by Southern Gentleman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: He drives her crazy, she plans revenge

Chapter 1

She felt the hardness of his cock rubbing gently against her sensitive lips. Her entire body was alive, anticipating that first electric sensation of his cock pushing into her. Sheila bit her lip and waited. She needed this so badly, yet could not find the words to tell him so. The passing moments seemed like an eternity as he hovered over her, holding himself just against the entrance to her body, teasingly rubbing against her swelling clit. Their eyes locked, and in that instant she knew he was playing with her. She saw what he wanted. He wanted to hear her beg him to continue. He was paying her back for all the times she had denied him his pleasure. Too often lately she had not wanted to give herself to him. Too many evenings she had complained of being too tired or not feeling well. And now when she needed it, craved to be brought to a climax, he was hesitating, letting her know that this time he had the power, not her.

Sheila could not believe he could turn off the spigot of lust so easily. How had she been brought to this point? How had he so aroused her that she was at the point of begging him to satisfy her quickly? One minute she was on the couch reading, the next moment he had roughly grabbed her arm and insisted she come with him to the bedroom. Once there, he pushed her to the bed and unceremoniously began pulling her clothes off, tossing them to the floor. She remembered being shocked by his actions, but her protests became weak as he dropped his robe to the floor and she saw that he was fully erect and ready to take her. When she looked at his face and saw the lust in his eyes, she decided to let him satisfy himself and be done with it. But he had other plans.

He spread her legs as he kneeled down and began kissing along her thighs, quickly making his way to her pussy lips which he then licked with wild abandon. And in spite of herself, she felt the first urges of excitement begin to wash over her. It was then that Sheila knew she needed this as much as he did. She gave in to her need and wanted him to make love to her. She remembered reaching down to press his head more firmly against her vagina, lost in the feeling of his tongue tickling her clit. Her thoughts were no longer questioning why he was doing this, but were now centered on the feelings enveloping her and her need to climax. Then, as he concentrated solely on her clit, she felt her climax building, and knew it was only a matter of time for her. Even when he pulled his head away and slowly eased himself into position over her, she knew it would only take a few strokes from his hard cock to push her over the edge. She waited expectantly. She could almost hear her body crying out for release. That is when the teasing had begun.

So now Sheila looked up into his eyes and silently pleaded with him to continue. And he just looked at her and continued rubbing his cock against her clit, keeping her on the edge. He was denying her release while keeping her body tensed and ready to let loose. And then he smiled at her and pushed the tip of his cock into position to enter her. But he stopped there and just looked at her. Her words were barely audible as she fought to give him the satisfaction of knowing how desperately she needed him in her. "Please give it to me now, please" escaped her lips over and over again.

He smiled, knowing he would win. He knew he now had his revenge in his sight if he could just finish what he started. He whispered, "I just want you to know how it feels to need loving and have it denied night after night. This is just the first time for you."

He laughed as he pulled his cock from her waiting body. He grabbed her hands as she reached for her clit, intending to give herself what she so wanted and needed. But he intended to deny her even this avenue of release. "Please, I've got to cum. I'm so close. Please, just a touch. Please!" But he just looked at her and shook his head. He turned her over and quickly produced a pair of handcuffs, securing her hands behind her to keep her from satisfying herself. Sheila could not believe this was happening. He got up, put his robe back on and walked away. When he reached the doorway, he looked back, laughed, and said "We'll continue this again later, once you have time to reflect on your past rejections of my needs."

She watched him leave with his unused cock still ramrod stiff and seemingly laughing at her just as he was. She lay there and quietly began to sob as she felt herself receding farther and farther from the orgasm she so needed and wanted. All she could do now was wait for him to come back and hopefully give her what she knew she had to have before the evening was over.

Chapter 2

Sheila was not sure how long she had been confined to the bedroom. Her only certainty was the number of visits her husband had made into their room to tease her. Thus far it had been four visits. Each time it seemed he enjoyed it more than the time before. Each time he had removed the handcuffs allowing her freedom of movement and giving her the hope that this time would be different. But each time ended with her panting and begging him to bring her to a climax. And each time he laughed and left her alone without allowing her to cum. Before his last visit, she swore that she would not be able to take it any longer. She had no doubt that just the slightest touch from him when he returned would push her over the edge into orgasmic pleasure, but when he came to her, he teased and played just enough to drive her crazy without giving her the relief she needed. So now she waited again, hoping for his quick return and longing for him to finally let her climax.

As she was reliving the last visit in her mind, she once again heard the door open and watched as her husband walked to the bed with that now familiar smile on his face. "Hope you are ready for another playtime" he said as he untied his robe and let it drop to the ground. Sheila immediately fixed her eyes on his semi-rigid cock as he moved to the bed to release the handcuffs. Her mind was already imagining it pushing into her and giving her some relief of all the sexual tension her husband's teasing had built up inside her. She so wanted that cock hard and inside her.

Once he got the handcuffs off of her it was once again time to get her all worked up. He gave her a simple order, which she was quick to obey. "Make me hard" was all he said. She reached out and began to stroke him, watching his cock as it began to grow. She became so fascinated with his growing manhood that she failed to see him move his hand between her legs and begin a slow massaging of her clit. But she felt it immediately. She closed her eyes and tried to will her orgasm to overtake her. She needed it so badly. She could already feel the tingling between her legs, which would lead to, that ache that could only be satisfied with her orgasm.

Through closed eyes she felt her husband take her hand from his cock and she let it drop to her side as she concentrated on the building excitement within her. She was determined not to let him walk away without letting her cum, although she had no idea how to do so. Her husband climbed onto the bed and as he did she spread her legs for him, hoping against hope that he would ease between them and take her. After so much teasing, she knew it would not take much to make her cum, but the joy she had knowing she was close evaporated as her husband took his hand away from her clit. She opened her eyes to see him kneeling between her legs, watching her.

"Please, I can't stand it anymore. I am so close to cumming, I need to finish. I need you now. Please, don't leave me hanging." His reply was short and to the point. "Just like you never leave me hanging when I want to make love, right?"

With that he shifted forward slightly, letting his cock rest on her spread pussy lips. He was in control and he knew it. He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock, ordering her to us it to keep herself excited but not to try to pull it into her. Sheila didn't know what to do. She wanted relief, but knew he was still just playing with her. But the only way she would get relief would be to play along. And besides, she was willing to do anything to keep pushing herself toward an orgasm. So she began rubbing his cock up against her clit, moving it around until she found exactly where to rub that felt best. She began using her husband's tool as a vibrator, furiously working it against her clit. She could really feel it now. She was sure this time that she would climax.

But then he leaned over and took his hand from his cock. Sheila whimpered as the realization hit her that once again she would be denied. Like the four previous visits, he leaned over her and placed himself at the entrance to her pussy, pushing just inside as he whispered to her. But she didn't want to hear him teasing her again. She wanted him like never before. Then suddenly, his whispered words took shape and she realized what he was saying. "I love you and want you to remember this night as being the night you had the best orgasm of your life."

And with that, he thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deep within her. Sheila gasped, then began a long, loud series of moans as he pounded into her. And suddenly she was there. The orgasm hit her head on and with an intensity she had never known. The entire night had been a build up to this moment, this climax, and this release of sexual energy that she knew would leave her wanting more. She came. And she kept cumming. Her moans became words as she urged her husband to keep it up, to pound her harder. She wanted him to give it everything he had. And she held on for dear life. She heard him call to her as though he were far away, but so wrapped up in her orgasm was she that she did not understand until she felt the first spurt from his jerking cock hit inside her. "Give it to me. Give it all to me. That's it, cum inside me. Let me feel you cum." With one final thrust he buried himself fully in her as he finished cumming.

Several minutes passed before he rolled off of her, pulling his flaccid cock from her and wrapping his arms around her. Sheila was exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm and content to lay there with her head on his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat begin to slow while herself basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. The anger from the teasing she endured earlier was nearly forgotten as she cuddled next to him and absent-mindedly began playing with his cock, still wet from their combined juices.

"I'm sorry if you have felt neglected sometimes. You need to tell me you feel neglected and maybe then I can do something for you. I never want you to think I don't want you. She raised her lips to his ear and whispered "When you're ready, I would really like to..."

"Go again?", he finished for her. "Yeah, if you can get up for it again," she replied.

And as they lay there waiting for him to recover, she continued to play with his cock, all the while contemplating an idea that had begun forming in her head for revenge.

Chapter 3

During the next week, Sheila took great care to keep from making love with her husband. It was not out of a sense of anger for what he did to her since she had truly enjoyed the way things had turned out. Rather, she avoided him in order to bring her planned revenge to fruition. She wanted him hot and extremely horny before she touched him again. When she kissed him goodbye that morning, exactly one week after what she now referred to as the "night of great teasing", she smiled at the thought of finally putting her plan into action. He would never know what hit him until it was too late.

Sheila spent the day reviewing exactly what she intended to do. She wanted everything to go smoothly. She sent her husband an email, hinting of an exciting evening ahead. Once that was done, all she could do was wait and think about the fun she had planned.

When Sheila and her husband got home, they enjoyed a leisurely dinner, throughout which Sheila dropped hints about all the fun they were going to have in just a little while. She knew from his responses that he was really getting revved up about the night ahead. Several times Sheila reached over underneath the table for a quick feel and found that his excitement was indeed growing. She knew that he would be well primed for her plan. After dinner, as they lounged around watching a movie, she continued to make references to how much she was looking forward to getting him into bed. Sheila was satisfied that she was having the desired affect each time she glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants. She knew it was going to be a fun night.

Immediately after the movie, Sheila stood up and took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She gave him a lustful look and began to undress him. As she pulled his pants down past his cock, it sprang out to almost its full length. Standing up, she kissed him and told him to get into the middle of the bed. She said "I have a surprise for you". When he was comfortable, Sheila slowly began to strip for him. When she was naked, she said, "I want you to put your hands above your head. You can't touch until I tell you, OK?". He smiled and did as she asked. Sheila crawled onto the bed and began kissing him on the chest, slowly sliding upward to his neck. All the while she ran her hands along his raised arms, waiting for him to be fully distracted before putting her plan into action. Her husband was loving her attention and was quite content to close his eyes and let her turn him on. He could see in his mind's eye exactly what he would do once she gave him to ok to touch her. He couldn't wait to grab her hips as he plunged his hard cock deep into her. He smiled at the thought of it. And it would be the last smile he would have for the next couple of hours.

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