Lovely Lady

by JAX

Copyright┬ę 2005 by JAX

Sex Story: This was the second time I had been to this club despite it high bar prices and the reason I was here had just walked in. She was the most perfect creature I had ever seen

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   .


This was the second time I had been to this club despite it high bar prices and the reason I was here had just walked in. She was the most perfect creature I had ever seen. The only trouble was she was hanging on the arm of this tall well-built guy dressed in an evening suit, black tie and all that. Her eyes scanned the room and they stopped just for an instant and our eyes met for the first time. Her stern face twitched slightly, could that have been a smile, well my heart said so. Her eyes stopped for that split second then her they moved on.

"Who's he?" I asked the barman when he brought my drink.

"That's Mr Leaman," he said, "owner of the club and everything in it."

"Oh, thanks," I said and sipped my watered down whisky.

"You're not thinking of messing with him are you?" the barman leaned closer and whispered.

"Me, no way," I said truthfully.

I had no wish to mix it with the likes of him.

"Very sensible," said the Barman slightly louder, "not good for your health to bother the likes of Mr Leaman.

I finished up my drink and headed out. On the way her eyes and mine met just for that split second again then she was gone.

I went home to my lonely flat and wondered what I was going to do. One thing for sure I wasn't going to take on Mr Leaman head on.

Fate then took a hand and my job at the Wine Bar ceased to be and I became unemployed. There were always vacancies for bar staff at the 'Kit Cat Club' so I applied; I was taken on straight away.

"Don't I know you?" asked the existing barman on my first night.

"I've drank in here a few times," I said.

"Yeah that must be it," he said and went to serve a new customer.

She came in at midnight and asked for a glass of champagne.

"That's on the house," whispered Pete my fellow barman, "she's the boss's girlfriend."

I kept my eyes down as I served her but as I pushed her drink across the bar our fingers touched.

"Sorry," I said and our eyes met and again my heart said there was something there.

Mr Leaman came in just minutes later and whisked her off.

"I saw you looking," snapped Pete, "you don't want to know what he would do to you if they caught you even looking at her sideways."

I served a few customers then the internal bar phone rang.

"Yes Mr Leaman," said Pete, "right now sir."

He went to the cool cabinet and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

"Take this up to the office now," he said, "and be quick the boss is waiting."

It was only a few seconds later that I was knocking on the door and I was called to enter. I froze for a second at the sight before me.

"Your Champagne sir," I said keeping my eyes averted.

She was on her knees between his spread legs and she was sucking on his large erect cock. Her top was down around her waist and he was squeezing her breasts.

"Yeah put it down there," he said. "Wait you're new aren't you?"

"Yes Sir," I said keeping eye contact with him.

"What's you name?" he asked.

"Jack Sir," I replied.

"I like you Jack," he laughed, "you know how to behave."

"Get up slut," he said to her.

"This Jack is Claudia," he said squeezing her breasts again, "she my fucking slut aren't you babe?"

"Yes," she said just about audible.

"Say hello to Jack," he said.

"Hello Jack," she said in a husky sexy voice.

"Stick your tits out babe," he demanded.

"Now hasn't she got the best pair of tits you've ever seen?" he asked.

I let my eyes flicker over her torso then I remade eye contact with him.

"Yes Sir," I replied truthfully.

"I like you Jack," he laughed again. "On your knees again slut. Now get back to the bar and don't let me catch you looking at her again without my permission."

"Yes Sir," I said and left.

I had to do something for again I seen something in her eyes. But what could I do against him?

It was the type of bar that had a little green bottle behind the counter for trouble makers and I dreamed about using a couple of drops on my boss; not that it would get me anywhere, unless I could time it just right, say when he was about to drive home. I put these thoughts away and got on with my job.

It wasn't my fault that she was kept in the front of my mind, I tried not to look or be the one that took the drinks up to the office but it seemed that Mr Leaman had taking a liking to me and would asked for me by name.

"Here's Jack with our drinks," he said.

I had knocked and been told to come in. Claudia was stretched out naked on the sofa, her legs wide open; she didn't move or try to cover herself.

"Come in Jack and put the bottle down here," he indicated the coffee table.

"Would you look at that Jack," he sat down beside Claudia and ran his hand over her legs. "I'll bet you'll like to stick your cock into her?"

"Yes Sir," I answered truthfully.

"I like you Jack," he laughed. "Stay and watch while I fuck the slut."

"We're busy downstairs sir and Pete's on his own," I explained.

"Yeah, that's why I like you," he laughed, "always thinking about the business. This won't take long."

He unzipped and pushed himself into her. I could tell that she was dry and she winced slightly when he forced himself into her. After a dozen hard thrusts he appeared to come.

"What a slut," he sighed a he pulled out. "Now get out and help Pete out."

"Yes sir," I said and left, but not before I noticed a line of coke laid out on the glass topped table.

"I think Claudia as the hots for you," Mr Leaman said to me later.

"Me Sir, surely not," I said opened mouthed, "I don't think I've ever spoken to her."

"I'll have to invite you back to my place and watch you fuck her," he laughed.

"I'm not sure it's my place to do that sir," I said, "after all she's your girl."

"She's my slut," he laughed, "that's totally different thing. A slut open their legs whenever they're told to."

"Yes sir," I said.

At the back of my mind a plan was formulating but I needed a few things first. I wasn't the innocent that I appeared to be on the surface, I had done my share of nasties but never the hard man. Now I was content just to get along and be happy with my conscience.

"I only want an half an ounces," I said, "but uncut ok."

"Sure but it'll cost," my supplier said.

"Fine what ever," I said.

It took some time to arrange but a few days later I walked away with a small amount of pure uncut Coke.

"Come in, come in," Mr Leaman invited, "Have a drink and I'll get that slut down here. Claudia get your arse down here."

He shouted up the stairs, then he disappeared upstairs to chase her up.

"I swear that girls is always preening herself," he chuckled on returning, "but then I suppose it's my fault. Here she is the good slut."

"Hi," I nodded.

"Right lets have another drink and then we'll party," enthused Mr Leaman. "Got it all set up, two cameras to record it all for all my friends to watch later."

Cameras, I hadn't expected that but it was too late to change things now for when I poured myself a drink I had found his stash of coke under the bar and I had added the uncut stuff I had brought with me.

"Lets go and have some fun," he said downing his drink and putting his arm around me. "Wait one minute."

He returned to the bar and leaned over and picked up the bag of coke.

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