The Ith

by Dingus Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Horror, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rape Demon from Hell escapes from holy prison.

The thick, iron-link chain slinked along the filthy basement floor grinding itself against the d-ring on the northern brick wall. One could tell by the scratches along the chain's end and the d-ring itself, that more than one attempt was made to break the connection. The Ith tried, but not until today did it break free. It had curled a talon from its big toe up and under the collar some odd days back. Using the fine sharpness of this lengthy protrusion it filed down the leather neck strap until either the nail gave way or the vile creature cramped from its position. With its four muscled arms secured with manacles to the floor, only the legs were free to move about. The Ith never gave up, and when the nail re-grew or the cramps subsided, the Ith returned to its labor.

Upon the creature's capture, the priests swore to feed it and to nurture it, even against the evil for which the Ith was trained. They swore to God to pray for its well-being. At first the priests tried to train the beast. This was met with resistance in the way of blasphemy at each attempt. Throwing things at its captives. The priests tried reason and the Ith spat a green oily substance at them. They fed it food, and it ate only the meats of the animals. Tossing the bones at them or nearest to the stairwell leading away from the basement. The Ith knew no manners, nor friendliness. After many years, the priests merely fed it and now and then asked if it wanted anything. This usually received the same response, middle toe extended.

The demoness, Asaria trained the Ith to corrupt the innocence of women with sexual depravity. The male Ith were once known for the pheromones it left behind in its secretions. The scent acted similar to an aphrodisiac and was harvested by tribal shaman. They in turn used it to bring together men with their chosen. The Ith was similar to a man, except for its multiple appendages. It ran on its hands and feet, but could stand erect and reach up high if needed. It was naturally muscled, and strong, but never attacked unless threatened or in the need of food. Asaria found in the Ith a pet. She taught it to communicate, but mostly follow orders. Soon, under her tutelage, the Ith became an Izzaputi, a minion of Hell to serve in the mortal realm.

The Ith roamed the mortal world serving Asaria, who served Lilith, who served Satan. Asaria used her minions to create disorder and panic amongst the living and tempt them to live a life free of religious doctrine. The Ith was molded to serve such a purpose, and it served it well. When Asaria released the Ith upon the world again, she released an evil vision of Hell. It raped women, it killed men, and tore apart homes in its wake. Asaria was pleased with her work. In time, Asaria like most of her creations, forget about the Ith. As an Izzaputi it had protection from Hell, but Hell didn't care, and the Ith was left unprotected. In time, the Ith was hunted and killed. Now only a few Ith remained.

When the talon shredded the leather, the collar fell and the chain clunked to the floor with it. With new freedom, the Ith tore at the arm restraints with its teeth and soon was completely free from its long bondage. Without hesitation it bounded the stairs and the wooden door exploded as the beast drove its body into it. Splinters stuck to its reptilian skin, but the Ith didn't even notice. Upon reaching the new room the Ith expected to kill, but no one was there. It immediately ran through the building looking for a way out.

Passing several Christian religious symbols on the walls and on counters, the Ith knocked them about in disgust. He found a long arched hallway leading to a similarly shaped large wooden door at the far end. The door had a small stain-glassed window of Christ on the cross. There was a beam of sunlight coming from the clouds above shining on Jesus. The Ith spat on the window and opened the door prepared for any challenge. It raced in and their were dozen upon dozens of wooden benches splitting the church in half with an altar of Jesus at the center of the far wall behind the altar. In front of the altar, kneeling down to light a candle was a 5-year-old girl. The Ith charged and as the girl turned to see the hideous pale green monster, she fainted in fear before she could even utter a word.

When the Ith came upon the fallen tot, it hesitated. The Ith smelt the girl. She smelled of lilacs, a pleasing scent to the Ith. It poked at her face with a toe and a small bloody jagged line opened up from the slightest touch of the creature's talon. When she didn't move, it picked her up effortlessly with one of its arms. A small teddy bear clung to the little child's hand in a bit of a death grip despite her unconscious state. A priest came out then from a side door. The Ith recognized the priest at once and held the girl out to him to make a statement as to who was in charge.

"Please," the priest began, gulping between words, "leave the child and go. She is of no use to you. Harmless and innocent."

The Ith shook the girl in the air with its one hand and pointed at himself with the other three. It was trying to say the girl was useful after all. The priest knew enough than to reason with demon spawn, but he had little choice or his daughter would end up dead. A teddy bear clunked to the floor suddenly, startling the Ith, and he tore it apart instantly. It ran then, bolting to the opposite end of the pews and found a door and broke free.

"Wait," the priest yelled in vain chasing after his daughter, "please leave her! Please! Mia!"

Once outside, the Ith ran for the nearby woods and disappeared within the green and brown fortress. The Ith nearly forgot about the bundle hanging from its grip until she awoke and screamed and nearly passed out again. The creature held her up to its ugly face, and she grew quiet. She closed her eyes in fear of the worst nightmare she ever knew. The Ith's instinct was to tear apart the child, but he merely sniffed her lilac fragrance, put her down and left. Mia opened her eyes and watched the monster fade away into the trees and shrubbery. She just waited silently until her father came and scooped her up.

The creature plowed its way through the dense woodsy area. Traveling miles upon miles, in search of a resting place. Time had gotten away, but the Ith still had purpose. The scent from the human child had slowed the creature somehow, but now it was regaining its bearings. A new scent was in the air, a smell the Ith knew way to well. It came to a clearing and there in front of the demon minion were two humans cuddling with each other on a blanket. There was a car nearby them. The man was kissing the woman and was lying at her side almost on top of her. They were oblivious to the Ith's presence, and the creature took advantage of this and darted towards them.

The Ith ripped the man off the woman and held him up in the air and shredded his clothes then skin in a flash of an eye. All the arms were flashing from one body part to another. The time the woman started screaming in terror the man was dead. Realizing she would be next, she got up off the blanket and ran for the car. The Ith threw the carcass of the man to the ground and pulled the woman back and twirled her in front of the dirty beast. The Ith withdrew its tongue, which was long, thin and had a yellowish-orange color. It looked like a cross between a carrot stick and measuring tape. The appendage licked the brunette's face like a lapdog. She tried to close her mouth, but she was screaming and crying helplessly and couldn't help it. The tongue slathered her face and darted into her mouth practically choking her. She used her fists to pound on the creature, but the Ith hardly noticed it against his thick skin.

The lovely red and white patterned dress was ripped from her body without a scratch of her skin. Her complete fear left her at the creature's mercy. The thing was too strong for her and the four arms held her at bay. Her bra and panties were ripped and thrown to the grass. She was left naked to the whole world to see, except no one was here in this secluded area, except for this hideous animal. At 5' 3" tall and 111 pounds, she had a very skinny frame along with 36-c breasts that did not seem to sag one bit. Her legs were sleek and smooth and at the moment being pulled apart by the lower arms.

While the tongue played with her mouth the Ith's lower body was preparing for sex with the human female. The Ith had two phalluses for sex. Because the Ith female form had two holes for intercourse, the Ith male would make love with both of its cocks. When Demoness Asaria trained the Ith for human intercourse, two different holes were utilized. The Ith would spray the female form with its pheromonal fluids and the female would in heat soon after. No female could resist, even a struggling human.

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