Paulie's College Career

by falcon29

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: College roommates become porn kings.

Paulie shook the sweat from his eyes as he continued to pound his cock into the woman beneath him. She was moaning around the thick root of his buddy's cock buried between her lips. Her tits bobbled rhythmically in time with his thrusting hips, their nipples engorged and hard.

This was the second time Sean and Paulie had double teamed this particular woman and it was even better than the first time. Paulie loved to watch Sean's thick cock slide into her mouth and her pussy. The only regret he had was that he couldn't really see it when she mounted Sean and leaned forward to take Paulie up her ass. This time he'd made preparations.

Tucked snugly on a nearby bookshelf was a small digital video camera. The woman was oblivious to anything but the two rampant cocks before her and didn't notice when the red light blinked on, indicating that the camera was running. Paulie hoped he had aimed it correctly. As Sarah leaned forward, Sean took a tit in each hand and mauled them the way she liked. Paulie wanted the video to be great, so he leaned down and pushed his tongue between her generous ass cheeks. He used his hands to pry them apart and dipped his tongue down, licking all around the puckered hole before probing into it.

Sean's cock sometimes brushed against his chin and Paulie felt a shiver pass down his back. His friend's slick cock was less than an inch from his mouth. Paulie closed his eyes and let his tongue slip a bit, to lick along Sean's shaft a few times. He was sure Sean wouldn't know about it, since he was so into the woman. Paulie wasn't gay. He had never been attracted to men. He was, however, normally curious.

That he was licking the woman's juices from another guy's dick sent a strange thrill through him. He moved his mouth down so that each of Sean's thrusts passed across his lips before reentering the woman's fragrant slit. Paulie decided it was enough and straightened up for the grand finale.

When the woman was groaning out loud, he reached for the lube and began to grease her ass up. She just kept bouncing on Sean's rod and moaning, but she arched her back and wiggled her hips when Paulie's fingers pried their way past her sphincter.

As he rose to his knees behind her, Paulie inched closer. It was a bit difficult to center his hard cock on the pucker, but the couple below him slowed down until he was easing in. They picked up the pace again and Paulie was soon buried deep in her incredibly tight rectum. His balls knocked against Sean's as they double fucked the older woman. Then she was screeching through another orgasm and Sean grunted. Paulie felt Sean's cock sliding against his through the thin wall that separated the woman's cunt and ass. The feeling drove him to his climax. They rested a while and Paulie searched under the pillow for the remote to switch off the video.

The credit card sized remote had disappeared. He let his softening cock slip out of the tight passage and he rose from the bed to go clean up. He could always erase anything after the three way orgasm. When he returned, the woman was gone and Sean was just lying there naked, his cock still thick, but not hard was resting wetly on one of Sean's strong thighs. Paulie saw that Sean's eyes were closed so he let his eyes return to Sean's cock. It was well coated with bodily fluids and the smell of sex was strong in the small dorm room.

Paulie looked up to see Sean grinning at him. Paulie's face flushed and he looked away quickly. He went to his knees next to the bed and located the remote control where it had fallen. He raised it to turn off the camera, but Sean told him to leave it on. Paulie frowned at his friend and then he saw that Sean was stroking his gooey dick. As Paulie watched Sean's cock twitched and began to lengthen again. He glanced back to Sean's face and saw the grin still in place. Then he felt his own cock twitch.

He had to turn away before Sean saw that watching his roommate jerking off was turning Paulie on. He'd watched him masturbate several other times when Sean thought he was asleep. It always turned Paulie on and he had to jerk off after Sean had gone to shower.

Now, though, Sean told him to come closer. Paulie's eyes remained locked to the shiny rod and Sean's hand sliding up and down on it. When he reached the bed, Paulie didn't have a prayer. His own slender dick was standing straight out from his body and Sean's free hand locked around it. He pulled on it and Paulie almost fell across Sean. He caught himself but then watched as Sean pulled him toward his mouth! Sean looked up into Paulie's eyes as he first licked, and then sucked the head into his mouth.

The jets of Paulie's semen splashed against the back of Sean's throat in seconds. Sean groaned and was careful not to let a drop escape. When he was done, he released Paulie's dick and said simply, "Your turn, buddy. If I'd known you wanted to lick my dick, I'd have been glad to let you. It felt real good a while ago when you licked me and ate Sarah's ass."

Paulie felt light headed as he lowered his lips to take Sean's big knob in. The dizziness just got worse as he slid several inched of hot flesh along his tongue. He'd never dreamed it would feel this good to have a cock in his mouth, but it was great. He avidly devoted the next ten minutes to learning how to suck a cock. Before Sean reached a climax, however, Paulie got a cramp in his jaw. He held on to the shaft and released it from his mouth. Sean laughed as Paulie worked his jaws, easing the pain.

Then Sean took hold of Paulie's hand and turned him around, pulling him down onto the bed. Before Paulie knew it Sean's lubed fingers were sliding down Paulie's ass crack and probing at his rectum. Paulie felt a rising panic. "Sean... no! I don't think I can take that!" he pleaded. But a little voice inside his head was cheering and urging the stronger young man on. Paulie, other than verbally, was doing nothing to stop Sean.

When Sean's fingers slipped into Paulie's ass, he let a groan escape his throat. When Sean pushed Paulie to his knees and pressed against the back of his neck, Paulie went to his shoulders on the sodden sheet. The smell of pussy and sperm wafted into his lungs and Paulie whimpered. Yet, he continued to hold his ass high because deep down he knew he wanted to feel Sean filling his ass hole with thick meat. He only hoped it wouldn't hurt too bad.

Sean pressed the tip of his cock into the tight opening. Once seated (with the first fraction of an inch of his cock already inside his roommate's ass, Sean rested a hand on each of Paulie's butt cheeks. Sean leaned forward and Paulie felt the pressure of his stretching. Sean relaxed a bit then pressed forward. He kept doing that, not sinking in yet, just easing the way. Then he pressed a bit harder and Paulie felt his hole open. It hurt! He tried to relax, the way he did when he played with penetrating his own ass. Between them, they managed to let Sean inch his way into Paulie's butt.

The pain passed as Paulie learned to regulate his breathing and relax his sphincter. Sean's hands squeezed Paulie's ass and he pushed deeper. Paulie's breath whooshed out and he gritted his teeth. On Sean's next thrust, Paulie pushed back and he felt the burning rod slide deep. Sean's pubic hair tickled Paulie's ass and his hips felt hot against his cheeks. They stopped like that for a few seconds before Paulie leaned away a little bit. He felt several inches slip out and quickly reversed the movement. Again he felt the contented sensation of being filled up.

Slowly at first, Sean began to fuck his best friend. In another few minutes, the room echoed to their bodies slapping together and their loud grunts and moans. Taking a better grip on Paulie's hips, Sean began to slam into the tight passage hard. Paulie was lost in his bliss and didn't realize until later that he had dribbled a small load of semen on the sheets. Then Sean slammed him one last time and Paulie felt the searing load spew deep in his bowels. "Ahhh!" screamed Paulie and he passed out for a few seconds.

The sensation of Sean easing from his rectum brought Paulie around. Sean gave his friend's ass a pat as he rose and padded to the bathroom to clean the shit off his cock. Paulie rolled over and closed his eyes. He had no words for the feelings that filled him. His dick and ass were both sore. His thoughts were fragments, never forming completely before shattering and dissipating.

He opened his eyes and focused on the ceiling. He ran his hands down his body and he squeezed his soft cock roughly. That felt good! His head lolled to the side and his eyes lit on the unblinking red eye of the camera. He'd forgotten about it completely! Shit! Now he had a permanent record of his first ass fuck! He weakly pushed himself to his hands and knees. His legs trembled as he stood up and he felt a glob of Sean's come ooze from his ass hole. He found the remote under the sheet and pushed the stop button. The red eye blinked out.

He turned around and saw Sean standing in the bathroom doorway. "Whoa! You taped all that?" he asked Paulie.

"Uh... yeah, but I only wanted to film us with Sarah. I... uh... didn't expect..."

"You didn't expect to be caught on tape sucking my cock and getting your ass reamed, did you?"

Well, of course he hadn't. He went to take a shower and absorb everything. When he emerged, he took the camera from the shelf and popped open the cassette carrier. The camera was empty! He knew that Sean must have taken it, the question was why.

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