Neighbor Girl

by J.C. Miller

Copyright┬ę 2005 by J.C. Miller

Sex Story: Eric and his son, Arnie, love to water ski. Arnie likes Heather, the girl next door, and always brings her along. Heather doesn't go for Arnie and is troubled because her father doesn't see her any more and she abhors her stepfather. As Heather goes to college, she realizes her intense feelings for Eric. Can Eric be something more than a father figure?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .


Central Florida provides many water-ski havens; some are 'clothing optional', some charge, and some are free and rarely used. My son, Arnold, and his friend, Jason, and I answered a want ad for an affordable ski boat. The owner was moving back north and we made a ridiculously low offer and he quickly took it. It was sleek, white with red trim, had clean seats, and enough horsepower to pull two skiers at the same time with others in the boat.

My friend, Dave, trained us to drive it and listed the vests and skis we needed to buy. On our first day out with Dave, we struggled, but we all managed to ski for a while. With trepidation, I let Arnold drive the boat while I tried to ski. It happened! Now we could all take turns. Within a month, we all skied as long as we chose. It became our regular routine.

Recently, a new family with two girls moved in next door. Arnold was panting to take them skiing with us. After a couple of weeks, we were neighbors, and Nancy, their sensational looking forty-something mother, agreed to let them come. On the big day, the younger girl came with Nancy. Her sister had plans. Fine with me.

This 'girl' was seventeen going on twenty-two and stunning. Heather's figure was mature and she had grown it amply so that her shiny white bikini displayed it admirably. When she moved, her brown hair brushed her shoulders and her hips rocked provocatively. Her lipstick accented full lips and matched the brilliant red of her fingernails. Maybe she models? The very presence of two voluptuous women in a boat changes the entire environment!

On the lake, I asked, "Who is going first?"

Nancy, volunteered. She assured me that she knew how to ski. I helped her get ready and how I studied her body. She had all the right stuff and had thoughtfully gifted her daughter with more than enough of the same. This day was for girl watching. Nancy had a nice long run and climbed back into the boat gracefully, but breathing heavily from the exertion. "Wow! That was great! I can't believe how tired my legs are."

Arnold and Jason had their turns and finally, I asked, "Are you ready, Heather?" She nodded slow acceptance, "I guess so."

Nancy said, "Gotta' try it some time, baby. Go for it!"

I snapped Heather's life vest tighter and it pushed her breasts higher. She saw me gape. "OK, we're jumping in the lake and getting the rope. I will put your skis on and tell you what to do."

She looked relieved. "Oh, thanks! I wondered about that!"

In the water, she held her arms around me while I adjusted the skis. Putting skis on a new person requires lots of leg feeling and body holding. Her toenails matched her fingernails. Our legs and bodies touched in the warm water, which became increasingly sensual. "Keep your arms straight, lean back on your skis, keep your tips up, and let the boat lift you from the water. Don't bend your arms. Remember that, no matter what." I put my arms around her with my hands on her belly, holding her in position from behind. I enjoyed her as long as I dared, then signaled Arnold to start the boat.

Heather started to get up, and then fell. I swam over to her and asked, "Do you know what went wrong?"

"Yes, I couldn't help bending my arms."

After several more trials in which she had to sit in my lap in the water, she seemed to be wiggling her butt against me. I asked, "Are you OK?"

She turned around, "Yeah. It is a lot nicer here than at the end of that rope."

I was thankful when the rope tightened again and pulled her away. She stood up and skied for almost a minute. When I helped her back in the boat she put her hand on my shoulder, and gave me a beaming smile, "Thank you Eric. That was great!" I almost shivered in the Florida heat.

I noticed that the side of her face was red. Hitting the water going 20 or 25 MPH hurts every time if you fall. I put my hand on her face, "Does this hurt?"

She snuggled her face against my hand and looked into me again. "It did when I fell, but it is OK, now."

Nancy didn't go with us after that first time because I think her husband fretted. However, the rest of us went out often. Any hetero-male could not avoid watching Heather. We can avoid talking or touching, but not looking. Heather often smiled directly at me. In my daydreams, her hazel eyes with those long lashes devoured me. I visualized her brown hair covering my pillow. Often, she sat close to me in the boat while the others skied, even when there were other empty seats. From my view, when her shoulders turned, her bikini top sometimes revealed all or part of her breast. She could not have known how often she occupied my desire bed.

Arnold tried unsuccessfully to date her but she had no yearning for him. She would only be his friend and they often did fun things together.

One day, as we were packing the boat, she came over to me and gave me her usual cheek kiss. "Eric, do you want me to go?"

"We are delighted to have you, Heather. Of course."

"I don't mean "we," I mean you, Eric."

"When you are with us, Heather, the whole environment changes. You are the most beautiful creature in nature. You inspire me. I wouldn't miss having you with us."

She hugged me, then, and whispered, "Thank you. I had to know."

One night, I worked late in my home office and went to get a snack. In the living room were Heather and her sister, Jennifer, asleep in my sleeping bags on the floor. I did not need another Heather fantasy.

Next morning, Arnold told me that sometimes the girls and their mother had fights with their stepfather and she sent them out. So he showed them where we kept the air mattresses and sleeping bags and told them they could sleep in the living room when they needed to. He looked guilty, "OK to let them crash here? I showed them where the key was."

"OK with me, unless their mother files a complaint."

Next day, Nancy and I were in the checkout line at the supermarket. "May your daughters stay at my house? I don't want to violate your rules. I didn't know of the arrangement until last night."

She smiled warmly, "We do have our problems. I'm glad they have a safe place close. They have had trouble adapting to their stepfather. Thank you." Our bodies touched just enough to enflame, but not to ignite. I did not like the 'safe' word.

After the end of spring semester, Arnold came home from the university. During one of our chats, he asked, "Do you mind if I live with Mom this summer? I think Atlanta offers better jobs than here."

"I'll miss my ski buddy, but that would be good for a change."

"I was afraid you might be upset. I know how well you get along with her."

"Not upset at all. She is your mother. By the way, what happened with you and Heather?"

"She didn't take to me. Said she likes older guys. I can't fix old! I think she fancies you."

That seemed unlikely. A couple of days later, Heather came to help Arnold pack for his trip north. I watched them give pokes, pats, and affectionate hugs, and they laughed often. Finally his car was loaded and he was ready to go. I gave him a bear hug and he drove away. Heather came back inside with me and noticed my tears.

She hugged me with her whole body, then whispered, "Hey, Eric, this is hard. I see how much you care for Arnie." She brushed her lips softly across my cheek.

She stayed close, still leaning on me and with her head on my shoulder, "I was a 'difficult' child.' My father didn't care at all when I left. I don't see him at all any more and I did love him." Her voice was unsteady. I could feel her warm tears on my shoulder and her hair touching my face as she cried. I guess she felt my tears, too, but I hoped she didn't feel the lump in my pants.

"My stepfather can't wait until I get out of the house, and I can't either." Then, she sobbed again.

After we both recovered somewhat, I whispered, "I need a boost, Heather. Would you like a drink or glass of wine?"

She took the wine and continued to comfort me, rubbing my shoulders and squeezing my arm. I noticed that she cocked her head when she talked and she kept her eyes on mine. Women often cock their heads when they are interested in the man they are talking to. I doubted that was her motive; she was the neighbor girl. I think she was comforted when I held her and holding her thrilled me.

She gave me that intense look again, "You are the only adult man who cares for me at all. You show it all the time." She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. I handed her a paper towel.

She sighed, "Well, I guess it is time to go home. It has been a big day. Sorry about the outburst. I saw what it was like to have a father love you." Her last gesture was to put her cheek against mine and brush my lips with hers in a soft kiss. She smiled, and whispered, "Bye, Eric."

I mumbled, "You may unload any time. Thank you for the hug, Heather. Maybe we can have lunch sometime." Good going, Eric. You really know how to say the right thing! As she walked down the driveway in her white Capri pants, she twitched her round butt more than usual. I could do nothing but stare.

I often scanned her pool from my window so that I saw when she went there and always found an excuse to go outside for a better view. Once, when she saw me, "Come sit a minute, Eric, while I do my yoga." Her skimpy bikini barely covered her. As we chatted she stretched and then began an incredible balance routine in several positions, each of which was glorious to watch.

When she finished, she stretched out in the deck lounge and rolled over to face me. That position revealed more of her breasts and accented the line of her hips. We had a nice talk and I had to rip myself away before I made an obscene proposition.

Several weeks later, I answered the phone. "Hi, Eric, Heather. I'm going back to school tomorrow afternoon."

"God, it seems like you just got home."

"Would you give me a farewell boat ride in the morning?"

"Of course, girl. I would be honored! Nine or ten?"

"I'd like nine. I'll bring a little picnic."

We went to the lake and cruised around for a while. She sat in her usual seat and I watched as the wind blew her hair in swirls. She touched my shoulder and massaged my neck. Then, she drove for a while and did some lazy figure 8s. That maneuver creates a large wake and we had a good time leaping the waves. She drove us into the shady cove where we often stopped and I dropped the anchor.

She bubbled, "This is great. I miss our lake trips and I never thought I would say that." With that, she opened the picnic basket and we spread out a tablecloth on the jump seat. I had a small bottle of wine and we shared it. The lunch was delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

Time came to leave and I said, "May I have a hug?"

"I would never miss an Eric hug!" She did her eye thing on me and I got chills.

She hugged me, and had her mouth so close that even I didn't miss it. I kissed her my best. She told me a crucial story in that fervent kiss. She kissed me, not as a neighbor girl, but as a woman who wanted to be right there with her whole body against me.

Finally, she whispered, I have to go. It is a long drive." Her striking eyes looked back, "I believe that will keep me awake."

We returned the boat to my driveway and I said, "No need to help me clean. You have packing to do."

I cleaned and covered the boat and went inside to get some water. As I was standing around the kitchen missing her, she knocked on the back door.

I let her in, and she looked at me intensely, "Once more before I go?"

We kissed again and I let her go. "I won't sleep much either." I saw her wipe her eyes walking down the driveway just as I was wiping mine. I had no idea what to do next.

Time passes. It must have been a month since I had last seen Nancy at the supermarket, but there she was in her raw beauty. She said, "Heather comes home from school in a couple of days. We are painting inside. Can she stay in Arnold's room until we finish?"

"Of course. She is always welcome. I have plenty of room."

Two evenings later, Heather parked in the driveway and I anxiously went out to greet her. She looked out the window, "Mother said I could stay. OK?"

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