Can't Wear It Out

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Rough, Gang Bang, Size, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mary Jo, a nice, somewhat heavy, married woman of forty, talks her husband into allowing her to work at a motel to help fund her daughter's education. The owner uncovers her intent to meet with a long ago lover. She has that meeting at the motel. Because of it, many get to enjoy her. She can't resist. The owner has loaded the deck.

Reed Thompson was a real estate developer. Among the properties that he owned was the "Golden Sands Motel," located on old route 1 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Like all business owners, he had a hard time keeping help, especially for the evening shifts. Today, he was interviewing a woman for the ten PM to seven AM desk clerk position.

The woman, Mary Jo Snyder, showed up right on time at two PM. Reed checked her out as she entered the office. He noted that she had a very pretty face, with shoulder length brown hair. Breasts large and bouncy. Like most housewives, she had put on a lot of weight in the upper legs, fanny, and tummy, with a noticeable bulge just below her waist. Hmm, I would think she is all of one hundred and sixty pounds. Reed mused in his mind.

Sooner or later, he fucked every gal that worked for him.

"So, Mary Jo, why do you want to work here?"

"My daughter just started college, and we need the money."

"How old are you, what is your husband's name, and what does he do?"

"He is Tom Snyder, and is an ATM repairman for Southern Banks. He covers the whole state, so is on the road four nights a week. I turned forty last week. I had to convince my husband that I would be safe working for a big motel. It is hard for him to let me be around other men."

"You will have to learn to use our computer. Will that be a problem?"

"I don't think so. It will be fun. My daughter has one at school, that she loves."

Okay, I'll start you at $10.00 an hour. Your hours will be ten PM to seven AM"

"Oh super, I'm really excited about this, Mr. Thompson."

Another employee taught Mary Jo how to use the computer. Reed noted that she was sending e-mail to her daughter each night, but that was okay.

Two weeks later, when he was alone in the desk area, he opened the Recently Deleted E-mails. Hmmm, what is this? It was an e-mail from a woman in Texas to Mary Jo.

"Hi, Mary Jo, I am so happy that you looked me up and sent me an e-mail.

What is going on in your life? We sure raised hell when we were in school. Speaking of school, I just have to tell you that Johnny Bronson, that we went to school with, comes to the Dallas area for two days every third month. We dated for six months my junior year. I forgot. Didn't you date him too? If you go to a site called School Chums, you can contact him. Write soon."


"Hi Sally, Whee, you wrote back. Yes I dated him for a time in our senior year. I have many strong memories of our dates together. For the record, can I assume that you and Johnny visit when he is there?"

"Mary Jo, Do we ever. He is free from four on. After dinner, I tell my man that I'm going out shopping, and make sure that I'm home by nine. As you might guess, I spend the time on a Ramada bed."

Two weeks passed. Reed saw another interesting message.

"Mary Jo, Oh do I have some news for you. I told Johnny that you are in Daytona Beach. He said that he gets into Daytona Beach every other month. What is the name of your Motel?"

"Sally, Golden Sands Motel. I am so excited. It was Johnny, that took my virginity. The first two nights that I let him try to put it in me, he couldn't. I thought that he was splitting me in two the third night. By the fourth time, I could take all of him."

Reed checked the reservations. A John Bronson would be a guest next Wednesday and Thursday. During the night, when no customers were about, the staff went into a small apartment just off the desk clerk area. So Reed knew exactly where Mrs. Snyder was going to get a good fucking.

A year ago, Reed had installed a spy cam in the vent above the bed so that he could record himself when he fucked a woman.

Thursday morning, he removed the tape from the night before. He put it in the VCR, and begin to watch.

This Bronson guy was very much in control as they came into the room at just after midnight. Mary Jo, was conscious of her weight, and it was obvious that she had not done this before. She just stood by the bed. Bronson kissed her for a long time. After running his hands across both tits, he lifted her blouse out of her pants. He dropped her pants, undid her bra, and had her completely naked.

Well now, this was a surprise, Reed thought. Mary Jo is one of those chubby woman that is more sexy without her clothes, then with them on. It is her tits. She is a womanly creature just made for fucking. Bronson sure thought so.

That damn thing is as long as mine, but I'm thicker. Reed observed to himself.

Bronson spent little time with the foreplay. Not that he needed to, since Mary Jo was ready for him an hour ago. Six inches went in on the first push. He thrust it in again, hard, filling her, bringing a moan to her lips, as deep pleasure engulfed her pussy.

Her eyes opened wide, as her mouth flew open with a gasp. Her eyes rolled and an orgasm shook her. Reed laughed as she turned red, and grabbed Bronson's ass.

This Bronson guy is an active fucker, Reed said as he opened his fly to stroke his cock. I'll get my turn.

Mary Jo was taken three times. Each time for a longer, harder, fuck.

Great tape, I have here, mused Reed.

The following Tuesday, Reed said to Mary Jo. "Come with me to my home. I will show you something." Reluctantly, she went along.

Reed sat her in a chair near the TV and played the tape. She said nothing, and just stared at the TV, as her adultery was displayed in vivid color.

"Think you husband will enjoy this? How about your daughter? I can send it to both."

Her first words were, "Your going to fuck me?"

"Oh, ya, every time that I want, and I'll pass you around to my friends, too. You will make an added attraction for the Motel. Take off your clothes. You've got great tits."

Mary Jo slowly undressed. She knew that there was nothing she could say to her husband to prevent him from divorcing her, if he saw that tape.

Her daughter? Unthinkable.

"On your hands and knees, with your head on the floor." Reed wanted to drive all of his manhood into her, and did not want her protruding tummy to get in his way. She never saw his cock, which was as long as Johnny's, but thicker, before he thrust it into her. She was not a whore. She was an ordinary housewife.

Johnny had stretched her just enough that she was able to contain Reed's

piston. Every nerve was on fire, as he pounded her. He had a tit in each hand like handles, and was forcefully using her tits to pull her back onto his cock, each time he thrust his ass forward.

She hated him, hated what he was doing to her, but she cum. Oh my, did she cum? Her back arched. She drove her cunt onto his manhood, and shuttered. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa."

Reed just smiled a knowing smile.

When he had finished with her, both tits were swollen, red, and bruised, as was her pussy area. The inside of her legs was red from the friction. It was good that her husband was out of town.

Spring break came. Mary Jo knew that tomorrow the onslaught of college kids would be arriving. Reed sent Mary Jo to the fourth floor to help the maids get everything ready, which included removing several items that he didn't want broken from each room. She had become friendly with Rose, the Black head maid. Rose stopped, when they were in room 414. Leaning on the vacuum, she said, "Has Reed come on to you, Honey?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Honey, he has come on to every women that works for him. In that, he doesn't discriminate."

Mary Jo look down, unable to meet Rose's gaze.

Rose continued. "We girls thought so. I did him for the hell of it. But now, with a tape of me, I do it to make sure that my Leon doesn't have a reason to go visit the sisters. He got a tape of you?"

"Un-huh, with an old boy friend."

"Hope that you like your sex, Honey, 'cause this week your going to on your back all week with a college boy between your legs."

"Why will Reed do that to me?"

"Us, Honey. As to why. You will note that every room is filled, with mostly boys. They know that their buddy, Reed, has pussies like you and me for them to play with."

The following afternoon, Fred Parker, a junior from Duke, who had arrived with five other guys nodded to Reed. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, come into my office."

Once inside, Fred asked, "So, what is available this year?"

"Four Black ones, and three White ones."

"We had Brenda, that hot, young, Black one last year. How about a good White one this year?"

"What do you think of the babe on the desk?"

"A little old."

"Hey, you might like her. Nice tits, tight pussy, and I'm sure that she is a virgin in her ass. She is new to this, and has never had more than one guy at a time."

"How much?"

"Eight hundred for four hours."

"Send her up at seven tonight."

Reed had a reputation to protect, so he made sure that Mary Jo's performance would be acceptable. A vet friend of his, in exchange for the use of one of his female employees from time to time, had provided him with a serum that is given to mares so that she will be receptive when standing for stud. The vet had explained that it caused the labia of the mare to swell, and become extremely sensitive to stimulation. To a small dose of that, he added a small dose of ecstasy. It was in Mary Jo's ice tea, that he provided her for dinner. By seven, if a dog had licked her pussy, she would allowed him to mount her in a minute.

"Mary Jo, I have some duties for you upstairs."

Dumbly, she trailed along to the elevator, and down the hallway to Fred Parker's room. Reed had phoned ahead. He had instructed that as soon as she entered, the boys were to undress her, place her on her back, and to be sure that a boy attached himself to each tit, and that her cunt be mauled.

The boys had a tape of Brenda, that had been their sex toy last year. No one had forgotten how she kept thrusting her pussy up at them while pleading for them to keep fucking her. They knew that Reed gave his women something that really, really worked.

Mary Jo was thrust through the door. She was surrounded. Six pair of hands went top work, removing all her garments at once. Fred laughed at her quizzical expression, look of what's-a-happening. Reed said, "Somebody put a finger in her cunt."

As a finger drove deeply into her, she lowered her head to look at her cunt, like it belonged to someone else. At the same time, she was lowered to the bed. Now, her ponderous breasts slid to the side of her chest as though the nipples were advancing to the mouths being lowered to suckle her.

Not a word was spoken. It was a silent taking. Fascinated, the boys watched as her hips first undulated to meet the thrusting finger. But that wasn't enough. With a determined look, she planted her heels, while forcefully thrusting her ass upward. "Please," she wailed.

They knew what she needed. Beef injections. Lots of them. Yeah, that was what she wanted. Fred Parker provided the beef, up to the balls. Mary Jo rolled her head back with a look of pure joy on her face, as one boy said, "She is loving it."

As one by one fucked her, several mentioned how nice it was to fuck a woman who was built for comfort, instead of the skinny, bag-of-bones college bitches.

Tom Evans said to Fred, "Hey, Asshole, ask Reed what he would charge us to own her for two days, including keeping her high on his magic medicine?"

"What do you have in mind? Certainly you don't think that you can keep it up that long."

"Right. But, we could sell her to other guys to pay for her. All the action could happen in here. We could make hours of video tapes. Plus, we could spend our vacation right here, drinking, fucking, and watching this gal get fucked. You know, she is a good looking woman."

The price was two thousand dollars. Fred and his friends made a lot of money. Reed stopped by from time to time to give her a drink. It was not lost on him that the boys had a little business going on, since it seemed that a new eager ass was pumping a stiff cock into her every time that he stopped by.

Biker week started the next Monday. May Jo had to park across the street. Every room was full of black-jacketed, Harley motorcycle guys. They were a rough looking group, with beards, tattoos, and bulging muscles.

Her shift was normal until one AM. Reed came in and took an elevator to the third floor, with out saying anything to her.

When he returned, he said to her, "Your husbands out of town until Thursday, right?"

When she nodded yes, Reed gave her a drink. Rose had warned her of the drinks, but she had no choise. Reed took her by the arm and said, "Come with me, I've got some guys that want to meet you."

"You don't mean it?"

"You bet your ass, I do. Or, your daughter gets an interesting e-mail in ten minutes."

Mary Jo went with him to the Gym on the third floor. As they approached the door, she could smell the aroma of drugs. Reed opened the door, and pushed her ahead of him into the room, which was occupied by twenty men. Just seeing them caused Mary Jo to want to rub her privates. The medicine was doing it's work.

"Here she is boys. Tie her ass to the "Swing," and do her right.

He received a wad of money from the leader. Rose, who had been in the swing earlier, saw it on the TV. "That Bastard is getting big bucks for them to use us That ain't fair, she murmured to herself.

Reed had installed a "Sex Swing." It was a padded leather board, suspended from the ceiling by four ropes. A woman would be placed on it. Her arms were then tied to the two ropes at one end, and her legs were tied held far apart, and pointing off to the side, at the other end. Her vagina and ass were right at the edge.

A man would stand, using two handles. He could swing her back and forth so that she was coming towards him, as his ass flew forward driving his cock into her ass or pussy.

Mary Jo did not understand what was in store for her, as the men converged on her from all sides. They were not gentle. In moments, she was naked.

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