Chocolate Strawberries

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: One of my readers challenged me to write something sexy on the spot. I was given the chocolate strawberries, and had to see what I could do with them... It's aimed particularly at the women...

You're sitting on a hot, lonely beach somewhere, with a new man. You don't know him all that well, but you know you want him.

You have a basket of goodies with you, and you take out a small plastic container of strawberries, half coated with milk chocolate. You open the container, and hold it out to the man to take one. He reaches his hand out, and then withdraws it, looking into your face.

"Umm... Listen, that would be great, but could I suggest something?"

Your eyes lower a little, because you know he's going to propose something sexual, and you just listen, saying nothing.

"A swim. I'd like to swim in the sea with you. I know we have nothing to wear in the water, but I don't mind if you don't. The thing is, when we get out, and you are warm again, I'd like some caramel with my chocolate strawberries..."

You stand then, still saying nothing, look into his eyes, and slowly begin to remove your clothes. He stops you, without speaking, and then takes over, gently undoing your buttons and clips, sliding cloth against your skin, grinning in surprise to find you have no bra, smiling as you wiggle your bottom so your skirt falls to the sand. He looks for confirmation before hooking his fingertips in the sides of your panties, and pulls them down your unresisting legs.

Naked now, you start on him, but his nervousness prevents him from letting you do it alone, and you have his unwanted help with some of the items. Soon though, you have him in a similar position, his briefs stretched by a bulge, his pale face red with comfortable embarrassment. You return the favour of glancing at him for permission, and gently pull the front of his briefs over his erection. His large cock springs from its prison, and makes its presence known. Seized by an irresistible desire, you touch it, stroking your hand up and down its length as his briefs fall unnoticed to the sand.

He has the presence of mind to stop you, knowing you'll never get to the water, and you skip over the sand together, hand in hand, and not speaking at all.

The water is beautifully warm, but chilly for a moment after the hot sun, and you both shiver as the waves pour over you. Your nipples poke excitedly from your breasts, and you can tell his eyes are on them as you cavort in the waves.

Despite the beautiful surroundings, the wonderful water, and the handsome company, you don't stay in the water very long, wanting instead to find out what exactly he meant by his comment, so you take his hand, and pull him uncomplainingly back to the shore.

Walking up the sloping sand with him, hand in hand, you notice that his erection has recovered from the cold water, and his dripping body looks delicious.

Back at the spot where your clothes were unceremoniously dumped, he grabs his shirt, the only thing remotely suitable, and tries to gently dry the water from your body. He is successful only in tickling you, and you stop him, holding his hands in yours, and planting a thank-you kiss on his wet lips.

He encourages you to lie down on the sand in the sun, ostensibly to dry out, and as your skin temperature rises to match the heat you feel in your thighs, he reaches into the basket, and removes one of the strawberries. The chocolate on the fruit is already warm from the sun, and as he straddles your hot dry body with his wet, pale, hairy one, he touches the strawberry in the valley between your breasts. You can feel hot slippery chocolate melt on to your skin, and you sigh with anticipation as he slowly slides it down your body, leaving a hot, sticky trail of chocolate, with a hint of strawberry.

The fruit slowly works its way down past your ribs, and on to your stomach. The path is drawn into, and back out of, your navel, and down further, until the last of the chocolate drips off into the start of the dark thatch of hair between your thighs.

You shiver now, almost coming with the delight of it all, and he smiles at you again before presenting the now almost naked strawberry to your lips. You bite it, tearing off the stalk, which he throws carelessly aside before quickly kissing your strawberry chocolate lips.

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