Kinsey Rides Again

by Tony Stevens

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was a serious scientific inquiry into sexual mores in the 21st Century. All anonymous and private. It wasn't phone sex. At least, it never had been, before.

Chapter 1:

"Hello. You have reached the Twenty-first Century Survey. Am I speaking to the owner of the Code?"

"Yes. This is Code Number 1047. I am calling in as you requested in your recent letter. I secured the code number by choosing a number from your number generator at your website."

"Thank you, number 1047. As was explained to you earlier, this code procedure is designed to help assure the confidentiality of the survey. None of the employees of Twenty-first Century Surveys will be able to trace your identity by reference to the code number. All we will know is that it is a valid number, selected from the website by an individual who has previously agreed to participate."

"I understand."

"You also understand, Number 1047, that the questions on this survey are concerned with extraordinarily personal information of a sexual nature."

"Yes. Would you call me 'Pam' please? It's not my real name, but I prefer being called something besides 'Number 1047'."

"Yes, indeed, Pam. Actually, you're ahead of me. I was about to suggest we assign you a fictitious personal name for the duration of the interview. 'Pam' will do just fine."

"And what do I call you?"

"How about 'Richard?' We can maintain anonymity both ways. Incidentally, this interview can be assigned to a female interviewer, if you'd feel more comfortable answering the questions that way."

"Don't worry about it, Richard. I'm not that sensitive. Question away."

"Ahh, Pam, allow me to explain the procedure to you more fully. These questions are not necessarily designed only to produce a 'yes' or 'no' response, or to evoke a brief, quantitative response. Interviewees are encouraged to elaborate as they see fit, in the course of providing their answers. For example, were I to ask you if you have ever been married, you would be encouraged not merely to say, 'yes, ' but to say something like, 'yes, I've been married and divorced twice.' Is that clear?"

"Is this interview being recorded?"

"Absolutely not. An aural recording of the interview might be seen as a possible threat to your personal privacy. However, the content of the interview will be carefully recorded, in the sense that I will be writing down your answers. When you provide an elaborate answer, I will be doing my best to record it in full, or at least in as much detail as possible."

"Well, it sounds interesting."

"One more preliminary matter, Pam. We beg you, please, to provide accurate answers. People are very often embarrassed by the questions on the survey. That's to be expected. People are embarrassed if they have what they might regard as too much sexual experience to relate, and, sometimes, people are embarrassed as well if they have too little. For example, a young man might be embarrassed to admit that he is a 23-year-old virgin. But, naturally, we only want truthful, complete answers. Without that, the entire exercise -- this massive inquiry into sexual behavior in the early 21st Century -- will become a mere farce."

"Inaccurate data is worse than useless, Richard."

"That's exactly right! So -- no matter how detailed the questions may become, I hope I can rely on you to..."

"Don't worry, Richard. You'll get the whole truth from me, and nothing but!"

"Great. Let's begin, then. --And Pam: anytime you have a reaction to a question, a concern about why it's being asked, anything like that, feel free to express yourself. The recording of responses in this survey is extraordinarily sophisticated. Even things like extraneous remarks of survey subjects will be recorded and analyzed."


"All right, let's begin with a few preliminaries. You are female, correct?"

"You better believe it, Buster! --Whoops. I guess this isn't the time for survey-subject attempts at humor, is it? Just put that down as a 'yes.'"

"You need not adopt any particular attitude, Pam, toward the survey. If you want to treat it as the object of a light remark or two, there's no great harm in that. All we ask is that you provide us with the objective truth."

"Understood. But I'm gonna try to restrain myself a little, Richard. Oh, shit! I said "Little Richard," and now I'm going into a giggling fit!"

"I think you're just a little nervous about where this survey is going to take you. Please try to relax and enjoy the experience."

"Oh, I'm enjoying it already! I've always loved to take surveys and answer questions! One time I finally got called by a Gallup Poll, and I was so excited about it I thought I was going to cum! --If that's one of your questions -- 'have you ever had an orgasm while being questioned by a Gallup Pollster' -- the answer is, 'almost!'"

"You've got a great sense of humor, Pam. That's not one of our questions, but your answer will probably be of some interest to our poll analysts. You're doing fine. Now -- what is your age, please?

"I'm 24."

"Born in the United States?"


"Lived here all your life?"

"That's right. Moved around some, but all within the U.S."

"And what is the extent of your formal education, Pam?"

"I've got a B.A. degree and a Masters. Do you want to know more detail?"

"We deliberately avoid gathering too much background detail on individuals -- again, we're working hard to maintain complete anonymity. But I'd like to know the following -- and please answer in the indefinite manner the questions invite -- ready?"


"Was your Master's degree in a social science, as opposed to one of the hard sciences?"

"Question's too vague. It wasn't hard science, but I wouldn't really classify it as social science, either."

"Fine arts, perhaps? Music?"

"Fine arts, yes."

"Fine. And your school -- please give us the name of the athletic conference the school was in -- for example, "Big Ten" or "Atlantic Coast Conference". This is just to get a generic idea of the part of the country you went to school in -- we're not pursuing any sports-related questions here."

"I thought this was a sex survey."

"It is, Pam. I -- don't understand."

"Well, to me, sex is definitely sports-related! There -- summarize that offhand remark on your survey form!"

"You're a live wire, Pam. Your answers are interesting, and we haven't even gotten to your history yet. Now -- what about that last question?"

"It was the Southeastern Conference, Richard. I'm a Southern Belle! I'll zero it in more for you, if you want."

"SEC is definitive enough for our purposes, Pam, thanks. Now, we're going to get into some more specific background questions, but, again -- nothing that will betray your personal identity."

"Relax, Richard. I don't want to see any naked pictures of myself on the Internet, but I'm not overly concerned about these answers. Ask away."

"Would you please give me some information about your race and national origin? For example..."

"Skip the examples, I understand the question. I'm Caucasian, European heritage. Both parents. Not adopted. I look like my Dad, only I've got a better rack. Does that get it?"

"Got it. Glad to hear about the rack. Nothing worse than having a dad with a bigger chest than yours."

"Hey, Richard! Good for you! YOu've got a sense of humor! I thought for awhile there, you were going to be a Dick."

"As I explained, Pam, we want a relaxed interviewee."

"I'm just like a dishrag, here, Richard. I've even got a glass of white wine. Fire when ready."

Chapter 2:

"All right, Pam, some of the questions now will be more explicit in their exploration of your history -- sexual and otherwise. First of all, have you ever participated in a sexual experience of any kind. By that I mean, have you ever engaged in what is commonly called 'necking' or 'petting' with another person -- either of the opposite sex or your own sex?"


"Could you elaborate?"

"Is this an essay test? I thought it was going to be multiple choice. Yes, I've necked and petted for some time now -- well over a decade (I'm 23, don't forget), and I've done that necking and petting with persons of the opposite sex, and some of my own sex, too."

"All right. What do you recall as your earliest experience of the kind described?"

"When I was nine, I played doctor with my cousin Bertie. He was about eleven."

"Can you describe the nature and extent of..."

"I showed him mine, and he showed me his. And I touched his little penis, and he ran a finger over my hairless little cunt, there. Bertie got a hard-on, and I thought that was pretty damned neat!"

"Anything else?"

"You mean, did he fuck me?"

"Well -- no. I assumed he didn't. Did he do any more that what you described?"

"He asked me to suck it for him."

"And -- did you?"

"Not that day, no. But Bertie was around pretty frequently. His mother and my mother were close." She laughed. "Maybe not as close as me 'n Bertie got to be, but close. We played doctor pretty often after that -- we were both hot for it."

"So. When did you..."

"I think it was about the third time we played -- maybe a month or so after that first time. I told him I'd 'kiss' it if he'd lick my pussy first."

"All right."

"You want to know what happened then?"

"Yes, Pam. Please continue."

"Ol' Bertie was a gamer! He laid me down there in my little backyard playhouse and licked the beJesus out of my hairless little twat!"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Bet your ass I enjoyed it! I didn't come. I don't know whether I was capable of coming, at that age. But it felt fucking great, Richard!"

"And -- did you return the favor?"

"Oh, yeah! And you know, I enjoyed that, too! Here I was, not even ten years old, and already addicted to cock-sucking!"

"When you say, 'addicted, ' how literally do you mean that?"

"You mean, was it like smoking? I couldn't kick the habit?"

"I mean, are you simply saying you enjoyed the experience, or did you really feel a compulsion to repeat it?"

"Me 'n Bertie exchanged oral favors every chance we got, for the next two years! When I was eleven, he took my cherry!"

"Eleven. Do you remember your exact age at the time?"

"Well, it was summer. I guess I was eleven and maybe five months. I already was starting to develop -- I remember that. I had my first period right around that time."

"And that first experience with penile penetration. Was it -- pleasurable for you?"

"You mean, did I come? No, I didn't come from Bertie's penetration. But by then, I knew what it was to come -- from Bertie's mouth. My cousin was a little stud!"

"Did you bleed?"

"No. But I guess I was a tomboy. By then, I'd probably busted it on my own. It hurt a little, though, at first."

"Did Bertie ejaculate inside you?"

"He sure did! In about one minute flat! We both knew that doing that was risky, though, and it was the only time. After that, we took at least some rudimentary precautions."

"So this affair with your cousin Bertie continued?"

"Yes. We saw each other frequently -- at least once every week, sometimes more. And anytime we could get away from his mom and my mom, we went at it."

"You continued to have intercourse?"

"The works. We still did the oral -- and both of us climaxed from that regularly. And when Bertie could get condoms, or when he could just talk me into it without one, we'd fuck, too."

"And how long did this go on?"

"Until I was fourteen. Bertie and his family moved out of state. Probably a good thing. I was lucky he didn't knock me up!"

"So -- was Bertie your exclusive partner during this period -- when you were nine to fourteen?"

"He was the only boy, yes. I had two girlfriends that used to -- experiment -- with me. Actually, I was the instigator. I taught them about cunnilingus."

"And you were -- how old -- when that began?"

"Around twelve. These girls were just school friends of mine. We got together less frequently, and we were somewhat more -- careful than Bertie and I had been, about getting caught by adults. But we'd do it, pretty frequently."

"And you experienced orgasm -- with these girls?"

"Oh, yeah! Big-time. Both of them!"

"And they, too..."

"You're asking, did I get them off? Oh, Hell yes! We were three little minxes."

"Did these girls -- know about you and Bertie?"

"I never mentioned his name. Hey! Richard, you know Bertie's real name! That's a clue to my True Identity."

"Sorry. All I can say is, I would have cautioned you, had I been alert enough, before his name came up. But I assure you that I will protect..."

"Relax, Dickie. I'm not worrying about it. Bertie's still around, but I don't expect the FBI to find him, based on your knowing his first name. He's married now, by the way, and living on the other end of the country."

"You ever see Bertie, since his move?"

"I've seen him a couple of times, on family visits and stuff, but we never resumed our little sex thing."

"All right. We have you at age 14, losing contact with your first male sex partner. Did you remain active, after this, with one or both of the girls?"

"That gradually died out, as we grew up a bit. I think all three of us got more interested in boys. I think the last time I had sexual contact with -- one of the girls was when I was about 13, and the other one, oh, it was around the time Bernie left town. I was barely 14 then."

"What was the next sexual contact you had, growing up?"

"Neighbor man."

"A man? An adult?"

"Oh, yeah! He was an adult all right. He was about 40 at the time!"

"And you were... ?"

"I was still 14. It was only a short time after Bernie left."

"This was -- consensual, on your part?"

"Oh, yeah! I mean, I knew the guy wasn't supposed to be messing around with a 14-year-old, but I was interested -- very interested. I did make him use a condom, though. And I always made him eat me out first -- for about 45 minutes. I think the guy almost wore out his jaw, making me happy!"

"Let me take you back to Bertie, for a moment. Did you ever experience orgasm with Bertie, from penile contact?"

"No. I never did. But it wasn't like it didn't feel good! It felt great, and I was very willing to have him fuck me. And I think I came pretty close a couple of times. Anyway, Bertie always got me off, one way or another."

And this 40-year-old man? You permitted him to penetrate you -- with his penis?"

"Not right away. I played virgin with him, made him just 'kiss my pussy' as I called it, for the longest time. He wasn't bad at it, either. He could bring me off, repeatedly."

"And did you fellate him?"

"Yes, and that was exciting! He was much bigger than Bernie, and that was scary at first -- but thrilling, too. But I was willing to suck him, and I could drive him crazy!"

"But he never tried to force you -- to have intercourse."

"Force me? No. But he begged! He tried like hell to talk me into it, and eventually, he did. I mean, I really wanted to try it. I wondered if I could get that fat thing of his into my teeny little twat!"

"So, you were how old, when you consented to..."

"Oh, we're just talking weeks, here, Richard m'boy! I held out and just let him eat me for a little while, but before long -- just a few weeks -- I spread 'em for him!"

"And what was that experience like?"

"It was a blast, Dickie! Usually, by the time I'd let him put it in, I was sopping wet from close to an hour of first-class yodeling in my gully. He was pretty big -- at least compared to anything I'd seen up to then, and that made it extra exciting. He didn't make me come with his dick right away, but it was like with Bertie -- it still felt great!"

"And -- eventually -- did you climax from penile contact?"

"Yeah. Eventually I did. That was great, but it wasn't as big a deal as you seem to think. I mean, I'd been cumming like a banshee for years, from getting eaten! --And even before I started to come from actual fucking, I was thoroughly enjoying the fucking, anyway!"

"So how long did your affair with this 40-year-old continue?"

"About a year and a half. He was married, and they had a couple of small kids. He got a little bit -- worried -- about our getting caught. I think it was as much his decision as mine, to call a halt to it."

"How'd you feel about it?"

"I was good with stopping. I mean, we'd done each other a lot, in 18 months, or whatever it was. I knew there was a whole world of guys out there who'd give their left nut to fuck me. It wasn't like I was going to dry up and blow away!"

"And you were by now -- what age? As near as you can get to it, in years and months."

"I was 15 and some months by then. I know I was a sophomore in high school. A lot of the kids in my class were becoming sexually active by that time, but I think I'd been one of the first to -- get started."

"How long before you had -- another notable experience?"

"Golly, Richard. This interview is going to take a long time! We're just -- getting started! Do you suppose we could, like, take a break? Maybe I could go have some dinner -- and you, too! And then, I could call you back?"

"Absolutely, Pam. How about two hours? That too long?"

"Two hours. That would be 8:45 tonight. Kinda long hours for the interviewer, isn't it?"

"Not to worry. These interviews are lengthy, but our schedule is liberal. I deliberately didn't have you call us today until late afternoon. But if 8:45 is too late for you to resume, we could arrange something for tomorrow -- at a time convenient to you."

"No, no, Richard! I told you, I'm a poll junkie! I love being interviewed -- and especially about my favorite subject!"

"You mean -- about -- sex?"

"No, silly! I mean -- about me!"

Chapter 3:


"It's 8:45, Richard. Do you know where your interviewee is?"

"I don't know where you are, Pam, but I recognize your voice."

"We've gotta stop meeting like this."

"Did you enjoy your dinner?"

"Um-hum. --You?"

"Yes, thanks. Were you thinking about your -- sexual past -- all through dinner?"

"Indeed I was. How could I not? We really dredged up some long-ago memories, this afternoon."

"And you said we had a long way yet to go."

"We do if you want a blow-by-blow account -- so to speak." Pam giggled.

"Yes, Pam. I want you to take full advantage of your anonymity, and tell me everything. We're interviewing hundreds -- even thousands -- of people in this study. We're going to have complete case histories on very large numbers of men and women. We expect to be able to make many interpolations, draw many conclusions, from this collective data."

"Well, it all sounds scientific as hell," Pam said, "but as a Fine Arts major, I've got to wonder about how you can 'interpolate' from data this detailed."

"The methodology has been worked out with considerable care, Pam. I can assure you, the study is going to be a thing of beauty. Even when the data are rendered collectively, the study is going to tell us a great deal."

"If you say so, Richard. Hey, do you guys really say 'the data are'? Weird! --But you know, it's kinda difficult to believe that you really need to know whether I got off on Bertie's dick, or not. I mean -- let's face it, some girls do, and some girls don't. Your research isn't going to change that!"

"Maybe we'll learn a little more about why some girls do. Maybe we'll know what the variables are."

"Whatever. And if my answers will help all those poor girls who don't, well, I'll know I didn't live in vain! Anyway, it's getting late, and I don't want to keep my interviewer up." Pam giggled again. "Am I keeping you up, Richard?"

"It's not even nine yet, Pam."

"Well. Let me know -- if I'm keeping you -- up."

"Tell me what happened, Pam, after you ended your affair with the older man?"

"I looked around me, and all I could see, for miles and miles, was horny high school boys, dying to get into my pants!"

"And how did that make you feel? Did you feel threatened? Disgusted? Pleased?"

"It made me feel -- good! And powerful. I already knew from my past lovers that sex was not only fun, it was the source of enormous amounts of -- well, power. Control. It was like I was the gatekeeper to Disneyland."

"Disneyland, eh?"

"You have to be this tall, to ride on the Pam-a-Whirl!"

"So, how did you use this -- power?"

"Why, like all superheroes, I decided I would only use my power for Good!"

More giggles.

"Pam -- I want you to have just as much fun with this interview as you like, really! But don't forget -- the truth. Nothing left out, and nothing -- embellished."

"Just the facts, ma'm."


"So you want to know who was next, and when, and how many, etc. -- right?"

"That's right, Pam."

"OK. My first guy -- who wasn't a cousin or a dirty old man -- my very first normal relationship, was with a kid a year ahead of me in high school. It was in my sophomore year, and this boy was the President of the Booster Club. He was in charge of the kids who sold refreshments at the football and basketball games. I was one of the kids on his staff."

"How'd you get together?"

"He was a sweetheart. I mean, he was a little on the nerdy side, I guess. Not an athlete, but an athletic supporter -- you know. Good student, bad dancer. You know the type."

"Hell, Pam. I was the type. Still am, I guess."

"Goodness! Personal data -- from Richard! How unprofessional!"

"I apologize, Pam! You're quite right, I..."

"Oh, Dickie, please! I'm not serious! I'm only pulling your chain. Actually, I kind of appreciate that you'd let slip with a little -- personal information like that."

"Well, you may have been only kidding, but it was very unprofessional."

"You'll get more out of me if you'll do what you told me to do, Rich -- just relax!"

"Fair enough. Let's give Nerdy Guy a name, shall we? Let's call him..."

"Let's call him by his real name, Richard. It was Pete. Once again, I don't think you and the CIA can track me down just from knowing that boy's first name. Pete the Booster Boy. Nerdy Pete. --I got Pete's cherry!"

"You seduced him?"

"Well, I let ol' Pete think he was doing the seducing, but, yeah, I'd say I seduced him. After the final basketball game of the season, he took me home. In his car. Pete had his own car, but it was awful -- old and cold. We lived far enough north that we had real winters. Parked in front of my house, Pete was holding my hand and trying to get up courage to kiss me."

"But it was cold?"

"Oh, Jesus, yes, it was freezing! And finally I just told Pete to follow me, and I took him inside the house, through the back door. My folks had gone to bed, although it wasn't very late yet. The only place in the house far enough away from them to be reasonably safe was in the pantry, just inside the back door of the house -- off the kitchen."

"The pantry."

"Yeah! Romantic, huh? But at least it was warm in there. And there was just enough room, on the floor, for us to lie down together. With a little encouragement from me, ol' Pete managed to do pretty well."

"Details, Pam, please."

"I unbuttoned his fly -- he actually had buttons on his denims -- what a nerd! I unbuttoned it and pulled out Pete's equipment, which was pretty impressive, actually. Looking at ol' Pete, you might not expect it, but the boy was hung, you know? I was learning that one of the fun things about sex was opening the package for the first time, and finding out what Santa had brought me!"

"Did the two of you undress?"

"Sort of. At first I just had his pants unbuttoned and his schlong out there where I could get at it. I sucked him -- that was a first for our boy Pete -- and before long, he came in my mouth."

"Did you -- swallow?"

"Is that really on your questionnaire?"

"Pam -- the questionnaire is only a structure -- a framework. My questions mostly arise naturally out of your responses. You said this boy came in your mouth, and I'm asking whether you permitted that, and what you did with his ejaculate."

"His ejaculate? Damn, you talk funny, Dickie! Yes -- I swallowed it all, and it was considerable. That boy had been saving up ejaculate for me, no doubt about it."

"And then what?"

"And then -- nothing. We didn't have any condoms, and Pete was too naïve to realize that I wouldn't have minded if he'd returned the favor. So I buttoned up his pants, kissed him on the mouth with my cummy lips, and showed him the back door."

"Were you angry at him?"

"Angry? Oh, no! I realized Pete was just a rookie, and I was the one who'd been around the block. I figured he'd be educable, and grateful for whatever I could teach him. I just sent him home a very happy Booster Club President."

"Was that the beginning of a longer-term relationship with Pete?"

"Oh, yeah! Me'n Pete had us a good time, for the rest of that school year and through the summer vacation months! He was good, too. He was damned good. Hell, he ought to be -- I trained him myself!"

"So -- what was the frequency, and the nature, of your sexual relations with Pete?"

"The frequency wasn't that great until Spring finally came. Pete had that awful car with no heater, and it wasn't always easy for us to use the house -- even the pantry. But when the weather improved, we had a lot of outdoor sex, and it got better and better!"

"Was Pete able to..."

"Yes, yes, Dickie, Pete was able to get me off with his penis. And his mouth, and his hand. Pete was a quick learner, and he learned to be considerate, and very, very interested in my -- ahh -- welfare."

"This affair went on through that summer?"

"Right. I guess about seven, eight months, in all."

"And the sex was frequent?

"It was damned infrequent from January to April, but it was non-stop from May to September! The summer of love!"

"Were you having sex exclusively with Pete, all this time?"



"Yeah, I'm here."

"Did you hear what I asked? Were you having..."

"I heard you, Dickie. I just... I just was considering my answer."

"All I want, Pam, is the..."

"The truth. Yeah, I get it. But I'm -- sorta ashamed of the answer. I mean, Pete was doing me, really well, and I had nothing to complain about. But I still cheated on him, some."

"Cheated on him?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, we hadn't made any pledges, or anything, but it was easy enough for me to understand that ol' Pete considered me to be his girl. He sure wasn't looking for anything on the side! But I was -- I was a slut! Even though Pete was my best lover yet, I was still -- curious about other guys."

"You felt a need to have sex with other boys?"

"A need?" No, not a need, exactly. I mean, Pete was fucking my brains out, and I was like, getting off every time, or nearly. I had absolutely nothing to complain about. So it wasn't need -- it was want. I wanted more sex -- with more guys. Pretty awful, huh?"

"Pam, you know I'm not going to judge you. I only want to know the full extent of your sexual behavior. I'm not going to come to any conclusions about it at all."

"OK, OK. I realize you're the Big Professional, and you've Heard it All, and all that stuff. But I also know you have to be reacting, in some way, to hearing all this."

"The point is, my reactions aren't going to be permitted to affect the reporting I do on the results of this interview."

"Have you got a hard-on, Dickie?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Please! Don't pretend. I asked you if hearing me talk about all this stuff has made you hard. Do you have a hard dick -- Dick?"

"Nothing you have said has been unusually erotic or arousing, Pam."

"Uh-huh. But -- is it hard?"

"No. Not now... But it was -- earlier."

"Earlier? When, Dickie?"

"When -- when you were talking about the time -- in the pantry."

"You mean -- when I gave Pete his first blowjob and I -- swallowed?"

"Yeah. Then."

"You liked that, huh? My swallowing his cum?"

"It was -- arousing."

"How about now?"


"You know what, Dickie. How about now. Are you hard -- now."




"'Yes' -- you're there? Or 'yes' -- you're hard."

"Yes. I'm -- I've got an erection."

"Not the first time, is it Rich?"


"I mean, this isn't the first time, while you were conducting one of these interviews, and you spoke to somebody on the phone about the details of their sex lives. You've gotten an erection before this, haven't you, Richard? Tell the truth, now."

"Well, yes, it's true. Sometimes the stuff I hear is pretty -- stimulating. I don't think it's a perfect attitude on my part -- professionally -- but I imagine it's pretty -- natural."

"Of course it's natural, Richard! God, if hearing this stuff didn't make you hard, you ought to see a doctor! Just telling you this stuff, Christ, I had to change my panties at dinner time, and now, these new ones are soaked, too!"

"Maybe -- we ought to cut this off at this point and resume it tomorrow."

"Now, Richard! Just because you've got a boner, and my panties are wet, is no reason we can't continue -- after all, this is for science!"

"Now you're making fun of me."

"No I'm not, Richard. I'm real happy that we can advance the cause of science and have phone sex, at the same time!"

"If we're having phone sex, then it's definitely time to call an end to this interview!"

"Richard, Richard! Wait a minute, now! The way this is all set up, I am the one who has to call you, in order to continue the interview. You don't even know how to contact me! You don't know my name! Or my number? Well -- you know I'm number 1047, or whatever the hell number it was -- but that's not going to do you any good!"

"What you say is true."

"So -- if we cut this off now, my interview is ruined! I'm not even out of high school yet! You've got The College Years! Grad School! Imagine all the lovers I may have had! Professors! Jocks! Maybe a gangbang with the entire football team! The college president, maybe! Or his wife! Richard -- you've hit the Mother Lode, here. You can't just let me go away mad!

"Richard?... Are you still there?"

"Yes, Pam. But let's stop now, for the evening. What's the best time for you to resume this, tomorrow?"

Chapter 4:


"Richard? Is that you? It's me -- Pam."

"Good afternoon, Pam. I'm very pleased that you called back. You had me a little worried, yesterday, that you might not. And you're quite right -- that would have meant we were unable to use any of your data."

"I wouldn't do a thing like that, Rich. I may be the artsy-fartsy type, but I respect science. I want to do my bit to advance the cause of human knowledge."

"Uh-huh. Are you ready to resume the questions?"

"Ready and rarin', Richard. Whatdayawannaknow?"

"You were discussing the fact that, during your affair of several months with -- Pete, you also had sexual contact with one or more other people."

"One or more other people. You paraphrase so adroitly, Richard. Actually, I've been thinking about it overnight, and I'll give you an exact count: It was just me 'n Pete from the time we began in January until about June. Then, just when things with Pete were getting hot and heavy and we were having frequent and regular outdoor sex, I started branching out. It was like, the more I got, the more I wanted."

"You felt that your increased sexual activity bred even greater interest on your part?"

"I guess maybe I was kinda -- a nympho."

"How many people..."

"During the summer, there -- June to early September while me 'n Pete were doing it regular, I had sex with four other guys and a woman."

"All right. Can we -- take them chronologically, and please be as specific as you can about the extent of activity, the type of contact, and so on."

"OK. Well, twice during June, I had straight sex with another student -- well, technically he had just graduated that month. Anyway, his graduation present from me was a couple of nights of getting it on.

"Straight sex, you said."

"Well, there was a little oral foreplay, too -- both ways, but mainly, we just did the deed. He was pretty experienced -- no cherry for me, this time. And he wasn't too bad. I didn't come from his penile penetration -- is that the way I should say it, Rich? I didn't come, but it was damned good, just the same -- both times!"

"But I assume that he came..."

"Oh, yeah! But, Rich, as you well know, for a guy, coming is a cinch. For a guy, it's not coming that is the problem. Funny how that is. But, anyway, it was damned good sex for me, even without the big "O". Y'know, Rich, as nice as a knockdown, bing-bong orgasm can be, sometimes you guys can kinda overrate them.

"I mean, if a guy doesn't get you off, and he's the sensitive type -- or he's just a guy with a big ego -- he'll get all upset that you didn't come. He thinks he's a failure.

"Well, Dickie! Not necessarily! I've had some very nice evenings of sex without the guy's bringing me off with his penis."

"But you and this fellow didn't continue the relationship, after these two incidents?"

"Nope. He was a jock -- well. A golfer, anyway. He had a scholarship to some college to play golf, and he was off to play there, six weeks or more before his freshman year of college began. I never saw him again. Too bad. He was a nice guy."

"And the -- next person?"

"Next was the woman. My first grown-up female lover. Compared to the two high school classmates, she was a revelation. Taught me a helluva lot. It was hot! Not hot enough to give up guys -- but really, really hot, just the same!"

"What was your relationship to this woman? I mean, how did you come to know her?"

"She was the tennis pro at the country club. She seduced me. That means both of the adults in my life, up to that time -- this woman, and the 40-something guy -- seduced me. In the case of all my contemporaries, I had been the one who instigated things."

"Where did you go, with her, to have sex?"

"Her place. She lived alone, near the club. We got it on, oh -- several times. Maybe a half-dozen times. It was always first-rate, too. And did I come? Bet your ass I did, Dickie! She was always good for it!"

"Was your contact with the woman -- all oral?"

"I wouldn't say all oral. I mean, she knew some nice tactile tricks involving legs and just -- closeness. But if you mean, did she use a strap-on, no, no no! I don't really get that strap-on business. I mean, do lesbians really do that? What's the point? If you want to get poked, go find yourself a guy!"

"I don't know the answer to your question, Pam, but I assume it's mostly rhetorical, anyway. But, tell me, was any of this contact with the woman -- contemporaneous with your sexual contacts with Pete, or with the other boy you mentioned -- the golfer?"

"Oh, yeah! Me 'n Pete were still getting together at least twice a week, all through this time. And the two times with the other boy? Those were during the early summer -- same period I was seeing the woman. I guess there was at least one week, in there, when I was with all three of them -- at different times."

"No threesomes?"

"Not with any of those people. Don't let's get ahead of ourselves, here, Dickie! Who's telling this story, anyway, you or me?"

"Sorry. I just wanted to establish that each of these relationships was a one-on-one contact, with you as the only common denominator."

"Well, Dickie, sometimes I was the denominator and sometimes I was the numerator -- I kinda like being on top, sometimes!"

"You know very well what I meant, Pam."

"Yes, but you're so much fun to tease, Dickie!"

"Did you ever -- consider -- introducing one of your summer lovers to any of the others?"

"Not really. I'm almost certain the tennis pro wasn't into guys at all. And Pete -- he'd have been crushed, I think, to find out I was doing anybody else besides him. I think the golfer guy would probably have been game, but we didn't have a third party in mind, at the time. And remember -- he wasn't around very long."

"All right. So that's Pete, the other guy, and the woman. I guess that leaves -- three more guys?"

"During my Summer of Love, yeah. Three more guys. Whew! I was a tiger in those days, Dickie! I've really slowed down a lot, since then."

"Tell me about the three -- keep it chronological, as much as possible."

"Well, it's pretty easy, because two of them were together! It was that threesome you were fantasizing about earlier. I finally did it! I think I'd have been too cautious -- too worried about my reputation -- to take up with two local guys at the same time like that, but these two were from Nebraska!"

"Nebraska? And you were -- somewhere in the Southeast at the time, is that correct?"

"Right. These two guys were in my city for a debate tournament. It was a special summer thing, involving top high school teams from all over the country. They were from Omaha -- high school-aged boys. I was going to start my junior year the following month."

"Debaters. I guess they talked you into it, hmmm?"

"Richard! A sense of humor! You are definitely loosening up, there, Psychology-Boy! Way to go!"

"Where did the three of you..."

"Where'd we go to get it on? The great outdoors, Dickie! The answer to a high school kid's prayer -- summertime and lots of trees! I can't tell you the name of the park, because it's pretty famous and you'd then know my home city at the time. I know that's verboten!"

"You had sex with these two boys, in a park?"

"Right. And there were lots of new details that will surely curl your toes, Dickie! Not only did both of them do me, one of them had anal sex with me! That was my first -- and only -- time for that!"

"You had oral sex with these two boys, also?"

"Yep. I sucked them both -- same night -- same time, really. And, Richard..."


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