Three Good Years

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: At this point, I forgot Frank was watching and unzipped her dress at the back and it dropped to her feet. All she was wearing underneath was a small bra and knickers. These soon followed, along with my T-shirt and jeans.

After three good years, I woke up one morning to find my loving wife was off loving someone else. It came as a big shock to me, as I had thought everything was ok between us. My brother-in-law, that's my wife's brother, rang me up and expressed his feeling about his bitch sister. Frank and I had always be good friends, even before I'd dated his sister. We had fished, gone to football and got drunk together more times than I care to remember; we even dated the same girls, one of whom was Kathy, his now wife.

"Come on over, don't be alone," he said, "I'm sure Kathy can cook up something nice and we'll have a few beers."

Kathy was now a few pounds overweight, but all in the right places. I can still remember having fun with her in the back seat of my car.

"Thanks, mate," I said with feeling.

This was the third night since Beth had gone and I was feeling a little low. Kathy greeted me at the door with a big hug and a wet kiss, her more-than-ample breasts felt nice against my chest. She was a complete contrast to my slim, but now departed wife, who wouldn't look out of place on a catwalk.

"Come on in and have a beer," she offered, "I've got something in the oven for later."

We settled down for a long drinking session. I think we all felt a little let down by my wife's behaviour. After a few beers none of us felt like eating so, Kathy got up on unsteady legs and turned the oven off.

"What you need, Bill," said Kathy giggling, "is a new woman in your life, one with more meat on her bones."

A woman Kathy's size shouldn't giggle as it makes her tits jiggle so enticingly.

"What, are you offering to help me out?" I replied drunkenly with a big smile.

"Sure, but I don't think Frank would be too keen, would you lover?" she said, directing the last bit at her equally drunk husband.

"It's not a problem for me," he said. "It's not like he hasn't fucked you before."

"Don't be nasty, Frank. Anyway that was all before I met you, my treasure," she giggled again, each movement of her tits making my cock harder.

"I'll get us some more beer," he said. "Why don't you two have a dance."

"Yeah, come on, Bill." She got up, straightening her short skirt as she did so, "you and I haven't had a dance for ages."

Probably at my wedding I thought.

She turned the lights down low and came into my arms, we moved slowly to the music on the stereo. At once, she felt my hardness up against her belly.

"That feels nice," she cooed, pushing her tits harder against me, "Frank's not always interested in sex you know, not like me, I'm sex mad, as I'm sure you can remember."

Not half, there were times when she would fuck me to a standstill and still wanted more. Our lips meet and we got lost in each other's embrace. When we broke, I could see Frank sitting watching us while drinking his beer.

"You two carry on, don't mind me," he said.

So I kissed her again, and her hand reached between us and felt my hard cock.

"Oh my," she gasped, "I had forgotten your monster."

"I haven't forgotten your tits, though," I said giving them a good squeeze.

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