The Payoff

by John Darkscar

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A bet is paid off, in a most erotic fashion.

Forward: Last fall I made a bet on an NFL Playoff game with a dear lady friend. The winner was to provide the loser with a half hour of oral pleasure. My team lost.

This bet was made (at least partly) in jest, as we are both married (to different people), so it is most unlikely that I will be able to pay off the bet, much as I might enjoy it.

What follows is how I might make the payoff.

[Disclaimer- the people in this story are fictitious, the names used here are not those of either me, or my lady. No animals were harmed in the making of this story. ]

Saturday evening, just after dark, I arrive at your house. Small shopping bag in hand, I ascend the steps and ring the doorbell.

After a few seconds, you open the door. You smile and step back to let me in. I step inside and close and lock the door behind me.

Setting the bag down, I reach for you and take you in my arms. " Are you ready for me to pay my bet, darling", I ask.

"Of course I am", you say, smiling.

I lean over slightly and kiss you, our lips brushing first lightly, then more firmly, our tongues dueling urgently.

You snuggle into my embrace, as I run my arms down your back and over your hips, cupping your buttocks and pulling you against the hardness in my jeans. You caress my cheek, run your fingers thru my hair.

"God, how I want you!" you murmur as we kiss again, "it's been so long."

"Yes, it has. I can't seem to ever get enough of you."

I release you and step back to look you over. Your face is a little flushed, as I'm sure mine is. Your nipples tent the slate-blue fabric of your floor-length gown.

"I see you dressed as I asked."

"Sure did- can you tell me why you asked for this exact gown?"

"Not yet, Jamie, my love, but it will all become clear soon enough."

"Would you like something to drink?"

"I'll have something wet and sweet soon enough", I say with a grin, "let's just go to the bedroom and give the winner her prize."

"You nut! OK, follow me, loser", you say sticking your tongue out at me.

"That was a bet I didn't mind losing, sweetheart- either way I'd come out a winner!"

I pick up the bag and follow you thru the living room and down the hall, into the bedroom. Your hips sway seductively beneath the gown. I think once again just how lucky I am to have you as my friend and lover.

As we enter the room, before you can turn around, I drop the bag. I step up behind you and put my arms around you. I nuzzle the side of your neck, inhaling the sweet scent of you. My hands wander up your belly to cup your full breasts. Your nipples are hard beneath my palms.

"Ummmmm... cocoanuts and lime- my favorite."

I nibble your earlobe. You lean back against me and make a deep, throaty purr of contentment.

"Just think, darling- for the next half hour (at least) I will be doing my best to make you crazy with pleasure. I've been dreaming about this ever since I knew I'd lost the bet", I whisper into your ear. "I want you to scream and moan and shudder beneath my mouth!"

"Ohhh... yes, baby - you already make me crazy. I've been so excited today I've had to take two showers- cold ones!"

"Well I hope you didn't do anything to take the edge off- this evening is just for you. Relax and enjoy!"

I release you and guide you to the side of the bed. You sit. I pick up the bag and carry it to the bed. I sit, placing the bag between us.

"NOW- may I know what you're going to do with me this evening?"

"Why yes, you may ask", I say with a smile.


Ohh... you WERE asking- sorry about that!"

"You butthead- you know I'm dying with curiosity here!"

"I know, and I've kept you in suspense about as long as I can", I say, "here, let me show you what I have here."

I open the bag and take out four long, red silk scarves, and a black sleep mask.

"Oh my God, Garry! This is beginning to look pretty kinky!", you say, blushing prettily.

"Well- you know what they say about the difference between kinky and erotic, don't you?" I ask with a smirk.

"No, but I'm sure you'll tell me."

Well... erotic is when you use a feather."

Yes... go on."

"Kinky is when you use a whole chicken!"

Ohhhhh, Geeeze- I walked right into that one!", you say, laughing, " I oughta smack you one right upside the head!"

"Well, this should just be erotic!"

We laughed together a bit, then I said, "Jamie- before we start, I know that I'm asking you to put a lot of trust in me. I don't know if you've ever done anything like this before."

"No- have you?"

"Well- just once. A long time ago, I dated a girl that wanted to blindfold me and tie my hands over my head while we made love. I have to say it made the whole experience very intense. That's how come I thought of this for tonight."

"What I want to do is to tie your hands to the posts at the head of the bed. I won't stretch them out, just tie them enough that you can't touch yourself or me. If you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable doing this, then don't."

"I promise you that I won't do anything that will hurt you in any way at all. If you decide you don't like it after we start, just say the word, and I'll let you loose. Anyhow, the loops around your wrists won't be all that tight, you'd be able to pull out of them if you tried."

"Well Garry, I have to admit I'm intrigued, a bit apprehensive, but intrigued. Let's do it!"

I smiled and said, "OK, lie here on the bed and get comfortable."

You stretch out on your back, with your arms above your head.

I take one scarf and tie a loose loop around your right wrist. The other end is knotted around the bedpost, leaving several inches of slack. I bend over and kiss you gently, "Thank you Jamie, for trusting me."

"You're welcome, Garry. I think I'm getting a little excited now."


I go around to the other side of the bed and tie up your other arm.

"OK, now for the piece de resistance!"

I raise your head with one hand, while I place the sleep mask over your eyes.

"How's that sweetheart? Are you comfortable? Can you see anything?"

"Not a thing, and I feel just fine."

"OK darling- I'm not going to talk anymore. You be as loud as you like- don't forget, all you have to do is tell me, and I'll stop and let you loose."

"I know. I love you, Garry"

"I love you too Jamie, always!"

Before I begin, I stop to savor the moment.

You lie there all relaxed, your body shaping the contours of the robe. Your breasts thrust upwards, the nipples prominent against the cloth. My gaze wanders lower, to the softness of your belly, to the valley further down, your thighs, knees, calves, feet. Such loveliness!

I strip off my clothes, tossing them on the chair beside the bed. Shirt, jeans, socks, briefs.

My cock stands erect, already excited by what's to come.

I climb onto the bed. Taking your right hand in mine, I begin to kiss your fingertips one at a time. I kiss up to the palm of your hand, then your wrist, I push your sleeve up, and kiss and nuzzle up to the crook of your elbow.

Then it's over to the left hand. Very slowly up your arm. The inside of your elbow.

I change position. I kiss your forehead above the mask, then each temple in turn. Down to your cheek, kissing and nuzzling, drinking you in. Nibbling your earlobe. Making you groan softly.

Move to the other cheek. Then to your soft lips- kissing gently at first, then more insistently. Tongues dueling, breath mingling. Tasting of each other. Then I move lower.

You moan, not wanting to break the kiss.

I kiss your throat. Rub my cheek against the side of your neck- once again smelling the sweetness of cocoanut and lime.

I take the tab on the zipper of your robe and ease it down a few inches, exposing the hollow at the base of your throat, which I kiss. I probe gently with my tongue- tasting you.

I move the tab lower, inch by inch. Kissing each bit of exposed flesh, so smooth, so soft!

Still lower, exposing the tops of your breasts, swelling in gentle curves. I kiss there too, nuzzle there.

I tug the tab further along, now the bottom of your chest is exposed, the hollow at the tip of your breastbone a cup to be licked and kissed.

I fold back the sides of your robe, exposing your full breasts. Nipples hard, aureola crinkled.

I can't resist. I cup them in my hands, luxuriating in the feel of them. Massaging gently, making you moan. I feel you try to push against my hands.

Reluctantly, I uncover your breasts. I lean in and begin kissing, nuzzling licking first at the tops, then around the sides, then the bottoms and finally into the sweet valley at the center.

First right, then left, alternating- kissing and licking and nibbling and sucking around and around. Making tighter and tighter circles, never touching your nipples. You are moaning more and more often.

"Ohh God, Garry- don't tease me any more! Please, suck them!"

"All in good time, my dear."

Finally, I flick just the tip of my tongue across your left nipple. You jump a bit, "oh!"

Then the right, then back to the left, right, left. I move in closer, taking each nipple in turn between my lips, suckling it, running my tongue around the crinkled aureole, sucking some more.

Your nipples are so hard! Like pebbles against the softness of your breasts. I press them in with my tongue, and roll them around, making you groan and try to thrust them into my mouth.

Time to move on.

I reluctantly leave your breasts, planting a gentle farewell kiss on the tip of each one.

I run my fingertips lightly down your soft belly, feeling the wonderful smoothness there. With my tongue I trace a path from the sweet valley between your breasts to your navel. I nuzzle there and lick. I nip gently at the skin there, making you jump a bit.

Impatient now, I run the zipper all the way to the bottom of your gown, then toss open the sides to reveal you to me.

To my slight surprise, you're wearing panties. A sexy black satiny thong covers you, hiding my ultimate goal.

"This has to go", I say, "but not just yet".

I kiss your navel once more, then kiss my way to the top of your panties. I rub my cheek on them and bury my nose in the cleft of your thighs. The fabric is moist and warm against my face. I drink in your scent, an intoxicating mixture of mature woman, soap, arousal, and cocoanut and lime.

You spread your legs, urging me on, but instead, I kiss down the tops of your thigh to your kneecap, your shin, your ankle, your foot.

I pick up your foot and suckle each toe in turn. I kiss the sole of your foot. I raise your leg straight up and kiss my way downward along the back of your calf, pausing at the back of your knee to taste the moisture there, a sure sign of your arousal. I lick it away - savoring the taste.

You moan deep in the back of your throat and beg me to hurry, but I won't be rushed.

I've waited for this for months, spent hours thinking of how I can pay my bet and drive you wild with passion.

I lower your leg to the bed and position you, knees bent, legs spread wide to receive me, I kiss along the inside of your thigh, slowly, slowly approaching the gusset of your panties. Just before I arrive, I stop, and switch legs, kiss up your other thigh.

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