Uncle Bob's Fashion Sense

by Lubrican

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After her wedding shower, Beth has so many nice honeymoon outfits she can't decide which ones to take with her. She can't show them to the groom... but who else might give her a man's perspective? Good old Uncle Bob steps up to the plate, unlimbers his bat and hits a home run while helping his niece.

Beth sighed as she addressed the last envelope and licked it. Her tongue hurt from all the thank-you notes she'd sent out. But she felt it was her duty to do them herself. After all, she'd gotten a lot of nice gifts from her friends at the wedding shower. And ... a girl only got married once.

She turned to look at all the "loot" as her little brother called it. He'd barged in during the shower, while she was holding up a negligee that was almost completely see-through. Then he'd made a big deal about holding both hands to his heart and yelling "It's the big one" pretending to have a heart attack. The girls had all laughed and Evelyn Malrot had yelled that the "big one" was in his pants, not his chest. That's because he'd had a plainly visible bulge in the front of his pants at the time. It was also plain it was the outfit that made that bulge grow there.

Beth had yelled at him and chased him out, but two of the girls had asked her his name and said they planned to call him.

So that one was sexy for sure. And so were the rest. She'd gotten so many pairs of panties, and teddies, and bras that held her breasts up, but didn't cover them. She couldn't decide what to actually wear on her honeymoon! That was her big problem now.

She called her mother and yelled for help. Half an hour later Molly, her mom, was standing there, staring in awe at the wealth of lingerie spread out on the couch, the chairs, even the floor. "Good grief Beth, there's enough there to last you a year!"

"I knoooow" moaned Beth. "But which should I use on my honeymoon? I want Ted to be so excited he'll be able to ... do it ... all night long. We've been waiting so long..."

"Well, if you wear some of that on your wedding night, poor Ted will have an accident before he ever gets close to you," laughed her mother. She picked up a pair of panties that were crotchless, with a gaping opening that would completely expose the wearer's labia for all the world to see.

"I know!" squealed Beth. "I wish Daddy was here. He could give me a man's perspective." Her father was on one of his frequent business trips.

Molly pursed her lips. She knew of another man who could give a male's perspective. He was the man who kept her happy when her husband wasn't around, which had been pretty frequent in the last five or ten years. In fact, she wished she could fit into some of the things spread out in front of her. She'd wear them for him before he used that gorgeous monster prick of his on her.

She made her decision. "I'm going to call your Uncle Bob. Maybe he'd be willing to come over and help you out. He has good fashion sense, and he should be able to tell you which ones to take on your honeymoon and which ones to save for later.

Beth smiled. "Great idea, Mom! I just love Uncle Bob and he's so cool. Let's call him now."

Molly called her brother who said he'd be delighted to come over. "I've been planning on coming to see you anyway" he said in his deep voice. "I understand Brian is gone to Europe this time."

Molly's pussy tingled as she thought about what they'd do together later. "You think you can keep your hands off her while she shows you this stuff?" Molly kidded him. "You know they're planning on having kids right away and she's not on anything. You can't just stick it in her like you do to me."

Molly knew he'd always lusted after Beth. They'd done some role playing where she pretended to be her daughter. His cock always got nice and hard when they did that.

"I'm sure you'll ride herd on me" he laughed back.

"Well, think again, stud" said his sister. "I've got errands to run, so I won't be there. You'll just have to behave yourself."

An hour later Bob was sitting on the couch as his niece stood in front of him. She was excited. She liked her uncle a lot. He'd always treated her like she was grown up, even kissing her on the lips, and his hugs were always long and warm. She had always felt safe and snug in his arms as she grew up. Now he sat there, handsome and strong looking as she blushed in front of him. "Thanks for helping me out Uncle Bob" she said. "I got all this beautiful stuff and I can't decide which to wear for Ted on our wedding night."

"It won't matter, sweetness" said her uncle with a straight face. "Ted will cum in his pants, regardless of what you're wearing. It's YOU who's beautiful, not all that stuff."

That was one reason she liked him so much. He always said such sweet things. She held up a dark purple teddy with matching panties. "How about this one? I like it a lot."

He looked at it. "Hmmm. It's hard to tell exactly what it will look like. Why don't you try it on?"

Beth blushed. "But then you'd see me in it," she said.

"Of course I would" he said calmly. "But I'm your uncle, so you're safe with me."

He actually meant it at the time.

But that would change.

Because she agreed to model it for him.

When she walked back into the room Bob held his breath. She was gorgeous! He could see her breasts through the teddy, her dark nipples stiff and erect. This teddy came to just above where her panties started. The panties were also see-through and her auburn bush puffed them out. Her legs looked like they might go on forever, and the thought of them wrapped around his waist made Bob's penis light up like a Las Vegas casino marquee. In seconds he was hard as a rock.

Beth had been unsure of herself as she put on the outfit. It was so sheer. Would he think she was pretty? She didn't know for sure.

But when she saw his face as she walked into the room, she quit worrying. He looked at her the same way Ted did. There was a slack-jawed look to him, and his eyes glazed over just a little. It made her feel all warm in her stomach. And lower too. It made her proud that she could be so desirable to someone as sophisticated as her Uncle Bob.

"You like?" she said.

Bob gulped and tried to get control of his breathing. He had to have this girl/woman. He stood up, his erection tenting his pants.

"Well, it passes the boner test" he said, as if having a raging hardon for your own niece was the most normal thing in the world. "Let's see what the utility rating is."

"The utility rating?" Beth said breathlessly as she stared at the lump in the front of his pants. He must be HUGE to make that big of a lump.

"Yes, these things are not only for looks, you know. You want to wear it for as long as he can stand it, and that means he will want to be able to play with you while you're wearing it." He walked behind her and put his hands on her hips.

"Like this" he said, and he slid his hands upwards, along her sides, over her ribs, to cup her naked breasts under the teddy. He hefted them, bouncing them just a little. He didn't touch her nipples.

"Yes, this is fine" he said clinically. and then he removed his hands.

Beth had held her breath as she felt his hands sliding along her naked skin. Her pussy got wet as he cupped her breasts and she waited for him to squeeze the nipples, like Ted would have done. She was almost disappointed when he didn't. She breathed out and then gasped as one of his retreating hands slid down over her abdomen and slipped into the front of the panties.

"And the panties give good access. Not too tight. Excellent," he said as he slid his hand over her bush and then back out again without touching her pussy lips. He didn't want to go too fast and scare her. "Yes, this one is a possibility." He went and sat back down on the couch.

Beth stood there, her knees weak. She'd taken a step to the left with her left foot as she felt his hand slid into her panties. She'd done it without even thinking about it, to give his fingers room ... to touch her ... there ... where only Ted had ever touched her. But then he'd pulled his hand out and sat back down on the couch.

She breathed raggedly and sneaked a peek at his pants. Yes. The lump was still there. She picked up a bra that was designed to lift her breasts, but not cover them. And the matching crotchless panties. Both were pale blue. She left the room without a word.

When she came back, Bob gasped at the sight. She stood tall and straight, her long reddish brown hair hanging straight down. She'd brushed it and it shone in the light. The bra made her breasts ride high on her chest, and the nipples turned upward, like little artillery cannon aiming at the sky. The panties were obviously crotchless, since her auburn pubic hairs were sticking out of the opening. But you couldn't see much with her standing.

"How about this one?" she said in a low, throaty voice. "I think it looks sexy enough, but what about the ... utility?"

She stood, obviously waiting. She was breathing deeply, and her glorious breasts were rising up and down with each breath.

Bob stood up. Again he walked behind her and put his hands on her hips. She leaned into him slightly. This time his hands slid up and over the cloth that supported her tits. He palmed both nipples and she sighed. He slid his hands back and forth several times and her breathing quickened.

"Hmmmm" he said into her throat. She laid her head back on his shoulder as his hand started down. When his hand got to her belly button she stepped sideways with her left foot again, spreading her legs for him. His hand slid over the outside of the panties, his middle finger sliding onto her exposed pubes.

He pressed with that finger, pushing between her labia. She was wet. Her pubes were wet and tangled. He thought about trying to get his tongue through the aromatic jungle of her pubic hair.

"You should probably shave" he murmured into her neck. She shivered and her hips ground back into his boner.

"You really think so?" she said faintly.

"Yeah" he breathed into her throat. "It would let Ted's fingers slide more easily. And he could get to you easier to ... taste you." He pressed his finger harder into her slit, not yet rubbing, but putting pressure on her clit.

Beth shuddered and took another ragged breath. "He's never ... done that" she almost moaned. "Do you think he will?"

"I can almost guarantee it if you shave" said Bob. "If you want ... I could ... help you."

She turned to face him, breaking the contact where his finger pressed into her. She put her hands on his hips. Her mons was touching his erection. She did not pull away.

"Yes. I think so. I mean ... I think I might need some help" she said, looking into his eyes. She took his hand and pulled him toward the bathroom. Wordlessly she got shaving cream and a new disposable safety razor. "Scissors" he said, and she looked in a drawer for them. He watched her in the mirror. Her breasts didn't sag or wobble in the bra. She had a beautiful ass too. With her back to him she bent over and slid the panties down to her ankles. Yes, her ass was gorgeous, like the rest of her. She laid the panties on the counter and turned to face her uncle.

Her eyes were wild, but she didn't look scared. Bob got a towel and laid it on the floor under the edge of the toilet. "Sit there" he pointed at the toilet seat.

She did, her knees together.

Bob got a washcloth and ran it under hot water. Then he took the scissors and got on his knees in front of her.

He didn't touch her. He just waited.

Slowly, her knees parted, then spread, wider and wider, until she was splayed open to him, completely open. He could barely see the hint of pink lips buried in the luxurious growth. Her odor wafted up to him and he licked his lips. She smelled delicious. He looked up at her. Her dark eyes stared back. Her nipples looked painfully swollen now, and they stuck out three quarters of an inch. They begged to be sucked and gnawed on.

Beth leaned back against the back of the stool. She had to. When she spread her legs for her uncle she felt like she was going to fall off the toilet. No man had ever seen her like this. Not even Ted. At most they'd necked in the car, groping and feeling each other under their clothing.

She wasn't technically a virgin. A hairbrush had taken care of that when she was thirteen. But the only living thing she'd taken inside her was a finger. She'd insisted that they not have sex until they were married, not because she didn't want to, but to ensure that the marriage actually took place. She'd seen too many of her friends give it up only to find that once a boy had his fill, he traveled on to find other, greener fields.

She'd thought she would feel slutty and nasty when she spread her legs, but all she felt was hunger. Sexual hunger. She wanted to be touched ... stroked ... and yes ... tasted.

Bob controlled his desire as he applied the scissors. He carefully snipped away the majority of her bush, uncovering two pretty plump and pink pussy lips. Those lips were wet, with a clear liquid actually dripping out of them. He wanted to taste that nectar, but resisted the desire for now. Knowing she was this sexually excited gave him patience. He wanted to bury his boner in her sweet belly and sooner or later, she'd want him to do it.

He could wait.

Finally stubble was all that was left. He re-warmed the washcloth and applied it to her mons. She sighed as the heat touched her. "This is good. Right?" she said.

"Sweetie, this is fabulous. Ted will croak when he sees you in this outfit ... with a bare ... pussy." He said the last word with as much sex in his voice as he could muster. "He won't be able to keep his hands and ... lips ... off you. No man could," he said.

Then he removed the wet cloth and began to shave. He took his time. He could have denuded her pussy in six or seven long strokes, but he wanted to play. So he pulled her skin this way and that as he made short slow passes with the razor. Her clitty popped out and she started panting. He pressed his thumb directly on the little nubbin and dragged it sideways as he shaved the other side, then reversed himself, massaging it gently in the process. Her butt started to writhe and thrust upward.

"Sit still" he commanded.

"I can't" she whispered back.

Finally he was done. She was smooth, white, bare as a baby's butt. Her pussy lips were engorged now, puffy and gaping open slightly. Her clit was standing up, waiting to be sucked. "You need some kind of lotion" he said. "To treat the razor burn."

She sat up quickly. "Wait" she said, and she got up to leave. She swayed as her knees wobbled. Her butt jiggled as she ran out of the room. She came back with a bottle in her hand. "Here ... one of the girls gave me this at the shower." It was a bottle of 'massage' lotion, the kind that tasted like strawberries, and was scented. It was actually made for this very application.

"Perfect" he said.

She flopped back down on the toilet and her knees sprang open. No shyness this time.

"You want me to put it on?" he said, almost teasing. She just nodded, her eyes big. This was going to be different and they both knew it. This was something she could certainly do for herself, but she wanted to be touched ... petted.

Bob petted her with a vengeance. He soaked his hand with the stuff and rubbed it into her pussy thoroughly. Beth moaned and writhed as he masturbated her heated pussy. He took her to the point where he thought she was about to cum and then stopped.

Her head snapped up, her mouth open to complain.

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