Birthday Gifts

by Big Ed Magusson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dave and Will's birthdays are coming up and Jen and Jennifer have an idea for the perfect gift.<br><i>This is the fifth story in the Holiday Series</i>

Calendars are vicious things, Dave mused. Too empty and they scream "you have no life!" Too full and the scream "you have no time!" And as for just right—there was never a "just right." Just the continued lurch from one extreme to the other.

Dave thumbed the pages in his Daytimer. There was certainly no "just right" here. The entire month of May fell on the "no time" side of the ledger and June looked just as bad. He was going to need a vacation. Hell, it hadn't been long enough from his last vacation for him to be this stressed.

His last vacation. Dave slowly shook his head as he remembered. He'd actually shared the bed with Will and Jen while they were having sex. While he and Jennifer also made love. And earlier...

He'd never masturbated with an audience before in his life. That was something done surreptitiously or when he was all alone and had no real choice. Being out in the open ... Dave shuddered a little at the memory. Jen and Jennifer seemed to thrive with the attention. For him, though ... self-conscious was just the beginning of it. He didn't feel any thrill or high from being watched. Neither by himself or when all four of them were on the bed together. He'd been able to do it because he'd gotten caught up in the moment, gotten caught up in the enthusiasm of the women. But if he'd had a chance to really think about it first, he doubted he would have been able to keep an erection, must less make it to orgasm. There was certainly something to be said for not thinking during sex.

Besides, the not thinking had led to other benefits. How could he forget the images of Jen's fingers sliding between her labia, the lack of pubic hair making every detail vivid? And watching her orgasm. Watching both women orgasm. It had been incredible. Truly incredible.

He might not be an exhibitionist but he was definitely a voyeur when it came to beautiful women.

Dave heard a key turn in the front door lock. He and Jennifer weren't living together, yet, but that was becoming more and more a formality. Barely a night went by these days when they weren't together, either cuddled together in his bed or nestled under the covers in her apartment. Keys had become a formality a long time ago.

"Hello, Love," Jennifer called as she entered. Her bags of teaching material and grading to be done thudded to the ground as Dave took her into his arms for a welcoming kiss. Jennifer sighed and snuggled in after their lips had separated.

"Rough day?" Dave asked.

"Uh huh," Jennifer sighed.

Dave ran his hand down her back, almost massaging more than caressing. He could feel the tenseness. Jennifer let out an "mmmm" and continued to nestle into Dave's body.

"Do you have a lot of grading tonight?" Dave asked.

"Mmmm. Moderate."

"Time for some pampering first?" Jennifer nodded, still holding Dave tight.

He kissed her cheek, then pulled back and led her to the couch. Jennifer sat with little urging, letting Dave escape to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and hesitated. Jennifer wasn't big on beer, even though she enjoyed it from time to time. He let the fridge close and opened the cabinet instead.

"Awww!" Jennifer cooed when Dave reappeared in the living room, a towel over one arm in classic waiter fashion, a wine glass in one hand and the bottle in the other. He proffered the bottle, turning the label so Jennifer could read it.

"Sanford?" She smiled as she asked.

"Just for you," Dave replied.

Jennifer's smile showed a little bit of life, though she was obviously still weary. With exaggerated showmanship, Dave set the glass on the end table and then fished the corkscrew out of his pocket. It was a little tricky, without the leverage he was used to getting from resting the bottle on a table, but he managed to extract the cork without any serious bobbles. Jennifer had her glass ready and gave a tired smile as he poured. A few drops tried to escape down the side of the bottle but Dave was able to intercept them with the towel before they could reach the end of the bottle and plummet to the carpet.

"Aren't you going to have some?" Jennifer asked once her glass was full.

"Sure. After my lady, of course."

Dave then paused. Jennifer made no effort to raise her glass to her lips, so Dave hastened back to the kitchen, where he retrieved another glass and filled it. When he returned, Jennifer had kicked off her shoes and stretched out on the couch. Dave motioned for her to shift and they moved so that Jennifer was leaning into him, almost cuddling, not quite on his lap. Dave took a quick sip of wine and then set it aside and curled his arms around Jennifer.

"So tell me about it," he said.

Jennifer sighed and began to tell him about her day. Dave just held her and listened. He'd seen Jennifer teach, and he knew how she absolutely lit up when her students were engaged and seemed to grasp the concepts. He cringed a little when she shared stories of the reverse. Students who didn't try were Jennifer's biggest bane. She'd prep and she'd plan and find new fonts of creativity, and then sometimes get the attitude of "don't want to be here, bitch." It was hard on her. It was hard in general.

After Jennifer had finished her tale of the day, they just held each other for a while. Dave stroked her back lightly, while she leaned against his chest. After a while, Dave gently brushed her shoulder and Jennifer tilted her head up to meet his gaze.

"Hungry?" he asked. "Or can you wait a while?"

"I can wait," Jennifer replied.

"Good," Dave said. He urged her to get up, and then led her to the master suite bath. Some houses with floor plans similar to his had oversized Jacuzzi tubs. Since Dave had opted for a larger two-person shower, his tub was only really sized for one. One was going to be enough for now.

Jennifer leaned against the sink while Dave started the water running and added a little bit of lavender bubble bath. He made a quick trip back downstairs to snag her drink and when he returned, Jennifer had disrobed and settled into the tub. She smiled briefly, then closed her eyes and let herself sink lower into the warmth. Dave balanced her drink on the edge of the tub and then returned with Jennifer's current novel.

"I brought your book," he quietly said.

Jennifer nodded but didn't open her eyes. "Read to me."

"As you wish."

Jennifer's eyes didn't open, but she smiled in response to those words.

Dave settled onto the floor beside the tub. Turning to her bookmark, he found the logical break and began reading aloud. Jennifer let out an audible sigh and sank lower into the bubbles.

Dave read, keeping his voice smooth and soothing. He tried to do voices to match the characters, but quit when Jennifer giggled at his bad Scottish accent. The story was about a modern woman who was time traveling by means of a magic stone circle and had found a Scotsman she loved and had adventures with. They seemed to have a lot of sex too. Dave slowed down through one longer scene, then ended his reading at the next chapter break. He looked over at Jennifer. She had opened her eyes and was smiling back. She still looked tired, though. Not at all ready for a night of grading.

"C'mon," Dave said, scrambling to his feet and extending his hand.

Jennifer slowly rose with his assistance and stepped out of the tub after opening the drain. Dave grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She sighed as he began vigorously drying her skin.

"Taking care of the important parts," she joked, noticing the vigor with which he rubbed her thighs after doing the same with her breasts.

"But of course!" Dave exclaimed.

That brought Jennifer's first laugh of the evening. He led her over to the bed and motioned for her to lie down.

"On your stomach," he said.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow, but didn't ask. Once she was prone, Dave shed his clothes and straddled her hips, running his hand up her spine. He pulled her hair aside and began rubbing her shoulders. Jennifer let out a long sigh. Dave continued with the massage.

He wasn't very good, but Jennifer didn't seem to mind. Dave mostly caressed her, just rubbing lightly. After he'd done her arms and neck, he shifted his weight lower, nestling his cock between the cheeks of her ass while he worked on her back. Jennifer let out a low moan. Dave smiled and ignored his growing erection.

When it became time to shift again, Dave moved all the way to the bed, kneeling between Jennifer's legs. He squeezed and caressed her ass before moving to her upper thighs. Jennifer parted her legs a little more, giving him a great view of her ass and pussy. He realized she was starting to become aroused.

It must be the skin-to-skin touch.

Dave caressed the inside of Jennifer's thighs and then lightly ran his fingers over her sex. She wiggled and let out an "mmmm." He did it a few more times before pulling back.

"Roll over," he ordered.

Jennifer complied, spreading her legs again when she was on her back. Dave resumed his kneeling position between her thighs. Then Dave leaned forward and lightly kissed her clit. Sliding back so he could get a better angle, Dave wrapped his arms around her hips and began to lick.

He kept his touch light, nearly languorous. Jennifer let out low moans and she just lay back, enjoying his ministrations. Dave licked the outside of her labia and then trailed his tongue between them. He flicked her clit a few times and then sucked it lightly between his lips. There was no rush.

Jennifer's buildup was slow and almost imperceptible. Her breathing changed slightly, becoming a little deeper as the time passed. There was no specific warning when Jennifer gasped, arched her back, and came, her orgasm a slow roll through her body. She smiled down at Dave when she had recovered.

"Pay you back now?" she asked.

Dave shook his head. "That was a gift. You've got grading to do. No need to pay me back for giving you a gift."

"I am so lucky to have you," Jennifer cooed.

"I love you too," he replied.

Dave slid up the bed and cuddled with her for a few minutes. Then it was time to get moving for the day's second shift of work. Dave fixed dinner while Jennifer got started on her grading. They chatted during the meal and then she asked if she could have a few minutes more for grading before doing the dishes. Dave smiled, knowing how conscientious she was about always cleaning up when he'd done the cooking. As Jennifer continued grading, he very quietly completed the chore himself.

"Awww!" Jennifer called, entering the kitchen just in time to see Dave wiping down the final counter; the pots piled high in the drainer. "You shouldn't have!"

"Call it another gift," he replied.

"Mmmm. Thank you."

Dave gave her a quick kiss before ringing out the rag and leaning back against the counter. Jennifer had settled onto one of the bar stools.

"Speaking of gifts," she said, "you and Will have birthdays coming up."

Dave sighed. "And I have no idea what to get him."

"Well..." Jennifer looked hesitant as she paused. "Jen has an idea of what she'd like to get him, and she asked for my help. She said she got the idea from you ... but I thought I'd better discuss it with you first."

The tenseness in her face raised some alarm in Dave's gut. His mind jumped to a conversation with Jen on the deck in Santa Fe and he remembered what he'd suggested. Bring another woman into their bed.

"I don't want you fucking Will." The words just shot out. Jennifer's shocked expression told him he'd guessed wrong.

"Oh, no!" she instantly retorted. "No! Not at all! She wants to put on a show for him, not have a threesome! Besides, I don't want to have sex with Will. I mean, I like him, but sex..." her voice trailed off as she searched his face.

Dave took a deep breath and willed himself to relax.

"I'm sorry," he said. "That's what I suggested to Jen when she mentioned that she wished that she could do more than flash people on occasion."

"She told me," Jennifer replied, smiling. "She also said that Will wasn't ready for group sex, even if it was two women, and despite what happened in Santa Fe. That's why she suggested a show."

"What kind of show?"

Jennifer got a devilish look. "You might find out firsthand. I told her that if I helped her do a show for her sweetie, she had to help me put on the same show for my sweetie. Your birthday is only a few weeks later."

That got Dave's imagination stirring, not to mention other body parts. Two gorgeous exhibitionistic redheads, working together. The mind boggled.

"The same show for me," he said.

Jennifer grinned.

"Maybe a little better. We'll have had more practice with Will."

"Sounds hot."

"Oh, it will be," Jennifer teased. With that, she walked over and slid her arms around Dave's neck, pulling his head down for a kiss.

"Thank you," she said when she pulled back.

"For what?" Dave asked.


They just held each other for a while, until Dave glanced at the clock and realized there was still more to do before they could rest. The evening, like the upcoming weeks, was just too busy.

Of course, being busy had its benefits. Time slipped by with barely a notice. Dave had to bring work home the night of Will's 'celebration.' He even managed to get some of it done. Since Jennifer had been tightlipped in the intervening weeks, he could only speculate about the show Will was getting. It was probably better than the book he'd given Will himself. Jennifer promised to come over right after, and he only checked the clock twenty or thirty times before he heard her key in the lock.

Jennifer had barely gotten inside before Dave was at the door. She grinned, wild eyed, and threw her arms around him. The kiss was lusty and toe-tingling.

"How did it go?" Dave asked, a little nervously, as they pulled apart.

"Great!" Jennifer replied, kissing him again, pushing her tongue hard against his lips.

"Got you all worked up, eh?" Dave teased, breaking the kiss again.

"Absolutely! I need you to fuck me!"

Dave chuckled in reply. He pulled back from Jennifer and took her hand, leading her toward the couch. Along the way, they started shedding clothes. Jennifer finished first, in large part because she wasn't wearing anything under her shirt and pants. She tried to help, tugging at Dave's jeans, but when it became obvious he was undressing as fast as he could, she backed off. Still grinning, she knelt on the floor her arms on the couch. One hand snaked back to part her lower lips and lightly stroke her whole pubic region.

Dave chuckled as he finished shedding his clothes and approached. They'd begun having intercourse in this position more and more regularly so Jennifer could play with her clit while he stroked in and out of her. He had to admit, he liked feeling her clamp down on him when she came. Given how wet she was, he expected that to happen very soon this time.

Which it did. No more than a few minutes after he slid inside her, Jennifer was gasping and shaking as her first orgasm rolled through her. He paused, letting her catch her breath, then started again. He could feel her hand furiously stroking their connection, occasionally brushing his cock. It was only a few minutes more until she shuddered into her second orgasm. This time, Dave was too close himself to hold back. He groaned and, when his own shudders stopped, collapsed backward onto the floor. Jennifer turned around and snuggled into his arms.

"Whew!" Dave gasped.

Jennifer chuckled.

"Tonight must have been a real turn on," he said next.

"Mmmm hmmm," Jennifer murmured.

"Going to tell me about it?"

"You'll find out soon enough," she teased.

Dave rolled his eyes. She just chuckled.

"You'll live," she continued. "Besides, it's not like you'll have time to think about it between now and then."

Dave groaned. "Don't remind me!"

Jennifer responded by leaning in and giving him a light kiss. "Leave tomorrow's problems until tomorrow."

Dave responded by kissing her back. They snuggled a while longer before the draw of sleep pulled them to bed.

Jennifer's powers of prediction turned out to be more accurate than Dave would have liked. The days flew by, with him barely able to break from work long enough to get the household chores done. Finally the day before his actual birthday arrived. That was the day Jennifer had asked him to block out the entire evening for his "show."

They had a quiet dinner by candlelight, Dave mightily resisting his impatience and urge to ask questions he knew weren't going to get answered. At eight, the doorbell rang. Jennifer scampered for it, Dave ambling behind.

"Happy Birthday, Dave!" Jen called as she sashayed in. She dropped a gym bag and threw her arms around him for a hug, followed by a kiss on the cheek.

That startled him. They'd never been "kiss hello" friends before. He managed to regain a smile by the time she'd released him and pulled back.

"Bedroom?" Jen asked, looking at Jennifer.

Jennifer nodded. Jen salaciously wiggled her eyebrows at Dave before heading up the stairs. Jennifer just grinned, then took Dave's hand and led him to the couch.

"Strip club rules," she said. "You have to sit on your hands."

"Sit on my hands? I don't have to do that at strip clubs!"

"You do sometimes," Jennifer cooed.

Sometimes? Only when he was getting a lap dance--oh!

Jennifer turned and walked to the stairs, blew him a kiss at the bottom, and headed up.

Dave tried to contain his nervousness, but he could already feel the blood and adrenaline rushing. The women seemed to take forever to get ready. He slid his hands under his thighs, just to keep from fidgeting with them.

An eternal wait later, Jennifer appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing "business clothes"—a knee-length skirt with matching jacket over a silk blouse. She was in her black pumps, the ones that looked so delectable when she was wearing nothing else. She'd put her hair up, holding it with a pair of wooden sticks that almost looked Chinese. She'd also put on makeup, a little heavier than normal, but still extremely classy. Dave noted the seams on the back of her black stockings and smiled. Jennifer returned the smile and headed over to the stereo. She was carrying a CD. Dave took the time to admire her more carefully while she loaded the new music into the tray.

Jennifer turned to him.

"You ready?"

"Ohhh yeahhh."

That drew a chuckle from Jennifer. Then she reached out and hit play.

Horns blared, followed by piano. Dave recognized the tune and started laughing, trying to stay seated on his hands. It was "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker.

"Ahem!" It was Jen's voice.

She was standing at the bottom of the stairs, clad in a trenchcoat pulled tight and a broad floppy hat. Her face was a mock pout until she clearly had Dave's attention, at which point she smiled. As Cocker's words filled the room, she strutted into the center of the room, swinging her hips.

" ... Baby, take off your coat, real slow..."

Jen spun, slowly undoing buttons as she went, swaying and teasing him with quick flashes of pale skin underneath. She wasn't keeping pace with Joe's lyrics, but Dave didn't care. Jen turned her back, when she'd undone the last button. Dave stole a quick glance at Jennifer, who was watching Jen and swaying with the music.

Jen slowly opened her coat, and then, looking over at Jennifer, let it slip from her shoulders.

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