College Dream

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Petting, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Why was she even talking to me, oh I had noticed her before, difficult not to for she was one of the prettiest girls here on campus. We sat down on an empty table and she started to chat to me like we've known each other all our lives.

How did this dream start, well I must have been asleep but it didn't feel that way.

"Hi," she said, standing right in front of me.

I had gotten my can of coke and was heading for the rest of my Plumbing group in our usual seats in the far corner of the refectory.

"My name's Christina," she introduced herself. "Crissy for short."

I felt my mouth open and close a few times but I didn't hear anything come out.

"Come a sit with me," she invited.

"Sure," I said but it didn't sound like my voice.

Why was she even talking to me, oh I had noticed her before, difficult not to for she was one of the prettiest girls here on campus. We sat down on an empty table and she started to chat to me like we've known each other all our lives. Then it was time to go.

"Meet me here at five," she said standing up, "and you can take me home."

I don't think I heard another word all afternoon but eventually it was over for the day and I was sitting waiting for her. The clock ticked on and it suddenly dawned on me that she was having a windup at my expense.

"Shit," I said silently.

"Sorry I'm late," she said from behind me.

"That's ok," I heard myself say.

"This is a nice car," she said when I opened the door for her.

It wasn't that nice but it was nice of her to say so. She directed me to a part of town I had never been to before. There were a lot of big expensive houses there but at last she pointed to one that wasn't the smaller on the block.

"Come in for awhile?" she said with a big smile.

"Sure," I gulped for I was still wearing my old jeans that I'm sure smelt of flux, hot metal and gas.

"Hi mum," she called out.

A rather attractive thirties something lady popped her head around the kitchen door.

"Hi," she smiled at me, "you must be Don, I was wondering when I was going to meet you."

"Mum," snapped Crissy.

"Sorry dear," she said with a big smile still on her face. "Stay for tea?"

"I'm not really dressed for tea," I said indicating my scruffy appearance.

"We don't mind dear," she said.

"I'm going to get changed," said Crissy, "come upstairs to my room and talk to me."

I was unsure about what to do next when I noticed her mother gave me a wink.

"Unzip me please?" she asked.

Her dress fell to a puddle at her feet, she stepped out and headed off to her wardrobe. Her almost naked back look fine to me and when she turned around to talk to me the front looked pretty good too. She pulled on some tatty Jean and a thin knitted top.

"I suppose you're broke?" she asked.

"Well yes," I said but I hated to having to admit to it.

My Dad's real good to me but money was always tight.

"Yeah me too," she smiled, "bummer right. Ok so going out for a drink is out so lets just go out in that car of yours. Always assuming you've got some fuel."

My dad always fills the car up for me so it wasn't a problem. Tea was a quiet affair with her mum trying to get me to talk.

"We're going out," said Crissy, pushing her away her plate.

"Where to?" I asked as I drove off.

She directed me for some minutes then she told me to park up in this deserted wooded car park.

"We used to come here a lot when we were kids," she mused. "There's a lovely big lake just through there."

She pointed off into the darkness.

"Now I'm here with you," she said turning towards me. "What about a little kiss."

My mind was still comatose for I couldn't believe that this gorgeous girl would want to be here with me; our lips met and we kissed.

"Is that the best you can do?" she laughed. "Here give me your hands."

She place one on her thigh and the other on one of her pert breasts.

"Now kiss me again and this time do it like you're enjoying it," she giggled. "I knew I should have worn a skirt, oh well never mind."

We kissed again and I did enjoy it and the feel of her body in my hands.

She reached under her top and unsnapped her bra. With some difficulty she at last pulled her bra off and threw it on to the back seat.

"Now give me your hand," she said.

She lifted up her top and placed my hand on her naked breast.

"Mmm, yeah, now squeeze it for me," she sighed.

We kissed again and all the time I was squeezing one breast then the other.

"God you've got me so hot," she sighed, "and I bet you're lovely and hard too."

Ain't that the truth, for it was becoming quite painful being confined within my pants.

"Look I'm sorry but I can't let you fuck me," she said and she looked very sorry too. "I'm still a virgin but I can give you a hand job or something."

"Funny that," I said, "but I'm a virgin too."

I was too, came close last year with Mary Collins but at the last moment she chickened out.

"Oh I like that," she laughed. "Do you want me to rub you?"

"Yes of course," I said, "but not now. I want it all to be special."

"Oh I like that too," she giggled. "Here kiss them goodbye then you can take me home and I'll diddle myself silly tonight thinking about you and how we are going to do the dirty deed."

I never heard a girl talk like she does but I think I liked it. She pulled her thin top up to expose both her pert breasts and I lent forwards and kissed them.

"Good night Don," she said and leaned over to kiss me, once we were back outside her home.

"Night," I said and I was off driving on a cloud.

"Hi," she said and sat down beside me; Willy and James's eyes nearly popped out when I introduced her.

"Guys this is Christina," I said, "but you can call her Crissy."

"Hi Crissy," they said in unison.

"Glad you're here guys," she said with a big smile. "See that girl over there with, well lets just say she well endowed."

Three pairs of male eyes looked over to see a short pretty girl with a big pair of tits sticking out.

"Well that's Janet and believe it or not she thinks you're cute," she said to Willy.

"Me," he said and I knew exactly how he felt.

Crissy waved her over and we watched as she walked to our table.

"Hi," she said shyly but her eyes were only for Willy.

"What about me?" asked James.

Poor James he was the sort of guy not even his mother I thought could love.

"Ahh yes you," Sam giggled. "For you I've got someone very special,"

I looked around the room but there was only a few girls left in the refectory. I couldn't see anyone that special unless it was her in the corner. We had all looked with lust at her at one time or another, what with her unbelievable legs. Just then the unbelievable happened for she rose and walked, no glided towards us.

"Close your mouth," giggled Crissy and she elbowed me in the side too.

"This is Brenda," she introduced us.

"Hi," she said in a breathless voice.

James just sat there his mouth open just like mine did yesterday.

"Come on Don," she said taking my hand and pulling me away. "Yes I know she has these incredible legs. You should see her stripped."

"Yes," I said for which I got another elbow in the ribs.

"Still love me?" Crissy asked.

"God yes," I said and I did.

I had only met her yesterday and I could answer honestly already.

"Good," she smiled up at me. "If you're good I may let you have a look at some pictures I took last year on holiday."

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"Close your mouth," she giggled, "There're just holiday snaps but we're in our bikini's. With that last thought I'll leaving you now but I'll see you tonight and you can take me home."

"Well are we going to do this?" she asked.

"What?" I said.

I reluctantly moved my hand off her perfect breast as she pulled away. It was quite late and we had parked up in our usual spot. In her hand she held out a condom.

"I-I thought we were saving it for some special time," I stuttered.

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