by Severusmax

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Cousins, MaleDom, Light Bond, Swinging, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A Puerto Rican airline executive recounts his affair with a girl from India.

Chapter 1

Hola, my name is Gustavo, and I'm Puerto Rican. I live in New York City, albeit in a nicer part of town than before, and I am a successful executive for a major airline. I have a fat salary, expense accounts, etc., and I love to travel, taking advantage of the staff discount.

However, I never forget the downtrodden, the poor, and the unjustly despised. I grew up poor, after all, and I know suffering. So, perhaps for that reason, I find myself especially attracted to the girls from the "wrong side of the tracks".

Yes, women living in poverty, who look for a man who will actually like them, want them, lust for them, and maybe even love them- those women appeal to me.

Of course, I sleep with the corporate types too, but those women are often arrogant, stuffy prima donnas, who don't appreciate men, because they don't think that they need us.

I also love and remember the earthy sensuality of the girls from my old neighborhood, with their swarthy, sweaty skin that made them seem soft and natural. I am really attracted to that, for sure, and rarely find it in my jet-set lifestyle.

Well, all of that is preliminary to the story that I am about to tell. My wife and I have not really had a marriage of the happy, romantic, and sexually satisfied type for a long time, and I often look forward to my trips abroad, mostly due to the sexual solace I find with the legal prostitutes of many foreign countries.

I also, however, look for girls who are just in need of a man's touch, and who feel, wrongly, that they are unacceptable for some reason.

That was literally true in New Delhi, the capital of India, one day, when I happened to find a young, sweet-looking girl serving tables for the foreigners (who to the locals just didn't "know better", and were therefore not held to caste rules).

She had that dark, earthy quality, and was quite delightful in her exotic beauty, and yet she seemed downcast, and frankly unhappy.

I thought that I would break the ice, "Miss, what's your name?".

I knew that English is a fairly common language in India, to bridge the many native peoples with their various tongues, so I naturally expected her to understand me.

"Devi, sir.", she nervously answered.

"You don't need to call me 'sir', Devi. My name is Gustavo.", I told her.

"Thank you, Gustavo, but I am new here, and I'm not used to people speaking to me like that."

"Like what- like a person?", I replied.

"Yes- like a person. To them, I am just a beast, no better than any of those donkeys, and less than a cow, which is sacred."

I was angry now, as I couldn't understand. Hadn't the government abolished castes a long time ago- why did people break the law by discriminating on the basis of caste? I decided to inquire further.

"Devi, are you treated that way because of your caste?"

"No, Gustavo, I am treated this way because I have no caste- I am an 'untouchable', and they say that it is because I was bad in a past life- you know, really evil?"

I was horrified now. It's one thing to believe in karma, but to hold an imaginary karma against an innocent- that was awful! Here was a lovely young woman, who never deserved this kind of degradation, and she was subjected to it, solely because of her birth!

"Devi- look at me; you are not 'untouchable', or 'bad', or 'evil', for that matter, just unlucky enough to have been born into poverty, okay? I think of you as a person, and I want you to think of yourself the same way, alright?"

She nodded, albeit nervously, as she was afraid of her parents, who worked there, too, and the owners of the place.

"Come with me, when your shift is done, and I will show you that you do have something to offer, and that some people do consider you a person."

She nodded again, agreeing to my plan, as I paid her and put the tip down on the table, and then headed to the bar of the restaurant, to drink a few before heading to my hotel suite that was in walking distance to the tavern. When her shift was over, I took her arm and led her to my hotel, to the shock of her parents and employers, who were nonetheless not about to thwart an affluent patron.

I took her to my suite, after checking in (and facing some looks from the hotel staff, who were clearly uncomfortable with an outcaste among them), and then I ran a bath, telling her to join me in it. She had never been invited to do that before, so my invitation was irresistible for her.

I began to massage her swarthy flesh, getting it clean and wet, as her evident tension gradually disappeared, and she clearly felt comfortable and at ease with me.

She knew by now, of course, that I wanted to fuck her, but she obviously didn't mind, because I had made it apparent that she was a human as far as I was concerned, not just some beast. She was little prepared, however, for what I did next.

I began to slowly, methodically kiss the back of her neck, and then move my tongue down her backbone, licking her spine, and then reaching her tailbone with my mouth. I lifted her up out of the bath as I did this, so that she was standing up while I ate her, rimming her ass to satisfaction.

The sudden sensation of my orifice on hers made her squeal with delight, as she started to feel things she had never even thought possible.

Her bottom was every bit as delicious as I expected it to be, and my tongue found itself savoring her sphincter for several lingering moments.

Her sweet buns were soft in my hands, and my lips often wandered over to them, to lick them as well. Soon, she strained to hold back her climax, but it was useless, as she came from her 1st ever anilingus.

"Oh, Gustavo, that is wonderful- no man has done that for me before!"

"What, Devi, licking your bottom, or making you orgasm?"

"Neither- they all have theirs, and leave me disappointed."

"What men are these?"

"My cousins- they all fuck me, because they're the only ones in this area who will have me- the other men pretend I don't exist."

"None of your cousins has tried to make it fun for both of you? To me, every sex act must be mutually satisfying, or it's not really that much fun. I like casual sex, don't get me wrong, but I make every encounter pleasant- that's what I'm saying. I don't just go through the motions, because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well!"

"Oh, Gustavo, you are so great- how can I pleasure you, now?"

"Why, Devi, I thought you'd never ask! I want to 69 with you- do you know that is?"

"No, Gustavo, but it sounds like fun."

"Here," I said, as I pulled her onto my face, lowered her onto my face, and began eating her cunt like I had with her ass. She quickly got the picture, being no dunce, and started kissing, licking, and sucking my cock. She even moved further southward, tasting my balls, to my complete ecstasy.

After several minutes of that, I told her to get on all fours, so I could fuck her pussy. She did as I said, and I started sliding into her sex, steadily increasing the pace of the penetration, until she began to scream from the joy of it.

"Oh, Gustavo, you made my pussy ready- none of my cousins do that! This is much more fun."

I'll bet it is, I thought. Those cousins of hers sounded like lousy lovers to me, more of the "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" type, that ruin sex for a lot of women, making them indifferent or even hostile to the idea of fucking.

That's what happened to my wife in her previous marriage, and it destroyed ours as well, because she never wanted it more than 3 or 4 times a year, even on a good year. This in turn had caused her to lose me, as I needed it more, and she never seemed to appreciate my best efforts at her pleasure.

Her mind was closed- to her, sex was only fun for men. She never relaxed enough to embrace it. This lady, however, was different- she was grasping the distinction between a good and a bad fuck (although even the worst is better than none).

Back to the present, I eased a few digits into her rectum, preparing her for anal sex, which I hoped that she would enjoy. If her reaction to the finger-fucking was any indication, she would love anal! She simply howled her pleasure at this point, and I knew that she was ready.

I withdrew from her cunt and entered her anus with little difficulty, as my fingers had blazed the trail for me. She grunted and groaned for a second or two, as she began to adjust to the feeling of my manhood lodged in her backdoor.

I began to accelerate the momentum, steadily stepping up the pace, until at last she was fully participating, pushing back up against me with her hips and thighs, and taking my cock deeper into her bowels.

She tensed for a few moments, straining as she got my whole penis inside her butt, and then she released the kind of ear-piercing scream one associates with horror movies.

Only this time, however, it was due to pleasure and excitement, not fear. It was the final catalyst needed by my balls, and I simply gushed my sperm into her backside, filling it with my essence.

I didn't withdraw just yet, rather letting adjust to the feeling of my dick inside her a bit more, as well as letting my phallus relish the wonderful feeling of her heinie.

When I did remove my penis from her bottom, she knelt and started sucking my toes, to thank me, she said, for "the most incredible sex of my life".

I raised her up on her feet, and planted a forceful kiss on her wet, sexy lips, telling her to quit her job, and travel with me. I said that I would arrange for her to get into the States, moving her into a place on Long Island, and visit her regularly, as she was now my mistress.

I also told her that I am married, but that my wife treats me no better (worse, in fact), than her cousins treated her. (That was no doubt indicated by her refusal to sleep with me before the wedding, but I failed to take the hint.)

As she looked at me, consenting non-verbally to my plan, I told her,"See, my love, you're not so untouchable after all!"

She beamed the prettiest smile and then kissed me back, just as passionately as I had her.

Chapter 2

It took some work, but I managed to get a temporary visa for Devi to enter the United States. Naturally, I was her sponsor. My plan was already being mentally conceived. I was going to ask my unhappy wife for a divorce and marry my new lover ASAP. The dissolution of my old marriage would be a pretty clear signal to INS that I was serious about wedding this Indian girl, not setting out to defraud Uncle Sam.

Inevitably, my colleagues had some reservations. Quite a few thought that she was just a fling or a mail-order bride. The truth was that I loved her and I knew it. She loved me back, which was evident in her attitude toward me. There was no coldness like I experienced with Rebecca.

Devi's parents were another difficulty. They really didn't comprehend the reasons for a prosperous American from New York City to take their daughter, a WAITRESS, for a mate. They barely condoned her liaisons with her cousins, because they assumed that one of them would marry her someday. They were from the same background and family, after all.

Despite all of this, I got her to leave India and found her an apartment near my neighborhood in the Big Apple. I figured that I might need it anyway, after I told Becky that I was about to end our marriage. She might well try to take me to the cleaners. I would fight that, but not to keep the house. She was the one who had wanted the damned money pit in the first place.

Meanwhile, I rented a suite for Devi and myself. I took her to work, pulled some favors to get her a job with the same airline, and spent what free time that I could find making incredible love to my new girlfriend. She had become particularly fond of fucking in the Jacuzzi, which was something that she had never known before in her impoverished life.

I dreaded having to make the final step. As it was, Becky must have suspected my infidelity this time, since I hadn't come home after my return flight. Strangely, though, I got no messages or calls on my cell or work phones. That was odd indeed, even for a cold fish like my wife. It was enough to make a guy paranoid.

Just when I was about to let Becky know what was happening, she finally contacted me.

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