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Desc: Sex Story: A single man searching for his first home gets better service than he expected.

Her name was Kathy and I had met her while I was looking for a Real Estate Agent. We had been working together for nearly 6 months searching for my first house, and finally, we found the right one and had completed the deal.

She was an older woman, and I found her quite attractive. The time we spent together gave us ample opportunity to flirt, and we did, but nothing too over the top. I had thought her pretty from the moment we met, but my attraction to her didn't start to take off until one day while we were looking at a house. The house was ok, but, it could have been a mansion and I wouldn't have noticed. She was wearing a light summer dress (it was June, and the temperature was high) the dress showed off her long legs beautifully, but, her chest had my attention. Not her breasts specifically (they were nice, not too big, not too small, with what I was sure were perfect nipples) but it was a hint of the tattoo on her right breast that I wanted to see more of. It was quite difficult to pay attention and I'm sure she caught me looking on more than one occasion.

After closing the deal on the house, I decided to take a leap of faith and ask her to dinner to celebrate. She said yes, and I could not stop myself from grinning ear to ear.

A few days later, on a Friday, I picked her up at her house. She looked amazing. We weren't going anywhere too fancy, so neither of us were particularly dressed up, but she still blew me out of the water in a short (almost mini) skirt, very flattering blouse, and what I hoped were thigh high black stockings, with a light scarf draped around her neck.

Dinner went well, we took our time and each had some wine. I was ok but, though I couldn't be sure, I thought she might have been getting a bit tipsy. After a few hours at the restaurant, we left, and on the way out the door, she suggested that I show her the house now with furniture in it. We both laughed, and I told her that I didn't have much stuff moved in yet, just the basics, a couch, a TV, and most importantly the bed. She didn't have much to say about that last bit, but just put her arm in mine and smiled.

Back at the house, we walked around a bit, and ended up in the kitchen, with her leaning on the island and me standing close in front of her. Moving in close, I leaned and kissed her gently. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her to me, and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and gently caressed the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

After making out for a while, slowly grinding against each other, I picked her up and set her on the island, and moved between her spread legs. Slowly kissing my way from her neck down and gently sucking on her skin, I made my way down to her chest, and began to unbutton her blouse, and just as I had suspected she was not wearing a bra.

I looked up, her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, so I continued on first to one breast, then another, circling her nipple with my tongue but never actually taking it in my mouth. With her hand on the back of my neck, she tried to force me to take a nipple into my mouth, but I just grinned and kissed my way back up to her neck, and then kissed her lips softly, sucking on her bottom lip for a second before picking her up and moving into the bedroom.

Once at the bedroom, I laid her down on the bed and removed the scarf from around her shoulders and raised her hands above her head.She Looked at me quizzically but not protesting, I tied her wrists gently together, and then tied the scarf to the headboard. Stepping back, I finished unbuttoning her blouse, and exposed her chest entirely, then began to remove her skirt, sliding it down over her legs and smiling at the sight of her stocking clad legs.

Crawling onto the bed beside her, I began to run my fingertip slowly up and down her body, barely touching her skin and watching the goose bumps rise. Sliding my hand up the inside of a thigh, she spread her legs slightly and I ran my fingers around, feeling her warmth, teasing her, smiling as she whimpered slightly and pulling my hand away as she moved her hips towards my touch.

Moving down to the end of the bed, I began to massage her feet, just slightly harder than a tickle, then moved up to her calves wrapping my hand around as much as possible and running it up to the back of her knee then down again, first one leg then the other. Leaning down I begin to kiss the insides of her thighs, feeling the silkiness of the stockings on my lips, slowly moving up and giving a gently teasing nip every now and then for good measure.

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