Urban Legend

by Bakerman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Classic heard it from a friend of a friend story

We all know the type of stories, they start with "it happened to a friend of a friend."

This is a story about an ordinary guy named Bob. Bob married his high school sweetheart shortly after finishing school and getting his first job. They were reasonably happily married but come year seven of their marriage and his wife got the itch and got it bad. Bob drove trucks for a living and while most of his work was around town he took at least one longer job a month to make some extra money.

His latest run had taken him away from home for five days and he was now only hours away when he realised he was running low on fuel. He pulled into a gas station and discovered that his petrol cap was missing and he'd been losing fuel when he went around the steep bends coming down the mountains. Then the owner of the station came and told him the tanker truck was late and they had no fuel till tomorrow at least. He suggested the motel across the road as a good place to spend the night. There was also a pizza place and liquor store at the end of the block.

It was getting late and the young guy manning the reception desk looked like he wanted to be elsewhere. As Bob checked in he told the guy his story and the guy, feeling sorry and bored, told Bob he'd flick on the adult movie channel in his room at no extra cost. Bob dropped his gear in the room and turned on the TV. The screen had a message stating the next movie was starting in twenty minutes. Bob headed over to the pizza place and left an order to be delivered to his room then went to the liquor store and grabbed a six pack. He went back to his room and had a quick shower to wash off the road grime and the pizza arrived just as he was putting his boxer shorts back on.

Bob dropped on the bed, cracked open a beer, grabbed a slice of pizza and hit the TV remote. The screen was counting down from ten till the movie started. Bob was now nice and relaxed and then the title screen flashed up saying the following movie was called strangely enough "Motel Sex". Straight away Bob was interested because it was filmed to look like a hidden camera.

A man and woman enter and stand by the bed. She looks like an ordinary woman, nothing too fancy about her appearence. He looks like Bob, a trucker, flannel shirt, jeans and boots. Probably picked her up at the truck stop thought Bob. The man takes out his wallet an pulls out some bills and gives them to the woman. She unzips her dress and drops it to the floor leaving her standing in her g-string and high heels. The guy puts his wallet away and pulls out his cock. She drops to her knees and begins giving him a blow job. That was the whole film the man just stood without saying a word and the woman worked his cock hard, licking, sucking and jerking. The blow job lasts several minutes until finally he pulls out and giving himself a few jerks sprays his load over her face and tits. She licks him clean and he tucks his cock back in his jeans and leaves, again without a word.

Bob was getting a good buzz from the beer and the steady stroking of his erect ccock. The next scene kicked in and Bob could make out the backs of three or more people. The two guys in the centre of the screen elbowed each other and stepped aside to give the camera a clear view of the bed. There is a woman standing on the bed but from the camera angle her head is out of view. She is doing a striptease and the guys are clapping their hands. It's when she drops her skirt that Bobs attention is tuned in because those legs are leading to a pair of panties that are the same as he bought his wife for Valentines Day. Next the blouse is undone and tossed on the floor revealing a bra that matches the panties.

Bob stops stroking his cock, puts down his beer and moves close to the TV to observe the action. The woman turns her back to the camera as she undoes the bra. Bob can see the end of some blonde hair and starts to relax again as his wife is a brunette. Now the bra is flung aside and the woman turns to face the men, shaking her impressive pair of tits. Bob is stunned because he recognises the birth mark on the left breast and now believes it is his wife.

By now the men have undressed and Bob can see five different men standing around the bed stroking their various size cocks. The woman has again turned her back to the camera and fallen to her knees. With each hand she reaches out and takes hold of a cock. Two other guys are kneeling either side of the bed and are massaging a tit each. The final guy is running his hands all over the womans arse. The woman moves to her left to take the cock in her mouth while still holding the guy to the right. The guy at the end has flipped on his back and slid his head between the womans legs to work on her pussy.

Bob still hasn't seen the womans face but he knows it's her. She switches from the left cock to work on the right. The guy on the left steps aside to let another guy in. Her hand gropes till it finds the new cock and begins to pump it while still sucking the other one. The other guy on her right side has climbed onto the bed and pulling her panties aside slides his cock into her from behind. Her head comes off the right cock and she screams as he penetrates her in one push. The man under her slips out and with the other men standing around give each other high fives.

The guys hips bucked hard and fast against Bob's wifes naked ass and she let out a low, lust-filled grunt of pleasure with each thrust of his cock. Her tits swayed back and forth with the rhythm of his fucking and he squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass with each hand, her back arched and her muffled voice could be heard begging him for more. the men standing around the bed clapped and cheered.

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