Beat of my Heart

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Filed under "be careful what you wish for." Mark is stuck with a sex life of diminishing returns when an opportunity finds him comprimised and conflicted... but the sex was great.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Our headboard pounded against the wall. Marriages are filled with compromises: my wife Carol wanted a king size bed. I wanted a headboard. I warmed to the king immediately. The headboard has been a different story. Carol loves the look and feel of it. It's just that when I get a good head of steam up, it makes an amazing racket thumping against the wall.

Among other things, Carol is put off by the ancillary sounds of sex; whether bouncing beds (the effect of growing up a floor below actively amorous neighbors), or squeaky bedsprings (a college roommate whose attitude was 'so many men so little time'); Carol literally doesn't want to hear it. When it comes to our thumping headboard, Carol stuffs a pillow between it and the wall to muffle the sound. Unfortunately a thumping headboard is not a problem that we have very often.

It's not that that Carol doesn't like sex; she does, just not much of it. Once or twice a month is plenty enough for her. I consider once or twice a week to be the absolute bare minimum requirement to maintain reasonable marital accord. After seven years together, six married, it's become a major problem in an otherwise strong relationship. During this time we've dropped from my minimum to her maximum, with some pretty tough arguments taking up the slack. We're at a point where Carol simply will not discuss it anymore.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

I could feel that little tingle of impending orgasm. This was going to be one of those huge nut-draining ejaculations. Hell, it had been almost three weeks since I'd last fucked Carol. I thrust harder and the slap slap slap of skin on skin added to the sounds in the bedroom. I love everything about fucking doggy-style: the feeling, the sights and especially the sounds.

If only it was Carol on all fours beneath me.

I was cock deep in our next-door neighbor Sondra. She's a Filipina mail-order bride with the same problem as me only flip flopped; she was lucky if she got her husband interested in sex even once a month. I knew this because Carol mentioned it all the time, encouraging me to be less of a sex maniac (her words) and more like good neighbor Ralph.

As my fingers terrorized her clit, Sondra's scream announced she was coming again; this was orgasm number three for her. She'd come knocking at the back door this morning looking to borrow something. I took one look at her in her little sundress and just snapped. I pulled her inside and dragged her to the bed. I stripped us naked to a chorus of thickly accented protestations. It wasn't until I was licking her nearly hairless cunt that her "no's" turned to "oh's."

"Ah! Ah! Ngghhh" I spurted uncontrollably into Sondra. Even as my ejaculations ceased I couldn't stop thrusting into her. We eventually collapsed across the bed, my cock still in her.

We gulped hungrily for air. I shivered briefly as the sheen of perspiration that covered me cooled. Or maybe it was the shiver of guilt. The full impact of what I had just done slowly dawned on me. I had cheated on my wife and sexually assaulted another woman in doing it. I struggled to find something to say that would make sense of this.

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