Rape School

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: She had done the basic training about getting captured, even endured four hours of very rough integration at the hands of her instructor so what was this place all about. She remembered that night clearly and it still made her shiver, she had been stripped naked with a hood over her head and her hands tied behind her back. She had been beaten and intimately fondled while asked what seemed like at the time endless questions.

Clare had always been proud of her slim Tom Boy body, proud of its athletic ability and stamina so when she finished high school she joined the Army. She found the physical side of her new life easy and pleasurable so much so that after getting her first stripes she volunteered for the Rangers. It was perfect timing for the modern Army was actively recruiting women for all their Special Forces units. Once again she flew through all the physical tests and she was eventually given her shoulder badge.

It was hot day as she drove her Jeep down the dusty road. She had been ordered to attend a ten day training exercise but as yet she was still in the dark at what it was all about. She pulled up and looked around her to see a collection of run down shacks and other buildings.

"Can I help you soldier?" said an old voice.

"Yes Sir," she replied, "I'm looking for Camp Delta."

"Well it looks like you've found it," the old man chuckled.

On the rickety pouch the old man stood up and she could see he was wearing an old and faded uniform bearing Colonel insignia on his shoulders. She exited the Jeep and came to attention.

"Reporting as ordered Sir," she said with a salute.

"Stand easy there soldier," he said and a soft voice, "Come on in and have some coffee."

He looked her over as she sat there in her Desert uniform, she looked fit enough but that's not what she was here for.

"You like being in the Rangers Soldier?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," she snapped out.

"Tell me about the biggest problem in having women in our fighting forces?" he asked.

"Sir," she queried.

"Oh I know it bad form these days to say women can't handle it," he chuckled, "I know they fly fighters and bombers, drive tanks and do all sorts of things that weren't though impossible in my day."

"Sir," she said not really getting what he was after.

"Look soldier, when you go to war you'll be considered the good guys, right?" he explained.

"Yes Sir," she said.

"Well in that case the guys you'll be fighting will be the bad guys, right?" he said. "And what do bad guys do if they capture a pretty little thing like you?"

"I've been told all about that sir and what I should do," she explained.

"Yeah I bet," he mumbled and took a sip of his coffee. "Let's get you squared away and we'll start tomorrow."

"Start on what sir?" she asked.

"This is a Rape survival school," he said with a big smile. "See you tomorrow."

A large Latino guy found her a plate of hot food and a bed in one of the outbuilding and she settled down for the night. She had done the basic training about getting captured, even endured four hours of very rough integration at the hands of her instructor so what was this place all about. She remembered that night clearly and it still made her shiver, she had been stripped naked with a hood over her head and her hands tied behind her back. She had been beaten and intimately fondled while asked what seemed like at the time endless questions.

She was up early as was her custom, found the cook house then went for a walk only to find the Colonel sipping his coffee waiting for her.

"Had breakfast, good," he said when she had nodded. "Shall we?"

Inside the shack was nothing more than a bed and a large TV.

"When the Israelis raided a PLO building some years ago they found this and they passed a copy on to us," he explained holding up a Video cassette.

He switched on the TV and big screen came to life. At first she couldn't make out what was going on the with a shape intake of breath she did.

"They captured her patrol, killed all her buddies but they kept her alive for some time. They never did find her body just this," he said.

She looked young, even younger than she was, even with the sound turned off she knew she was fighting and screaming while they repeatedly raped her.

"It doesn't matter what they taught you to do," he said pointing at the screen, "You would've fought just like her and like her you would've died for your pains."

The room was filled with an uncomfortable silence, just the flickering images on the large screen.

"We can't stop them doing that to you but we can teach you how to possibly survive it," he said. "That's what we'll be doing here for the next ten days."

They were the larges, ugliest bunch of men she had ever seen. The Latino she had met last night but the rest you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

"Take her," said the colonel softly.

Hands grabbed her and even with all her training she couldn't stop them ripping her uniform from her.

"No, no," she screamed as she realised their intentions.

Her arms were held above her head and her legs pulled apart. With a searing pain the first one entered her and he started to pump in and out. She struggled and fought so hard in the end a large black guy punched her in the stomach taking all the wind from her lungs.

He stood in the shadows as the six enlisted men took their pleasure from her naked body.

She lay there still spread on the small bed.

"You fought very well but in the end they would have killed you," he said in a fatherly voice. "Here give me your hand."

With a groan she got off the bed and with his help she made it to the bathroom. The hot water felt soothing on her body and she drifted off into sleep.

She was feeling better now and all the frustration, pain and humiliation bubbled to the surface.

"How dare you let that happen to me," she shouted.

"Sit down my dear and have some coffee," he soothed.

"Fuck your coffee," she snapped, "You let them rape me."

"Yes of course," he said, "this is a Rape school after all. How else can you learn to survive being raped if you don't practice?"

"What?" she said.

"I'll be showing you the right way to survive it," he said.

"What?" she said again.

"The trick is to make yourself valuable," he explained, "there're going to rape you anyway, nothing you or I can do about that."

"Oh," she whispered, her hot blood cooling now.

"During the Gulf war we had three women captured by the Arabs," he said, "and afterwards we lost another one when her aircraft was shot down. We believe that they were all repeatedly raped, but we just don't know. Eventually we got one of them back and we can learn from her experiences and how and why she survived while the others didn't and now we can now pass that on to you."

"Oh," she said again.

"You can read the physiatrist report on the flyer if you want," he said, "I've got it here somewhere, makes interesting reading."

"I'm not sure I'm up to it," she said.

"Ok I'll give you the gist," he smiled. "She was shot down and sent to an interrogation centre where she was repeatedly raped and interrogated for some days. She said later that she through she was going to be fucked to death. Then she started to get involved so to speak by giving expert blow jobs to all her guards. After that she was fed, well looked after and kept alive until she was found by a Brit patrol."

"Oh I see what you meant now about becoming valuable," she said.

"Yes," he smiled at her.

"If she hadn't done that I suppose they would have just killed her and dumped her body in some ditch," she said.

"Right," he confirmed.

Her mind was filled with conflicting thoughts, she wanted to strike out at someone for allowing her to be raped but she was also aware that it was being done in her best interest. Then she smiled as a thought came to her and then she laughed out loud,

"This is got to be the best posting any guy ever had," she said.

"Ain't that the truth," he said joining in with her laughter.

She eat her breakfast slowly almost too scared to finish it.

"Ready," the Colonel asked?

"No," she forced a smile from her lips.

"Yes I know," he said. "Come on lets have a chat first then you can put it some practice."

He poured out two mugs of hot strong army coffee and took a sip.

"Firstly you have to assume, even before you've left your barracks that you are going to get captured and raped and you are going to make your plans accordingly." He said. "Ok what are you wearing under that outfit?"

"What?" she said, caught off guard by his question.

She had to think for a few seconds before she could remember.

"A T-shirt and bra up top," she said, "and boxer shorts below."

"Ok, as I've said you're going to get raped whatever you do and by whoever finds you, right," he explained, "so what you want to put in their minds right from the start that you one sexy girl, who's going to be fun and worth the effort to keep alive."

"Yes, but my clothes?" she said intrigued.

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