A Love for Ever

by werewolf

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Orgy, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A rich young lady gets richer and finds love - Eventually!

It was one of those parties that people went to just to see who else was there, or to hope that a photographer would be there so they could feign outrage when they were snapped, I went because the hostess had begged me and promised that I'd meet a very unusual couple.

It was the usual mix of would be stars, C list celebrities and professional party goers and I was bored witless, then I saw her.

I turned towards the door thinking that I'd have a shower and an early night and literally bumped into her,

"Oh, I'm sorry" I said, "I wasn't looking where I was going"

"No" she laughed huskily, "Neither was I"

"Ah, I see you two have met" my friend said as she swished past,

"Oh, I see it now" the woman laughed, "You must be Paula"

I laughed softly and lost myself in her eyes, the deepest, bluest eyes I'd ever seen,

"And you must be Chrissie"

"The very same"

"She said there would be someone here who I wanted to meet"

"Exactly what did she say?"

She sipped her drink with one hand whilst looking at me from under her eyelids, with her other hand, she touched my lips,

I pursed my lips and kissed her fingers,

"She said I'd find you interesting"

"Did she mention in what way you'd find me interesting?"

She took my hand in hers and squeezed it gently,

"Well she said you'd be with someone"

She shook her head, "My brother"

"But he's not here?"

"I'm afraid not, you'll have to make do with just me"

I squeezed her hand and looked into her eyes again,

"You're very beautiful Chrissie"

I leaned back against the wall to allow someone to squeeze past and suddenly she kissed me, I felt her warm breath in my mouth, her arms encircling my neck. My lips parted and I tasted her tongue in my mouth,

"Our mutual friend gave me this" she breathed and showed me a key to a bedroom, "She said we would need it, but first, a little aperitif!

We walked through into another bedroom held a large number of people watching a well known television actress performing fellatio on several men,

She knelt in the centre of the huge bed, totally naked and covered in sperm, she was gagging on the prick of a muscular big, black man who I recognized as one of her co-stars from a popular soap opera, those waiting their turn, stood beside the bed masturbating them selves into full erection, beneath her, his penis jammed into her pussy lay another television star who I recognized and she was being sodomized by a man who I didn't recognize.

"Her husband" Chrissie whispered in my ear,

Women were there too, clinging to their men folk, masturbating either themselves or their man, one woman I knew from a recent television chat show was leaning back against the wall whilst a young girl feasted between her legs. Two well known models were kissing each other hungrily, hands in each other's panties.

"That looks like fun" I whispered and moved into Chrissie as I felt her hand sliding down onto my bottom. "But I'd rather have just you, all to myself!"

Quietly, we slipped out and walked to the spare bedroom, she locked the door and I kissed her again, my hands reaching out for her breasts beneath her dress, like me she wore no bra, we admired each other as we undressed and slipped into bed, neither of us took our panties or stockings off.

She moaned softly into my mouth as I caressed her beautiful naked breasts, taking each nipple between finger and thumb, I squeezed gently and flicked my tongue across the hard, swollen bud, her perfume filled my senses as I kissed her flat stomach and left a trail of saliva down over the front of her panties, her body came alive as I eased the delicate garment to one side and touched my lips to the soft, hairless skin of her mound, she arched her hips upwards and whimpered when she felt my mouth on her sex.

I pulled her panties down and off and she moaned again as she parted her legs giving me her cleft, she was wet and fragrant

and she made funny little noises as I probed with my tongue and parted her pussy lips like a juicy plum, I licked and sucked at her core, I took her moisture into my mouth and swallowed it.

She put her hands on my head and cried out as I found her clitoris and sucked on it like a lollipop, her back arched again in a spasm of pleasure as I found her anal hole and eased a finger into her gently,

She began to sob as I ate her, enjoying her like a juicy fruit, she writhed and whimpered like a baby, then suddenly she was quiet, the room was quiet, the world seemed to hold it's breath as she trembled on the brink of orgasm,

Then, with a final squeal, her body stiffened and collapsed and her juices flooded my face and mouth.

"My turn now I believe" she whispered as we lay together in the darkness, her hand brushing the hair from my forehead, she kissed my eyes and my nose and finally crushed my lips with hers as I ran my hands over her naked body, she deepened the kiss and squeezed my nipples,

"You smell wonderful Paula" she said softly as she eased my panties off, "Your pussy needs some attention though" and I stifled a scream as she went straight to it, her lips expertly finding the nub of my clitoris and sucking it into her mouth, I felt her warm breath on my cunt as she used her fingers to open and stimulate me, I was hot and hungry, I knew I was going to come, slipping her hands under my bottom, she cupped my buttocks and lifted me off the bed, my cunt was wide open and she used it to wipe her whole face, I screamed as she held her tongue out, stiff like a miniature penis and fucked me with it, I squirmed and writhed, jerked and cursed filthily, my orgasm burst in my brain like a firework, I felt my juice spraying over her and I heard her swallowing eagerly, her mouth searching and wanting more.

We awoke in each other's arms, the house was quiet, the party over, we reached for each other in the dark and kissed,

"She was right" I whispered into her mouth and I felt her nodding,

"Yes" she whispered and withdrew from my embrace, my nose told me she'd turned round and my cunt told me we hadn't finished yet as she nuzzled her face between my legs and I felt the delicious wetness of her above me,

"Yes" I heard again, "She was definitely correct!"

We borrowed some clothes from our friend and went out for breakfast, she slipped an arm through mine as we found a little café and ate bacon and eggs, fried bread and tomatoes and washed them down with a large mug of tea each.

"We'll get fat" I laughed as we left, my arm through hers and walked through the deserted streets to find my car,

"No matter" she giggled, "You'll always be beautiful Paula"

"I have a role model now Chrissie"

"Will you come to dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to"

"My brother will be there"

"I'll look forward to it"

We kissed again outside her house and I saw her watching me as I drove off.

I got home and went straight back to bed wallowing in her smell, I held the panties to my face, her panties the ones she'd worn and given me this morning,

"Think of me, like I will of you" she'd said and I came again without even touching myself as I remembered her cunt above my mouth when we'd woken up.

There was a mountain of mail behind the door when I woke up again, so after a shower I spent an hour sitting in my little office going through it, it took two coffees and the same amount of croissants before I finished, a message on my answer phone thanked me for a wonderful night and said to be there about seven p.m. for dinner,

I returned her call and her thanks,

"It was my pleasure Chrissie" I said and she giggled deliciously,

"I think we can improve on that Paula, I'll see you at seven darling, dress daringly"

She called me darling!

I chose a plain white shift dress with a long slit up one side that displayed the flesh of one thigh above my stocking, a tiny white g-string was my only other garment and I walked in front the mirrored wall in my bedroom to see how I looked, the bodice was low enough to show the swellings of my breasts which jiggled as I moved and as I turned round, I could clearly see the little vee where the g-string disappeared between the cheeks of my pert little bottom.

They opened the door together, Chrissie and her twin brother Kris, I'd have known he was her brother anyway without her being there, they had the same high cheek bones, the same eyes and the same sensuous mouth,

"Chrissie said that you were beautiful" Kris said as he kissed my cheek, "But that doesn't do you justice"

I laughed at his obvious flattery and accepted it graciously as Chrissie kissed me warmly, she looked gorgeous in a little pink mini dress, cut even lower than my dress, the edges of her pink areole were visible above the neck line and I could see the outline of tiny panties through the thin material of her dress.

"I thought we'd eat outside" she said as she took my hand and led me through the kitchen to the spacious garden beyond where a table had been laid with three places, we ate a red salmon salad with cold potatoes and beetroot, it was a simple, pleasant meal and along with the fine conversation and the lightly chilled wine, it was a beautiful evening.

After the meal we went inside and they showed me around their sumptuous house, there were pictures everywhere, all of them old sepia prints, not pornographic, just very erotic and sensual,

"They're beautiful" I said, "Where did you find them"

"Look closer" Chrissie said as she slipped an arm around my waist,

"Oh my God" I laughed as I peered at the prints, "They're all of you two"

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