The Ultimate Revenge

by RPSuch

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cheated on wife achieves the ultimate in revenge. Definitely not a stroke story and definitely not the usual fare you find here.

Not a day goes by without my thinking of that day. Nor do I ever expect a day to pass without recalling it. I remember the events in exact detail.

It started less than a week before that day. Doug had returned from a business trip early Sunday afternoon. He is a superlative salesman and this trip was his most successful ever. The commission he earned from this sale would have paid off the remaining 25 years of our mortgage in a single payment. In spite of the magnitude of the success, he was acting strangely. He had trouble meeting my eyes and he was very quiet. I asked him what was wrong but he denied that there were any problems.

It is not in his nature to lie and he is very bad at keeping things from me. I didn't even have to press him. On Sunday night he came clean.

"You know the kinds of things I have to do to connect with the clients, to lubricate the social wheels. Well, the client wanted to celebrate so they took us to a tittie bar. I objected, but that was what they wanted to do and you pretty much have to keep the client happy."

"That's your big problem? They took you to a strip club? What happened, did they get you a lap dance?"

"No. I refused. But they took the party back to the hotel and they hired one of the strippers for a private party. I was drinking along with them and it became more difficult for me to argue against it. Well, it seems they paid her to do more than strip. Both of them and Tom fucked her. I wasn't interested in any of that but it was kind of hot."

I was kind of hot. I was getting ready to tear into him but I decided to wait. It might not have been as bad as my imagination.

"Then everybody was saying it was my turn and I absolutely refused. She came over, put her arms around me and rubbed her naked body against me. It was very sexy but I still told them I wouldn't cheat on you."

That sounded like Doug. So why was he still telling me this story?

"And then Larry, the guy who signs the contract, said okay, they wouldn't do anything that would hurt my marriage, they wouldn't force me to cheat on you. But he said she could give me a blowjob; the President said that wasn't cheating, it wasn't sex. I argued, but they all kept pushing for her to give me a blowjob. And, well, you know it's easier to do something in a group that you would never do by yourself. So I gave in and let her blow me. I felt terrible about it when I woke up and I just couldn't keep it from you."

"The President says it's not sex so you get a free pass?" I was almost shouting.

"Well, no. I told you I felt terrible about it. I'm really sorry. I'd do anything if I could take it back. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

"There isn't anything you can do to make it up to me you bastard. You cheated on me." I confess that I was about as angry as I have ever been. How could the love of my life do that to me? I had never, would never cheat on him. "There isn't anything you can do, but I can. You're going to pay for this." I walked out of the room and started to consider what I was going to do to get even with him.

The first thing I did was to move his pillow to the guest bedroom. I banished him there for the rest of the week. I decided upon a course of revenge and made all the arrangements in the ensuing days. I set the plan in motion at lunch on Saturday; I snuck some sleeping pills into his coffee. He told me he was tired and was going up to take a nap.

I took the baby up to the nursery and put her down for her nap. She would sleep the remainder of the afternoon.

I gave him an hour and then checked in on him. He was dead to the world. I took the rope I had bought during the week and methodically tied him to the bed. I tightened all the ropes at the end in case he woke up but he was too far under to even stir. I fastened them so snugly that he couldn't possibly free himself. Then I made the phone call.

I went down and unlocked the front door and returned to the bedroom to wait for him to wake up. I read a book while I waited. It took another hour.

"What the hell have you done, Helen?" I can't move. What's going on here?"

"Isn't it obvious? I gave you sleeping pills to gain control of you and I've tied you up. Now I'm going to have my revenge. You know Henry Marks, don't you?" Of course he knows Henry; he works with him. And he detests him. Henry is full of himself, pushy, arrogant; a thoroughly unpleasant man. "I'm going downstairs and I'm going to fuck him until I've had my fill. But don't worry, you're not going to miss it. I'm going to have him, and he's going to have me, in the playroom. It will all be captured by the nanny cam. And when we're done, I'm going to bring the tape up here and play it for you. You will wait, won't you?"

"Helen, I got a blowjob wearing a condom from a stranger when I was drunk. You're going to fuck somebody I work with for as long as you want. That's so completely over the top compared to what I did. How will I be able to show my face at work when he tells everybody about this?"

"Yes, well, this is massive retaliation. You're right. But you brought it on yourself and I can't think of a better way to make sure you never do something like this again. Certainly none of those hot secretaries in your office will be interested in a man whose wife invited over a piece of shit like Henry to fuck her under your nose."

"Helen, don't do this!"

"Doug, you're shouting. You don't want to wake the baby do you?" I took a pair of my used panties and stuffed them in his mouth. He could make noise, but it wasn't very loud and was not at all understandable. "Doug, I love you so much. I'm doing this for us. I'm doing this to make sure we don't have to face a crisis like this again."

He was trying to shout something, but I couldn't make it out.

"I'll see you later, darling."

I left to join Henry in the playroom. He wasn't just confident after being invited over for this, he was almost smarmy. But I decided that if I was going to do this, at least I should try to enjoy it. Doug had probably enjoyed his blowjob and I owed it to him to enjoy this as much as I could to not only pay him back, but to ensure that it would never happen again.

I had spread around a dozen candles and I lit them to create a romantic atmosphere to exact the maximum amount of pain from Doug. I dimmed the lights and turned on the stereo. Doug had been entertained with a strip, Henry would be as well.

I wore my lacy, Victoria's Secret black matching bra and panties under a short black dress briefly held up by spaghetti straps. The strip was symbolic so I didn't spend much time disrobing. I tried to do it sensually, but teasing was not important as all three of us knew what was going to be happening here.

After I stripped, I turned off the music because I thought it might be possible for Doug to hear us later as long as there was no extraneous noise. I unbuttoned Henry's shirt and unbuckled his belt.

"You are such a slut."

I spoke softly because I didn't want it picked up by the nanny cam. "If you want to go home right now with that hard on, keep talking to me with disrespect, you jerk." I smiled for the camera.

"Oh, baby, you are so hot." That was more like it.

"Let me see that big dick of yours." I pushed down his trousers and his boxers. It was nothing special. I whispered, "Take off your shoes fool." I smiled for the camera. He was supposed to be a skirt chaser. I hoped he would not be as inept as he had seemed to be to this point.

He fumbled with the shoes and almost fell over. I had to suppress a laugh.

I took his hand and led him to the couch. "Do me good lover." I was enjoying this even before the sex started, savoring the sweetness of my brutal revenge.

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