Tell Him It's Me

by Jessy19

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her boyfriend does not know she writes erotic stories.

Jennifer quickly turned off her computer as soon as she heard her long time boyfriend Mick open the front door. It'd only been three months ago when she finally decided to move in with him. She ran to the front room and as soon as she saw him, she threw her arms around him.

"Whoa! That's a nice greeting," Mick said holding her.

"Glad you're home. I was getting lonely."

Mick eyed her curiously. "Ok what do you want?"

She giggled. "Nothing. I just love you so much."

He placed a soft kiss on her lips. "I love you too."

"You ready to eat? Cuz I'm starving."

He smiled and touched her face. "I know what I want to eat."

She blushed. "You can get your desert after dinner."

They had a nice home cooked meal and laid around the living room watching their favorite sitcom shows. Jennifer stared at her boyfriend. His brown eyes focused on the TV but soon enough met with hers.

"What?" He asked.


He went back to watching TV. Jennifer wanted to tell him right then and there, but the words would not come out. She'd been wanting to tell him for a while the secret she'd been hiding from him.

Mick's eyes focused on Jennifer. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine," she lied.

He turned off the TV and got up. Jennifer stared up at him innocently. Mick held out his hand. "Come on."


"Let's go to the room. I'm so ready to make love to you right now."

She held his hand as he helped her up from the floor. They walked to their bedroom and soon enough they were kissing passionately. Mick's body pressed against Jennifer's. She could already feel his hard on pressed against her thighs.

"I want you," she whispered in between kisses.

"I always want you," Mick replied in a husky voice.

He began to trail kisses down her neck gently kissing it and sucking on it. She could feel his hot breath on her skin setting her body on fire! He easily picked her up and carried her over to their bed. He laid her down gently. She stared up at her lover with lustful eyes.

Mick peeled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He quickly removed his pants and boxers. Jennifer couldn't take her eyes off his hard cock. She smiled at him and opened her arms out to him.

"Hurry! I need you."

He laughed. "You're a little tomcat tonight aren't you?"

Jennifer blushed. "Only for you."

Mick climbed on the bed with her and unbuttoned her top. He slipped his hands underneath her and fumbled with her bra ready to take it off. Once her bra came loose, she raised her body and took her top and bra off throwing them on the floor. Mick cupped one breast and put it in his mouth. He flicked his tongue on her hard nipple.

"Oooh!" She cooed.

He grabbed the other breasts and repeated. His other hand roamed down her body and pulled her skirt up over her waist. He rubbed her thighs while taking turns sucking on her nipples. He moved his hand up and grabbed her panties.

"Just tear them off will ya?" She muttered.

He had a wicked grin on his face. He easily tore off her panties exposing her shaven pussy. He looked down and smiled. "Very sexy."

"Make love to me... please," she implored.

Mick didn't hesitate. He positioned himself between her legs and plunged his cock in her. Jennifer wrapped her legs around him pulling him closer and deeper. Their eyes locked as they made love.

Mick moved in and out of her smoothly. He would dip his head down every now and then to suck on one of her nipples. Jennifer closed her eyes for a moment and moaned. He felt so damn good inside of her. His body was heavy on top of hers but she didn't mind one bit. She opened her eyes again and realized he'd been staring at her.

"You're so beautiful. I want you to explode on my cock," he rasped.

She ran her hand on his chest. "I want to. Then I want you to cum inside of me. Let me feel your seed in me."

"Mmm," he groaned and pumped his cock in and out of her faster.

"Ooh yes! A little harder! Mick... oh Mick!" Jennifer cried out. His cock sliding in and out faster was making her body tingle all over.

"I love you Jenny," he said sweetly and planted a long wet kiss on her lips.

Jennifer couldn't take it anymore. She began to climax. Her sounds of pleasure became muffled in their kiss. Mick broke the kiss and watched her orgasm. He always loved to watch her.

"Mmmmmggghh!" Jennifer wailed.

"Ahh yes baby, I'm so close!" Mick said.

Jennifer looked into his eyes and clenched her pussy on his cock.

"Oh shit! Don't do that! You're going to make me cum so fast!"

She let go letting him continue to please her. Then a few minutes later she did it again tightening her pussy. Mick closed his eyes and was panting harder than ever. "I-I'm going to cum! Ugggghh!"

Jennifer pulled him down to kiss him. Hot spurts of cum shot inside of her. He remained inside of her until he was completely finished.

"Oh damn girl, you made me cum so hard!" Mick sighed.

She giggled. "That's the point."

He slipped his cock out of her and lay next to her. Jennifer laid her head on his chest hearing his heart thumping. She was definitely in love. How would she ever continue to keep this secret from him?

Jennifer had finished writing her 70th erotic story. She saved her story to a cd-rom and put it in a desk drawer. Mick would hardly ever use the computer. If he did, it was mostly to download music or check his e-mail. Jennifer had feared he'd come across one of her stories but luckily that hadn't happened.

Jennifer turned off the computer and sighed. She laid back on her chair and thought of how she would ever be able to tell Mick that she wrote erotic stories. Not that Mick was absolutely close-minded, but the fact that Jennifer's stories were taboo. She had written many incest stories, which Mick had no clue about. Sure she had mentioned to him every now and then that her dream was to be a writer. He believed in her and had always asked to see her work, but she never did. She knew he might like some of her work but feared about the whole incest stories. She would gladly show him any erotic coupling story or nonhuman story she'd written, but there would be those incest ones that she didn't have the guts to show him.

She wondered how he would react to the whole incest story writing. Would he freak? Would he just ignore it, and would things ever be the same between them? It might have not been a big deal to others but this was the love of her life she would have to tell. What he thought meant so much to her. She knew he loved her unconditionally, or at least that's what he had told her.

"I have to find a way to tell him," Jennifer said out loud. She wondered what would be a smooth way to tell him without actually having to say it straight out?

"E-mail. I'll send an incest story to his e-mail," she said to herself.

She quickly got back on her computer and created an anonymous e-mail address so that she could send him her stories. Afterwards, she copied and pasted a story and sent it off to him. She only hoped he wouldn't freak.

Mick arrived home later on that evening. After a warm shower, he ordered Chinese that night. Jennifer and Mick ate while Mick went on about his day. Jennifer listened but couldn't get the e-mail out of her mind. She knew that before bedtime, Mick would go and check his e-mail. He usually told her everything. She wondered if he would tell her about the story she sent him.

An hour later, Mick was at the computer. Jennifer was finishing up cleaning the kitchen and peeked out every now and then to see what his reaction was. She knew he was reading her e-mail. Since his back was towards her, she had no clue what his reaction was.

"You got lots of e-mail?" Jennifer asked.

Mick didn't respond.

"Mick?" Jennifer asked peeking her head out.

Mick turned around and seemed in a daze. "W-what?"

"I asked if you had lots of e-mail tonight? You've been reading for quite a while."

Mick scoffed. "Well, someone sent me some nasty story about a brother and sister fucking if you can believe that."

Jennifer's heart sank. "Oh? Is it that bad?"

Mick frowned. "Of course it is! That's sick!"

Jennifer went back to washing the dishes. "Yeah that is pretty sick stuff huh? Who sent it to ya?"

Mick shrugged and she saw him delete the e-mail. Her heart broke. "I don't know some sicko I guess."

Jennifer tried to hold back her tears. She finished washing dishes and went to go shower. Once in the shower, she got to cry. He had sounded so hateful towards her story. Now how would she ever be able to tell him that it was her? That she was the one who wrote it and sent it. Jennifer sobbed and wished she had enough courage to tell him everything.

The next day, Jennifer did it again. She wasn't going to give up so easily. She sent Mick yet another e-mail featuring another incest story. If he would delete it, she knew she'd have to wait a while longer before confessing that she was the one who had written the story.

That evening Mick was at the computer again. Jennifer was sitting on the couch pretending to be watching TV. She knew he was reading her second story that she'd sent him. He seemed to be reading for hours but never told her anything about the story. She didn't want to ask either. She wondered if deep down he really enjoyed her story.

Mick turned off the computer. Jennifer watched as he took a deep breath and laid back on the chair.

"You ok babe?" She asked.

Mick nodded. "I'm fine. I'm going to take a shower."

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