Susie In The Midnight Sun

by Severusmax

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Susie visits Norway and falls in love with a local journalist. This story is a BDSM/romance mixture.

Chapter 1

Susie Brock had just graduated from Harvard, at the relatively young age of 20, and she decided to celebrate her academic success by visiting Europe during the summer. She had been thinking about what country to see, having already seen the usual spots- France, Italy, etc.

The question ended in her head when she heard that Led Zeppelin song "Immigrant's Song" again, which definitely applied to her, she thought, and noticed the following words, "I come from the land of the midnight sun."

Susie vaguely remembered hearing something about that being true about Norway, and she thought that would be a great thing to see. True, that country was quite close to the Arctic Circle, and therefore, frigid, but the idea of seeing the sun when one expects the moon was just too great to pass up.

She got everything together, passport, visa, travelers' checks, etc., and headed to the airport, with some nervousness as usual, due to the increased security of the anti-terrorist measures, and was relieved when she got through with little difficulty, since no one feared trouble from a young Englishwoman.

When she arrived in Oslo, the capital of Norway, she headed straight to her friend Carrie's house. Carrie Mackenzie was her grade school best friend, who had married a Scotsman and moved with him to Norway, due to his work with the EU. Fergus Mackenzie was not your standard Eurocrat, with bowler hat, umbrella, etc. He still looked very much the Scot, except for the bagpipes and kilt, of course.

"Susie, dear, you're really here! Well, I feared that you'd back out, since I've been trying to get you to visit me for some time now. It's lovely to see you here, darling.," Carrie told her.

Susie, of course, was quite happy to see Carrie, and she definitely liked that her friend and her husband were so willing to take her in for a few days. Carrie looked much different, of course, having grown from a nerdy, scrawny schoolgirl to a plump, but still attractive woman.

After settling in for the night, Susie went out the next day to see the local pubs, not expecting any trouble over her age. The bartenders weren't likely to fuss about ID, like they did in a college town in Massachusetts, for example.

At the pub, on the stool next to hers, was a tall, lean, quite muscular fellow, who was busy drinking some local ale. He took a quick look, then gave her another one, seeing this delightful, well-dressed, obviously foreign lady enter the pub. He had to introduce himself.

"Hello, I doubt that you're local, if you'll excuse my saying that."

"Not a problem, love. My name is Susie Brock, and I'm here on a summer vacation."

"Olaf Svengard. Vacation from what?"

"Well, darling, if you must know, I've just graduated from the university, and I'm taking a short retreat here before I start on my career."

"Really- what career?"

"I want to be a photographer. What about you?"

"I'm a reporter for the local television station."

"Really! Then, you're a local celebrity?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes, I am."

"Well, that's rather nice. I'll bet that the ladies all want you."

"Some of them certainly do. However, I don't plan on being single for long."

"Why's that?"

"I want to find a wife and settle down. What about you?"

"I'd love to get married myself. Sorry, that wasn't too forward, was it?"

"Not for me. Here, in Norway, the custom is serial monogamy, you know. When you sleep with a woman, she's your lady, until you stop sleeping with her."

"So, when that happens, you jump into the sack with someone else, and she becomes your girl, instead, right?"

"Precisely. That's just the custom here. You don't avoid sex, but you just bear in mind that the woman considers herself to be your companion afterward."

"I see. Well, if things turn out well, perhaps you'd care to consider me for a possible relationship, or is that too pushy?"

"Not at all. You seem like such a doll, with your clothes and your hair, and all of that."

"Yes, but I'm rather a naughty little slut in the sack."

"Good to know. I take it that you're British, from your accent at least."

"I was born and grew up in England, until I turned 12, and then my family moved to the States."

"So, are you a citizen yet?"

"You mean, an American? No, love, I haven't been naturalized. I've had other things to do, like getting an education, and I don't know where I plan to live when I settle down."

"What's it like, living in America?"

"Very different from Europe. It's both more energetic and more dangerous than most European countries. It's rather cosmopolitan, too."

"So, where in America did you live?"

"Massachusetts. In fact, I worked as a intern for the Governor of Massachusetts for a whole semester in high school. I even attended Harvard afterward."

"Harvard? So, you were a great student, eh?"

"I was reasonably studious, but I did have connected friends- well, actually one very connected friend at first."

"Who was that?"

"The Honorable Bruce Calahan, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

"Isn't he Senator Bruce Calahan now? The new power on the Foreign Relations Committee?"

"Yes, in fact, he is a Senator, now, as a matter of fact."

"There are people floating his name about for the Presidency, you know?"

"So they say."

"So, what was your relationship with him, out of curiosity?"

"We were lovers."

"What? You were the mistress of a possible future American President?"

"Not so much 'mistress' as slave, Olaf."


"I am a sub- a bottom, if you know what that means."

"You mean that you like to be enslaved, dominated, and punished by your partner?"


"Well, I've only played around with that sort of stuff once or twice, with my ex-wife, but she was the dominant type, and I just didn't enjoy it. That contributed to the failure of my marriage."

"Sorry to hear that, Olaf. Maybe you just need to try it from the other side."


"Maybe you need to try being in charge, for once. You might enjoy it, and I would love to submit to you."

"But then, you'd have to accept that I would regard you as my companion, until we stop fucking."

"How about, for the duration of my stay in this country?"

"How long is that?"

"The summer, I think. I want to experience this country, especially the famous 'Midnight Sun'."

"Sounds nice. That does mean that you can't fuck other guys, while you're here."

"Well, as I'm into the whole monogamy thing myself, that should be no problem."

"A monogamous masochist- interesting juxtaposition of normal and abnormal behavior."

"Yes, but it just suits me on a personal level."

"So, do want to join me at my place tonight for some dinner?"

"Do you promise to serve dessert- the type that isn't vanilla?"


"It's an SM term for traditional, non-fetish sex."

"Oh, I see. You want me to tie you up."

"Maybe spank me, too, if you don't mind, love."

"Alright, I'll try it, but as I don't have that kind of equipment, you'll have to bring the handcuffs, paddle, or whatever."

"Fine with me, darling. I think that you might well enjoy our little adventure."

"Maybe. I'll certainly try it, Susie."

When she arrived at Olaf's apartment, she shocked him by asking for an "appetizer."

"What sort of appetizer?"

"Your sperm, of course!"

"You want to suck my cock?"

"Yes, and drink up all of your jism. Please, Master."


"Yes, love, if you are going to dominate me tonight, that makes you my master, and I will address you with the proper respect. So, Master, can your little foreign slut suck you off and drink your semen?"

"Yes, Susie, you're making me very hard and stiff all of the sudden, with all of this fellatio talk, so you definitely should take care of the problem that you caused."

"Thank you, Master, but could you call me 'slave' for the rest of the night, please? I want to be your slave all night long."

"Very well, slave, you may suck my penis."

"Would you please order me to suck it?"

"Suck my cock, slave! How's that?"

"Better, thank you."

Susie now finally unzipped her new master's pants, pulled down his boxers, and started slowly working her way with her mouth from the tip of his dick to the base, and then retreated back to the glans, or head, of the penis. She continued to do this for some time, working him up rather intensely, as his cock was not used to this kind of serious fellatio.

His ex-wife had only sucked it reluctantly, much preferring to receive oral sex than to give it, but then she was a very selfish, narcissistic mate. Her sessions were all quick and done in a few moments, rarely giving him a chance to cum.

Susie's cock-sucking skills, by comparison, were much more delightful, and she took his phallus for all the pleasure it could give her. She even licked and sucked his testicles, which his ex would never have even considered doing.

Olaf found this to be an extremely sensual experience, and he began to groan, as the girl was working him up to the point of ejaculation. Susie was right about herself- she was a very naughty slut, and he couldn't help feeling a great deal of arousal and attraction for her at this point.

Susie could tell that her attentions were getting him horny, hot, and flustered, and soon, she just completely let him inside her mouth, deep-throating him to the point of absolute ecstasy. He groaned again, and then pointed to his cock, gesturing that he was about to cum.

She didn't stop, but just kept sucking him, until at last he actually came, spilling cum into her mouth. Susie looked very pleased with herself, knowing that she had not only blown this Norwegian's cock, but his mind as well. Sweat dripped from his blond locks already, indicating that he was definitely feeling something intense.

Susie didn't try to wash out the cum. She just ingested the sweet substance of this man's procreative fluid, and even licked her lips to make sure that she caught it all and let him know that savored it. Olaf lay there quite limp for a second, as she had drained his scrotum for the moment, and then, without warning, his new British girlfriend began stripping totally naked.

As she removed several articles of clothing in minutes, Olaf's cock began to swell again, and she certainly noticed the rise that she was quite literally getting out of him.

She then abruptly got on all fours and started playing with her pussy, flaunting her lovely bum as she did so, which naturally brought his cock from semi-erect to a full-scale boner. She was looking behind herself as she masturbated, so she saw the intensification of his erection, and giggled.

"Oh, Master, you're getting hard again! Don't you feel like postponing dinner until we shag? I want to use that hard thing you've got between your legs, and not let it go to waste, if you don't mind."

"Oh, God, you deliberately teased me to get me hard again, so you could get laid earlier in the date, didn't you?"

"Yes, Master, I've been very bad that way, manipulating you like that. I deserve to be punished- spanked like the naughty minx that I am."

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