

"So who was it?" I asked.

"I told the police I couldn't identify my attacker because he wore a hood," she paused and hugged herself, "which was true but it was still a load of crap."

"So you know who attacked you?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she said, turning to look at me, "I know who it was. I recognized him straight away despite everything he did to hide his identity. I know his smell, the way he walked and that damned watch he liked to flash about in the office.

Claimed it cost three grand but I could tell it was a fake."

"Someone you worked with?" I asked.

"Yes, my then boss," she admitted.

"So why wait?" I asked. "Why not tell the police?"

"As far as anyone else knows I was mugged going home," she said. "I couldn't bear the thought of the sniggers around the office."

"But you still worked for him?" I pointed out.

"Oh yes," she admitted, "that was the worse bit. I could see him look at me sometimes when he thought I didn't notice. That arrogant look that said 'I've had you and you don't know it' but I did and now I want him to pay."

"Okay, so why now?" I asked. "Why wait until now?"

"Why now?" she said. "Well, last Friday he left the company and is now working for someone else. For a whole year I could do nothing but be polite and get on with my job but now it's my time to get even."

"Okay, so what do you want from me?" I asked.

"To tell you the truth I really don't know at the moment," she smiled weakly,

"but I take it you may have some ideas."

"Well yes," I said, "a few."

"Okay, so here's the deal," she said. "I'm yours to do with as you wish, in return I want you to destroy him."

"How long do I get you for?" I asked.

"Until I feel the debt has been paid," she said. "Don't worry, I won't cheat you."

"You do anything I like?" I asked.

"Sure," she agreed.

My mind spiralled out of control for a few seconds for she was a beauty. She had come on to me a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe my luck. Oh, I know what I look like and no one like her should be interested in the likes of me; well now I know why.

"So what can you do for me?" she asked bringing me back to Earth.

"You want him destroyed?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she sighed, "in every conceivable way."

"So we make him a pervert," I said, "something that his family, the public will hate."

"Sounds great," she said.

"Make it seem that he's a paedophile or a drug dealer," I said.

"Or both," she smiled at me. "God, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Can you do that?"

"Sure," I said thinking through what I had to do. "I'll need access to his house, his computer. Do you know where he lives?"

"I know everything about the bastard," she smiled. "I've been doing other things too this past year other than smiling at him."

"What about money?" I asked.

"Not a problem," she said, "I've been saving up for this, again for a whole year."

"This may take more than money," I said thinking about who I had to approach.

"I'll do whatever it takes," she said looking me straight in the eyes.

"Okay, give me a few days to think about it and to talk to a few people," I said.

"Okay, but please let's keep this between as few people as possible," she said.

"Hi Matt, this is Kate," I introduced them to each other.

Matt was about fifty with a roving eye for the ladies but a genius when it came to faking pictures; so good in fact that even the Courts use him for their expert witness.

"So let me get this straight," he said looking Kate up and down, "you want to frame this guy?"

"Yes," said Kate.

"Mmm, well let me see," he mused. "I've got loads of pictures impounded by the Vice Squad that have never seen the light of day. What about a picture of our victim?"

"Yes, I have a few here," offered Kate. "I took these at Christmas."

"Fine, fine," muttered Matt, "I'll scan these in and see what I can do."

"Thank you," said Kate. "Now what can I do for you?"

Her hands moved to her blouse buttons and started to undo them.

"Yes, that will do fine," he leered.

I didn't know what to do. True, I knew beforehand that this was the price for his help but I didn't expect she would want to pay him now. She wasn't wearing much and for the first time for me too I could see her naked.

"Very nice, girlie," leered Matt as he reached out to take her hand and steer her towards his sofa.

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