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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Through half closed eyes I watched my girlfriend get out of bed and start to get dressed. Firstly she found her bikini briefs that I had thrown carelessly across the floor last night and she wiggled into them; don't you love it when they do that

Through half closed eyes I watched my girlfriend get out of bed and start to get dressed. Firstly she found her bikini briefs that I had thrown carelessly across the floor last night and she wiggled into them; don't you love it when they do that. Then she picked up her folded jeans from the chair and pulled them on; they were very tight so it took her quite some time. At last she was happy for she had finally done them up, then she looked around for her top. At first she couldn't find it then she clicked her fingers as she remembered I had pulled it off her to expose her braless tits in the lounge. I just love this girl for a host of reasons and her not wearing a lot, especially a bra was one of them. Most girls I've known, even ones with smaller assets than Trish would have worn one, but not her. She said once that she loves the feeling of freedom it gives and of course the looks she gets from the guy as her tits wobble about.

"Bye love," she said leaning forward to kiss my forehead. "See you tonight."

"Yeah, ok," I said sleepily, "Don't forget we're out tonight."

"Yeah ok," she said and with a wave she was gone.

I snoozed for fifteen minutes then I reluctantly got up and got ready for work.

"Hi," she called.

"Hi," I replied, "what have you brought to wear tonight?"

"A couple of things," she said and dumped a pile of clothes on the couch so she could kiss me properly

"Show me," I said after we pulled apart.

"Right I could go for smart," she said holding up a little black number, "or slutty."

It was in translucent blue, thin shoulder straps and a cross panels at the front.

"Always slutty," I laughed. "Try it on for me."

"Sure," she giggled.

Off came her thin top to reveal her lovely naked tits.

"Wouldn't you like me a bit bigger?" she asked as she cupped her size B/C's

"What, no way," I said, "You're fucking perfect."

"You think so?" she looked up and smiled at me.

"Fucking right," I said.

Next her jeans slid down her thighs and then she pulled her small knickers off leaving her beautifully naked. Within seconds it was all covered up again as she pulled the blue dress on over her head.

"What do you think?" she said with a big smile on her face.

Her tits were just barely concealed and the hem only came half way down her thighs.

"Fucking lovely," I whistled, "of course we could always stay in."

"No way," she snapped, "I want to go out and have a dance, a few drinks, perhaps have my tits fondled by some handsome guys and then get a good fucking when we get home."

"You'll get more than your tits fondled in that outfit," I laughed, "especially if you don't put on any underwear."

"That'll be nice," she smiled shyly.

"You're nothing but a slut," I laughed.

"Fucking right," she giggled. "Good job you like me that way."

We arrived at the party and I headed for the bar while Trish headed for the dance floor. Every ten minutes of so I would look to see she was ok before returning to my drink.

"Come on and dance with me," she asked pulling me towards the dance floor.

It was a nice slow number so she came into my arms.

"Having fun?" I asked.

"Mmm, lovely," she said, "except I want to dance with you more."

"Getting your tits fondled enough for you?" I asked.

"Not so you would notice," she said grumpily. "But now you're here you can do it for me."

"It would be a pleasure," I said.

I slipped my hand into the front for her dress and gently squeezed her.

"God, I just love your hands," she sighed and hugged me tighter.

"And I just love those tits of yours," I said.

"Then it's a marriage made in heaven," she giggled.

The music changed into something a lot faster so I let her go and returned to the bar, but not before I noticed her skirt fly up to reveal her knickerless state.

"What a girl," I mumbled to myself.

I was chatting to an old friend and forgot about her for some time, when while waiting for a refill I heard the music change into another slow number so I quickly headed for the dance floor. I knew the music wouldn't last for long so I hoped I could find her straight away. Alas I was too already too late for she was in the arms of some other guy. I watched for a few minutes and all seemed well until I noticed his hand was under her skirt and by the way his elbow was moving he was slowly frigging her. He was also whispering in her ear, sweet nothings I expect or perhaps an invitation to go somewhere quiet and fan the flames he had already ignited. My drink forgotten now I just watched as her head sunk onto his shoulder.

"What a slut," I whispered with a big smile on my face.

All too soon for them the music changed and the moment was lost forever.

"You nothing but a slut," I said as I grabbed her arm and pulled her off the dance floor.

"God, I almost came then," she sighed, "Then the fucking music changed. Take me outside and finished me off."

"Not now," I said, "lets have a drink."

"No, I want to come now," she snapped. "If you won't do it for me, I'll find someone who will."

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