What Are Friends For?

by Storyman000

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: When his best friend is hurt his wife steps up to provide care.

These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy. These are all my fantasies. They are written for my enjoyment. If you like them let me know, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories.

John and Vickie, having been married 5-years, were happy in their life. John at 30 was building a good name for himself in the business world while Vickie at 24 was content to keep track of the home life and all of the work and responsibility that comes with it. John would be considered average by most people but Vickie adored him as something very special. Vickie, on the other hand, was quite the looker with short brown hair and brown eyes. Her sultry look could just stare completely through most men. Her body was always tight and in good shape with a 36-26-34 hour glass figure on a 5' 10" frame.

Having Vickie as his own really helped John socially, pushing his self esteem high enough to achieve his goals. Sexually, their life was great with Vickie always in the mood and John eager to please, they made quite the couple. John always liked when other men would look at Vickie obviously lusting after her. Vickie would never really even acknowledge them and showed no interest at all, she just enjoyed pleasing John.

One afternoon Vickie received a call from the hospital and was told that John's best friend Paul had been in an accident and had been admitted to the hospital. Immediately Vickie jumped in the car and drove to the hospital calling John along the way. When John arrived Vickie was already there and waiting for him. They found out that Paul had a broken leg and a few other problems but would be just fine. Now relieved they sit and wait to see Paul.

As they enter Paul's room he is a little groggy but looks to be pretty much intact with his leg in a sling. At 32 years of age, Paul had always been fairly athletic with a muscular build. In this condition though it is obvious that he will need help for some time to come. John and Vickie make light conversation with Paul for a while trying to sooth his spirits a little when Vickie suddenly tells him, "You can come stay with us as long as you like. I know that John feels the same as I and that now is when you need your friends most." Paul can just agree and does not have the energy to argue. Vickie makes a list of what he needs from home and John takes the key to Paul's apartment.

The doctors think he will go home in a couple of days so they have plenty of time to prepare. John does not discuss Vickie's decision to take him in to their home but feels happy that she thought to do so. Vickie prepares the extra bedroom while John arranges for special slings, props and chairs. Once they seem to have it all set they both head to Paul's house to retrieve his needed items.

Paul's house is fairly neat and they do not have any problems finding most of the items on the list. While trying to find his slippers John pulls several boxes from under the bed. Vickie walks over as John sets them on the bed and opens the first one. It seems to be full of girly type magazines and John laughs aloud while Vickie picks one up and thumbs through the pages. The pictures are fairly hardcore and Vickie tells John, "I would have never guessed that he was reading such stuff." John opened another magazine and replied, "I think I have this issue." They both laugh and look at the pictures together.

Timidly, Vickie looks to John and opens the other box and is visibly shocked. Inside are several pictures of her and even a few of John and her. Nothing to revealing but enough to let them know that he has done more than just think about her. Several of the pictures they do not even remember being taken. Vickie then says calmly, "That was unexpected." "I believe Paul wants in your pants," John's replies playfully.

They put his boxes back and go to see Paul, making sure not to mention the pictures. Now, both John and Vickie consciously notice and see the glances and gestures in this new light. When they go to leave John shakes his hand while Vickie leans down and kisses his cheek. This makes Paul blush lightly and lets Vickie know that her suspicions are true.

Once in the hall John jokes with her about Paul's desires and she pushes John to the wall surprising him and says quietly, "I have fantasized about him more then once." This leaves John speechless and she gives him a short passionate kiss.

It is not until later that evening that John brings up this fantasy of hers and ask her for details. Vickie is somewhat evasive and steers around the details. Once in bed John is surprised that she is in the mood when she attacks him. Vickie rides on top of John for the longest time, satisfying herself over and over. Looking down into his eyes she tells John of her sexual fantasies. Only a few of them are about Paul but it shocks John that she fantasizes about so many different people. Vickie notices John's cock has begun to soften and it is at this point that Vickie reassures John that she is his and that all of her fantasies are just that.

Vickie notices John's cock has become hard again and slides off of him to offer him her mouth. She lovingly sucks him until she knows he will cum and then stops to ask him a question, looking up into his eyes, "I won't do anybody any favors that you don't ask me to do." John smiles at her and stares at this beauty holding his cock against her face and replies, "Thank you. Now would you please let me cum?" Smiling, Vickie goes back to work and before long has John on the brink again. This time she softly says, "I have always wanted you to do this," and slowly strokes his hard cock at her pretty face until streams of cum are landing all over her face and into her hair. As his orgasm subsides Vickie keeps licking and stroking until she is satisfied that he is dry and then makes sure that she has left no cum on him anywhere.

John looks at his beautiful wife as she crawls up to kiss him and can see that he has just came all over her. Vickie could not smile any bigger. She was in heaven having just fulfilled one of the fantasies that she had told her husband about. Snuggling up to John she was now content to sleep the night away knowing that her lovers cum was all over her.

The morning came as usual and John was up when Vickie began to wake. She rolled over, touched her face and found the dried cum from the night before. Looking at herself in the mirror she was shocked to see just how much she had on her face and hair. After her shower it was all just a very special memory that she would cherish for many years to come.

This day was a special day. The day Paul was due to be released from the hospital. They arrived early to only end up waiting pretty much all day for the doctor to release him. Once in their home they worked hard to make him feel at ease. John would not quit with the witty remarks and Vickie would not stop with the flattery. It would seem almost to Paul that they were going to kill him with kindness.

Settling in was easy and the next day John went back to work leaving Vickie alone to take care of Paul. Vickie was extremely good to her promise and if anything actually dressed down a little from normal. All care was taken from Vickie not to excite Paul. The first time she had to bath him, she just made him hold still while she washed over him real quick. It seemed to work but made her seem a little rough and heartless in her handling of him.

Time went by quickly and after a few weeks, Paul found himself laughing and joking with his friends, John and Vickie. As he became more like himself Vickie found herself aroused more often than normal and was becoming very aggressive and vocal in their love making. Poor Paul was just on the other side of the wall listening to all of this and going crazy. After a week of sex every night, Paul joked to John, "I'm surprised you can even walk after what I've been hearing." To which John replied chuckling, "I'll bring you some reading material." They both laugh and John decides he should talk to Vickie about this.

Coming up behind Vickie and wrapping his arms around her, John kisses her neck and tells her about Paul's comment. She tries to be supportive of John but the idea really excited her so she just let him do most of the talking. "I want you to start being nicer to Paul." "What do you mean?" Vickie responds dumbfounded. John became a little quieter and said, "I know I can trust you to do the right thing and I also know that you have been an absolute monster in bed. If you would like to provide him a little, shall we say therapy, I would be OK with it. I know he has to be feeling very lonely, even with us here." Vickie kisses John deeply and does not reply for quite sometime before whispering in his ear, "I will tell you everything." John smiles at her and says, "Just don't kill him."

After supper John goes to Paul's apartment and retrieves the boxes from under his bed and looks through the pictures. John also has had fantasies where his wife would entertain other men, but he had not told Vickie. That evening while he was talking to Paul, he gave him the boxes in a joking manner. Paul was somewhat embarrassed but John just joked it away and put him at ease.

Later that same night while Vickie was working her magic on him to get him started for sex, John whispered to her, "I brought Paul his boxes of reading material today." Vickie looked confused and then sort of startled while John continued, "It will give him something to do while listening to us having sex." Vickie only smiled and continued but now she was also picturing Paul in the next room pleasuring himself.

In the morning Vickie was up first and made sure to open Paul's door as she went by. He was still asleep but she left it open anyway. Breakfast was ready when John entered the kitchen to find his wife working in her nightgown. "Damn, you almost killed me!" Was John's first comment. John could not help but stare as his beautiful wife worked in what was a semi shear nightgown.

John forces himself to leave for work and Vickie cleans up a little before going check on Paul. He is still sleeping so Vickie decides to lay on her bed for a while giving Paul a chance to wake. Vickie decides that she is trying way too hard and that she will go crazy if she continues waiting. She gathers her things and heads to the shower to cool herself off. When finished she puts on her favorite knee length robe and exits to find Paul staring at her from his room. Vickie smiles at him and ask cheerfully, "Are you ready for breakfast?" Paul looks tired but smiles, telling her he is starved.

Vickie does not act in anyway out of the ordinary and eagerly heads to the kitchen to get his breakfast. Once in the kitchen she pauses for just a moment to let the blood settle back into the rest of her body before returning with his meal. The robe was not shear and she was not hanging out but you would have thought so the way that Paul reacted. Vickie set his tray up and talked with him for a little bit while he ate before heading back to her room.

Today she decided to wear a thin white t-shirt with her jeans. This would show him just a little without seeming over anxious she thought. When she returned to remove his dishes Paul had a hard time not staring at her chest and definitely noticed everything she wanted noticed. Vickie returned after a short time to give Paul his sponge bath. Paul gave every excuse not to get one but Vickie was persistent and just uncovered him to reveal just how excited he really was.

Now Vickie found herself staring at Paul's rock hard cock for an eternity before mumbling, "You must be happy to see me." Vickie did not let Paul try and make excuses but just went about bathing him the way that she always had except that she saved his cock for last and then washed it several times. When finished, she covered him back up smiling at him in a playful manner and said, "I guess it really can't get that dirty now can it?" They both chuckle and Vickie tells him she will be back in a moment to change the sheets.

He is not fast enough and Vickie comes back into the room before he can hide stuff. "What cha trying to hide? We're all friends here. I thought the bath kind of proved that." Vickie said bluntly. Pulling the covers back she could see that Paul had several magazines hidden. She laughed when she picked them up and said, "Is that all?" Vickie briefly looked in the first magazine at some of the pictures and then looked to Paul saying, "This just proves you're not gay." Then she turned to set them on his nightstand and her picture fell out of the magazine and onto the bed. "Well, well, well what have we here?" Vickie asks like a detective. Picking the picture up Paul started babbling something about an accident when Vickie cut him off saying, "Don't worry about it. I think it's quite flattering, you naughty little boy." This soothes him somewhat but, damn, what else could happen to Paul next.

Vickie goes about rolling him around and changing the sheets only to discover that he apparently had came on them or in them. Stopping after placing her hand in cum, she looks to Paul and starts laughing asking him, "Is this cum?" Paul was wanting to crawl off and die at this point and did his best not to answer before admitting that yes he had masturbated last evening and this morning. Looking at the mess Vickie replied, "How many times." Her laughter really helped Paul and he told her that he might have done it several times. They both laughed and Vickie told him while working on his sheets, "You go ahead and play with yourself anytime you want, just be careful not to put your eye out."

The rest of the day Vickie made it a point to cover her eyes when she entered his room asking him first if he was done yet. It became quite the joke for them and she made sure to give him a clean hand towel to clean up after himself.

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