Heart and Sole

by Lisa Summers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lyssa shows Chris that, sometimes it's the customer who does the selling

I've always thought that shoes are the real window to a woman's soul. A fashionable socialite, wearing Versace, wears beautiful shoes that befit her lifestyle and view on life. A working woman wears flats that keep her feet comfortable, and athletic women wear shoes that enhance their performance. Slim chance of finding one wearing the wrong shoes! I don't particularly have a foot fetish or anything, but attractive shoes can make a beautiful woman look even better. As a girl who's interested in other girls, I like to see beautiful women at their best.

I took a job with the local discount shoe store in my neighborhood, "Paylittle Shoes". The hours fit with my college schedule. As a junior on a pre-med major track, I needed both the money and the flexible hours the job gave me. I had run indoor track in high school, though not in college, and I knew the importance of shoes in one's physical development. My love of exercise had reflected itself in my stature. I'm 5'6" tall, 110 pounds, cute face, with long light brown hair that I usually keep tied up in a ponytail. I've got 36C breasts, with long pink nipples and fairly large pink aureoles. Almost any kind of sexual stimulation causes my nipples to erect, so it's pretty apparent when someone has gotten me hot. I enjoy having my nipples sucked, but I also really like sucking another girl's nipples, and licking her breasts.

My ass is perfect, according to my last girlfriend, and she should know. I think she spent more time touching me there than anywhere else, but I didn't mind at all, as I love a girl's touch on my rear end. She got me interested in returning the favor, and I've learned to be very fulfilling in bringing another girl to the Big O by licking her pussy and anus. We didn't do much with dildos or vibrators, as we're both very oral, and loved having our mouths and tongues on, and in, each other.

Unfortunately, my girl friend and I broke up 6 months ago, and I've had to satisfy myself, since I don't really have time to date much. So, I've used my fingers a lot, making myself cum through pinching my clit, then licking my wet fingers. I guess I've loved the taste of pussy, mine and others, ever since I knew I liked girls best, something I discovered in high school. Still, when I see some of my fellow coeds on campus, and I wonder if they'd like to play with me, I get kind of frustrated and horny.

It was a very slow sales day, as we weren't running any sales that week, and there was no one else in the store. I was re-boxing shoes that customers had left out earlier that day, when a blonde coed, about 19 or so, with a knock out body and face to match, came in and started browsing sandals. She started asking me questions about them, which I tried to answer as best I could. She made plenty of eye contact, and smiled frequently, even touched my arm numerous times during our conversation. Now, I'm no expert at body language, but I know that she was sending me signals. She tucked her hair back behind her ears several times. She might as well as have thrown herself on the floor, spread her legs, and said, "Fuck me!"

I smiled back, and gave every indication that I could be interested, too. She ended up buying several pairs of sandals, which I appreciated for the commission, but then she ended up just walking out. I was so let down. I guess she was just a cunt tease, seeing if she could get a reaction out of another girl, and then letting her down. No doubt she'd go back to her boyfriend and have a good laugh. It was while I was mulling this over, that a woman of about 25 entered, and headed for the dress shoes rack. After about 10 minutes, I heard her asking if I would reach up and hand down a pair of pumps.

I automatically reached for the shoes, and turned to hand them to the woman. She was very cute, about 4 inches shorter than me, with dark brownish-red hair, green eyes, pale white skin, and a cute scattering of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks. She was wearing a light green angora sweater, and a dark plaid skirt. She had larger breasts than mine, probably D's, and a really cute round butt. She asked if I would mind fitting her in the pumps. I agreed, and she sat down in one of our comfortable arm chairs.

I sat in front of her, on a low stool that sat me about 6" above the floor, and well below the level she was sitting at, so that I had to look up at her. I took her left foot and ankle in my hand, and flexed them out in order to slide on the pump. I looked up to comment on how pretty the pump looked against her skin, when my eye was caught by the flash of naked skin on her thigh, extending up under her skirt. She wasn't wearing stockings or panty hose. Her legs were separated so that I could see all the way up to her crotch, and I froze when I realized that she wasn't wearing any panties! I could clearly see her pink labia, separated by a darker pink, nearly red, opening into her pussy itself. She had a thick red patch of curly pubic hair above her pussy, with light downy hairs along each side of her labia, which were fairly plump and swollen.

I tried to cover for my hesitation, as I didn't want customers to get the idea that I was looking up their skirts, although I had, of course, in this case, but only by accident. I looked at the woman's face, but she was looking to her right at a display, and apparently hadn't noticed anything untoward. I vocalized my comment about the pump, and she smiled, and agreed. I then finished fitting the shoe on her foot, then began fitting the other of the pair on her right foot.

She lifted up her foot to make it easier for me, and flashed me again with her naked pussy! I looked quickly at her face, then, seeing she wasn't paying attention, peeked at her sweet pussy again. It felt like I was staring at her beautiful cunt for a long time, but it was only seconds. I could see the vertical slit between her legs, with the gradations of shades of pink that defined the difference between her lips, and the darker, moister tissue inside her vagina itself. I thought that I could see her pussy actually glisten with moisture, and wondered if it was a trick of the light, or if she might be lubricating.

I commented that she should stand and see how she liked the pumps, and she turned her head back to me, and smiling at me, said, "They certainly feel comfortable sitting. I hope they feel as good while walking." She then got up, and took a few steps, looking at her ankles from above, then looking closely at the shoes in the mirror. She appeared to think very closely about them, then threw herself down in the seat, and asked if we had it in a darker shade of the same color.

I noticed that, as she sat down, her skirt moved much farther up her thigh. The hem was now at mid thigh, and it was a simple matter to see her pussy, which was becoming more and more mouth watering to me, as I sat in front of her. I went and found a pair in the shade she had asked for, and sat down in front of her again. I slipped my hands over each of her feet in turn, and she sighed, as she enjoyed the feel of my hands against her feet, as most people do.

I also noticed that she now had her legs spread wider. It was now almost impossible for me to avoid looking at her cunt, even if I had wanted to avoid it. Then she said, "I was hoping for a special fitting of these shoes, Chris. I hope you can accommodate me." I was startled at first by her use of my name, until I remembered that I was wearing my name tag, with "Christine Andrews" printed on it in big letters.

Not sure of what she was getting after, but open to new things, I carefully replied, "We like to accommodate our customers whenever possible. What can I do to make this special for you, ma'am?"

She then said, "Call me Lyssa, please. Lyssa Whiteacre. I have sensitive ankles, they really need to be handled and supported carefully when I walk too much, and then put on shoes." I smiled at her and said nothing. She continued, "If you wouldn't mind too much, my calves need to be massaged so that my feet don't swell too much. I hate ending up with shoes that are too big, just because my feet swelled when I bought them."

I said that I understood completely, and would do my best. I began to massage first, her ankles, then her calves. Her skin was lovely and smooth, and I would have loved to feel her skin against mine in any case. It was clear that the massage was enjoyable to her, too. Her head lolled back, and her breathing quickened. I could clearly see her nipples harden, the higher up I got on her legs. I decided to move my hands up even further, to see what her reaction would be. I could feel my pussy wetting, and actual drops of moisture trickling out of my swelling slit and onto my panties. I knew without looking, that my nipples were poking through the thin fabric of my blouse.

My hands moved up to her knees, and I slowly massaged her delicate kneecap. Then, she lifted up each leg in turn to allow my hands under her knees, and finally, onto her thighs.

She then slipped down in the chair, bringing her thighs, and her pussy, closer to my hands. It was then that she uttered the words that gave me a green light. "Chris, please touch me higher. I want to feel your warm hands on me, please!" Her urgency took me over, and, glancing around to make sure there was no one around, I slid both my hands all the way up inside her skirt, until my thumbs were pressed against her sopping wet pussy, and my fingers laying across the top of her thighs.

"Ahh, yes, that's it, please, touch me inside." I hastened to comply, and my thumbs slid into her wet hole, and I stroked her labia, then her clit alternately, bringing her to a rapid, silent climax. Her stiff clit seemed to vibrate as I strummed across it with each thumb, and she sucked in her breath with what sounded to me like a loud gasp. "Ohh, yes, yes, touch it, touch it, harder," she hissed between clenched teeth. Her hips began bucking slightly in her seat, and I drove my thumbs deeper inside her cauldron of an aroused pussy.

She squeezed my forearms hard then, as she came, then slumped in the chair. I looked around, but there was no one else in the store. I brought my face down closer to her pussy, and could smell the perfume of her arousal, then brought one hand out to smell, then lick, my thumb, which was covered thickly in her cream. "Umm," I said. "That does taste good," I admitted. Lyssa roused herself, and gave me a kiss on the lips, looking me in the eyes, then saying, "I'd like to return the favor. Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Just fucking you," I said. She smiled, and gave me her address and phone number. The image of the blonde faded in my memory.

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